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So you enter into Janna and you want to visit the neighborhood of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when you get to the house of the prophets lie Selim and his family, you're going to notice there's another family there. And this is the family that Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he has chosen in the Quran and it is earlier Imran the family of Ramadan

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so the prophets Allah Allah Hardy was salam said Al Hassan, Al Hussein. See Dasha Bobby LM Jana. The two masters of the youth in a Jana are al Hassan will Hussain will the Allahu Taala and Homer and they are leading all of the young people of Jana. He said it love nail holla or ISA here except for the two cousins or East Saudi Silla. And yeah, here it is Sudan. So imagine of the youth of paradise al Hassan Al Hussein, and then you have the family of Emraan yeah, here and Isa Jesus and John Lee, who was salah, and then the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam said, will fall tema to say either to Nyssa al Jana and Fatima is the master of all women in paradise. He's the queen of the women of Jana,

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Ilana Karna Minh Maria Magneti Arman, except for Maria Marie has Sarah because remember Allah subhanaw taala said about Miriam in the Lucha staff hierarchy with the hierarchy was tough, Herky island he started out I mean, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above all of the women of all time. And so in the highest level, the family would also love slice them the noble al bait and the family of Emraan. together and the prophets lie Selim says that the leaders of the women in Jana are four people, Maria child tema, Asya, and Khadija and the Prophet slice and I'm of course as he talks about them, each one of them has a virtue. So when you

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talk about Fatima Well, the Allahu Taala and her she resembled the Prophet sly so the more than any other human being and when you talk about Madame it has Salam Maria mighty has Salam was this pure woman who led the way with her Ibadah and was slandered in this world and so Allah subhana wa Tada honors her in ways that we cannot imagine. And then you talk about asiyah Ali has said, um, who gave up the luxury of the palace of fit own, and all of that comfort. And she said Rob Gibbon in here in the UK debates and from Jana, oh Allah built for me a house with you in paradise. So imagine now how that special house looks like with Allah subhanaw taala that used to read about in the Quran, when

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you were in this dunya and then you have Khadija will be allowed Thailand. And Khadija was the woman who received the prophets lie Selim in her arms. When the prophets lie some first received revelation and SubhanAllah. If you read about Khadija in the days of Jehovah and the days of ignorance, Khadija will the Allahu anha used to have this famous house in the days of ignorance that had a green silk pavilion right in front of the house. And that was a sign of two things. Number one, her extraordinary wealth. And so it was just there for beauty and adornment. Number two, even in the days of ignorance Hadees Oh, the Allah Allah was a generous woman. So it was assigned for the

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poor to come and to receive donations from her. And she would pay the dowries of the poor people in Makkah at the time, and whatever it may be. So she had this distinct house in the days of ignorance. And now you walk into Jana, and you see this distinct house of Casa of pearl that only Khadija with the low tide on has and Subhan Allah look at the reward from Allah subhanaw taala. She gave up that distinct house in the days of ignorance, for now a distinct house in Jana, that all of us can admire. So you're going up to Jana, you're meeting the prophets lie Selim and Khadija or the Allahu Tada Anna who has a special house unlike the house of anyone else, and this home that asiyah has and

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the family of Emraan. But you know when you read about Medina, and it feels like Jana, when he talks about it, you would have loved to go visit the Prophet slice them in his various who do lots in the homes of his wives. And when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the reward for the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, to draw her mandala attain well I took a risk on Karina that should they be dutiful to Allah and his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we will give her her reward two times and we will give her a generous sustenance on the day of judgment and the madmen Cassia Rahim Allah he says that the reward that Allah is talking about is a special place in

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Jannah, in Alene, in the highest place. So just like you had the 100 lots in Medina, that the Companions used to come around and they would know that these are the dwellings of the wives of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now in Jannah, the neighborhood of the who gerat the neighborhood of the homes of the wives of the Prophet

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Salam is in the highest level. So that's the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and you may want to go visit him in the guest house from he settled the Allah on her have settled the low on one day, or whatever it may be. And then you have those that the prophets lice and I'm said, where the 10 promised paradise, Alaska on mobile sharing, and we should memorize these 10 companions names, and we should teach our children to memorize them as well. And they are a little bucket and Omar, an earth not an ally, and call her and as obey. Abdurrahman of an elf side of an ABI Waqqas say they've been Zaid and abort Badal Jawaharlal the Allahu Taala and home Etchmiadzin these are the

