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The speakers discuss the struggles of older generations in their lives due to fraud and cheating, and the negative impact of older families on society. They emphasize the importance of privacy and privacy in the aftermath of wrongdoing, settling for good behavior, and not helping anyone by doing things that they don't want to do. They also stress the need for defendability in law and avoiding double standards in order to judge emotions. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding double standards and not letting anyone's neutral opinion affect them.

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right Nan Rahim in an Hamdulillahi Nana Devo when I start you know when I stopped a little while and yesterday we don't you know be here when I tell I can already he went through the with La La The Manchurian fusina home and see ltr Marina when you have the LA Jota Allah for LA mobile Allah woman your little fella heard the Allah watershed to Allah Allah illallah wa de hula Sharika Laurel Monaco call on hemmed up where you need to who or how you Know Your Mods Big Hill Fire well who could you say in the shadow anna Muhammad Abdul Rasool wasafi Yahuwah Khalil Abdullah, Amana, Terra Bella risotto and also had an uma Wakasa Fulham whatever Kanalen magical very light legal her Kennedy her

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lawyers Eva and her in law Hurlock fairly often will sort out your template Tasneem why the early he was lucky to be here. Women are starting to be Suniti Hiyama Dean llama Jana minhang Amin Alladhina am and what I mean no slightly hard to also be helpful to us of a sub Amin Amin we'll see come when FCB Tukwila will call the camera and I will help what color to Anna you Hello Deena am an otaku la haka. Ducati here whether to moto in low and Thomas honeymoon, un nurse Itakura back Mala the Halacha como nevsun Wahida Well, Hala caminhadas o Jaha Abbas seminoma region and Kathy are on one Isa, what's up a lot and it's gonna be here on our ham in Allah Khanna Alikum rock diva. Yeah,

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you're Latina am an otaku? La How are Kulu colons Dida,

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If you look on Atlanta Comm, we offered a look on the Nova con, one that you'll turn in LA Sula, who forgot the first 1000 Alima from Mr. Barrett, the brothers and sisters, in this day and age when we deal with one another, financially, or when we go into contracts, or when we, you know, make business deals with one another, each one of us has that story of getting burned by someone that they loved. Or that story of actually wronging someone else and burning someone else without other people knowing it. But all of us have gone through things in life where we were excited about something and then suddenly that excitement was turned into something else. When we realized that

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the person that we were doing business with, even if they were family members, or that person that we loan money to even if we thought that we didn't even need to do a contract, we didn't even need to document the loan, whatever it may be, quickly, the script changed. And it became not only that you lost some of your money, or you lost what you thought, you know, either justifiably or unjustifiably was a right of yours. But you lost the friendship and you lost a relationship. And it's a very sad reality that in this day and age, we see entire families fall apart over businesses, we see people fall up, you know, relationships, longtime friends, lifelong friends, at times, even

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ending their relationship over some sort of agreement. And obviously, we see the cheating here and there between Muslims on a daily basis, and between Muslims and non Muslims, even it doesn't matter, Allah subhanaw taala does not give you permission to deceive anybody, you know, you go to someone thinking they're going to help you with something, and they end up burning you over and over and over again. And that's why if you divided this room on the basis of age, and you spoke to those that were older, you would find that they probably be a little bit more bitter, and a little bit more hesitant to do anything with anybody. And they find it very difficult to trust people. Whereas when

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we're younger, we're innocent. And as we grow our innocence slowly starts to wither away, and our our naivete slowly starts to go away. And we go from a situation of being extremely trusting at times to be extremely paranoid, where we will even start to accuse people who have no intention of robbing us of you know, being out there to get us in wrongest it's a very serious situation And subhanAllah when you look at the time of the Prophet sly summon you look at the early generations of Islam wronging someone, you know, financially especially was a lot more difficult because things were a lot more tangible. We live in a day and age of invisible money, right? I mean, back then you

