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Please forgive me for the wrong

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Give me another chance to prove that I can pass please guide me and protect me along a path and I know that I can make it one day I'll be in heaven with you.

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Do you want to stop?

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When I was?

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at a marina Allahu Allahu

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wa Chateau de la ilaha illa Allahu la sharika why sugar no Mohammed Abu

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Yeah, you're

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not allowed to Muslim. Oh, yeah, you wanna

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holla coming up sua vida

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de Jalan Kapiolani What? What the law

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in the law can it come rocky but yeah, you

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know, Colin Sangeeta, you

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know become

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law how Rasulullah faza Posen of Lima. And in the halal kalami kurama la

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are shown

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to have a coup d'etat in

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another Muslim. Oh praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, and all the prophets and messengers and their followers. I bear witness that Allah is the only one word for your fortune, and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his final last messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, and a number behind him a whole lot reported in His sight.

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The story of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he migrated from Mecca to Medina, and when I want to take from that story, just a part of it, which is related to the subject of my topic today my talk about when the prophet SAW Selim came at Isha, she said it was new, and the prophets of Salaam approach our house, but he was covering his face of a lie Selim trying to hide his identity. He doesn't want anybody to see him coming to America and as such done and this is something very strange for her Why would he hide? What do we come in a time policy laden rock dealer the dealer This is not the time that the process used to visit us this time. So the process of them enter the

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house and he even did something was more surprising to me that he said to have a backup 100 million in debt let everybody leave. Then the worker said yo Silla in look in number one. Yasser Allah there is the abbey we're only on Terra sola. What why there is nobody here except your family what have brought you to us in such time. Then in that we saw Allah and he was seldom said I do the native.

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Allah give me the permission to migrate from Mecca to Medina because as you all know, most of his companions already migrated to Medina prior to him, civilizing them, so now he's an ally Give me the permission. So immediately abubaker tears start coming down. And he said girl Sinhala.

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You also I will be in your company. I will join your you in this trip. I'll be with you in this trip, then in the visa Samson. Yes. That was one of the happiest moment in the life of a worker of the Allahu Allah. And there is no doubt brothers and sisters, that just being with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it is something everybody, church and everybody which and it is as an LMS service Muslim scholar. So woman Anna, Betty is

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one of the sign of the true love of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that you always wish to be with him someone Larson and you wish that you were there in this time to be in his presence and his company.

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And also, this wish will not stop should not stop there. It's not only about being with him in this dunya because this is something never happened to us. It's cannot happen in we cannot reverse. But it is it can happen in the next life in the desert. And in Paradise, where the person will be one of his or her go to be in the company of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be with him to be close to him to be someone who will be attending his private gathering won't be one

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The closest one to him. So allow anyone who was certainly one of the scholars among the successors cannot make web either

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one of the scholars among the early Muslim scholars among the successors, when he used to make night prayer pmla, he could tired, he would look at his feet, and he will hit his thought and he said, stand up so on. So be strong. I have almost Hagia Mohammed, and you have photo beef and I feel like you came over for ob for dunya, the prophet Mohammed so some campanian think they are only going to be the only one with him in the next slide, as they were the only one with him in this life love a lot. No.

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Whereas you guys say nay,

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it will never happen.

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I will pray harder, I will work harder. So I will guarantee for myself a spot with the profits are slim, close to the profits are solid in the next slide. In the next slide, brothers and sisters, and maybe sallallahu sallam, he himself looking forward to meet. And it means that literally to meet you, as it's been reported in Sahih Muslim that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once went to Albuquerque at the cemetery in Medina. And he said some of

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them, he prayed for the dead one and never saw them later on said, What did I wish that I have met my brothers than the companions and yet also law we thought we are your brothers? He said, No, you are. You're my companions. My brothers are those who will come after me. They will believe in me, they will believe in me. And they have not yet seen me. Which is no no one else except you and I.

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That's us. That's in the beach. I'm looking forward to meet those people who believed in Him who loves him. So alongside him so much. And I always say that our love to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not just an empty emotions. It's just not a love coming from one side, we love the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because he himself loves us, as well. He loves us so much, with a wish that I was able to meet, I wish that it was to see them. And in the midst of them, saying that Armand meets them in the Day of Judgment.

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Next to my tool, which is a poll, which is filled with water from the river of Lakota. And the companion said, how would you recognize it? For all those people on the day of judgment? How would you recognize all those those who come later on, then you said, I'll recognize them by

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by the mark of the law in their faces and their hands and their feet? So what are the things that you can do? It can guarantee you a close spot, a closed, a closed place, very close to the profits assignment, what the things that can bring you so close to his gathering? What can bring what can you do to ensure that you will be so close to him in the day of judgment? And the closer you are to the prophet SAW Selim that guarantee safety and security and success and sovereignty in the day of judgment? There is no doubt about that. So what can we do today, to ensure that or to have a future for us place close to the Prophet sal Allahu

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may Allah be pleased with him and his father said, A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, and this is authentic, reported by Babylon. He said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, I love you so much. And when they go home after issue, and it's a long time between Asia and Frederick.