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10 famous promised companions of Paradise and the Prophet slice and I'm said that the first two of them, Abu Bakr and Omar or the Allahu taala, and Houma will be the leaders have all of the men of paradise. So you have the leaders of the men, you have the leaders of the women, you have the leaders of the youth of Hassan Hussein, and now you have the 10 promised paradise of the companions, and how lofty is their position? Well, so let us lay Salam on the night of it. It's not when miraj he was walking through Jannah and he saw this beautiful golden palace and he thought this must be for me. So he asked for the keys. Right? He said to Djibouti, it is sunnah. Can I go inside and to

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breed Ali Salam said actually, this is the house of honorable hotel or the allowance that I know. And the prophets lie Selim said that I remembered how jealous of a man amaro the Allahu Taala and who was and so I immediately moved away from the house and role model the Allah who starts to cry, and he says, Oh, you have a headache out of sort of like can anyone be jealous from you? Oh messenger of Allah. Like he felt that, that even though the prophets lie, some just gave him the bush that I gave him the glad tidings of a golden palace in Paradise, that the prophets lie some did not feel like he could walk into that home. Like Who am I that you would be embarrassed for me? Oh,

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messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So imagine the Golden Palace of Ahmedabad. ohata below the low tide and who, who is such a beloved Companion of the Prophet slice, I'm in someone that the OMA loves so much, and then you move over from the family of the prophets lie Selim and also less nice and I'm sad. tollhouse zubaid. Jeremiah, Phil Jana, my two neighbors and Jana are Taha, and his way or the Allahu Taala and Homer. And there's something very special to this because those were the two young men who defended the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through and through Zubaydah being the first one to stand in front of the prophets like Selim with a sword and

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to protect him and pull him out of the Allahu Anhu who was literally called the walking Shaheed the walking martyr, because n o t was catching the arrows coming at the prophets lie Selim and suffered 10s of wounds throughout his body, trying to protect the profit slice on them. And now, they're the neighbors of the prophets, Allah Lysa. Now, who are some of the other people the prophets, like some salt and Jana, and gave a specific scenes of you have the shahada from the Sahaba the martyrs from the companions, and it's one of my favorite narrations, the prophets, lice, and I've said, I entered into Jana, and I saw Jaffa Well, the Allahu Taala and with two wings flying amongst the angels, and

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then he said, and I looked down, and I saw Hemsedal the Allahu Anhu reclining on a couch. So imagine, say the shahada, the master of all murders Hamza, the Allahu Tada and reclining on his couch, and Jaffa all the Allahu anhu, who lost his arms and carried the banner of La illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah with the stubs of his arms, and now he's flying in Jana, with the angels. And as far as Aw, Hadith Well, the Allahu Tana annual head will Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, the beloved one of the prophets lie Selim was so lost. I said, I'm sorry, I entered into Jana, and I was welcomed by this young girl. And I said, To whom do you belong? And she said, I'm preceded in

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Hadith, or the Allahu taala. I know. And sadly, even more of the Allahu Anhu with the Prophets lie, some said the Throne of Allah shook out of joy when the soul of sad returned to it was Sula. Seisen was one day wearing this beautiful garment that was gifted to him by a foreign leader. And as the Sahaba were looking at it, and they were enamored by it, the prophet slice and I'm said, You think this is beautiful? He says, Wallahi the men ideal, the handkerchief of sad been wild or the Allahu Anhu in Jannah is better than this garment. That's the thing that you blow your nose with unsaddled the Allahu Anhu his handkerchief was so beautiful that the prophets like Sam said, it's more

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beautiful than any garment that you would see. Well, Sula, Salem, also one day is approached by a mother. And this is the mom of Hanifa Ibn Soraka are the Allahu Anhu who is a young man that was struck by an arrow in the Battle of Bethge. And she said yeah, Rasul Allah, tell me what happened to my son, if he's in Jannah that I'm good

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I want to be patient. But if he's not in Jannah, that I'm just going to cry and cry and cry and the prophets I send them said, Yeah, I'm Hadith. Jana is not just one level. And it's not just that your son made it to Jana, but your son reached Alpha dose and Abdullah and so you find hadith of Noah Soraka, who was struck by an arrow embedded. And the prophets lie Selim says that he's an extra dose may Allah Subhana Allah grant us that place as well. Lama I mean, and then you know, the prophets, I seldom used to walk around and listen to the recitation of his companions. And then Medina also lost my sense that I entered into Jana. And I heard someone reciting the Quran. And I said, Who is that?

