The many virtues of Surat Al Baqarah

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi

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along like building

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a shed

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mesh had won a

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medal as long

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as she had won

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murder was soon on

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Hi Jana Salah

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Hey yawn fella

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100 in the middle and a stain on a stove

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and out of him insurer fusina on it's a

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phenomenal deal

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from a util

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dia where should

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the who should he kind of where should when Mohammed and others who are solo and my bad yeah who doesn't Hannah Wattana if you could tell me in Korean yeah he'll marry in Cebu ma call to quality or an HMO

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either we're calling her

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gonna be here

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owner said either yes

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or no working one

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hour also

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prefer the cellphones and knowing

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that thing local Hadith Okitama

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Mohammed in some Allah honey he was salam or Shabbat morning to her we're calling them

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or candidat in Dona Ana Wakanda vana and infinity now from

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my respected beloved brothers and sisters I ask Allah azza wa jal

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to give us the floss to give us the sincerity in everything that we say in everything that we do. I mean, I mean, my dear brothers and sisters

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after this lockdown, many people

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are complaining about some marital problems, a lot of shayateen in the house,

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some financial problems

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and a lot of stress

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and Subhanallah because of the duration of the hope is very short. I'm gonna go straight to the point. There's an advice from Rasul Allah Subhan Allah Allah here syndrome that can solve all this

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Subhanallah the Hadith isn't Sahih Muslim Congresswomen, we're here from Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Quran Baqarah

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Whenever stuffier Oh, and by Paula to Sahara.

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Read the Surah Al Baqarah because reciting it constantly will fill your home with baraka

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and leaving it and forsaking it will bring regret and

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magician's cannot

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stand it

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We'll send them said before that

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what does it mean?

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What does it mean that

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if you recite it, you will have Baraka, it means that if you constantly recited you will have broken your home, you will have broken your house, you will have broken your rope, you would have broken your children who have broken your family. This is a prescription not from me, from the US and you will send them

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how many people in life?

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I think we have black magic. I think we have evil i i think this somebody did this to me. Somebody did that to me. Subhana.

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Allah or something said the house where the burqa has been recited constantly.

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The black magicians The Magicians cannot do anything about it. Plus,

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he said no. And he's also a Muslim. Now.

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a shakedown

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deny not make your homes as graveyards. That's why it's recommended always to pray the sun at home. Do not make your homes as a graveyard because the shaitan runs away, runs away. He flees from the homes that this

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is recited in

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two and a half years, maybe around 40 something pages

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if you're a slow reader,

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maybe an hour, an hour and a half.

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Is it worth it? Let's start Yaffe

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once a week,

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once a week.

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I'm not putting you on today in sha Allah, we will upgrade and we'll reach once a day.

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Do I have to read it all at once if you do that, but you can wake it during the whole day. Can I read on my Sunday?

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So we can finish it all together and not work but yes, it is in the same house. And it's in the same house. Right? The best format is for someone to recite it himself during the whole day. In the in one day, but if I divided between me and my family members were four or five of us that we can read aloud, it is still being recited in in that house And subhanAllah that's sort of f1 has the best area in the Quran. LFL Kersey was was declared and he told us the best in the Quran is AYATUL kursi. And it also the last two hours of Surah Al Baqarah. We all know the personal size mm canvas and this is also in Buhari

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in summary the last two

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at night before you sleep on

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a plate

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anima rasuna all the way to the end. What happened yet Allah Katha sufficient Shala tiene una in it all away Subhan Allah

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I'm telling you maximum one minute one minute and a half the last two years of Surah Al Baqarah. So my brothers and sisters, this is a prescription from Rasulullah sallallahu to send them to keep the Sharia theme of the humans and the shayateen of jinn away from our homes, their lawmakers from the people who listen and apply to coriana stuff and the stuff we do in

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salatu salam ala min min

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whosoever read one letter

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of the Quran Rasulillah Salam said it's 10 Hassan

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so you could imagine I'm getting rid of the shadow team. I'm bringing the burqa to the house

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and I'm earning me

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30 Hassan

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but so how can I leave this prescription? Yeah When do it practice it teach it to others inshallah Tada so we can get rid of many shadow team that are in our homes. I mean your brand I mean Allama Felina drew when I was rough enough with them and on some random common caffeine, a lot more familiar to him.

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As far as you know, whether we yet in our time

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talking in Inanna Robin attina Dunya Hassan will

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walk in other than now, Robin that was a

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Well I've been

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in Canton Ohio in Allah on Monday he could tell you someone on and maybe

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ermine, somebody who was selling with a slimmer and longer Sunday Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad. Can somebody tell

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me Rahim in NACA Hamidah Majeed, along with Erica Muhammad

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Ibrahim Ibrahim in a needle Majeed walk home with us article

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along with

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a shed

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shed one Mohammad Rasool Allah Hallo celerity Halal fina for the parliamentary sauna for the format is Allah Allahu Akbar Allah working on

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long more

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you have denied me

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you're watching Man Nikki only

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ear can hear kind of starting

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stopping slow

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when I was sitting in

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Santa Fe

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in Medina I

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what I saw been

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sold this sovereign

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semi on No halimun Neither

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hola hola como

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to grow

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elephant here have been me

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Walkman you're watching Maliki on a deep

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ear canal we're here kind of stirring you know sort of stopping. So open Melina

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weighed in

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on knee pain

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Aloha summer men nearly two nmu

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on Aamir Khan

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samyama halimun Me

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hola hola

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hola hola como

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center II kumara

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center really cool

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somebody could have shot the first six rows it could lead from the front and the rest could lead from the back and Shala and please donate generously for our operations in sha Allah and keep in mind that donation from Gemma has a different weight than any other day inshallah. Also you can do it online through them at Epic Masjid that email is donate at Epic Masjid that org. Allah gathers closer Inshallah, may Allah give me the ability to hug you again. I missed hugging you, I missed kissing you. I miss shaking your hands. Now Allah subhanaw taala relieve us all and all Muslims on all humanity from this pandemic. I mean, I mean, Zaheer, Samaniego,