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steal someone's land, you put something in the grain that doesn't belong there, right? You cheat with the weights, these are things that are a lot more obvious and a lot more visible to the eyes. These days, you know, you could cheat someone and it could be all digital, and no one would ever know. And you get away with it or you think you get away with it in this earth. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he simply told us and this is one of the greatest warnings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, a Woodmore buruma to on Yom Okayama. That oppression and transgression is darkness upon darkness upon darkness on the Day of Judgment, that all of these

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things will come back to get you. If Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah is going to hold a goat accountable for harming another goats, or an animal that had horns for attacking another animal that didn't have horns before Allah Subhana Allah even starts to question mankind, then we know where we stand on the Day of Judgment in regards to our transgressions. And that's why there's a very beautiful statement from an imam Shafi Rahim, Allah to Allah, where he said to buddy, man matter will matter tomorrow, who is an Uber, that, you know, glad tidings to the one who dies and his sins die with him, his sins die with him, you know, the things that he did, are between him and ALLAH SubhanA, which are out and

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the only person or rather, the only one he has to stand before on the Day of Judgment is Allah subhanaw taala and not the many people that he wronged, either in regards to his family life, or in regards to his property, or things of that sort. Now anyone that's an Imam, or anyone that counsels does counseling for people will tell you that right up there with the marriage disputes, and right up there with the family disputes are the disputes over money shaft, you know, I saw this guy coming to the masjid and I thought he was amazing. And we got into this agreement, and everything was going to be good. Or I trusted my brother and me and my brother, we've done everything our entire lives

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together, I thought everything was going to be good. And for the believer, this is this is a great area of concern, because at times you might wronged someone thinking that you're not wronging them at times, you know, especially in the heat of the moment when you're very emotional. And when they're, you know, it's a personal relationship. You know, there are issues that you felt like, you know, were understood there, you know, because we tend to leave things a lot more ambiguous when we're dealing with people that we love. We tend not to specify, oh, we don't have to do that Quranic stuff, you know, writing stuff down and getting witnesses all that now that's if you're doing

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business outside, we don't have to do any

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that stuff, right? I trust you, you trust me, we're all boys. And the next thing you know, they're not talking to each other for the next 2030 years. And for the believer, there's a gray area of concern, not just with seeking, you know, you know, comfort from Allah subhanho To Allah from all of the times transgression is committed against him, but the fear of wrongdoing someone else, the fear of wrongdoing, someone else. And that's what concern the Sahaba most, because to be wronged in this world is to lose something of this world. To wrong someone in this world is to lose something in the hereafter. Well, if you were to hide or Epcot and the hereafter is where you really don't want to

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mess things up where you really don't want to lose anything. And Imam Muslim Rahim Allah to Allah He actually narrates and this is he has in Kitab and Milan, in his book of oppressions and transgressions, he has a chapter called Bab, if me man Vala machine and mineral art, the sin of someone who takes something who takes a piece of property. And it's a hadith that's Narrated by Abu selama, while the longtime hope, and he says that there was a dispute between him and another group of people over a piece of property now back then again, that's how you steal, you know, you move the lines a little bit you, you add a little bit or you decrease a little bit from the weights, that's

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how you steal back then. So, he said there was a dispute between him and a group of people and I and he went to it some of the allotted time to enhance panela this shows you the position of it so that people used to go to her with all of you know all of their situations and just seek her advice. So he said, you know, what should I do? Should I pursue this person? Should I or should I fight with these people? Should I take this all the way to the end? Listen to the answer. Have you settled the law called a TR selama? It started with Arlt said listen, I will Salama just just leave that property. Don't worry about that property. And here it's done a bit out of doesn't mean just leave

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the property it means leave everything concerning it. Forget about it. Don't go after it. Just forget about it. In the BSL Allah Azza wa sallam a call for verily the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man wala P the shipper in minutes to walk a home in southern Autoline. It's an authentic hadith where the prophets lie Selim says that whoever takes even a hand spin of property that does not belong to him, Allah subhana, Allah to Allah will allow seven Earths to be around his neck on the day of judgment, He will be walking and that's for a hand span of property. We're not talking about money here, even though it's it falls out, let's just stick to the land. Imagine if

