Following Your Desires #19 – Surah An-Najm

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It's rooted in desires. It's rooted in what people love.

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When what you love is dictating your thought process. That's when you're going to come up with false ideas.

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When Neji mealy

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mouthed, what nessa he will come

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now in yet who knows a loved one,

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they are they follow nothing but assumptions. This is the last comment down, they follow nothing at all but assumptions.

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The problem with this is the IR did not begin with the word they,

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the IR began with the word you

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he said, You have named these names, you and your father's Allah did not send any authority with them.

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And then he says they follow nothing but assumptions, what were we expecting Allah to say here in Verona in that one, you are following nothing but assumptions because the conversation was with you. So we switch from you to what they all the kids that are in this in this hall that have at least a third grade, fourth grade education, I and we as first person, you is what, second person and he she they is third person, so we went from second person to third person, second person means you're talking to someone third person means they're not here. You know, if I was talking to you and I said, I need you to understand, I need you to understand, and then I turn around and say you don't

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You know what that means? You guys aren't worth my time anymore.

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I haven't so done talking to you. I'm not talking to you. I'm talking about you.

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Some of you have more than one child, you're Muslim, probably many hands are gonna go up more than one child.

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Okay, all right. Very good. Yeah, there was some definitely okay. So, sometimes your kids, especially your daughter's to have a fight with each other in the back of the car.

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They're like,

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Dan, Baba, can you tell someone to roll up their window?

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And the other one says, Dad, how someone? That's someone that I need the air?

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Oh, yeah. Well, someone didn't roll up the window last time. And I had to roll the dice blah, blah, blah, someone Someone Someone told me, you're like, Oh, my God, just talk to each other?

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Why are they not talking to each other? Why are they summoning each other?

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They're mad at each other. When you go from you today, you know what that is an expression of.

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It's an abandonment. These people are not even worth talking to. You believe in ideas that are not worth believing in. You follow an ancestry that is not worthy of anything. In other words, you're not even worthy of being addressed anymore. You just need to be ignored. So the question is, if he's not talking to them, then who is he talking to?

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He's talking to the Prophet site setup. He's talking to the believers. He's turning to them and saying, by the way, you should know about these people in the attendee arena and have been so two audiences in one aisle.

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Two audiences inside one aisle. Audience some which triggered in the beginning. And now the audience of the believers and Rasulullah saw them in yet who now love one day follow nothing but assumption, I want you to understand there are two things here

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that are going to be talked about I'll translate both. So you can see the contrast. They follow nothing but assumption. And whatever their their selves fall in love with. They follow assumptions and whatever they love. Okay. So assumptions and love.

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Now, I want you to understand why two things are being mentioned. Assumptions are an intellectual thing. I assumed there won't be any traffic, I assumed the weather is going to be good. I assumed that the this is about thought. Assumptions are about thoughts. But love is not about thought love is about what

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feelings emotions. Love is about emotions. One part of the criticism is about their thoughts. And the other part of the criticism is about their emotions.

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And it's the second one you can also consider the other via and it's as if it's saying these thoughts are actually coming from these emotions. The emotions are dictating the thoughts.

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How many people here in any research field

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if you're in a research field, you will find professors intellectuals that are more concerned about their prestige than about the research.

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They will stop research from happening because it hurts their feelings if their thesis is proven wrong.

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It will hurt their agenda if the facts

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Nothing will stop because the research will go in a different direction. These are people have amazing thoughts. But those thoughts are being surrendered by what? Feelings, greed, ego, you know, these kinds of things are stopping thought from happening.

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There are literally, you know, subjects that you can be banned from studying or researching, because some makes somebody nervous.

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In other words, yes, human beings pride themselves on being intellectual creatures. But actually, so much of what we do is driven by what

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our emotions Well, not that whatever you love, whatever they love. Now we are in a time where there's an explosion of ideas like never before, the machinery couldn't had an easy, they had just a few number of idols.

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We have an infinite number of idols on YouTube, to talk, Instagram, Facebook, there's an explosion of ideas. There's an explosion of philosophies, there are new developments in how justice should be defined how gender should be defined, how right and wrong should be defined, how family should be defined how freedom should be defined, how reality should be, everything is being questioned by everyone. And all these ideas are colliding with each other used to be shipped. Number one was in this continent, and ship number two was in that continent. Now, as always, the Shrek fest

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of all ideas are colliding with each other. There's all kinds of vision.

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But you know where all that one comes from? Well, my Tahoe alone first,

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is rooted in desires. It's rooted in what people love.

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When what you love is dictating your thought process. That's when you're going to come up with false ideas.

