Yasir Qadhi – Blessings And Etiquettes Of Khutbah And Jumu’ah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The holy day is the best day of the year, and the importance of the holy day for the day of the year is emphasized. The speakers discuss the use of "verbal" meaning to indicate excitement and success, and the importance of praying before the sun and not rushing. The importance of avoiding major Bad luck events and not getting caught up in busy atmosphere is emphasized, as well as the success of Islam in the upcoming weekend.
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And then hamdulillah no matter who want to start a new one, I still

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will not rubella Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say, Medina de la hufa mobila woman Yulin who fella ha de Allah wa shadow Allah in in La la una sharika wash Mohammed Abu humara sudo yeah you hola Nina Amano taco la haka Ducati wallet mo tuna illa Anta Muslim moon yeah Johan de su Takara como la de holla Coco mean FC wahida wahala come in has Oh jaha Baba thermen humare gelang Kathy Romani sir what's up Oh la la de de Luna v one or ham in the LA her con la cumbre Kiba yeah you hola Xena Amano choco la waku Conan sadita useless. Amada como yo fella. Come through back home, woman you to Allah Wa sallahu falcoda fosun alima. I'm about buddy brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Week after week we gather together on this blessing and holy day and we listen to a hotel and we meet our fellow brothers and sisters. Yet unfortunately many of us are not fully aware of the superiority of this day and of the importance of attending the hotel bar And of the blessings and speciality that Allah subhana wa tada has given this day over the rest of the days of the year. And even those of us who are able to attend because the sad fact of the matter is that many Muslims don't even come for Juma. Even those of us who come and attend, we make this a habit we can make make it a routine and we forget the spirituality and the blessings that Allah subhana wa tada has

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stored for those who take advantage of this blessed day. And so today in this short holds, I want to talk about the hotel bar. I want to talk about the blessings of the hotel and the etiquettes of the hotel. And the reason why Allah subhana wa tada and how Allah subhana wa tada has blessed this day over all of the days of the year. We realize my dear brothers and sisters that this day of Friday yomo Juma is the most blessed day of the entire week. Our Prophet salallahu it he was setting them said that the best day that the sun rises on off bought a Yeoman product features chumps the best day that the sun rises is your moon tomorrow. It is the day of Friday yawn will Juma why he gave us

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many reasons. He Holika Adam on Juma Adam was created Wolfie Jen on Junior Adam intergender Wolfie

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and on Friday, Adam came down to this world. And in one version he added Wolfie he tiba it he on Friday, Allah repented on him, after meaning that after Adam committed the sin, and he acts acts Allah azza wa jal for forgiveness. On this day, Allah azzawajal repented on Adam and our prophets, as Adam said, and on Friday is the day that the Trumpet will be blown tiamo will also occur on a Friday. So all of these blessings have been associated with the day of Friday. And another blessing that our Prophet system said relates to the omens that Allah has sent. The prophets have said him said that you are the last yet the first You are the last yet the first of Omaha's household, he

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explained chronologically You are the last chronologically You are the last. But on the Day of Judgment, you shall be the first to be judged and enter agenda.

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And he explained this through our series of Holy Days.

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He explained this through the series of holy days that the other religions have. The prophets of Salaam told us that the people before you have been misguided with regards to the holy day. And so the Jews have taken Saturday as their holy day. And they and the Christians have taken Sunday as their holy date. But Allah subhanho wa Taala came with us and he guided us to Friday. In other words, the day that really is the best of all the days is Friday. And then the analogy is because Friday is the before Saturday on Sunday, even though we're the last nation, we were guided to the right day, and that right day is before the other day Saturday and Sunday. Similarly, we will be the

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last station chronologically, but who will be the first nation on the day of judgment to be judged and resurrected to be a cause to enter agenda even before the other other omens and other nations before us. And this is the blessing that Allah subhana wa tada has given us the prophets have said him said the other nations disagreed and were misguided about their holy day and Allah subhana wa tada has guided you to the holy day and that is the day

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I have Friday. In yet another Hadith the prophet SAW Selim said Juma say you do is the leader of the yam of those who have the days of the week. Juma is the sacred the sacred here means the one that is in the forefront. The sacred means the one that is the best the one that has the most attention. Joomla is the leader of all of the other days of the week. And in one Hadeeth inhibit manager He even said it is greater than the tour reads, scholars have different What does it mean it is greater than the tour reads, and some scholars have said no doubt he has a blessing over over Joomla however, Joomla has the blessing that it is the most frequent of all aids Joomla the profits are