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there was a land disputes, and you only wronged a person by this amount of land and the profit slice and I'm missing if you wrong, someone by this amount of land on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana, Allah would put this would put seven Earths around your neck, it would sink you on the Day of Judgment, it would ruin you. So then what about what you know when we're talking about money when we're talking about expectations when we're talking about unfulfilled rights and obligations. And that's why the most severe of them are the family obligations. Right? There are certain things that that should go without saying, right, but to neglect those things. But when we're talking about

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doing business with one another, when we're talking about going into agreements with one another, when we're talking about, you know, this world of money, that's really an illusion and the bubble that we're on, and all of this invisible stuff at work at play, and how we wrong one another on a consistent basis. These are Hadith should bring us back, these Hadith should wake us up a little bit. And it should also put something in perspective. And that is that if you get into a dispute with someone or someone that you love gets into a dispute with someone else, you are not supporting your brother, when you help your brother or your sister in their home in their transgression in

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their oppression. You're not doing them a favor when you have their back because of how close they are to you. Because the prophets lie some says on Surah hakavod. Even when you stop your brother when he's wrongdoing and when he's wrong leads to the lawsuit Allah, we know exactly what to do when someone has wronged. But how are we supposed to help a lot? And how are we supposed to help our brother when he's transgressing, and the prophets lie, some said you stop him. You don't have his back per se. You don't say okay, I'm going to stick with you. And I'm going to argue for you and I'm going to fight for even if it's your own child Subhanallah you're not doing them a favor, when

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you're helping them commit blood. And when you're helping them a person, you're helping them transgress, you know in this day and age and back, then obviously, it's a lot more blatant. Once again, you've got the tribalism and you've got two tribes that get into a fight, they get into a battle. And it's just an expectation that you're going to support the one that's from your tribe. It's not about who is right or wrong. It's about this person, being from my tribe and my clan and having that right upon me. But you're not doing that person a favor. And when you look at the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam you find that Subhanallah even in the smallest things,

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the Prophet slicin and preaches this doctrine of just

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justice and fairness a few weeks ago there was a hubbub about Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah, you know, commanding us to have added between people to do justice between people. When the prophets like Selim got into a dispute with each other the Allah Allah No, it's not money but just to show you the spirit that the prophets of Allah when he was salam, fostering his community. He gets you into into a dispute without a shadow of the law. And yes, even in the prophetic household, it his salatu salam, you still had arguments, it's not going to be perfect. It's not going to be rosy, that's life. You're going to argue you're going to disputes and this was obviously something that involved

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her book rights and obligations. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to you shall be Allah and how would you like someone to arbitrate? Would you like someone to sort of listen to both sides and give his opinion? And so she said, Yes, so the Prophets the prophets lie some said, Who do you want? She said, You choose. He said, obey the algebra. Amino had the Aloma. He's the trustworthy one of this model, the Allahu Anhu. She said, No, no, he'll favor you. So he said, then you choose she said, I will bucket my father the prophets lie. Some said you've got it, I will back it because the prophets lie some knows that I will make it or the Allahu Anhu is not going to push himself into

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this dispute. And take the side of that you sold the Allahu Ana, because she's his daughter. The prophets lie some knows what kind of character Beckett has have a record of the law I don't know if he gets into this and he takes the side of it shall the Allah Tala Anna, because it's his daughter, then he's not doing himself a favor, nor is he doing a favor. He's helping it so wrong the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So the Prophet slicin I'm bringing him in, he sits down with some Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam says to install the Allah and how would you like to go first? He says, No, you go first so that I can you know monitor everything that you're saying, I'll go back

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here on the Allah and who jumps on it shall have the Allah Anna, how dare you say that to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, what are you talking about? And the prophets lie, Selim now has to defend the Isha from her father. And he has to send a bill back get out of the house of the law and home, so that he and I Isha could work things out amongst themselves. And so the prophets I send them sends a packet out of the house. And he looks at it settled the law. And then he says, See how I saved you from your father. You see what I did there? You owe me I saved you from your father. And she started to laugh and I would record all the law and who knocked on the