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This is a very powerful philosophical truth that Allah has given us, people will develop ideas that are actually convenient for them. They'll develop philosophies convenient for them.

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And nowadays, you might say in the American landscape, you have far left and far right, conservative and liberal, right, you can have those kinds of, and you might say, oh, Muslims are more like the conservatives. No, we're actually not. Oh, well, more like to liberals? No, we're actually not because each of them, their ideas are reacting to each other based on what each of them wants. The pursuit is not truth, the pursuit is still wants, behind each of them as an agenda still, no matter what Danfoss and we did, however, before remember how always to fall down. And Hawaii is a kind of love for lowly things. Right? These aren't some high philosophical love of truth, love of justice.

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No, it's love of self. Is this love of self or not that will enforce this is the this is actually the ultimate god.

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The ultimate God isn't idols. It's what the self wants. The idols are just a projection of what what the self is, that's all they are. You know, I was telling you, Hindus, for example, they have a God called Lakshmi, the God of wealth.

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Is the God of wealth. Why is there a God of wealth? Who wants wealth? You do. That's why you have got a wealth.

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Right? And you do what you do to get rich, you better have a Lakshmi you don't have health insurance, or car insurance have Lakshmi departmentalized. Gods you departmentalized worship, because it's based on your wants. And you develop all of this. And you turned all of these created all of these mythologies. And you know, this is something that shifts I have said today, I promised him I'll tell him, I'll tell you guys, you know, like as Hubble field

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now we have Hubble feelings

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it said my look as Hubble feelings at there.

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And you know, what these feelings also do is something I call selective outrage.

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You know what that means? Muslims will forget talking about Hindus and Christians. Let's talk about ourselves man. This for the Buddhists for me, it's for you.

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Somebody insulted the Prophet SAW Salem. Ah, that's it. I gotta burn a car.

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I gotta break at least one store.

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We gotta we got to do something. Somebody said something that might be insulting to the so allah sallallahu alayhi salam, okay.

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But women are not being given their share and inheritance.

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children are starving and corruption is rampant, and people are killing each other in the name of religion and all kinds of corruption that Islam came to destroy. And and daughters are still considered a liability and forced marriages are happening, which is the same as burying your daughter alive. All that's happening, but somebody insulted the Prophet. All of that is not an insult to the Prophet.

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socialism all of that's not an insult to the Quran you know we have a lot of outrage but it's very selective why? Because this outrageous convenient it's my town well enforce. The other one is too close to home.

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There's too close to I know literally imams in the in the western world that can be fired if they give a football about the prohibition of selling alcohol.

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If they say don't earn haram money, they can lose their job.

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Why? Because the don't the kind donation that came to the masjid came from the owner of you know, the establishment that Masha Allah

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Subhana Allah.

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So you can what is that this is actually the God is not the the god you're worshiping. And you're facing the Qibla. And making Salah five times a day, the actual God is the store that's making you money. Well, my thought was unforced, that's your actual God. And in worship of that God, your will is willing to silence the God that revealed the Quran.

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No matter what. And for us. It's easy to read these ayat and say, Oh, those go far back in the day. There were so hello. Obsessed, as humbly that Allah gave us Islam.

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Yeah, he did.

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The tragedy is we have it. And we're doing this.

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The first part was they follow assumptions, right? How do you destroy assumptions? You drive you destroy assumptions with knowledge.

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You destroy assumptions with knowledge. So what happens sometimes people believe in superstitions, Muslims believe in superstitions. And you think if I just give them the evidence that this is superstition, they will change because if they have the false assumption, I give them knowledge, they'll be fine. And then you come to me and says that my dad's doing *. Then I told him that he shouldn't be doing that. And he got angry at me, what should I do? I gave him the hack.

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And then he gave me a slap

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was because his assumption wasn't just going to be cured with knowledge. Behind that assumption was something Allah says, well, the whole emphasis is something he desires some things he loves. You're not addressing the root problem. You think you just educate people, everything will change.

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Allah goes after the heart, literally the heart of the matter. Well, my attack when and first

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and then the final words, they are they are so telling, by the way, on this, this pointing at ourselves when we look at this if I Falco Lama Jaakko Rasulullah Baba Infocomm, same word, same wording. It's like working properly, you can get up to a five year contract alone. This total Bacara he says, he sells tilt tells the Israelites every time a messenger came to you with something you didn't like.

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What is the lead telling us a less telling us sometimes Revelation says things we don't like?

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It goes against our definition. It goes against our culture. It goes against our trends.

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And whenever that happened, you became arrogant. No, no, no, no. Okay. Yeah, it says what it says But come on, seriously.