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some called it and they're IID. In one day, he said has a yo more Ed Come on the day of Joomla. He said this is your EAD, meaning what is the meaning of your EAD here has two meanings number one, it comes back over and over again as a means to come back. So Juma is repetitive. And the second meaning of read is the one that we all associate with and that is happiness and a time of celebration and a time of worship. So he said Juma is the day of your EAD. And therefore we should look to Joomla as we look to our other reads as well. Notice on this day of Joomla, so many things are linked to the beginnings, the beginning of the creation of Adam fie hodaka Adam. On this day

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Adam was created. On this day Adam entered Jenna, on this day, Adam came down to earth on this day Allah repented upon Adam, on this day, Yom Okayama, will also occur. Therefore this shows us that Friday is like a new beginning. Because if you look at all of these things, they're all new beginnings. There was no Adam, Allah created Adam, that's on Friday. Allah caused Adam to enter agenda, a new beginning, a law cause Adam to come down to this earth a new beginning. Allah repented on Adam a new beginning. Yokoyama, a new beginning. So one simple point that we derive every Friday for us. For us, Friday is the first day of the week, we should not think of Friday as the last day.

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No. For us, Friday is the first day it is the sacred of all days. We have to tune our minds psychologically, to look at Friday as the beginning. And therefore the Friday becomes the beginning of a new week for us. So like just like Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed Adam with gender, just like a luxury panel without a blessed Adam with a new chance and a new life. He didn't punish either. When he committed the sin, He caused him to come to earth, which is a new life, just like a lot repented on Adam. Similarly, every Friday for us should be a new week, we should think of the next week as being better than the previous week. Every Friday, we should try to bring in a new

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beginning. Like Alonzo just gave Adam over and over again. And in fact, Allah subhana wa Tada, preferred Juma over all of the other days in order to give it the speciality is in order that we have what happens on he don't we get excited? Don't we look forward to eat? Isn't it a hallmark of the year similarly, the homework of the week for us should be Joomla this should be the pinnacle of the week, this should be the new beginning for us. And somebody will ask what is the meaning of Joomla Why is it called Joomla scholars have differed over this and there are a number of opinions perhaps the two most strongest ones are Joomla is called Joomla. Because a lot zoa gel gathered

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Gemma, the soil that created Adam on this day, this is one opinion and another opinion Joomla is called Joomla because the people yajima they gather together and of course both meanings have an element of correctness to them in that Allah subhana wa tada gathered all of the different types of soil to create Adam and Allah gathers all different types of people on Joomla everyone comes from all different areas of the land from all different ethnicities from all different backgrounds, they come together. And so Joomla is called Joomla because the people gathered together because the people come together just like Adam himself came together from different types of soils from

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different types of Earths. Similarly, Allah subhanho wa Taala has gathered the people together to worship him on the day of Juma. The day of Juma is the only day that Allah azza wa jal himself has mentioned by name in the Quran and praised it. Allah has praised Juma Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran Yeah, you already know me know either no dia de Sala Timmy yo mille Juma. Allah specifies the day of Friday, when the other is given meaning for those Jew masala on the day of Friday, yo, yo Ma, for sow in a decree law he was ruled by a rush to get to come and remember to come and listen to the remembrance of Allah. This is how the virtue be translated. First sow either

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decree law, come hastin to listen to the decree of Allah. The court of law here means the law, a law calls the court of law the hotel, the hotel is called the court of law because the hotel reminds you of Allah. So Allah is saying when the design is given for Joomla then hey,

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Sin to come to the hotel and leave all buying and selling whether on Bay. If you really understand and you want success, leave all your businesses, leave your workplaces. Leave everything that will distract you from the worship of Allah and come for the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now what is interesting here, Allah uses the word first out, and the meaning of first out is to rush and yet by unanimous consensus of all the scholars of Koran and to see it and you're not supposed to rush physically to Juma, you don't rush your car you don't rush running to Juma. Yet Allah uses a verb that means rush, and the prophets are seldom explained when you come for Juma for Allah can be

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Sakina T will will come with dignity and peace. Yet the Quran says rush How so? scholars say when Allah is saying fests out, he's talking about your spiritual excitement. He's talking about your psychological state, not your physical state. No one's supposed to physically run for Juma. No one's supposed to drive recklessly for Jamaat. This is not what Allah is saying. But Allah is saying, Be excited. Be excited, like when you want to get somewhere Your heart is already there. Right. First out, you should already be there, you should want to be with Juma. First out Isla de la weatherald. Bayer and leave all trade and transaction that accom highroller calm that is better for you if you

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truly understood what is right and what is wrong for you. So notice even the verb that Allah mentions. It's a verb for excitement. It's a verb for making sure that we hasten to get to the Friday sign up. And in fact, Friday is a blessed day even in the next world, beginning with the signs of Death to the agenda and jahannam they have things related to Friday, beginning with death itself, the prophets of Salaam said that of the signs of a good death is to die on Friday and we ask Allah azza wa jal for a beautiful death on Friday of the signs of a good death is to die on Friday, the prophets of Salaam said that whoever dies on Friday shall be protected from the fitna of the

