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In Alhamdulilah

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mother who want to sign on his stuff

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when they're older below him He surely unforeseen a woman say Dr. Medina

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Mija de la Hofer who will monitor the woman yield a little different ag De La Hoya de and Masha

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well I shadow under illallah wa hula Sherry Cara

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well I shared one no Mohammed Abu hora solo

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Yeah, you hadn't larina Amara telefone la hapa to party he was in our anti muslim moon

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Yeah, a Johan NASA Takara Baku lady holla Takumi knifes in wahida

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mahalo Hello Come in has Olga robusta Minh humare john and Kathy row one is

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what are called La la de de Luna v one or ham in aloha Karina la Kumara Teva

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Yeah, you hadn't ready in a minute upon la Haku Colin said either useless Allah Kumar Malecon we are filicudi Nova come woman youth in our Sula who for Khalifa falls and alima

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America What if in the

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final one haidle Cara McCallum Howdy, howdy Mohammed in some of the law Ronnie, he will seldom

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will show no more emotion data to have a column of data in VEDA COVID-19 Mara Kondo morality now

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some bad

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since tonight

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or we started last 10 days of Ramadan.

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And we started with the MLA.

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I prefer if we can, instead of hamdulillah

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subject of Tafseer if we come back to a topic and the subject that pertains to the event that we're going to be part of the evening is subhanho wa Taala.

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When you read

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the biography of the seller,

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like Abu hanifa Rahim Allah

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and how Kini used to be

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concerning is pm Elaine to the point

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a two men pass by him

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and one of them said to the other.

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A 30

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yokomen Nayla cola

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he said to the cheese companions

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he said to his companion Do you know that this man he prays clear man late all night long?

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What kind of a honey fan attack about honey for that particular time?

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He used to play only half of the night

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and then have a honey bee.

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As a new owner, female is iffy and your core animal is iffy.

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He said Oh Allah I feel shy

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for people to label me for something that I'm not I'm not in that case in quality for some that I don't have

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any some hands on like if one of us says Mashallah, Hey, your face is the face of a mock meaning it's shining as light taqwa.

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We say yeah, I prefer today. Gemma, you don't know.

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You want to show off we won't read it. But our honeybees are Subhan Allah.

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They said something about me. That is not true.

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I don't pray all night. I pray half of the night.

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For faqad

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Robbie, I gave my Lord My Word, my covenant that I will try to pray.

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All night long from now on.

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And then when when you relate this to a brother or sister

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they will say Yeah, come on talk something that makes sense all night long.

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You know? Why do you have to read the whole Come on in one night?

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You guys exaggerating?

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You know this is not Hollywood main stories. This is the stories of the setup. rahima Houma LA

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and this is because if What if we learn

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because we became ignorant

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and because we really don't have that desire

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of being from the people of john.

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We like to go to Jana. We love knowing about gender, but we really don't have the desire of being a neighbor of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we don't

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and we don't have the need that the fear of jahannam like they used to,

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when one of them when he realizes that he has this wonderful family for so long, he used to panic.

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But we come to the mercy of the Mashallah we all wet and we you know, wiping our faces and we just walking into the masjid you know, being mindless about the value of the Salah itself and this is a forum not soon,

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but for their case was completely different.

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They used to hear Gen Gen as they would desire you know what they were also used to desire and Gen also a 40 filler question gentlemen progenies not in us,

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Yanni really, what practical steps are we taking to be from the people of Jenna

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What are they?

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We want to be in Ghana, because we would like comfort

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you know we want to live a comfortable life in this Junior in here after but what are the practical steps that we will be taking towards an agenda

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idiocy towards agenda

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we can mention many

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our aim is completely different than the aim of the Center for cyber Hara hammer home wall

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in the last day, even in subhanho wa Taala

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I will mention some of the things that happened with the Rama of the past perhaps maybe by knowing it, maybe by learning it. Maybe by understanding it. We can try to catch up with them. Try to be with the same Gemma try to be with the same group. Not someone that has been left behind not someone that is really struggling with his you know daily for it. Maybe by knowing this we can be like them be nice to Hannah. And as the one of the side hints said either lukina sorry hon Nadella

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when the sorry he when the righteous ones are mentioned, the mercy of a lot comes down. And then one of the students a shame. If I'm remembering and mentioning the name of the Son of hain, the mercy of a law will come down. What would happen if we mentioned a lot himself

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on Eden.

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Aqua Nina Tenzin honey,

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Amma Coloma nrv Viki de la jolla takoma in palu.

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The tranquility will come down.

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He said have you not recite?

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Have you not resigned?

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When a loss of Hanover water Anna said Anna the Karina takoma Indian, oh no. Just by remembering Allah, our hearts should feel comfort,

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at ease and and and feel that you know not mean Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and we learn if What if we learn how the sign Hindi used to close deals with Allah because everything is business.

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Everything is not business to what what a law say for every Hassan give you 10 hats or not. It's like someone saying in

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West and Donna with me. I'll give you a return to dollars. And what do we say?

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Wow, if you say he says, I'll give you 10 What would you say? Wow, you know, it's a done deal. How much allies is making business with us? And he's saying for every hustler, the minimum return is 10.

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And it depends on your level of righteousness and your level, all your needs are being made go up to seven, and then has enough Is that enough? Now, there's one more who was here, and a lot more.

