Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #49 – The Perfect Situation May Never Come

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a story of a prophets and their predictions of war, which led to the deaths of certain people. The prophets use the system to make excuses for themselves and promise that if they don't work on the people, it will result in rewards. The speaker suggests that the system is not perfect and that working on the people and their behavior is crucial to achieving success.
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Towards the end of solid Al Baqarah, Allah azza wa jal, he tells some stories. And one of the stories that he tells is the story of ollut. Right? And the story of David and Goliath, right? And it's an interesting sort of story because you have the the children of Israel that Ben Israel, you, and they claim, they say, All right, if you sent, they talked to their prophets, they had a prophet among them, they're like, Yo, if you send us a king, then we'll, we'll fight, we'll go to war, we'll do our duty, right? Because at that time, they had some sort of enemy that they had to stand up to.

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And the prophet is like, Well, what happens if I send you a king, and you still refuse to fight?

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And they say, Well, how could that be? How could we possibly do that? We've been turned out of our homes and our children, and all these sorts of things have happened to us, like, are you? Are you doubting us? But then sure enough, when they're sent, the king, they criticize, they don't want to go into battle, they say, he's the wrong guy, wait a second, how are you going to send this king to us, he doesn't have money, he doesn't have this, he doesn't have that. They have their own preconceived idea of who a king should be. And the Prophet sends them a king. And now all of a sudden, it's off, they don't want to do anything. And this is something that's really, really

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significant, I think, for most people, because a lot of times we get obsessed with the system versus the personnel, right? We think about the system, if we're only we can fix the system and this thing that's outside of myself, and we can get the perfect setup, then we'll be okay. Right. And a lot of times, we're really just making excuses for ourselves, right? A lot of times the real work that has to be done is on the inside, right? The people who were in the story of Benny Hill, they were making excuses for themselves, they didn't want to fight that was basically what it was. They were whether they were too cowardly or too attached to the dunya or whatever. They didn't want to fight, but they

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couldn't admit that. So they had to make an excuse. And they're like, well, we can't find we don't have a king, how are you supposed to fight without a king? Right? And then the King Kong was like, Whoa, he's the wrong type of King. We want a different type of King right? And so they're hiding what's down on the inside, right? Even if you were to be given a perfect system, if you have the wrong people, it'll get ruined. You need to work on the people and what's on the insides of people their sincerity, their attention to detail, their caution, their Tuckwell, their righteousness, and then even if you have a system that's not perfect, they'll make it work.

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