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door and he said, Yasuda, Allah, you involve me in your sadness, at least involve me in your joy as well, bringing me back for the laughter part as well. You got me involved in the in the hardship, so bring me back where, you know, in the happy moments as well. And the moral of this is, you know, and there's so many lessons we can derive from that. But this idea that Apple Beckett on the law on who didn't just say, well, this is my daughter, you know, and I'm gonna have to take her side because she's my family member. This is an issue of rights and obligations and once that discussion of what is just and what is unjust starts to take place, whether it's family or money, or just an argument.

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Then all of that goes out the window. While I originally manna from Santa Ana Coleman, Allah Allah Tarantino, even if you hate that person, even if you hate the other person, once the discussion starts, you're not sitting there and going through your and you know, letting the scenes play through your head. I remember last time we were having that discussion, he told a joke I didn't like

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I remember last time when we were talking and he was bragging about this and he was bragging about that, and mashallah, this brother, mashallah you're looking at him and you know, you've got the hearts coming out of your head. As you're looking at that person, you're looking at the other person and you can't wait to express your neutral opinion in favor of the one that you love. Allah Subhana Allah says, even if you hate that other person, don't let that stop you from being just you don't have to love that person. But you have to ensure that they're treated justly. You have to make sure that if you're going to say something about this, then you have to make sure you're speaking justly,

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that you're not wronging another person. This is serious business here, what the prophets lie Selim is mentioning to us throughout these various Hadith. And look, it might be that in this world, you think that you want you get into an argument, you get into a disputes, mashallah you bring someone you bring you bring you bring someone to arbitrate? And just for some reason, that person judges in your favor, or it never even reaches that level, you're able to wronged someone else and you think that you've moved on, but what did the Sahaba really fear? They feared that person calling upon Allah subhanaw taala at night and making her out against that serious business thing. My little the

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alonside and who he says that when the Prophet slice I'm sent me off to him and this is like the last conversation of the prophets like somebody's having with more, and amongst the various precious advices that the prophets lysozyme gave tomorrow there'll be a low tide and he says to more out of all the Allahu Anhu Jamar had it totally down to the mother on on what fear the dua of the oppressed for into her Lisa been our been a lie hijab I swear that there is no veil, no hijab between that your and Allah subhanaw taala Subhanallah hijab by the way, hijab is some sort of veil it's not even. We're not talking about selves. We're not talking about walls and the prophets lie some did

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He does some sort of, you know hedges or wall or barrier, the profit slice, some said even avail there is nothing between that do. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, even if that person was a disbeliever even if it's a non Muslim, if you wronged that person and that person calls upon Allah subhana, Allah, Allah alone, and makes dua against you, then you're in trouble. Even if you're the most pious person in the world, and that's the most wicked person in the world. This is an issue of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and everybody, Allah, Allah doesn't accept an injustice for His servants. He won't accept that the most righteous person in the world who wouldn't

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wrong anyone, even if you know if they were the most righteous person in the world, but someone who appears to be righteous, wrong, someone who's wicked.

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So it's beautiful because Allah subhanaw taala is telling you don't let your hatred for a person, stop you from being just towards them, and establishing their rights. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Himself will not let the fact that that person is a disbeliever in him and that person doesn't fulfill the right of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, stop Allah subhanho To Allah from showing that person justice, Allah won't let their day out when they are wrong to be unanswered. So when Allah tells us to do so, Allah subhanho To Allah Himself does, that you don't let your hatred for a person cause you to be unjust towards them. And you know, it's very easy for us to say that, you know, that

00:21:29--> 00:21:38

person should have suffered, that person should be patient, that person shouldn't make dua to Allah subhanaw taala just let it go. But look, what if Abu Salam I told her I shall have the Allah I don't want to let it go.