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harbor. And he said on the day of Friday or the night of Friday, so out of the whole 24 hours, and by the way, the night of Friday is not Friday night, the night of Friday in Islamic city is Thursday night, because in the shittier the night proceeds the date and the shadows are the night before the day. And so Thursday after Muslim is one Friday begins as we all know from Ramadan, and that's our be our beginning is with sunset. And so whoever dies on from our perspective, Thursday night or Friday, daytime, this is the blessed Time to die. And the Prophet system said this is a sign of a good death is to die on Friday. So panela that is how blessed it is that even a death on Thursday

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night or Friday morning is a blessed Time to die. And in the next world as well. There are blessings associated with with Friday. As for the blessings of the next world, the prophet system told us even after you mentioned this and sad and mad that Allah subhanho wa Taala he, he makes the call of the fire of * hotter on every day. You said john, which means he makes it hotter. Like you take the coals of your barbecue make it harder you poke it, except for the day of Friday out of a respect and out of an honor for Friday. That is the one day that the cause of the fire of * are not touched or not made hotter. And as for Jenna, there are multiple blessings associated with Friday in gender

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and of those blessings. Hadith in Sahih. Muslim the prophets of Salaam said that every Juma there will be a soup a marketplace and the people will go out every junhua to this marketplace. And Allah azza wa jal will send a wind that will increase them in their beauty and they're German and they're new. And when they come back home their families will say what has happened with you You have come back much more beautiful, much more glorious, much more enlightened, and the people will respond no by Allah rather we find this beauty coming from you that you are more beautiful and you are more noble and more enlightened than when we left you. So paddle on Friday, everybody will be blessed in

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gender. Every Friday there will be an upgrade. And because Allah azza wa jal Allah crucian Cody, this is an infinite upgrade every Friday, people will be looking better and people will be looking more handsome and beautiful. And this will be a non stop occurrence every single Friday. And notice here What a beautiful reward that in this world people were told leave your businesses and comfort Joomla but in the next life, there is no center there will be no prayer right there will be no solid agenda because your agenda so what will allow us to bless people with the very things that they abandoned to come to Juma Allah subhana wa tada will allow them to trade and transact without any

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money whatever you want will be yours because what is the souk, Asuka is where you buy what you want. But there is no money in gender, right? So you will go and you get whatever you want from the souks of gender. Because you abandon businesses in this world. you abandon your money in this world so Allah will bless you in the hereafter.

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With all that you want every Joomla you will come back with all the goods that you want because those who remembered a lot for Joomla will be rewarded on Joomla in general by getting all that they wanted. Also we learn that on Friday and gender is a very special day. And some scholars say that this will be after the soup. This will be something that takes place on the afternoon of Friday. And this is Eliza which it says in the Quran, Allah Dana moseyed, we have something more than this. And even Abbas said that the moseyed or the extra in this verse that Allah subhana wa tada says, we have more is that on every Friday, Allah subhanho wa Taala will show his noble face to the people of

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Jenna, every single Friday. And so Friday has been set apart, that those people who remembered a lot in this world and who remember the lives of witches in Juma Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless them with the greatest reward and that is to look at the noble face of Allah will do in yoga. Now there are in our of Bihar. Now there are and these are the blessings of Friday, even in the next, but these blessings will only be given to those who deserve them to those who have implemented what Allah azza wa jal wants them to implement. And the scholars point out that that is why Friday is blessing that the one who protects Friday will get these blessings as well in the next life on the

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day of Friday. So what are some of the tickets? What are some of what Eliza expects us to do on this day of Friday? Well, first and foremost, realize that, of course, the pinnacle of Friday, even though all of Friday is blessing, but the pinnacle of Friday is Salatu Juma with the chutzpah. This is of course, what really manifests the difference, what really shows the difference of Friday that we have a special sign up and a special holdover and the solder to Joomla is not a substitute for a lot of people think that vo her that you just substitute the word for Joomla. Joomla is a special signer. It takes the place of work, but it doesn't substitute it. Right. Joomla is a separate

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signer. It takes the place meaning if you pray tomorrow, you don't have to pray Lord, and if you don't pray tomorrow for a legitimate reason, then you must pray the Lord. But it's not the same. There are some scholars said over 25 differences between Joomla and of course, the most obvious differences is we pray to for Joomla. And for for Lord, we pray out loud for Joomla. And silently for the hub, we have a hot spot for Juma we don't have a hot spot for her. But of the differences in a point of fit that you should know of the differences is that the timing for Joomla is not the timing for the hot. It's not the same. According to the strongest opinion. Joomla begins before the

