Karim Abuzaid – Etiquettes of Eid-ul-Fitr

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting during the Day of Judgment, including the use of "by the way" meaning and keeping it in mind when signing up for a meal. They also emphasize the need to practice "naught" in order to achieve spiritual well-being and achieve spiritual well-being in general. Socializing and sharing joy during busy times is essential to avoid overwhelming crowds and offers promotions for Islam awareness.
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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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ilaha illallah

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wa de Hu luxury Kala

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well I shadow under Mohammedan arvida who were a pseudo

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in filoli in Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in Phil clean

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad in film Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad in my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Luca mobarak, Taka Bellarmine now i mean come May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us

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just a few minutes

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talking about sunon

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late, the sooner

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which you should follow and observing the Salatu laden the etiquettes of late but before I begin, I really want to say on behalf of cmcc Colorado Muslims community centers

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Jazeera como la hora and whoever tells another Muslim de como la Villa fucka Chikara de como la halen, first of all, to the people who are working for the organization,

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the sisters and the brothers who have put more time than ever.

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Sometimes we call them after midnight.

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And we say jack Miller head on to the husbands for tolerating that. We really know what we're doing. May Allah subhana wa Taala give you general Bellamy and second, the volunteers, brothers and sisters you cannot imagine who have dedicated themselves to the service of our community members in on a daily basis, not just you know, whenever they feel like they have made the commitment that they show up here every day of Ramadan. To prepare food make sure that the food is in shape. The team have proper our fan brother Nabeel brother, he's in Pakistan brother Nasir chavala and the sisters I don't want to name sisters but all of these in Sharla brother Shanahan and his family and you know,

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I hate to forget anybody here but may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you tremendously I mean,

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this is just you know, something that I have

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you know, to remind and please if you meet these volunteers, yourself just say that jack hello hello to them too. And you know, don't forget the navaids I know we're gonna forget somebody but all the families who have been here please when you see them say jack from aloha island to them insha Allah and shake their hands Salam al Hadith Raja who Lima Muslim what a saw me for his attorney yahama

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and the fasting person has two moments where he is experiencing joy. And so hello Miko, this is one of the miraculous things about this text. A lot of you are feeling happy, right? You name it, whether you you can eat now, but that moment of joy is out there. It's this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that the fasting person those who fasted while you saw me fall Hatton he will have two minutes two occasions when he Joy's becomes happy.

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For hotton the first time in the filtery he

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when he break his fast, Lola ecola. The schoolers have two opinions. The Daily if taught every day at sunset when you break your fast or the one related to eat which is the moment which we have now. Well, you saw me for hatanaka for a woman for Hutton and filtery. But here is the most important of them all will follow

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Hutton in the UK or Europe D and another moment of joy when he meets his loads in the Day of Judgment.

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And this is the one of the Lima that Why? Because Allah Subhana was added at the beginning of this particular Hadith. He started by saying that this hadith By the way,

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the first sentence of It is Allah. Allah is the one who spoke refilling, but the rest of it. Kowloon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a statement of the broad how the Hadith begins.

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All Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala says, could Lama live near the mela

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all the deeds of the son of Adam or his

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definitely very few Muslim, and Hashanah to be ashati be Ashley m failure, if you meet the angels uninstructed to write it 10 times. And some sometimes it's multiplied more bees than your sincerity.

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That's one of the meanings of this elusive soul ally seeing except fasting. Fair enough.

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Fasting is for me.

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What an Zee.

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So Allah Subhana Allah is telling you what, I will reward you for this fasting.

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The angels don't know what to write.

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Well, they call mela LA to buena gerasa. In the angels, who you called what we do, they do not write a certain number of bassinet or a certain reward. They just write your name and in front of it fast in one day, fasting oversight.

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What is La

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La Kowloon? One of the meanings of this hadith. And Sunnah was say at all these good deeds which we do somehow, in the Day of Judgment are subject to being dispersed to other people lenvima volume, because in this world, sometimes we may wrong other people. So those people will come in the Day of Judgment requesting the rights back. So they get paid from the good deeds from the records. So as if you run out of good deeds, then this will be out there to help you. Yeah, and in that particular record, the fasting is not subject to dispersement to other people because of injustices which you committed. And this is one of the meanings of

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Jani for hotton in the Luca era, and imaginary what is seen voila, here the scene out of this world. Imagine is the oma on the day of judgment will be on the knees.