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So we were learning if What if you let the enemy learn how could close deals with Allah subhanho wa Taala. How to be among the successful ones? How to do what should he do when he's alone with his law

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najwa monada with a law alone, nanny is a personal,

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personal dealing, allies giving special attention when he says you get up in the middle of the night. You stand up because you deserve a dream because of your righteous deeds. Now, let us talk

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now coming to salatu salam when you have 150 people and everybody knows if you sit down because you sat down and everybody knows if you cry, you cry. And everybody knows if you're not part of the gamma you are sleeping and you Mashallah, under you're comfortable sleeping back.

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But here when you're alone with Allah,

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then how our movement should be.

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And then he will see if what if

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the beauty of talking to Allah now honey, the sweetness automobilia

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if you feel that, that feeling in your heart, and you're talking to Allah, I mean Subhana Allah when you love someone, and you talk to that person, and you feel so comfortable, and you feel so light, and you feel you're levitating, and you know, even walking, you know, and this is our human method and Allah, when you really talk to Allah and you love Allah, you will feel you in different world. You're not here.

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These walls are not walls, nothing will stop you for Subhana Allah and then

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you tell him your problem. He knows your problem. He knows your pain. But he tells me a law and I'm dealing with this your law. You know, my bills are coming up I have nothing. Yeah, Allah, you know, and you talk to him personally somehow know what Santa

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and this is if What if we learn

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what a loss of Hannah what Anna was mentioned when you said the first thing that you wish to do is stand up and pray

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and allow your own data Java Juno boohooman in Moto G. Yeah, the owner of Bonhoeffer wautoma when he

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Tata Java Juno Bomani, Mahajan

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when we used to, you know,

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we used to sleep a lot of hours and you just want to rest.

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You want to rest you have that passion using all my law. You have been working all day long. I've been running around all day long. I want to asleep and then you get up.

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I always say to the brothers, just try for a week. Just try you're down moment that when the bed is really attached to you, it's calling you you can feel the comfort of your comfort. You feel the softness of your pillow, you feel my shoreline you you move left and right and he's trying to cut through the snow through the mattress. So you just want to be in general and that's it. No have to stand up.

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You do that for a week.

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And you will feel when the bat when you lay down on that bed that the bed is really kicking you out of itself. You know pushing you I don't want you going to stand up for family

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and your body will not rest until it still until you stand up to Russia for law. So a lot of all

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their size for sake that bets

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they for

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God above

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Taka Jaffa julu boom and

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yet the owner of bomb how fun wautoma and involved a call to Allah through fear wautoma through fear and hope for your sin

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for what you did what we all did in the past few from see Adam we don't know about

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Tama at the same time Subhana Allah hoven wautoma next to each other, you don't fear to the point that you lose hope in the law, but at the same time you present a farmer

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and you say Allah

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in Arabic If you kick me from your door, where else can I go? I mean, where else?

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Where else should I go? There's no one else would take me. There is no one else who would accept the sinner. There's no one else who would entertain me. I am felt the individual my sins

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is someone who else can I go to?

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Who else Yana Tama because we're all sinners. If what if you laugh

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and hear your own? Oh my god. What happened was silly. teta Java, you know.

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I use a lunar pm and

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they pray BM and they will call him nicotine Jani v danek yamu lN watarrka know what

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the young lady standing in the middle of the night and leaving abandoning sleep and leaving the comfort of the beds

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so canon law if What if you learn

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when a law is talking about the size of Haney own can or Corinne Amina lady Maja Joe

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what Bill as hari homea start your own

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candle, they used to sleep but later by the night and in the hours before dawn they were found they were found asking for forgiveness

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in the morning and neither pray and in the morning they asked for forgiveness. But in the morning when we get up we are so much you know in engage of or Am I late from for my job? You know Am I am I going to be what about the 401 Subhana Allah is going to be rush hour I should go and leave before that or oh my god you know I'm gonna waste an hour. But these guys when they open their eyes

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Oh my god I slept so much. stuff.

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Yeah, and they feel this sleep was a sin.

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Can Oh honey and Amina Lady Maria. Hi Joan. They only sleep linen from the night. Woman us heart an early part of the morning and the neat part of the morning. They do is to fall asleep a lot of give them

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one law here What if

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it is true.

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When the Navy Seal the law it he was selling them said better and Islam or horiba?

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this is

00:18:36--> 00:18:39

it has no place in our life in NaNoWriMo.

00:18:41--> 00:18:42

It's no place.

00:18:43--> 00:18:43

You know,

00:18:45--> 00:18:49

my wife was reading this article to me and I was like, What are you talking about?

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I can't read he said, you know, forget about sleeping eight hours a day and night. Don't sleep eight hours is too much. What should I do? He said no sleep.

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Half an hour?

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Yeah. 30 more minutes, or 30 more minutes and do the six times a day turn all

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three hours.

00:19:23--> 00:19:25

And he said you will be perfectly fine.

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And here we said we always say no no, no, no. Eight hours, furiously eight hours. Make sure you get six hours of sleep.

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But he's telling us three hours is enough.

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Now what Allah second Colleen Amina Lady Maria

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and even a Tamia Rahim Allah used to sleep, you know, just a few hours a night and the messenger overline used to do the same thing. And then we become philosopher.