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timing of law. And that is why it is permitted to pray tomorrow before there's a wall or before the sun arrives at the senate because the timing of LaHood begins right after the zeniff. Whereas the timing of boyhood, in fact is different. And we learned this from a hadith that basically tells us that the profitsystem sometimes would finish the Salah, and it has not yet just reached the zenith. And this shows us that Joomla begins before the Sun reaches its peak. Whereas lohar begins after the sun begins from the peak on its way down. And that is why it is permitted to pray. For example, when is that let's say 130 it is in fact permitted to pray Joomla at 1240 or 1250 as we do at MIT and

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many other massages across North America do this is something that is insha Allah Allah clearly permitted from the Sunnah, the timing of Joomla is different than the timing of the Joomla amegy brothers and sisters is why Juba to attend upon every capable adult male who is not traveling and is not sick. It is of the YG part of this religion. And there is only a legitimate excuse a genuine sickness or somebody who's a traveler and not multibeam some or somebody who is unable to for reasons beyond his control, comfort Joomla every able bodied male adult must come for Salatu Juma Failure to do so is a major sin in the shediac. So much so that the scholars say not coming to Juma

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without a legitimate excuse is a sign of hypocrisy and they base this on authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu ala he was setting them up for them is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim where the prophets of Salaam said that people should come to Juma and not abandon it or else Allah subhana wa Taala will place a Hutton Malibu became a seal on their hearts and they will be written from those who do not remember a lot at all. And another headhunted me at the profitsystem said whoever leaves three jumuah without an excuse out of laziness. Whoever leaves three jamara Allah subhana wa Taala will put a seal on his heart. And one once Allah puts a seal on your heart, then unless a lunch

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removes it, you will never be able to remove it. Once a seal has been placed. This means the heart has now become hard. Nobody leaves Joomla out of laziness except

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Allah subhana wa tada will then give him what he deserves Juma is of the most widely bought of the Sunnah was to pray in the masjid and that is why and to pray in congregation and that is why it is the only sada that must be prayed in congregation, you may praise the Lord by yourself you may pray fudger by yourself Juma or you must pray in JAMA, there is no concept of Juma being prayed individually and therefore Juma is of the signs of Islam. Our scholars say of the signs of an Islamic community is they have a Jew masala mean Shia Islam. And our scholars say that any time a group of people are together in any community, three or more scholars differ is the minimum of two

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or three, but three or more people have for Joomla they are obligated to establish Joomla in that area in that community if there is no solid to Joomla also, it is not allowed to buy and sell during solid to Joomla for those upon whom Joomla is obligatory. And by the way, when we say buying and selling we mean running a business. We mean in being employed, we mean getting paid and leaving Joomla at this expense, it is not allowed. You are not allowed to prefer money over Joomla these days, many of us we don't buy and sell we're working for a corporation, we're not allowed to leave Joomla simply for the sake of that Corporation simply for the sake of our paycheck and in this

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country, we are legally allowed the bulk of us the majority of us of course, there are some professions, yes, it is not possible. But the vast majority of professions they can claim that they must have a worship service on Friday and they try to take an extended break. If you are legally capable of taking a break for Joomla then islamically you are required to take a break for Joomla no doubt there are some people whose occupations do not allow this. And for them, we ask that Allah subhana wa tada makes a way out and that they should try to look for alternatives in a job until they find this they're allowed to work here, but they must try to find an occupation or a job that

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allows them to attend Joomla. Now, if a person is a business owner, he is not required to shut his business for Joomla but he himself must come for Joomla and he must put in charge of the business those upon whom Juma is not obligatory he cannot leave a Muslim employee if he leaves a Muslim employee for Juma then he is also sinful because he is telling his Muslim brother to commit a sin he may leave a non Muslim because Juma is not obligatory no non Muslim or he may leave a Muslim lady because women are not obliged to comfort them. Of course, it is good for them to listen to the whole debate, but it is not wajib for women to come. So if he leaves a Muslim lady in his employment or if

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he leaves another person upon whom Juma is not obligatory, this is permitted but as a business owner, he cannot ask a Muslim to stay and even if he comes he will carry a sin because he told the Muslim to not come and pray tomorrow a Muslim male cannot be told to be exempt from Salatu. Juma also of the etiquettes of Juma is that tomorrow is a day that prophets Assam commanded us to appear our best to take a bath to purify in one editing Sahih Muslim the Prophet system said loose through yo mo Giamatti wa GB he used the word wajib. The taking of the bath on Juma is wajib upon every single adult and therefore some scholars took this hadith at face value, and they said you must take

