Mohamad Baajour – Be Patient and Jannah is Yours – Story of the woman from Jannah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and importance of not being too close to someone in Islam, and the difficulty of cured from the women's eyes. They also emphasize the need for a guarantee and reward for patients with cancer. A woman with a seizure and unable to take it to uncover the truth is also discussed, as well as struggles with cancer and her success as a proud woman.
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I was reading a hadith that we all know and just

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I felt like reminding myself about this hadith

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and reminding my beloved brothers and sisters.

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So I thought, well, who is the

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Tabby again, Debbie is a person

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that have seen one of the Sahaba

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one time he was walking with

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an abbess or the Allahu Anhu.

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And even our best told him

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would you like to see a woman from Jana?

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I want you to ask yourself this question. Imagine you're working with somebody and tell you would you like to see somebody from gender?

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And absolutely the answer is, of course, yes.

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So I thought said yes. So you see that black woman over there

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she came one store sort of loss Allah, Allah Allah, he was a lamp. And she said, Yeah, rasool Allah in the ocelot

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get seizures.

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Austro if we ask anybody out of it, what is Massara? I mean, Masada means Wrestling. Wrestling me means to bring somebody to the ground. And when somebody is getting seizures, what happened? They fall into the ground. This is why the word slug came from I get heavy duty seizures, yada Salalah.

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And when this happened,

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I get uncovered.

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So yes, will ALLAH ask Allah to cure me?

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Surah Surah So Allah Islam gave her

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two options.

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He said I can make dua

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to Allah to cure you. And you will be killed Bismillah or you can be patient and I guarantee you Jana.

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She said,

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she said I will be patient.

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But you are a soul Allah.

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Like I mentioned when these cheese seizures take place, I get uncovered. Please make dua that I do not get uncovered. Further Isla Salam made dua for her. And the house Mr. Jha Bismillah a

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few things about this hadith.

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No one on Earth can testify that someone is from the people of Ghana or from the people of the Hellfire. Except if Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of course first of Allah azza wa jal or so lost I sell and testify to that person. And this is where even our best is coming from. Right but Ibis agenda and denial is not in his hands. Right? But because he heard the solos SLM say that this woman is from the people of Ghana, or he made to ask for for Jana. So he testified that he or she is from the agenda number one, number two

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The term that even Ibis used had Hilmar a soda, that means

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she is not very well known in the community.

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And in Islam, it does not matter whether you're black, white, yellow, red, tall, short, rich, poor out of nanotube last fall Kobina Ira Ira RB Jimmy Illa Taqwa there's no difference, except how close you are to Allah subhanho wa taala. And look, the only one that best was describing her he did not describe her a Baghdad that shows us that the Abram that the path to Jannah are different. You can go through acts of worship, and also you can go through patients just like this woman, third

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this woman could have said yes, yeah rasool Allah make the app for me to be cured. And I will do my best to go to Jana, right.

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no, no, no. That is there. That option has no guarantee.

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This option has no guarantee and from whom? From Rasul Allah say send them I would choose the guarantee that shows us how insignificant this dunya in this woman's eyes No, no, no

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Everybody, we all know that, you know, seizure is not something funny. It's not something easy. It's really very hard on takes place. And she could have said, cure me and make data to be cured. And he would have made that and it would have been answered. And she would have said, You know what, I'll go to Hajj every year. She lives in Medina and Mecca and he very close. No, no, no, she said that when I guarantee this, this is what is this? This is not much. This is nothing the dunya I want to guarantee Asian, I want to guarantee Asian.

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So she took the guarantee.

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And yeah, when a side note.

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We all know that seizure, especially there's a lot of doctors here, that it's not a constant

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illness, it happens. And then you stay normal for a while then when it happens, you're really suffering, but it's not a constant pain, right? Which is still severe, but it's not a constant pain. So that is the reward for a person who is going through that if they are patient and expecting the reward from Allah. What about our brothers and sisters that are suffering with cancer, non stop pain day and night.

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Our brothers that are in the ICU for days and days and months that are suffering.

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If they are patient, remind them that if you are patient click Elgin. The Bismillah be extremely patient and we see in the Quran which is our home I just recited where the czar who will be MT Suburu Jana 10 Mahavira. The most rewarding the Quran is for the patient ones in Mala ma Sabreen in Allah yo hippo loves the submarine.

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And the malaria come the day of judgment standing at every door, saying salam en la convenor Sebata Sabaton

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Peace be upon you because of your patience. Patience patience. Yeah, one patients without complain. Some people how you doing brother

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hamdulillah what kind of hamdulillah Habibi what hamdulillah is this hamdulillah and after he complains to everybody on earth, He tells you hamdulillah Oh, and hamdulillah comes from the bottom of the heart you are pleased with whatever Allah decreed Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah and the last point Subhanallah

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this woman

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she was able to be patient

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of having seizures, but she cannot take it to be uncovered unintentionally.

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How about our sisters that are intentionally uncovered?

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Unintentionally, ya rasool Allah, I can take the seizures, but I cannot get uncovered and what has uncovered maybe show an ankle, maybe a knee knotless What do we say now?

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What do we say now? On purpose, leaving with full Xena

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to expose myself to everybody who can look at me. Look at the difference. We'll look at the two extremes. Look at that. Look where we are right now. May Allah guide all our women to the hijab? May Allah make the hijab beloved our sisters, may Allah make the hijab beloved to our daughters, may Allah make the hijab beloved to our wives, I mean your blood I mean, so yeah, when when you hear these things, of course when we approach our our our sisters, especially our family members, approach them with with lean and with ease and and explain to them just like this woman This dunya is nothing. Let's do as much as we can to gain the love and the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal May

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Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us, may Allah make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words La Ilaha illa Allah SallAllahu Amina Muhammad Ali he was happy as mine

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in mostly me now almost Lima D one meaning I mean it will quantity now look on it the more slowly been our slaw the bond the one slaw DT now was Slavia lot the one for sharing you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I think one downside BP now one downside the party was on me and I was all in.

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One heavy leaner photo gentlemen, one half of what it was good enough to get the

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You know what the guilt or I don't

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genuine now lien

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