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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam again one more time Salam aleikum. wa taala. Catherine.

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We're going to be covering solar setup today. So it's about five and he just started father, and he has seen and also I think they will have suffered. But I saw it said that it will be set up fight that NEASC these are all Mickey swans. Let's start with solid silver and Sharla who

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makes a mention of how some of the prophets are showing gratefulness to Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah azza wa jal talks about their wood and Sulayman so when Lazarus you mentioned that, verse number 10. What does

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that mean? Yeah, gee, bad. Yeah.

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Well, I don't know who he is. But

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Allah has been decision we give them grace from us, Grace from us. And then Allah is there just is mountains and birds they used to praise Allah associated with him. You know, even the birds and the mountains and the trees they used to recite from the psalms of praise with with Allah. And Allah is also says, Well, I don't know that will have you this is one of the miracles of that prophet but Allah azza wa jal made iron or steel be so soft for him. And he would make those armors Luci and to protect his his his community from from from harm. He would play with heavy with iron or steel just like you play with the with the you know those kids when they play with

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Play Doh play exactly just like that. This is you know how steel how strong it is. But without Allah estrogen made it so soft Subhanallah This is one of the miracles of that. And there was one known to have a very beautiful smile. It's not just one, it's been said that he had more than 70 different beautiful voices, so much so that even the the, again, the birds and the mountains and the trees, they would you know, they would be praising Allah with him. In fact, brothers and sisters, none of us do not know this. There be a Indiana there will be one in Jelena. And that day is the day where Allah subhanho wa Taala would call his servants to to that festival where they will be seeing or

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seeing the festival lives. And before that Allah will collect all mankind will gather all mankind, and he will get even believers who are already androgenic oh my god from the believers we've ever done that, and the prophets before them and the messengers at the cybers and whatnot. And then the angels will be in as well. And then they will be asking Allah azza wa jal of things and whatever we asked him about Allah will give us Allah will give us but first Allah would feed us from something we've never eaten before and Allah will block us from some clothes we've never worn before all in Jana, you know, been invited. This is why it's called the invited by Allah azza wa jal in his

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dominion Subhan Allah Allah and Allah will call them to start reciting some sort of like entertainment, the award will be recited for us and we'll be listening live from that when they sit down and a human would be reciting for us accounting law. This is all you know inshallah inshallah. And they're all to show gratefulness to Allah. He used to be he used to worship Allah, Allah so much so that he used to fast one day and he would break his fast one day so the Prophet Muhammad he says the best fasting is the fasting of their will, you will trust one day and break his fast the other day, early history. And then Solomon Allah He said I'm also one of the miracles of Salim and Allah

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has made servants and the entire creations of Allah azza wa jal working for him so much so that Allah azza wa jal mentions verse number 12 What is with a man or we wind it this is that would take a month but for devil or foster a man it will take only let's say this just a day and then this is that will take another coming back another month for him it will take just one evening here's how powerful he was. He set out and then I was kinda talks about Saba, which is why the solar is underserved. That service center is a place in Yemen and the people at the time that have said that they used to be so Masha Allah Allah azza wa jal listen with so much gardens from right and center

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so much so it was known when he was told that a woman would carry her basket and would cross that garden garden filled with fruit trees, different types of fruits, and then she would not have to go and climb the trees and pick the fruits just you carry her basket. And by the time she crosses the field, that of the garden, her basket will be filled, will be filled with fruits first use just too often histories as well as less than one so much. But in case of show and then for the Sangha Subhanallah Ghana, they did not believe they denied the size of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah has the origin he says for our sunnah are they Him say? Allah subhana wa Tada afflicted them with with a

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flood that destroyed everything that we have brothers and sisters, here's a gem from here

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This is for not being grateful. If you're not grateful to the very that Allah has given you what the blessing of Allah has given you, Allah would take it back. And here's my question what are some of the ways or what is the best way to preserve a blessing that Allah has a face to wait let me ask the sisters first. If you have a blessing and you want Allah to preserve that blessing What did the Prophet say? Or what did Allah say to preserve that that blessing? Sisters

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okay one second why consider I have a plan

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from Medina

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if the sister is Pakistan Indian I have the script Pakistan Indian King fed right here and if she's if she does not one day she's army I have another from Medina as well. This is spirit Medina I think that prints money so whoever answers the question she will tell me what kind of fun she's like I will give her the polygon

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Okay, okay, since I'm doing that, but that's not what I'm looking for. So hamdulillah Okay.

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Enough, because

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but it's not enough. What do you do to Allah to preserve your blessing one thing to do to preserve that blessing Let me ask this this to say one more woman

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you pray

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if you're grateful I shall keep it back in the back of my hand. Yes, but that's not it. Yes, it's all good. So let's start maybe one more chance one more chance

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and then

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if you give them all chocolate sister I give them all chocolate.

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Okay, so manifesta three Williams Sister Sister Sister

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many faster to your limbs through your actions by doing what

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there's one thing I'm looking for.

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She said that

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God said given sada giving charity sister. You want the Pakistani Indian or you want the King of r&b manufacturers credit of course.

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South Africa

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if you want Allah subhanho wa taala. Again, somebody is seeking your family gifts.