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People will be on their knees on the Day of Judgment. We have actually a whole chapter called the Jesse Ouattara Martin Jaffe, and you will see every oma kneeling in the ground. So people are kneeling in the ground. And imagine this, a cooler will call imagine Allah will instruct a cooler to make the school a no saw moon

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imagine mankind or kneeling on the ground.

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And everybody is silent. And someone will come and say, Where are those who used to fast stand up

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mentioned this, you will be called out of this.

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And then they will be instructed to enter agenda from a certain gate. What is the name of this gate? urja

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mahkamah. So,

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Allah is something so fascinating to see what is it Leanna Soma, sometimes somebody is fasting and you don't know is really a secret a data between you and Allah. Even the quality of it is something really personal between you and Allah.

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And we see a lot of people in Ramadan fasting but but that taqwa that level of taqwa is really between Allah and you all you know it and you know it imagine this because it's a secret a bad

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the Marwan nuttelex love loss

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if loss is achieved in fasting easy,

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something between Allah lF loss normally when when you want if lost in what you do, you don't care a lot how many people know about it.

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Imagine in the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana wa Taala let mankind know that you

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You're fasting and you're sincere. This is one of the meanings of this beautiful Hadith.

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I listed 10 things related to sunan relate. Are you ready?

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Number one, at deck B.

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at Tech Bs, what is the evidence for this will lead to an iota song in the verses of a song while it took me a day. And in order to complete the number of days of fasting, whether 29 or 30, Wiley to cat below law haila head

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and that you glorify and magnify Allah subhanho wa Taala for guiding you to do this. What is the form of bacteria? Because a lot of people out there they add to it, but no sooner whatsoever. The most authentic way of making technique is Abdullah Abdullah. Abdullah him and Omar Abdullah have not best This is how they used to make beer. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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Illa Illa Allah, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar when he left his that's it. Allahu Akbar. Okay VIERA when Shangri la chica de la, la La, La Silla, Allah masala. All of this is beautiful. But you see something about the Labor Day when We worship Allah subhanho wa Taala we must follow, we must follow we cannot introduce these other words which they add to the deck theoretically, they are praiseworthy, there is nothing wrong with them, but not in this particular time. Not at this particular time in this particular occasion. No, we should stick to that we are actually when does that mean it begins with sunset after you sign the moon all along until the Imam stands for a solid

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too late. That's one of the shortest only 12 hours. Now there is a restricted technical meaning after the Salah, like what we have done, but here is the one which is really neglected by a lot of us the unrestricted in your way home driving your family. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. La ilaha illa Allah. When you wake up in the morning, you wake up your fam that's the alarm clock, that should be the alarm alarm clock tomorrow when you wake up the kids tomorrow, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Wa, in your way to the Salah. So it's not only confined or restricted to the Salawat law. There is the unrestricted technique when you're asleep tonight before you go to bed

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tonight. Do some tequila. So do a lot of tequila because it is one of the Sooners be vanilla heat island technique

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is glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala magnifying Allah subhanaw taala you know, a whole month you please Allah subhana wa Taala ahead of everything ahead of your needs. Imagine food and water our needs, not desires, you know, and lawful needs. Imagine this lawful needs. It's lawful to eat, of course halal food, that we have food yanyan and halaal. From lawful source, it's lawful to drink water, but when Allah subhana wa Taala told you to refrain You did it. You did it. What does that? Look? Look another moment hardees habla de la sala de Allahumma the Messiah Dracula Mohammed Hakim Holla Holla Holla. You earlier Salim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says what

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would you call an Yahshua in a lab do well pm in the Day of Judgment, fasting, this fasting will be transformed into a physical form, and it will speak.

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Imagine fasting will turn into a physical form. And you know fasting is a metaphor, you know, you don't. It's something that you do, but it's actually going to be transferred into a physical form, and it will speed Look what fasting will say, a Europe, my lord manna to hope our Shah Baba Shahada throughout the day.