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What if I was Saddam, I said, I want to argue for my rights. I want my lands, I want my money. I don't have to forgive and he would be absolutely right. And there is something very dangerous here. Because you know what, we cannot stop them of loom the oppressed one from calling upon Allah subhanaw taala against us. So either because either or the Allah I know this is a wonderful man. He's a beautiful man. And he is one of the 10 people that's promised paradise one of the first converts to Islam. But you know what a woman went to Marwan Abdel Hakim. And she lied about sage she said that said he'd sold this property from me.

00:22:19--> 00:22:59

And Matawan went to say it and said, this woman is saying that you stole this property from her. And somehow a lot she made. She made it public. She actually started going out and saying publicly say the news eight stole this from me. Everyone loves the scandal. Right? So either Windows eight, one of the 10 promised paradise stole this land from me. So a little the Allahu Taala and who was hurt. And you know what, one of the 10 promised paradise. He said, Go ahead and let her take it. And he raised his hands to the sky. And he said, Oh, Allah, if she's telling the truth, then let her keep that land and forgive me for the hardship that I caused towards. He said, But if she is lying, for

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Army bustled Aha, work till half an hour are the

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stronger app. If she's lying, then let her go blind and die in that same land that she's stealing from? Can you imagine the drought of Satan was a little the a lot of times I know in this situation, that if she's lying, let her die in that same land that she stole from. And you know what? Subhanallah it was only a few weeks where this woman lost it. She lost her eyesight. She came out into that land screaming, she tripped and she fell into the well of that land. There was a bit of it in that land, there was a wall in that land and she died in that land justice that little the little town I know made, you're out against her. You can't stop them alone from making your app. You can't

00:23:41--> 00:24:04

stop the person that you wrong from making dua, you can take everything in the world from them here, but you will not take away their connection to Allah subhanho to Allah. So when that person that you've wronged financially, or in regards to family, or you insulted them, or you mock them, or you backed by to them raises their hand to Allah subhanaw taala you're not going to take a lawyer with you to ALLAH SubhanA metab.

00:24:05--> 00:24:40

And here's something very profound that the prophets lie some tells us well, so let's lay Salam and this is a Hadith that's narrated by OMA Salah model the alone time that two people came to the profit slice some quarreling over some property. So once again, a financial dispute, they came to the to the door of the profit slice and I'm also lost my salon, he came out and he said, listen, in the manner Basara we're in the Huya, teeny Hussmann Allah, Allah, Allah come and your corner, Abdullah, remember, he says, Listen, you know, disputes come to me all the time. This is the messenger of Allah slice, and I'm speaking disputes come to me all the time. And he says that, it

00:24:40--> 00:25:00

may be that one of you is more eloquent than the other. You just defend your case but better it's not that you're it's not that you're a better person than that. You're right. You're just a better lawyer. You just come up there and you just speak better you defend yourself better the other person's too emotional. The other person isn't as eloquent. So the prophets lie. Some says Listen, one of you might be

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

You know, just a better representative of himself and his situation for Siebel and now who suck and so I think to myself or the province license says I will judge that person to be truthful for actually law who began it and the prophets licenses so I will rule in that person's favor on the basis of the thumb and copy to law who will be happy Muslim in the in nama here Kitsune, Mina Na, Selia, Hooda Ophelia, Troika, the Prophet, slice and M says so if you come to me, and you just represent yourself better, and I judge in your favor at the expense of that other person's right it's gonna happen in this world. A person won't get their fair shot in court, a person won't get

00:25:40--> 00:26:19

their fair share in a dispute whether it's a family dispute or a financial dispute, but the prophets license says if you come in front of me, and I judge in your favor on the basis of you simply defending that tastes better, then go ahead and choose your your portion of hellfire. It's yours. In essence, the profit slice and I'm saying it's your choice. But yet Hooda Ophelia Toluca. Either you can take your hellfire, or you can leave it, you make that judgment call at that point. And what the prophets lie Selim is telling us is simply reality. Look, if anyone has ever arbitrated between two people, you might actually try to do justice. And you might, you might even go to the extent of