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Who's that beautiful voice? So imagine you're walking the alleys of Jana and you hear the recitation of the Quran. And they said hadith of Norman, the righteous man will the Allahu Taala animal and the prophets lice and I'm said kid that he can literally kill that he can burn. Indeed, this is a righteous man. Indeed, this is a righteous man. So you may hear the recitation of the Quran of some of the Sahaba in paradise as well. The next category are the sincere seekers of truth that the Prophet slice and I mentioned lofty positions for an agenda. The first of them, I'd love to set um, well the Allahu anhu, that noble rabbi of Medina, who embraced Islam as soon as the prophets lie

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some came to Medina Rasul Allah SYS and M said, Abdullah no Salam is the 10th of the first 10 to enter into Jana, the 10th person to enter Jannah Subhan Allah is this man Abdullah and was salam ala the Allahu Anhu. And the Prophet slice of them, gave him the glad tidings of Jana on multiple occasions. Then you have those people that embraced monotheism, but they didn't live to accompany the Prophet slice to them in his mission. The first of them is a diviner ometer no fade of the Allahu Tada and, and Rasul Allah slice and I'm said, that this man who embraced the way of Ibrahim it is, even before the Quran was revealed to the Prophet slice Allah. He said on the Day of

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Judgment, when the OMAS are lined up behind their prophets, they didn't know if it will be an ummah by himself. What does this look like in Jannah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I entered into Jana, and I saw that they did not know fate had two levels of paradise all by himself or the Aloha town and can you imagine someone who reserves two levels of Jannah all by himself, and some of the scholars said because he believed in Ibrahim it cetera, and then he believed in Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam even before Mohammed sly Saddam received the revelation, speaking of whom, water club and an awful lot of the Allahu Taala and who, who was an old man, when he confirmed the mission

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who he had been waiting for as a messenger of Allah, but he was too old to serve alongside the Prophet sighs. And also Allah size, and I'm said do not speak ill of what Arca for I've seen that he has one or two gardens in Jannah all by himself. And then you have those that struggled with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and who other than Bilal, or the Allahu taala, and who say you didn't need the master of the evidence on the day of judgment. And also less Isom said, I entered into Jana. And I heard footsteps ahead of me. And I said, Yeah, Djibouti, and what does that sound? And he said, those are the footsteps of Beloved. Well, the

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Allahu taala. And, and some of the scholars they said that the wisdom of that is in Medina, when the Sahaba saw beloved, or the Allahu anhu, walking to the masjid to do the Athan. He was preceding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So just like he used to do that in Medina, he's doing that now in Jannah, as well, all the Allahu taala. And, and then finally, you have those companions that just took advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves to them. Well, so last I said, I'm said I saw myself entering into Jana, and immediately I saw own surname or the Allahu Ana, the wife of Abu Taha, and the mother of Anna's diplomatic or the Allahu taala. And so Subhan Allah, this

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woman who gave her son in service to the Prophet slice of them, and I will tell Harold the Allahu anhu, who gave his best garden. Now they have that garden that Allah subhanaw taala promised them in return, and you can enter it and see it for yourself and you can remember that's the garden that Allah was saying Lenten Allah and Bill had to turn fecal matter to hipbone, you will not achieve the reward of righteousness until you spend of that which you love. Here's that garden now. And speaking of gardens, you may want to visit the garden of Buddha Hill, the Allahu Anhu with the Prophet's life and I'm said, how many date palm trees are in Jannah? For a Buddha, how will the Allahu Anhu so you

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see this huge garden of palm trees in Jana? And you remember, that's the story of a Buddha called the Allahu taala. And you may want to meet those sincere seekers along the way, who just volunteered them

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selves for an amazing reward in the moment that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Who wants it? Prochaska hold the Allahu Taala and who, who when he heard the Prophet slice and say that 70,000 People will enter into agenda without any form of questioning and any form of punishment. He said, Yeah rasool Allah, make dua that I'm amongst them and the prophets lie some said And Tim, in whom you are amongst them. And another man said, what about me? The prophets lie some said Saba, caca, Bihar Okasha, Okasha beat you to it. So Akasha being amongst that lofty group of people that inshallah to Allah we can aspire to be amongst as well. And finally, there's one woman that you may

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want to meet. You remember that woman who suffered from epilepsy, and she used to have seizures, and when she would have seizures, her hijab would fall. And she came to the profit slice of them. And she was just an unknown Abyssinian woman. She said he also Lulu, sometimes I have seizures. And when I have seizures at a cash if I'm exposed, can you ask ALLAH SubhanA to add secure me and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Listen a woman, I can make your heart and you will be cured. Or you can be patient and you have gender guaranteed for you. And she said the Allah said Allah. If that's the case, I'll take the guarantee Jana, but can you make dua to Allah subhanaw taala that at least when

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I suffer a seizure, I'm not exposed. So Subhanallah she cares about her hijab, even as she wants her guaranteed gender, and the Prophet size, and I'm sad for you is that? So imagine how many people that you will be meeting from the Sahaba whose names maybe you didn't even know, but whose stories went on to inspire some of the greatest people in the history of Islam. And now you're in their neighborhood? Yeah.

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