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You override what Allah says it's like bottom. And then you started calling those people liars and others you were even willing to kill. And your arrogance. This is what the Israelites did. But that doesn't sound like a description of the Israelites today.

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Sounds like a very common phenomenon among the OMA.

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Now, the tragedy will never be human. Hoda, Al Hoda

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all of this while Allah had already the guidance, ultimate guidance had already come to them from the rub.

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This had already come.

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They didn't want to open this. They didn't want to read it. Did they? Even if they opened it they wanted to be selective with it. Let's just read it for baraka and then go to you there I've see I was in what country was this? Got? My Map is all messed up. This was in Germany. I look for a halal restaurant. Could you not I'm looking for a holiday. I found one. And it was a Pakistani restaurant eat Mubarak's. So I'm going to have myself like a garlic naan and a chicken crunchy and it's going to be all good. I go into the restaurant is a huge bar.

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And in the middle of the bar, there's a mirror and on the mirror, there's AYATUL kursi.

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And all right.

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This is this is pretty amazing.

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It was like heaven and hell all at the same time.

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So may Allah protect this

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there's something in this guide heads. I know I'm doing something wrong.

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But I mean, there's still I mean, I still believe I still need

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About a cup from Allah. So I'm going to assume that putting this here

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and showing my regard to God in this way on my terms based on my lung,

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then I can follow my feelings and make money with alcohol. You see that? In your tab, you're gonna end up one on one enforce. When it comes, yeah.

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I wrote two notes here, FEMA Subak, or Feefo, recomendada. Allah has been sending guidance all along, and the ultimate one he just sent now.

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He sent alHuda. Now,

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what more could you ask for? You know, I was contemplating on the way here.

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What I do when I'm driving here, it's a good 40 minute drive, is I turn my brain off, and just, you know, from the notes, and I just think, and just stare at the sky, and the road. And

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the thought today that came in my head was like, it overwhelmed me today, you know what it was,

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in the opening passage, we saw Allah talked about the stars, and the stars have lights. But you can barely see the light. It's not enough to light up the world. When the sun comes, the just one sun and it gets lit up the teachings of the previous prophets

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when they used to be a sun when they were alive. And then the light of those prophets teachings became less and less than less like they became each like a star and there's something left. But as a star in the distance, you understand, there's some good in it, but it's surrounded by darkness. And I wondered for a moment, if I was born at a time before the Quran, and I was looking for guidance

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on what I do.

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Even if I would, even if I did find guidance, I would find a little bit of story here, a little star there and it wouldn't illuminate my world like what the Caja or whomever Robbie him will have Buddha, the ultimate light, the ultimate guidance has come. Now you can see the reality of this world and the next for what it is, how are you still on version? And how how is this possible? The tragedy of this ayah Allah put this in the same idea with all those criticisms, it could have been a separate IR Why not cut the jaw, a home mill would be him alHuda. But he put it in the same if you're doing this, and Allah has given you this.

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Look at looking at what you're doing. Look at what you're doing. Let me give you an analogy and then give you your break.

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The analogy I'm gonna give you I like to give you silly analogies that helps you understand abstract points better, right, abstract ideas better. So here's the here's your silly analogy for a day.

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I you know, I build my, my mom, a kitchen, a brand new kitchen, everything set up.

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And she goes and buys a portable stove

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from Walmart. And she turns it on in the living room. She didn't do that. I'm just making this up. Okay, she if she hears this, she's gonna kill me. But anyway, she turns on, and she's almost setting the house on fire. Mom, there's a whole kitchen right there. What were you doing? What is this?

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If this was there for a reason, this makes no sense.

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You have guidance and look at what you're doing. Allah gave you a mind. Allah give you a heart. Allah give you an inclination towards guidance. And then he gave you the perfect fit for his Quran.

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Where Where are you going? Like, literally Allah asked the question, I noticed a boon. Where are you going?

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Where are you going? Now we all slip. We all live. This is not just about shaming us and guilting us we're not we're human, we slip and we fall and we mess up. Sometimes you mess up really big.

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And Allah will in these ayat, he's going to address that. Because I told you these religions, these names that they came up with this anything so far has to do with the ACA?

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Did you hear anything in the religions about the asker?

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What does it seem like their religions are about

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this life?

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What is it that they want in this life stuff that they love? Where did these names come from, from the wishes they have in this life? There is no concept of the next life.

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And we have they did believe in an afterlife. But it says if it's absent, we're gonna have to figure out why it's absent. And what the connection is not believing in the orchestra and making these names or even while believing in the asset or doing this. That's what Allah is going to explain. And then we're going to understand the next section of the surah we'll take a quick break BarakAllahu li Walakum cinematic Hara

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