00:26:19--> 00:26:57

wronging your family, because you you so badly want to be just, but then someone comes in front of you, you're human, someone comes in front of you and starts crying and is very eloquent. You know, I'll call the Ayala Rahim. Allah to Allah. One time, two women came to him, and they started crying. And they gave this really emotional story. Right about how they were wronged and what happened to them and so on so forth. And all the idea he's a great judge. He was, you know, he's listening to them and he's taking notes and he's observing, and someone who's within probably our yard, you know, he says to him, you know, why are you even waiting for the other party? Why do you even want to

00:26:57--> 00:27:09

bring the person they're complaining about? Can't you see these two women crying? Can't you see what's happening with them? He said, Didn't Allah Subhana Allah Allah say about the children of Jacoba his Salam wa about him and he shot and kept going.

00:27:10--> 00:27:47

But the sons of Jacob the sons of Yak called, came with the shirt of use of Alayhis Salam and they were crying and bawling in tears and emotional, said, you can't just make that judgment on the basis of that. I need to hear from the other side I need to really consider this. This was the fear that they had of wronging someone and just in a dispute so if someone comes to you victimized, you help that person, but at the same time, you don't judge against the other person until you hear that person saw. Then you make your judgment and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in an authentic hadith and Abu Dawood Al Quran to Salah that judges are of three types. Why he didn't fill

00:27:47--> 00:28:23

Jana with nanny for not one of them is in paradise and two of them are aren't hellfire. Now, again, let's not think about the judge with the robe and with the gavel. Let's think about you being brought into an unpleasant situation, which is like every day for us now, to judge between quarreling parties to make a judgement. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says one of them is in Paradise, and two of them are in hell call it his Salatu was Salam Faraja out of El Hepta Acaba, RB, for whoever agenda there is one man who knows the truth and He judges in accordance with that truth, meaning he listened to the facts, he paid attention, he took that he took the position

00:28:23--> 00:28:57

that he took based upon his knowledge based upon, you know, his objectivity, and so on, so forth. And he ruled in the favor of that person and the prophets lie some set for him his agenda. Then he says, Why don't you run out of unhandcuff a jar of milk me for whoever now then there is another person who knew the truth, but he purposely went against that truth. He's in hellfire. And the third one and this is very severe the prophets lysozyme says, well, Rajan, well Roger and Allah Allah Nasir, Allah jehlen, for who often now and a person who makes a judgement based upon ignorance, and he's in hellfire as well.

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And this, this is a broad category here, when you give a fatwa, you know the Hadith of the much the head that the if a scholar reasons, and he really applies the proper principles and comes to a conclusion that's wrong, then he still has the budget, he still has the good deed because he tried his best in accordance with correct principles. But a person and the master had the scholar who reasons and comes to a proper conclusion to the correct conclusion gets to reports, right? But if you're not a scholar, if you're not in a position to make a judgment on anything, if you're not in a position to give, that's what if you're not in a position to judge between quarreling parties if you

00:29:33--> 00:29:59

do have a conflict of interest. If you're making a judgment, not based on facts, but based on emotion, not hearing all sides of the story, even if you were right, you would still end up in hellfire, because that wasn't your rights. Allah Subhana Allah Allah has assigned for each person their rights, don't ever interfere with the right of that person. And when you find yourself into in a dispute

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Always be on the side of caution. If you can afford to be on the side of caution, I'm not going to stop you from making dua against the person that wrongs you. Go ahead, say, Oh Allah, if they wronged me and you know that they wronged me, then you can do something or you could forgive them and that's greater, that's excellent. It's excellent to forgive is better if you can afford to forgive, then do so and say, You know what, I don't even want this dispute. Oh ALLAH forgive that person. And give me the reward. That's the greatest thing that you can do in a situation in a quarrel or in a disputes. Or you could make sure that you did not wrong that person, give them you

00:30:33--> 00:30:47

know, you know, seat a little bit or give a little bit up in that dispute, and say, Oh Allah, you know, my situation and you know, what they what they did for me, Oh Allah, give me the reward of what they have done to me, give me the reward of that, look, you can do that as well.

