Why did the first compilation of Quran occur after the death of the prophet

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of people in the face of the extreme heat and lack of writing in the writing. They explain that the loss of writing was due to the loss of writing in the past. The speaker also discusses the importance of memorizing letters and memorizing people's names in preserving the plan.
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Yes, ma'am. How are you doing? It's my Go ahead.

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I have one question, with all due respect

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that I have to do the life

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Hello, knew that one day he would die? Why would he not in order to preserve the Quran within his life?

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So you heard that question? Yes, yes, please. So let me again, my dear brother, as I emphasized the beginning, the preservation of the poor and had to be in the loop in the heart, because this is the way it was authentically preserved. Let me explain. For example, today, if we look at the writings of any of the earlier yonni people have earlier than the time, but also loss of the loss of them. Most of the writing there are loss, meaning the papers are lost. Because paper and out of didn't even have paper at the time. This is something that erodes. So the preservation that was the best way was memorization. They know at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu. If they had written out the

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whole Quran on bone, for example, we would not have that today, that would have been lost because over time, it would have eroded. If you look at the laws of any of the people of Babylon and things that were written down, all of those are mostly lost. Even stuff that was etched in stone is lost stones break tip, all of that. So this is the hikma of the fall, that since the time of Rasulullah, sallAllahu sallam, we began this chain of start the teacher, the chef, and the row is the one who would memorize, and they would memorize the entire Quran, every syllable, every accent, in the way that was recited till our time, our brothers who are her father that have a salad, they can give you

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a chain all the way to the sort of lots and lots of them in the in a heartbeat. And this is amazing. We have no such chain in any other science or book in the world. I'm not talking about Islamic or religious in the world. Today. If somebody says Shakespeare wrote this, they don't have original handwritten manuscripts. For most of his writing, they have bits and parts, and then a lot of it is lost, because they don't have Senate. If you look at the Bible, and I want to make a point here and just answering this question, if you look at the Bible, and this is a challenge we put out to the Christians as well.

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How many different types of Bibles are there the Quran, there is only one 100 certain people have been whatever, they have one, four,

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and 114 so from the Quran chapters 3030 sections, no Muslim ever will have 150 and 113 there's only 114 Chiasson you would ever even if you go to the people of misguidance you have 114 chapters 30 This is the Quran begins with el Fattah ends with NUS they

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the Catholic Bible has 46 books in the Old Testament, and 27 books of the New Testament that equals what 73 books, the Protestant Bible, I'm not even going to the Mormons. I'm just going to the major. The Protestant Bible has 39 books, and 20 of the Old Testament and 27 of the New Testament, equaling 66 books. You see, the writing here, didn't help them. But now we have that preservation to the field towards memorize. So the main The other main way of preserving the plan was

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was memorizing Yes, yes. Yes. So the Quran was written down as an additional support. Right. And it humbled me a lot. Yeah, and you reward

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and then after the uncle for the great service that they did for the oma. Even those that have suffered a lot they curse them still benefit from reading that for under they were the means of preserving. But Yanni Allah subhanho wa Taala choose a particular time and a particular people with that particular skill that memorize letter by letter, the Quran till our time when Al Hamdulillah