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a bath on Juba, and many others said it is strongly encouraged and recommended. Also the Prophet system commanded us on Juma to purify ourselves. Mendota yerba monta Nova all of these are words that are used whoever cleanses whoever purifies himself whoever puts on perfume. So the scholars say Juma is a day you're supposed to groom yourself, you're supposed to trim your nails. If you have hair that should be removed, you should remove that hair, you should wear good clothes because the profits are slim said tomorrow is the day of your EAD. And so it means you come and your best garments. So Salatu Juma is a time that we're supposed to dress up. And this is a common mistake

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that we make, especially in this land, where Friday, we consider it like any other day of the week in Muslim lands. Friday is literally a holiday most Muslim lands, and so we feel extra. But in this land, of course, Friday is a day of the week day is the day that we go to work for most of us. And so many of us we do on Friday morning, what we do on Thursday morning, and this is a big mistake. Friday is the day we're supposed to make an extra effort. If you have a dress code, okay, we're an extra good dress on that day or an extra good suit on that day. Whatever your code is, whatever you must wear, make sure you do your best to dress up on Joomla day because this is the day that the

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prophet SAW Selim told us whoever takes a bath and whoever dresses up and whoever purifies and whoever cleanses and whoever grooms all of these words are using different IDs and then comes to Serato. Juma listens carefully to the Imam without disturbing anybody will have all of his sins forgiven from the previous Friday. It's such a simple way to get your sins forgiven, but a unnecessary requirement is to respect Joomla to respect it in your person and your persona.

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To respect it in your dress and even in your perfume, we should have extra special perfume. The profitsystem would wear his best garments when he comes for Juma the profitsystem would put on his sleeve his perfume that he would keep for the day of Juma and for the days of read. So we should have special garments and we should have special etiquette for the day of Juma also have the blessings of Juma which are difficult to do in this land. The Profit System strongly encouraged and he gave the blessings of those who walk to select the Juma Of course in these days the mustard is so far walking is almost out of the question. But when I would live in Arabia, many of my machines,

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many of my scholars and teachers, they would literally walk to the masjid because the Prophet system gave the reward of every step as being so many good deeds and being saved from the fire of *. And one of my dear teachers, she came along with Allah, he would live literally a 2025 minute walk from the masjid and he would take the cars on the regular days but on Friday in the summer heat when the temperature was literally above 100 something degrees Fahrenheit and I remember what I saw with my own eyes, it was so hot, we could not think of stepping outside of the car the AC is on full, we would see our chef walking 25 minutes in the desert heat and it was so hard not to single soul would

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walk to the gym. But because he wanted the blessings he would literally walk to the masjid wanting those blessings. Of course, this is a blessing that is very difficult, of course in North America, because the masjid is really not something that people walk to. But nonetheless, it is something we should keep in mind for those who are capable of doing so of the etiquettes of Joomla is that Joomla is a time when the Imams hutzpah is a necessary part of the ritual. Many people think that Joomla is only about the total cost No, the Profit System clearly told us in fact, Allah tells us in the Quran fest sao Isla de que de la come to the vicar of a law and by unanimous consensus, the code of law

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here is the law come to the chutzpah and so the hotbar is a necessary part of the Juma and whoever intentionally misses the chutzpah will not get the rewards of Joomla. Of course, if a person is beyond his control or whatnot, inshallah Allah will forgive. But for the one who intentionally delays for the one who does not come, even though he's capable of coming, such a person will not get the rewards or the blessings of having fulfilled the requirements of Joomla. And it is so important to listen to the hutzpah that the Prophet says Adam said that it is not allowed to speak during the hotbed of the Imam, it is not allowed to speak even for something that otherwise would be

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obligatory. For example, if somebody says a samurai they come, then if somebody walks in and says Santa Monica, you do not even respond, why they come with Salah if somebody sneezes and Hamdulillah, you do not even say your hammer qumola. And this is something that outside of the hotbar is rajib. But to illustrate how important it is to listen to the Hatim the prophecies that have made it forbidden to say anything during the hotbar even if it is something that otherwise would be recommended or encouraged so much. So the Prophet system said whoever returns to his companion and says Be quiet during the hotel. Even this person has said something he should not have said somebody

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is speaking you ignore that person that's between him and Allah azza wa jal you concentrate on the hotel. Of course, there are some exceptions. Obviously, if there's a general right now, for example, what happened we need to deal with this we need to have a conversation was going on. This is something that is for the benefit of the whole congregation, but a private conversation aside conversation, this is something that is completely prohibited, so much so that even if you must say something during the whole debate, try to use your hands to give some motions to somebody if it's dangerous, or if you shouldn't sit into place, give motions with your hands, rather than speaking

