Is Using Toothpaste Permitted while Fasting

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shade John does toothpaste break the fast

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applying toothpaste while you're brushing your teeth while you're fasting does not break the fast. It is the same ruling when you can pour water into your mouth while doing Muda. While you're fasting and throat the water doesn't break your fast even while using toothpaste as long as you do not swallow the toothpaste and normally people don't swallow toothpaste and diversity. So as long as you take care that while you brush your teeth with the toothpaste, you do not follow the toothpaste nor do is follow any of the water it is permissible. You can use toothpaste you can brush your teeth. Same thing how you taste food, and we spit out the food. Similarly when you brush your teeth See to

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it that you calculate your mouth properly and spit it out and you do not ingest or swallow any of the toothpaste or any of the water. It is permitted to use toothpaste while fasting