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So he said, after I go home, I think about all this time that I'm away from you, I skin wait for frigid to come and to meet you. Then it can wait for the ball to come and pray with you and to see. Then when you think about the Day of Judgment. When you think about paradise, there is no way I will be close to you. I will not be with you. Because you're going to be very high place. I feel so sad. Even though I love to be in gentlemen. But that means I'm not going to be able to be close to you because your writing will be very high. Now I can't wait for friendship to comes that time between English and French is too long for me. They need me so Southern has no answer for him. What to say

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to him. The man was sad. The man was sad. And he just kept quiet. Then in the Bissell Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam receive verses from the Koran. where jabril came and sent was sent down to enter the document required

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or many

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messenger will be in the company of the prophets and the messengers. And this has been the truthful one, and the Shahada, and this is the best company.

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So one thing you can do, which is obeying the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, following his son, following his footsteps, when you know that this is what the prophets of Salaam dead, this was the process I'd recommend you to do. This is what the prophet SAW Selim used to do, you will adhere to, you will do it you will rush it, the more you you hold into the sooner the more you love it, you practice it you spread, the more you will be closer to him sallallahu Sallam in the day of judgment and paradise.

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Number two, gloving the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam no doubt will bring you so close to them. And I said numatic as an imminent Bukhari and Muslim reported in Sahih Hadith that a man came to the prophet SAW salad he said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, tell me what is the day of judgment meqasa then the process Selim as usual, he direct people redirect people to ask the questions that the benefit them, and doesn't matter when it's going to happen. What matter is the question that the person raised, he said, Mother, Tara, what do you have prepared for it?

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What do you have prepared for? That? He said, not much. I don't think I have done so much so much of the good deeds, but I have one thing I can rely on it. Then the process of them What is it? He said that I love Allah and His Messenger so much, from the bottom of my heart, then in the visa Sallam smiled, and he said, and

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you will be with those who you love the most. And I simply Malik said, I was not, I never was so happy with something. After being Muslim, like this insert from the prophets of Allah. Then he said, What lie in Nero he brought up also Allah

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our law he I love the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and I love. I love Omar, and I wish and I hope to be with them in the detachment even though my actions my deeds, no way to be close to theirs, because of this home.

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Also, one of the things that can bring you so close to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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what can be done you can be actively capitalist let me on the

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set, I used to spend the night next to the profits or sunlamps dorsen when he wake up for federal, I will be there to serve you, Walter to Miku you know, they don't have pauses in their homes, somebody needs to bring water. So I said I prepared his vote just when you wake up so fragile, everything is ready every night I will do that. So one day the prophets Allah seldom said to him, when I when he said when I brought him His Will the water to make ago then he said Sam asked me something again in the back. Let me pray for out for you, or ask us when something for you. Then he said the only thing I asked for is to be with you in Paradise is to be in your company in the next life. As I'm enjoying

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it today. I want to enjoy it as well the next slide that is gone. Can you tell me how many times he thought about this? Isn't this is this one of your goals in life that you want to walk in the morning? I'm aiming to be with the Prophet sallallahu

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Is it something of concern of you?

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He said, the processor anything else is it nothing else forget this that's about that's, that's more than anything else I can think of. Then in the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, This is what you want in your rnf seeker because of the suit. So what you do offer as much as you can prayers, as much as you can pray. And because of this particular heading, the arena map debated over which one is better when you pray like night prayer or in the daytime, like volunteer prayer. Should you pray long prayers with less number of workers or do you do short ones with larger numbers. Like for example, you pray maybe for like hours over 15 minutes or 10 minutes or you pray 10 block hours and

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10 minutes or 15

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Almost 60 of our cars in 15 minutes. So to increase the number of the work hours and you shorten your citation which one would be better? So we discovered because of this heavy said no, it's better to have a shorter presentation, shorter suits but to increase the number of the salon and among the minimum effort, Rahim Allah He used to pray 300 hours every day

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because of this had inspired me and enough seek help me if you want to achieve that spot next to me pray as much as he can pray as much as you can.

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Also, one thing this has been reported by Muslim, the previous one also the military media Rahim Allah said that reported in his in his sunon, in jammy that Jabba the Allahu Allah said that the prophets of Salaam said, Those who are going to be the closest to me in the Day of Judgment, the claws of people began to be To me that is the one that I will bring them so close to me in the Day of Judgment. And in Paradise, I have seen

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the one who have the best manners among you, the one who have the best manage those who are gentle, those are nice, those who compliment others. Those who have the proper etiquette and dealing with others, with friends with people they know they don't know, with Muslim with non Muslim does have good manners, those who say the truth, those who don't lie, those who keep the promise those who offered to help the people. Those who have good manners are the closest one to me. And he said the farther people from me that have taken Well, I'm

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the one who would be very far away from me. He said sallallahu wasallam, I felt felt alone, big mouth. People talk all the time.