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out because this is something that is forbidden during the hotel. Our profits are seldom forbade somebody even playing with stones during the hotel. In those days, the whole Masjid was full of pebbles, and in those days, you would just move a pebble or two if you're not paying attention. The prophets have said whoever plays with these pebbles for the long haul. Long Haul means his hope by now has become null and void. If this is the case with pebbles, how about with cell phones? How about with blackberries? How about with iPhones? How about checking your checking your text messages during the hotspot, all of this would constitute not paying attention to the hotel. And the sad fact

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of the matter brothers and sisters. Even if the hotel is boring, the watch still applies on you. The hotel might be whatever he is, but you are required to try your best to pay attention. And this is what our Shetty tells us to do. also have the benefit of the etiquettes of the of the hotel

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is that if somebody enters and the Imam is giving a hotel, this person is required to pray to the gods but pray them quickly and swiftly. Once a man came in, and he sat down in the hotel, and the processor asked him Did you pray to God? He said no. So the process of them said stand up, pray to the car and do it quickly. Don't make it long. Just pray through it and follow up sooner than us in that regard and and do it quickly. So to hear it on Masjid does take precedence over the hutzpah of the Imam, to how you tell him as you're praying to the gods.

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should be done even for those who come late, have the blessings of the hope of the blessings of the Friday is that there is a day or there is an hour or there is a timeframe. There is some timeframe on this day the Prophet system said, Whoever makes do it during this timeframe, Allah subhana wa tada will give him what he asked for as long as he doesn't ask for how long. Whatever you make do out for during this timeframe. What is this timeframe, scholars have different says there's two strong opinions. So first of them is when the Imam sits down when the Imam sits down until the comma. And that is why it is the habit of every hottie to give advice in the second half of the day,

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when the Imam sits down between the two hoppers until the comma. So as soon as the Imam sits down, we as those who are attending the hood but should make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. And when the Imam makes his daughter, we should respond sincerely with amin, because this is of the times that is responded to and other scholars say and this probably is the stronger opinion. The Blessing timing is right before solid Muslim right before the sunset, the last half hour the last 20 minutes of Friday. This is the blessing of timing. And so both of these timings each of them is only 10 minutes in length both of these timings we should be extra cautious. What are we doing? We shouldn't be

00:31:22 --> 00:31:58

wasting those timings doing nothing. We should be conscious that these are the timings where the drop is responded to of the blessings and of the etiquettes of Friday, the profitsystem encouraged us to read solotica on Friday, and he said whoever recites pseudo till can have on Friday, we'll have a light shining from him up until the next Friday. So reciting through the telegraph. And this is done on the day of Friday, reciting on the night does not constitute reciting it on Friday. In this case, there are a number of tickets we must be done after selected the budget on the day of Friday of them is sorted half of them is the purification and the bath. This is not if you do a

00:31:58 --> 00:32:38

Thursday night it does not count it must be done Friday morning up until the time of the hotel but also enough time and others mentioned giving charity on Friday is more blessed than any other days of the week. Also of the etiquettes of Friday is to come early for Salatu Juma the prophets of Salaam said membaca opteka. Whoever comes very early and he makes a point for coming early. And another edit he said Whoever comes at the very first of the masjid, the very first earliest batch of the masjid, they will get the rewards of giving an entire camel in charity. And those who come after will get the rewards of giving a cow and those who come after you get the rewards of giving a sheep.

00:32:38 --> 00:33:15

Now of course he's speaking in the language that the Sahaba will understand. Right? We don't use animals animal will say a million dollars $100,000 $10,000. But the concept is those who come in the beginning they get the million they get the big prize. Those who come next will get less and less until finally the process that I'm saying and those who come right before the Imam comes will get the reward of an egg. Just the smallest thing they could imagine the world would have an egg right from a camel to an egg. And this is the gradient here. Then the process that I'm said when the Imam comes in and says Suriname, the angels who are writing the names of those who come shut their books

00:33:15 --> 00:33:56

and they to listen to the vicar he called the decree because Allah called the decree. And this shows us brothers and sisters, that the people who get written down for coming for Joomla are those who come before the hutzpah starts. The angels write the names of those who come for Joomla but the process of them said when the Imam comes he said they shut their scrolls. That's it, and they listen along with everybody else to the ticker. And this shows us to get the blessings of Joomla you need to attend the entire Sala and the hotel. Because the hotel and the sada are a unit for Salatu. Juma as I said, no doubt some of us our jobs don't let us leave on time this and that May Allah forgive

00:33:56 --> 00:34:33

us May Allah forgive those who cannot. But for those who intentionally for those who don't make an effort for those who don't care, they need to reschedule brothers and sisters This is a common mistake across North America across many Muslim lands, brothers and sisters, that people are lazy when it comes to coming for Joomla and I'm gonna say this as explicitly as possible. And this is not me speaking this is our scholars and our fuqaha he who does not attend Joomla the chutzpah has not attended Joomla the blessings. If you don't come for the hotbar you don't have the blessings of Joomla and this is something that is very clear from the Quran and Sunnah. So my dear brothers and