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I deprived him from eating and drinking and his sexual desire for you. Sasha nifi allow me to intercede for him

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has a hook that we're into glorifying? Also you you're leading Allah Subhana Allah, you're you're letting yourself no that has it been for Allah. Allah meet you do this be the liaison. So this is the first sooner in sha Allah nine to go. Are you ready? So what was the first sooner attack via the seconds

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is very easy, it's very easy. All of you have water at home, right? And loose, loose and loose loose it is a soon that you wake up in the morning and you take a ritual path. And remember what you're going to be giving a lot of people a lot of hugs

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you know a lot of hugs and you're going to be very close to people. So make sure that you play some you know,

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and and some musk insha Allah so, you know, try to look pleasing, try to look pleasing insha Allah to, to the community beat me later. It is a sooner that you were your best. what's called outfit, outfit, the best clothes, it doesn't matter what even if it is a cultural cloth, even if you want to wear the

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commies. shorewall or you and I we have the whatever you morrocan thing, whatever you want to wear but something that is nice and clean baby like this is number two. Number three, eating before you leave the house. And this is a little bit different to evil, evil of how you should not eat but from the Debbie Yani Assemblyman dubya you could eat Of course, you have to take medication or something. But once it comes to eating, before you leave the house, you should break your fast so that you're not fasting this day because no Muslim is allowed to fast this day. And preferably you eat one beat one camera two or three beat Mila he Darla in your way. Insha Allah we mentioned this that you

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loudly say that actually a lot. Of course the wife or the females can do it in the vicinity of their husbands and their family, but they shouldn't raise their voice with it. When they are around. None Muharram be in the light on number five. And really understanding the significance of this sooner is that you should meet as many Muslims as possible. You should shave the Julia Aqua that that happiness that. Listen, tomorrow is a day even if you're having the biggest problems in your lives. Imagine this. It is like worshipping Allah through joy. You're worshiping Allah through joy Subhana Allah, even if you're having some issues, this is not a day when you you know, you complain, this is

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not a day when you show that you're sad or upset. Even if you do it plastically you know what that means? Right? Even if you would that plastic mask, you know, they will just for one day inshallah, just pretend that you're happy. What about that? I mean, I hope May Allah subhana wa Tada, fill your hearts with joy tomorrow, you're not blind. I mean, but imagine you're worshiping a lot. So, like, you know what, when you go to a funeral, okay? And people are sad, you know, then then even though this is not your loved one, and you may not feel but you should also show that you know, you're, you're sharing that so this is a time when you should share the joy with the brothers and says,

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imagine and I'm trying to explain this because you may not be able to do this Yani literally, the Hadith says that the Prophet used to go to the masjid from one way and come back from another route but this is the significance of it that you meet as many people you may I mean for me I'm going to have to take I 70 there is no way I'm there is no other way back right? So but this is the significance behind it made me later of course I would assume that you pray outside and this is what we're gonna do be in a dialogue and I know a lot of you been asking can we have one Salah here No, we cannot Why? Because other massages are not going out unfortunately some other massage machines

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Salaam I think they don't go out and I think there is the apple Walker they have one sold out or something so but free for us. daata eak we want to follow the sooner inshallah and we're gonna you see the sooner also that we make available for people who cannot go like elders, people who are sick, that you make some accommodation for them. That's a pseudonym actually. But you open one mustard only, but not the whole message. I'd like that. So inshallah we encourage all of you to join us in the stadium in sha Allah, we're going to make this very quick and sharp beetelite Allah, beginning at 845 ending at 930 emulator. You should take your wife, your children, even if they are

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having their their monthly cycle.

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Juma begins with what?

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It becomes a regular sort of, of course the famous opinion regarding seven tech vrr the first Raka five tech Bharat, the second Raka. And after the seven and the five the Imam resides in Fatiha and surah Allah Allah in the first Raka Surah tilaka in the second Raka Of course, this is all recommended by Ed Miller he tile. Finally, and this is what we're going to close with in Atlanta, is it is permissible to always congratulate one another. And the form of congratulation is a Dooku Mubarak, that's one of them. Or you could say the pub Bell Allahu Mina woman, may Allah subhana wa Taala accept from us and from you. For I say this to all of you the Kabbalah hoomin Naumann Kumar,

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Kumar, wedges, Akuma la hora, and please, please, please don't abandon the house of Allah.

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Allah who was very sad, but line by line breaks the hearts. You know, Sheikh Mohammed tells me this

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you know, and don't abandon the massage at least.

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You know, this is the most beloved please to align Earth. Please make it a regular

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federal measure. At least internatia are one of them. Federal Russia preferrably federal nature but are one of them. One of them make it you're happy that you come to the masjid and see your brothers in sha Allah. Au Docomo Baraka, cobalamin Norman Khun Subhana Allah Mohammed Nick eyeshadow Allah Allah Helen istockphoto la and we'll see you all tomorrow on the stadium in Sharla. There's a low

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labor cost

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