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Even people that can't keep silence during the hokhmah

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sometimes we just talk and they just waste their times.

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So those who speak too much, and things are not beneficial. When watershed decode the people who are very strict showing off one motor vehicle, they said what's your motivation? Oh, he said the arrogant one. They're not going to come closer to me. They're

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also one of the things that can make you so close to the process. As he said, I will a nursing Viola piano,

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children and

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the closest people to me in the Day of Judgment, a third of whom Allah your salata, those who offered salaat and set out on the prophets of Salaam, the most every time especially in Friday, we should fill Friday with alone masala Allah Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Baba Khalid Mohammed, Mohammed can about a boy or Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad as much as you can, if you do the so much the person that will make you so close to me in the diff checking also cited beside reported as a Muslim reported in the survey that he sent the practice along said an hour caffeine only at Makati, me and the one who sponsor orphan either by having them in their house, raising them taking care of them also support them financially

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covering their expenses like this in the day of judging them. I said when the process ends up like this, I still explanation, it's either you put your fingers on the side, so the seller won't be in the top rank and you just come right next to him. Or like this, you put a straight and you see the difference between the basic the middle finger and the index finger. That's how much the difference between you and the profits are similar when it comes to your place of judgment, or that's how close you intergenic even if you're not having that high rank end, the seller will enter the US right after enter Paradise, which it shows you very close to the prophets, Allah Lysander. Also the

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process of them said Whoever has two girls, two daughters, he took care of them and he looked after them, he will be with me in paradise like this, like this. And this Hamid also reported in another.

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In another narration he said to sisters, he will look after them until they reach the age of puberty. Also the prophets or some incident reports have been bizarre, and it's an authentic hadith.

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And others he said that in the Day of Judgment, I will be entering paradise and will see a woman walking with me coming entering paradise in the same times. Kind of phrase he was then I would say Who are you woman? What you have done to be giving the honor of being so close to the person into products with it. She said Yasser Allah, I'm a mother who my husband passed away and left orphans left kids behind and I took good care

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But even I was so busy looking after them that I didn't get married after my husband's death, there is no doubt it's permissible for a woman to be married. But this woman dedicated her life to her children. And almost when they return Allah subhanaw taala honor her by giving her that spot close to the prophets.

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The point is looking after the next generation, investing in them, specially the weaker the weaker members of the one who lost their parents, the only lost or their parents, they need our support.

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let me end with this story, the process of them walk one day watching one night to the master. And he saw he was with abubaker on Oman, and he saw them praying

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reciting the Quran and pray then he made his you know,

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so the prophets or send them said, Yeah, you have been in orbit missile getting here. But he said even missile, whenever you're going to ask now alone, except from you.

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So after that the person left with a broken arm I still pray. In fact, that prayer of a worker came and told me last night this Abbot, the press was saying that whatever he was asking that time, you will be the Prophet was informed that a lot of accepted What do you have us? What was used to add that? Except he said I was saying, or Allah, as you have blessed me to be in the company of Mohammed Salim in this life mmediately, one of his companions in paradise.

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And after that, okay, so do you know what happened last night? He said, Yeah, I know. How do you that? He said, he told me what the process of itself then almost said, well, ah, yeah, but that's about to kill myself.

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Every time I tried to do good deeds, I found you have done it first.

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Now what's happened to Allah make us among those who will be in the company Mohammed sauce on the day of judgment upon myself to Mr. Cooper stuff you

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can rely on your site.

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So these are the things that you can do to guarantee you a place close to the process onto the object

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to pray as much as you can, sponsoring orphans, you have daughters or sisters, relatives, you look after them, also is to

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follow the prophets Allah send them send them to commit to it, and to love the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, he was Sunday. This is just point practical points you can start from now you can start from today and to commit to it until the end of your life. Just one last thing I would like to say what it means to be with the Prophet of Allah and paradise. We all know the Hadith that both of them said that are giving him a seat, which is a level agenda and the highest level rank agenda. No one will be in that rank. It's only for one person. And this is Mohammed Sawsan. So how's that going to be with him in paradise? Is that means you're going to be in that rank? No, I really

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am. I said that. So many scholars explain that by saying no, it doesn't mean you will be in the same room. But you will have access to see, you will have access to meet him, you have access to him social in Paradise, when you have like a gathering, you will be given the access to attend his private gathering to be close to him. So that would mean doesn't mean it's silly to live in that tribe, but you'll have access to it. And that's an honor thing for the person. And in itself. It's a form of reward mere loss of habitat and make us among those who follow the footsteps of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the dunya and to be with him in the era alarming.

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to power Lina to the full Senate

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and Tony Romo de la morpholinos. Muslim enormous Li Na

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Mubarak and yada yada you haven't Bella de

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la mina dunia Hassan mo filosofia, Hassan joaquina as of now or somebody llamada Muhammad Ali. He was like me

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