00:30:48--> 00:31:20

But do not find yourself in a situation of wronging another person, no matter what the situation is, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from wronging anyone we ask Allah Subhana Allah to add it to, to purify our homes, to purify our hearts to purify us from all forms of transgression, even if it'd be transgression against ourselves, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to add it to make us the people that establish the right of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah upon us and that establish the rights of others upon us as well. Allahumma Amin Akula Califa was stuck for a while you will accompany certain Muslim investor flow in the whole world before Rahim.

00:31:31--> 00:32:12

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen what are going to illa Allah wa I mean well after about two minutes of tiene la masala was telling Mubarak and Abdi Kota Sudha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while earning he was like me he was salam to see him in cathedra your brothers and sisters one of the seller one of the pious predecessors, he says beautiful words. He says not totally mana either Kunta Moqtada run for the full moto Giro Roca who either another me tunap Or Inaka when Maluma when when Toby one yesterday were alayka Wang Allah He Lambton me, he says Rahim Allah to Allah, that do not wrong in other person when you are in a position to do so. That regret that wrongdoing, that

00:32:12--> 00:32:49

transgression will surely come back to you on the Day of Judgment to haunt you and will be against you. He says that you close your eyes at night and you go to sleep and you forget about the wrongdoing that you've committed. Why? Because it's easier for you to move on when you're right was established in this world to now boy knock your eyes shut and you go to sleep at night. What am I have lwml One Tabby one, but the one who was wronged is losing sleep wondering about those rights that were taken from them wondering about that money that did not come to them wondering about that dispute or how you treated them when you didn't have the right to treat them and they stand up at

00:32:49--> 00:33:31

night making your eye against you and the eye of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah never shuts Allah does not sleep. Lotta Hoda. husana From what I know, Allah is not overtaken by any form of slumber or any form of sleep and Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware. And Allah here's the data of the person that is wrong. It's not worth that dear brothers and sisters, it's simply not worth it to get a little bit extra in this dunya at the possible expense of your entire gender. It's not worth it for you to get a little bit more out of that disputes, to get the upper hand in that arguments to get a few more dollars and to end up with your Latin hellfire. It's not worth it dear brothers and sisters, for you

00:33:31--> 00:34:06

to wrong someone in this world to the extent that your art is rejected and the only drought that is accepted as the drought that is against you. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for the wrongdoings that we committed unknowingly. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to guide us to a path of justice and mercy we ask Allah subhanaw taala out of that when we are placed in a position where we either can show justice or mercy that he opens our hearts to show mercy we ask Allah subhanaw taala that he protects us from all forms of injustice being committed by us or against us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that on the day of judgment that

00:34:06--> 00:34:41

he deals with us with His mercy, and not with his justice, Allah Allah filipiniana wouldn't want me not Well, mostly Mina will Muslim out here in Holman and watch in Mecca Samia and Caribbean Mooji with their works. Lama Finland our Hannah white for Anna Willa to Libnah. Madonna Valentina and Fuson our tougher than our top hamdulillah Mokona middle class serene, La Mina careful when Kareem went to hibel alpha five one Allah Muhammad Ali Dena Robert Hamilton I come out of bonus era, but then I have an anomaly as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan or Jana limits Sakina Imam llaman select one and most of our fina female shadow Abdul Marathi Bihar Allah Maristella Islam I

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

will Muslimeen what are the logistical well being what are the deen Allah Allah Allah kill one Amina but Lord Amin, what Krishna was wondering I mean beating himself I mean about Allah and Allah here a little bit I do understand what Eater is in quarterback when her and in fascia you will monitor you will bury your idol Kamala Allah come to the Quran first Corolla Hey of Korakuen wash

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Rule Who is it? What are they called? Allahu Akbar Allah Who yeah Norma tossin Arun walked in a salon

00:35:20--> 00:35:23

long like long