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if you will, particularly for that of guidance know that it is a great thing. And I want to mashallah call a brother that came to the masjid a couple of days ago. And he waited from slotzo mug of tea SHA just to embrace Islam. And he comes from a family where his mother is Muslim, Michelle's mother's Muslim mother's father's Muslim mothers non Muslim hamdullah he works for the Capella school district here. And I just want to ask you Bobak if you can give just two minutes of advice to these young brothers and sisters to these young kids here, majority of them are born as a Muslim. Right? So what word of advice would you give them a sha Allah

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Sokoloff him Hello.

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I would just say be yourself. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Be proud.

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It's something that I'm learning to be as well. It's it's, it's scary this world especially I think being Muslim doesn't doesn't

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all with all good intentions doesn't help.

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Especially in America, be yourself. Be proud of who you are. Allah will bless you he'll protect you from all all dangers whatsoever. Okay, that was one of my fears as far as converting. I was afraid I was. But I think

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a lot took that away from me, so be proud of who you are. So when you guys see me at school when I tell you some Salam aleikum, so greet me back Don't be shy. It's been a few times so far I've said it to to kids. I know Muslim and it's like they're like they're like timid to say back to him like no say back to me. Let them know who you are. Let them know what you believe. It's okay. It's okay to be yourself. They can be they can be Christians and and worship Jesus right on quit on during Christmas, right? So you worship your God.

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And that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that.

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You guys understand what I'm saying?

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Yeah, I want y'all to do that in school. Be a be yourself it's okay. It's a beautiful thing to be Muslim. It's the best thing in the world be Muslims be proud of it.

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CHS Okay, the high school I'm gonna call here may Allah reward you for that

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he's all your brothers here Mashallah. All your brother's Masha Allah, may Allah reward you. And as you can see, it took a level of courage for him to come here and wait. And as I told him before he waited from Maghrib to Asia. During the time he was waiting here alone in the masjid, he could have just said you know what? It's not worth it. Or you know what, my mom's gonna get mad at me or something's gonna happen and he could have just left but he stayed here and Masha Allah embrace Islam. Michelle, in the last month, Allah reward him and reward all of you for attending because y'all really realize this, especially the young kids as well, which goes back to the parents that

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brought them here is when someone that converts to Islam comes and sees a community like this. different nationalities, different people are coming standing together. Y'all have to remember but the fact is, we don't remember because we're so used to it. It has a profound effect on someone that is new to a mosque and to Muslims a profound effect. Like it's huge. I remember for me when I embraced Islam, I came up to me and people from countries I never even knew existed. I mean, it was, you know,

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and they're all Muslim. And now like it's the greatest choice ever made in my life. And people are embracing me and their kids that are growing up in this is profound So may Allah reward you all for attending the masjid, coming consistently remembering the last $1 May Allah reward the sisters, the mothers and fathers and aunties for coming in attending, make no mistake and I'll leave it here that when you come to the masjid when the process I'm said that is 25 to 27 blessings for the congregation. We don't know how that will be.

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That it'll be for us individually but the manifestation of that we don't know. So the fact that you coming and lining up with your brothers and sisters it goes beyond you the effects and the results in the rewards from that and jealous Milhouse with Allah reward all of you and bless you all and protect you and protect our brothers and sisters. In with us. The yellow banana mean, was sent along with cinema back when Vita Muhammad won and it was imaginary