00:34:33 --> 00:34:59

sisters, I know all of us have worked. If you're able to come for the Poltava then inshallah you must if you're not alone knows your situation, if you can come 10 minutes late 15 minutes late. I'm not telling you don't come in that case. Alan knows we're living in a minority. We're living in a land where Friday is not a holiday, right? So if you cannot come except for the sada May Allah forgive you and still come, but if you are not making an effort, if you're purposely coming late, my dear brothers and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

Sisters remember what the prophet SAW said um said whoever leaves three June was out of laziness alone will put a seal on his heart. Allah will put a seal on his heart and intention of the leaving the whole tuba is leaving Juma. Whoever leaves three Juma as out of laziness alone put a seal on his heart. Leaving Juma is a major sin. And it is something that is a sign of hypocrisy, as our scholars said, I conclude this first quote, to remind us that the blessings of Joomla are so much that whoever perfects them will have all of his sins forgiven. Our Prophet says that I'm said the full Hadith is whoever takes a bath and takes it well. Whoever purifies himself, whoever Nava whoever

00:35:40 --> 00:36:23

makes himself clean, and whoever puts on perfume, and then he comes to the masjid and he prays without causing irritation without separating between two people meaning tapping on the soldiers to give me space here without causing irritation. And he does the vicar of Allah listens quietly to the hookah, shall have all of his sins forgiven since the previous Friday. such a simple thing to be done to have all of the sins forgiven. And in the famous Hadith in Sahih, Bahati the prophets of Salaam said the five daily prayers and one Joomla to the next, and one Ramadan to the next, shall forgive all of the sins between them. As long as the major sins are avoided, as long as the major

00:36:23 --> 00:36:56

sins you don't kill you don't steal you don't murder you don't *. These are the major sins, the minor sins that we do every day. How do we get them forgiven? The five daily SATA watts and Joomla to Joomla and Ramadan, Ramadan kuthodaw to Lima bainham. They will forgive everything between them, as long as the major sins are abstained from Baraka, Lee welcome for Grindr, Aldean whenever anyone can be Murphy him that it was declared Hakeem automata Simone was stopped for a lot of the money What are commonly cited Muslim included that manifests itself in a photo Rahim.

00:37:11 --> 00:37:16

Please move forward and keep space as much as you can. We have a surplus of people today.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:26

Alhamdulillah hiwot heading ahead Alfredo Samad la de la mirada mula. mula who coupon ahead, Roberto

00:37:29 --> 00:38:16

Juma and the blessings of Juma are in fact, part of a great blessing that Allah subhana wa tada has given us and that is the blessings of certain times being more greater than other timings. We call it in Arabic Baraka Baraka to waqt and Baraka to Salman and Baraka to even Baraka of other things. Baraka Of course, we mentioned this in a previous kotoba Baraka means, that Allah will give you more than what is typically taken from something. So, for example, if a an hour has Baraka, you will get more done in this hour than you would if there is no Baraka. If money has Baraka if food has Baraka if a plate of food has Baraka more people will eat from this plate than if it had no Baraka. So, a

00:38:16 --> 00:38:57

plate of food with Baraka maybe 235 10, people will eat from one plate to food, as in the time of the Prophet system, when he made for one glass of milk and over 100 people continue to drink from this glass and the glass did not lose any milk because this is what Baraka is. Baraka means, that will hire Baraka means an increase in productivity and usefulness and a loss of Hannah with Allah chooses whatever he wants to give back at you. And that is why of his attributes and of his ways we praise Him we say tebah Raka what the other two Baraka means, the source of Baraka is Allah, well Baraka to mean Allah all Baraka comes from Allah, while hirundo who he likes the process himself all

00:38:57 --> 00:39:39

good comes from you. Oh hi Roku via deck every hire comes from you. And Allah azza wa jal chooses times and people and places and objects to give Baraka to, and so he chooses Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem to be the most holiest places on earth, which means when you go there and you pray to Allah and you pray to the gods, you will get more than if you pray anywhere else, you pray to God and you get 100,000 this is Baraka and of the doctor Allah has made is that he has made times bless it not all times are equal. Some times are more blessed than others, and therefore, the intelligent person the Muslim will find out what are the most Subhanallah don't we do the same when it comes to

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

coupons to credit cards to all of these things? we find out that which will give us the most utility back the most usefulness. So the Muslim will discover will research what timings have been aka what places have bought aka where things have Baraka our profit systems that dates have Baraka in them. Zamzam has Baraka in it, these have Baraka, which means that it will feed you more

