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There's a marketplace of ideas. There's a marketplace for deeds and desires. There are people that are competing over this world, there are people that are competing for attention. And there are people that are competing for the attention of Allah subhanaw taala and the merchandise that Allah subhanaw taala has promised us and the prophets lie Selim, what did he tell the unsolved, who are giving up everything of this world? Everything material, everything that's immaterial in terms of safety and security. What did the Prophet sighs I'm tell them they get in return. He said, You get Jana. And he said that the merchandise of Allah subhanaw taala is precious. Verily, the merchandise

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of Allah subhanaw taala is Jana.

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So we talked about the degrees in agenda and how many degrees there are in Jana. And I just want you to think about the drop of a suit that you're entering the marketplace the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever walks into the marketplace and says La ilaha illallah wa the hula Shetty cara, la Holman cola will hand you He will you meet to Hola, hi, yo nya mood via the hill. Hi Wahoo are the coalition in Kadir the prophets lie some said Whoever says there is no God but Allah, alone without partner, To Him belongs all sovereignty and praise. He is the one who gives life and He is the one who caused his death, and he is ever living and he does not die. And his hand is all good.

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And he has power over all things. Well, so last night, some said if you say this dua when you enter into the marketplace, Allah will wipe out a million bad deeds, and give you a million good deeds and raise you by a million degrees and build for you a house in paradise. Now you'll notice that the addition to a very common deer out here is the addition of up where you meet he gives life and He gives duff and he is ever living and he does not die. There's something very powerful about that because you go to the marketplace in this life to be enriched. But instead you realize that it's Allah subhanaw taala that gives life and death and gives what is good. So you choose to enrich

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yourself in Jannah, with the drought of a soup with the drought of the marketplace. You know, a lot of times you might tell yourself, I'm going to say this. And I've heard this from many people, but you walk into the store and you immediately forget why because you're immediately looking towards what you want to buy what you want to get. And the prophets lie. Some is reminding you to say Allah gives life and death. And what Allah subhanaw taala grants in the afterlife is far more beloved than anything that you can find in this life. And so you enrich yourself. And obviously, there's a wonder that comes from this hadith. How many degrees and Jana are there? If every single time you say this

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dua Allah elevates you by a million. If you say this job 100 times in life 1000 times in life even more, is that going to run out in Jannah? Or are you going to reach a peak and agenda where you can't go any further? And the answer is absolutely not. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who controls all time and place and reward. And there's a correlation that you find here between the marketplace of Jannah and the marketplace of dunya. Now in this life, you have this contrast between the places that are most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala and the places that are most hated to Allah subhanaw taala and the prophets lysozyme said, the most beloved of places to Allah are the Messiah,

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what are the mosques? Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is worshipped in the misogyny and the most hated places to Allah Subhana Allah are the swag or the marketplaces and Subhanallah even then you have a direct from when you enter, that gives you this unimaginable reward. But if you think about these two places, with each other, you know, the reward of going to the masjid is all increase, but it's increased of what its increase of good. It's the removal of sin. It's the writing of your good deeds. It's the raising of your rank with every single step as the profit slice and offset. Every single step that you take to the masjid is the wiping out of sins, the writing down of good deeds

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and the raising of your rank and agenda. So you're going to the masjid to be increased. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, Yeah, you have Latina Amanu either knew the other Salah teaming Yeoman Juma at first how either decree law was not obey, Zadie Kincaid on a common content alimony. Oh you who believe when you hear the call for the prayer on the day of Friday, rush to the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada and leave behind your trade. And that is far better for you. If only you knew that this is a far more profitable transaction. What you're going to get from the messages of reward is far greater

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rather than what you would get from your marketplace what you would get from your trade. So when you go to the masjid, come with your attention come early, come ready and look for proper increase and come with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala Don't be distracted from what is actually greater. Don't treat the masjid and don't treat prayer. Like it's a distraction from your actual pursuit. Treat it like it is your actual means of pursuing Allah subhanho wa Taala now, how do we know if we're actually pursuing Allah subhanaw taala when we see these places with each other, Allah subhanaw taala says we either ot Java 1001 and verbal elaida Waitara cool Kalka ima coulda en de la

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Jairo. Minella, who you will meet at Jarrah wala who hires a team that if they see some sort of a trade, or they see a worldly opportunity, then they leave you. They leave you there, oh, messenger of Allah. And they go following something of this world and say that what is with Allah subhanaw taala is far better than anything that you would get from this world of play or of pay. And Allah subhanaw taala is the best of sustainers. And there's a Hadith from Abu Dhabi at low tide and hope that if meat or money was being distributed in the masjid, people would rush to it. And that's why I upgraded all the time. And one time, he went out and he called the people from the marketplace. And