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You're looking for a job and it's hard for you gives

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you go into difficulties gifts. And why it's called sadaqa it comes from trust the trust in our betas they have to trust trust what trust in Allah subhana wa Tada we give that back to you whatever charity you want, we give back to you. And there is a rule you know the rule in Islam, in our in our deen whatever you give us if you give $1 It will be equivalent to 10 If you give you know what Hessonite is equal with it, and this is wrong, but this rule is not applicable in Ramadan. In Ramadan, no, it's not applicable. It's more than 10 it's more than 700 a winner I'm seven into Much, much much more in Ramadan. So this is the month which again, this is the one this is why the Prophet

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used to be generous but my mother used to be even more generous. I'm not doing a fundraising Don't worry, but I'm just telling you about the the fruits and the merits of sadaqa one that understood this many man's But this man has obviously a lady came to him. You know his maid who is serves him. She says somebody knocked on the door. A poor man. He's asking for some charity. He says what do we have? She said we have 10x That's all we have in the house. 10x He told her give him the x given everything given that's all we have given the 10x and then he gave them the 10x She said she gave the X the next day somebody knocked on the door put a basket filled with eggs and left she opened

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she found the basket filled with actually went to herself mostly look somebody we don't know who we don't know somebody just brought this basket full of eggs and dropped it in our door. He says count the eggs. She counted. She found 99 on the web. Mashallah, wait, I'm telling you more than you say myself. She felt 90. He told her how many extra duty yesterday to the poor man. She said nine.

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I told you to give him 10 You made us lose 10 eggs.

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How'd you given him 10 What would have been hundreds. You give him nine nine finds

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it you see this is the sadaqa brothers

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If asked me to ask him one more time, please donate to the budget

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please help them as they need something they need charity. The expenses they're really unlike last year less than 100 Are we doing really great I don't know why but this year this suffering the counts are really depleting please I beg you help the Center for shallow data it's your center I'm not asking I'm only requesting please help the center inshallah and then sort of fact that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada starts with say an hamdulillah father this summer what are the Okay, here's brothers now brothers and family what do we call this introduction?

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I tell my

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brother with the glasses

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so what do we call this introduction

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on hand the

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president fell out Yes.

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Here we go.

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Alright, somebody

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handed you that father his son our

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praise to Allah the Creator of the Earth they have an earth acre only version is the one who ended the angels with wings, two wings and he says Mithuna was better to wait two weeks, three weeks, four weeks. How many weeks sisters? How many weeks did you breed it sir? Mr. has not used to have how many weeks does he have?

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Allah is mentioned in here 234 But Jimmy does not have to three four

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no, yes.

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Six Yeah 600 See who said 600 Here

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600 yards 600 Winks you have to know Allah is a robot you see to feel healthy Maya sharp increases in his creation whatever he wishes to find out what to add. And quick here ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada verse number six. He says in a straight on one more time Allah warns us about shape on industry upon and upon. I don't fit the

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in the face on Shetland internet, I do use him as his enemy. He's your enemy through your friends. Once he was talking about shape, and he called him shoo shoo is not usual man. He's a fan is a big sci fi fan. So he's your enemy. use him as your enemy. Don't befriend him, you don't follow him.

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And then brothers and sisters, lastly, Satya seem so obvious you need to send it out. So let's just look at three verses Allah subhanaw taala begins talking about the end and the greatness of the end. And then Allah azza wa jal talks about the at the tunnel Finish Line Allah is used to send not only one prophet, sometimes in one tribe in one nation, or one town, he would send two to three prophets like he did here. Verse number 14, is a sin that he he was named Ephesus. Now forgive

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me 30 In this town, Allah sent to prophets at the same time, and they denied the Prophet they did not believe him. So Allah reinforced them with 3/3 prophets and still did not believe.

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And then Allah subhana wa salatu has seen there's one reason why this photo was revealed. obey,

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obey Muhammad from the emotion again, they came to the Prophet holding a bone, and then he's, you know, crushed that bone and he turned to dust and he went to the prophet as he says, You have Muhammad, that can you Lord bring this to life after it's become dust than the Prophet says, Yes, he can, and you will die and you will be resurrected and you will be an Allah, you will die and you'll be resurrected and you will go to heaven.

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And you were the head fire so Allah associate the view Parliament you

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know the answer

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will be equally

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and at the end verse number 65, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and with this, this is a very, very powerful idea. Allah subhana wa Tada says earlier Oh my God, the more Allah for him, what to call him gonna add him. What does How do I

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know we accede to the non believer as you will stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala and he will deny all these actions Allah would show him on his actions do not stop me. It's not me. It's not me. And then it's Allah. Do you have any witnesses, no witnesses. I don't want nobody to witness for me except my names except my buddy. Yanni. He thinks that his body will witness for Him that Allah would put a seal on his mouth, who will witness his eyes now the eyes will start talking. Now the ends the hands will start talking the hands would say I touched I slapped I hit and the feet would start saying I walked towards haram and the hands would talk I touched haram. I grabbed haram. Allah

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azza wa jal says today I shall put the seal on their mouth and their hands will talk and their feet will talk you shall not be the New York Cebu brothers and sisters. Angels are writing everything we say Allah

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is looking upon us which Allah subhanho wa Taala so do good inshallah Tada welcome okay comes from Allah Salam Alikum Mufasa Hello want to catch up