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

It will give you more than what other things will give you have a similar nature. And so the Muslim will discover will research what did Allah azza wa jal give Baraka to, and this fits in perfectly with the algebra because Friday is the holiest day of the week. So the Muslim will look forward to Friday and maximize the usefulness of Friday. On Friday, we should do extra dickered. On Friday the profitsystem said that because Friday is the blessed day What did he say? fuck up human of salvati Ali, increase your saltwater upon me on the day of Friday. So of the etiquettes of Friday is that we say Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed and we say this more times than we would on any other

00:40:43 --> 00:41:21

day. On Friday. We're supposed to get extra charities of no pm said on Friday we do extra nephele on Friday, we remember Allah subhana wa Tada. And on Friday, we are spiritually more conscious of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this shows us the mistakes that many of us make my dear brothers and sisters, many of us and that is that we treat Friday as the day we stopped for all our sins are committed. We treat Friday as a day especially this culture does not help because Friday is the last day of the week day for us, even though islamically it's supposed to be the first day of the new week. But because it's the last day of the week, day, Friday becomes a day where we want to celebrate in a hat

00:41:21 --> 00:41:57

on manner. Or we want to at least even if it's not how we might be makrooh we waste time. We do something that is not supposed to be done. We trivialize Friday. We don't look forward to it as a holy day. And no doubt this is very difficult to do in this land because Friday is the end of the week when it's supposed to be the first day of the week. But this is what separates the pious Muslim from the one who's not so pious. This is what separates the one who has Iman and taqwa from the one who has weak Eman and taqwa. Can you remember what is Friday? Can you take this day as a day of true blessing of true read because the president said this is the sacred of all days. So my dear brothers

00:41:57 --> 00:42:33

and sisters in Islam, Friday is not the last day of the week. It is the first day of the week. Friday is a new beginning for us. Every Friday, we should think of Allah creating Adam of Allah causing Adam to enter agenda of Allah causing Adam a second chance to come down to this earth of Allah accepting the repentance of Adam, every Friday, we should think what have I done this last week? Let this week be better than last week. Let this week be a new beginning for me. Let me make sure that from this Friday to the next I'm gonna make sure that just like Adam was given all of these chances. I too will be given all of these chances. Let Friday become the most blessed and

00:42:33 --> 00:43:13

glorious day of the week as Allah subhanho wa Taala intended. He who honors Friday in this world will get the blessings of the Friday's of the next and what great blessings that awaits us in gender on these days of Friday. He who abandons all of these businesses and money and pleasures to come to Juma Allah subhana wa Taala will bless him with looking at him a Juma on the day of Friday. What better blessing is that? What a day nemeziz Allah says we have much more for them. And that much more will be the blessings of Friday in Jenna, may Allah subhanho wa Taala cause us to be amongst those who see a lot every Friday in gender Aloma indeed are in front of mineral allama data. They

00:43:13 --> 00:43:42

don't mean them but a lava for water hammer Illa for Raja wala deignan illa kobita whatever you want. Elijah feta well I see Ron Elijah sorta a llama fildena what is one Annalisa hoonah been a man well as he could have been a hillbilly Latina, Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Hama is that Islam all Muslim in Allah home is an Islamic Muslim in Alomar Israel, Islam, our Muslim in Alabama or Adana, our other Islamic Muslim in Lubin FC

00:43:43 --> 00:44:23

v Yakubu yars is about the law in the law the American Embassy in better bbfc within North America the Buddha was elesa become a you know an engineer he will insert for color coding idema in the law harmonica to use on Luna nebby Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik and adaptive Costa Rica Mohammed Ali who was a big marine a by the law in the law of mobility what a tidal Korba corba wine and in fact, it will moon kariba de la la quinta de karoon Kuru la la de may come watch crew Yes. What are they called La he Tada.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explicitly elaborates on the blessings and etiquettes of Khutbah and the day of Jumu’ah.

Blessings of Jumu’ah:

  • Jumu’ah is the leader of all the days of the week. It is our day of the Eid.
  • Jumu’ah sees new beginnings such as the creation of Adam, Adam is sent to Jannah and much more.
  • The only day mentioned in the Qur’an is Jumu’ah.
  • It is a blessed day even in the HereAfter.
  • Many blessings in Jannah on Jumu’ah are seen – Souq Al Jannah.

Etiquettes of Jummah:

  • Salat ul Jumu’ah with the Khutbah
  • It is Wajib to attend.
  • It is not allowed to run businesses during Jumu’ah.
  • Jumu’ah makes it obligatory to take a bath,wear our best dresses and look our best.
  • It is preferred to walk to the Masjid for Jumu’ah.
  • It is forbidden to talk during Khutbah.


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