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he said that the inheritance of the prophets lie, some is being distributed in the masjid. And so people just rushed there in their business, and they're thinking to themselves, well, there's free money here. So they didn't actually stop to think about, you know, whether or not there is inheritance from the Prophet sallallahu. He was known to be distributed, they just thought maybe there's a better deal here. And so they left their marketplace, and they went to the message of the Prophet slice on them. And what did they find? They found a bunch of Halaqaat a bunch of circles of knowledge people studying, and people studying Hadith people studying folk. And they went to abodo,

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the Allahu taala. And who, and they said to him, you know, you said that the inheritance of the Prophet slicin was being distributed. And we didn't see anything being distributed. He said, Well, what did you find? They said, We found all of these gatherings of knowledge. He said, That is the inheritance of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. It's that alien, that knowledge that he leaves behind, because the prophets leave behind something far more valuable than something of this world. They leave behind what increases you in the afterlife, speaking of who will be allowed to and who said say that the more say you are the Allahu Anhu he says that I met a boyhood idol, the Allahu

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Anhu one day, and he said to me, make sure that Allah brings us together in the marketplace of Jannah. So he said, Is there a marketplace in Jannah? And I will read all the allow Tada and who said yes, was to allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told me that when the people of Jannah, enter into Jannah, they will be placed in Jannah, according to their deeds, and then they will have permission on Friday, which is the greatest of days. So just like it's the greatest day, in this world, it's the greatest day in Jannah, as well, it is Joomla people gather on the date of Friday in the marketplace of Jannah. And there they will visit Allah Subhana Allah who will appear on his

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throne in a garden of paradise, and we'll talk about the specifics of that later on. But think about this, you have Joomla in Jannah, and it's in the marketplace, whereas here you're told and sorted through Joomla leave the marketplace for Joomla in the masjid and Joomla in Jana is to the soup because you don't have salata. Joomla anymore, this is the place where you're now going to be rewarded. This is not the place that you have to make sacrifice. So the people gather in what is a souk? What is the marketplace and Jana, and you go to the soup in Jannah, and you come back enriched and increased, just like you would go to the marketplace, and this dunya looking to be increased.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said describing this place he said that there is this marketplace in Ghana that people visit on every Friday. And Allah subhanaw taala says this wind that blows Musk on their faces and on their garments, and their increased in beauty and and goodness. And when they go back home to meet their families, their families will say to them by Allah, you have increased in beauty and goodness. And you would say back to your family, you too by Allah have increased in beauty and goodness. So everyone goes to the marketplace on Jamar they meet with one another they meet with their friends, they meet with the leaders of the companions, they meet with

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the Prophets, they meet with Allah subhanho to Allah and then they come back far more beautified but don't you also want to shop. You absolutely go to the marketplace and Jana and you take what you want, but you don't have to worry about a budget when you shop here. And subhanAllah how many people go to a shop or go to a marketplace and they wish they had a little more. So they work more to buy that extra product. But in Jannah you don't have to worry about cash or credit. You don't have to worry about a budget. It's

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All for you and you take as much as you want, you also don't have to worry about the inventory being gone. So you know, this is especially true when you think about holiday season. You know, everyone takes certain products. This is a place where you pick a fruit from a tree, and another fruit grows in its place. So the inventory in Ghana does not run out. And everyone thinks that they only have the best that Jana has to offer. So you have as much money as you want, and you have as much product as you want. And Allah subhanaw taala continues to give you more and more and more and increase you in this marketplace have an agenda. But again here, you juxtapose the messages with the marketplace

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as the loss of hundreds added does, and the places of worship in the broader sense, and the places of sin. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever takes a bath on Friday, does it hosted on Friday, and then goes for the prayer. Those that arrive in the first hour meaning early. It's as if they have sacrificed a camel in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. And those who arrived in the second hour, it says if they sacrifice the cow, and those who arrive in the third hour, then it is as if you have sacrifice a horned RAM. And those who arrive in the fourth hour. It says if you sacrifice a hen for the sake of Allah, and those who arrived in the fifth hour, it's as

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if you offered an egg for the sake of Allah. And once the Imam comes out and starts delivering the hutzpah, the angels present themselves to listen to the list so they close their rulebook. So the earlier you get to Joomla the more you are increasing in the Joomla have an agenda and in one NARRATION The closest to Allah are the closest to the Imam on the member. And that doesn't necessarily mean the physical proximity but what it refers to is the speed at which you got to the masjid those who are closest to the Imam on the member or those who got to the masjid first. And who do you think is going to be closest to Allah subhanaw taala when he addresses the gathering of Juma

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in Jannah and who would you want to see in the first row with you? Yeah, do one F soon in more coma in

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your one G BK audibly at

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Mowgli. Further fully free Holyfield. The wonderful Legion Letty