Muhammad West – Qiyamah and the End Times #17

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the loss of non believers during the 17th of Ace Sterling, the day after the Battle of butter, and the use of "the" in Islam, including the need for people to avoid confusion and not allow others to make assumptions. They also touch on the importance of decency in piano performance and the use of "has" for inter acknowledge events and political purposes. The segment touches on events like the AMA and the importance of fasting and window individual moments in achieving success.
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alive in a sheet on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been listening CD now Muhammad not only remain my beloved brothers and sisters As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hope you will well and hamdulillah night number 17. And just a side comment, night number 17 Of all the nights outside of the 10 nights of Ramadan. So by far the majority of the scholars are of the opinion that look later to Qatar is in the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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And if you don't, if you can't, and you should really do as much as you can over all 10 nights and inshallah you will catch later to college. And then if you can't do the 10 Nights, then the five odd nights, but there are opinions that outside of the loss outside of the 10 nights it might appear. And the 17th is the most common non of the last 10 nights because many, many great events occurred on the 17th of Ramadan, the Battle of butter happened on the 17th of Ramadan, the conquest of Makkah happened on the 17th of Ramadan. So throughout the history of Islam, the 17th of Ramadan seems to be a special night. And so Allah Allah if we have any extra energy, make a little extra effort this

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evening with Nila, we speak to Salesforce. I mean, another question someone asked.

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Is it permissible for a Muslim to make dua for a non Muslim was passed away. So someone that was good from our perspective, they were charitable, they were kind, but they died as an unbeliever. And we know Subhanallah if you died as an unbeliever situation is going to be difficult in the cupboard, as Allah has mentioned when Kiama can we alleviate for them? And we know quite clearly that the one thing Allah does not allow is that when a person dies in disbelief, you're not allowed to make dua for them before they pass away. So yes, we make dua for all the non believers and Allah grant all of them Dahlia, Allah Grantham Islam, but Allah says very explicitly, and this was to the Nabil Salam,

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the resources uncle Abu Talib, who had done so much with an IV Salam who had suffered and had personally protected the lobby Salam when he died Abu Talib died in disbelief died as a non Muslim. And it was clear that his fate was sealed than me so sit to Allah said I will continue to make dua for you even after you have died as a non believer. And then Allah said, Mark AnnaLynne me Allah He reveals the Quran it is not allowed for in ABI and for the believers to ask Allah for forgiveness of non believers, when it is clear that they are the people of Jahannam even though those people may very close to you. So Allah subhanaw taala stopped in the salon from making dua this also shows you

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the difference between the Lord and the slave and we saw them as a very high man Zilla, But here Allah is saying this you cannot do and the same similarly to NaVi Brahim Nabi, Abraham's father, obviously we don't have the Bruins father cost him out in the evenings father was the idol maker, and then we brought him with every day off the lift is that making dua for you making dua for him Have mercy on my dad until our tsunami Brahim, your father has now passed away. So now he says, I need to stop now. Now I cannot make dua for him anymore. So when we talk about indecision today, there are certain categories. In fact, there's only one category where Allah subhanaw taala doesn't

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even allow you to ask him about this. So and the answer is, and this is the command of Allah, that when a person dies, clearly on disbelief, we don't know what happened in the last moments as between them and Allah but if someone died outwardly as a non Muslim, you're not allowed to make dua for them after they've passed away. Allah make it easy for us, I mean, intercession and this comes down to it segues into our discussion where on the day of karma Allah will allow certain people to intercede and come between sort of them and Allah Subhana Allah as punishment, but Allah wants to make it clear that nobody has a hold on Allah. Nobody has any pressure on Allah, as Allah says, will

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come in Mala Ecofys sama to lead to Venetia or to shake the Countess angels who are constantly making Shiva making, asking for Allah's mercy upon the people of the dunya law to initiate or they do not benefit at all in embody. Ghana, Allah, Allah holy man, Yasha wire Allah except when Allah gives them permission to speak, and to a group that is acceptable to Allah. So the one who wants to make the intercessor the intercessor has no right of intercession until Allah provides them or allows them to do it permits them and the one receiving the intercession can only be a category that Allah allows to be interceded upon, like the non believer here is not allowed to. And so Subhan

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Allah then ivsa Salam, as we know from the Hadith we mentioned yesterday, the great McCombe of the day of piano, the day in which there will only be one man that will be allowed to make a decision. No angel

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No creation, nobody will allow to speak to Allah on that day, except one person. And that place is called the macabre Maha Mudra. That very special high place. And that the resources I know this is for me, I have to do it. He's not saying that in fact in the Hadith enemies, whatever I'm not boasting, but this is my job I need to do, like Nabi Issa must come and fight the gel, it is my job to stand on that day between Allah between but on the behalf of all of humanity, not just these OMA all of humanity, I need to go and intercede with Allah subhanaw taala. And so there'll be someone will have the grand intercession. shafa would be for going to be Salam, and then throughout piano.

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And when we do the stages of piano, there will be multiple events of indecision. And we're going to talk about all of them now. And then when we get to those moments, it will tie up. So I'm going to mention all the types of indecision on the Deaf piano, but they're not all in the same, the sequence isn't now so there'll be some of his integrations, number one, he would, he would make the decision on behalf of all of mankind for the events of Kiama to start, and then he will make indecision that Allah open the doors of Jana because Jana is closed, it's locked, no one is allowed to enter. So for it to be opened a special to our needs to be made, and he will be the one that makes it dua for Jana

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to be open. You also make dua for a group of his ummah. Then Allah subhanaw taala says 70,000 are allowed to enter Jannah without hijab, on Allah, that's the highest of the highest, not even questioned. Allah will say before we begin the questioning 70,000 May intergender without even looking at the records. Very, very unique of all of mankind, then then a visa Salam will be allowed to add another 70,000 special group on his own list. And this is we know we only know one person on that list. It's very famous Hadith. We knows

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Hadith not have a bucket we hold a bucket was like you'd be there but someone's specific. We don't want that list. Akasha is a hobby Okasha when the Navy SEAL made this mention you mentioned there is this event we 70,000 Will intergender without any questioning the Sahaba said you know so let me do it. And then you're gonna get it. And that's so Hobbes Okasha. So this hadith called the hadith of Akasha, very famous companion,

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or this hadith makes him very famous Subhanallah What a great honor. For a networker shout out the Alon, right then then we Salam will also make dua for those who are in Jannah to be elevated to a higher than Raja, and he would make dua for people who just miss Jana, and they're going to join them for a period of time. So remember, the believers may go directly to Jana, but many unfortunately, will go to Johanna because they have some sin they have to atone for, and then avviso Salam would make dua that the sin be expunged and they go straight to Jana. In fact, there might be some since my primary intercession would be for my ummah, who committed major sins. These are the

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ones that needed the most mashallah the only martyrs is Alhamdulillah. They can do with a bit of indecision. But the people who were Muslim but they drank wine, they committed Zina, they have a debt to pay to Allah subhanaw taala major sins, these ones really, really needed. And so that this is my real that one, that ticket that I get out of jail free cards Allah had given me it's going to be for them, for the people of my ummah, that committed major sins. And so he says, some people will be taken out to the fire of Jahannam, through my intercession, and they will enter Jannah and they will be called the jahannam. Is the people of gender going to do that Johanna is he's looking from

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Jahannam that came in SubhanAllah. But it will not be done in a negative context, but it will just be that they were the people that first went via Jahannam How do you get the intercession of the enemies of Salem?

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It is not permissible to ask the intercessor to intercede for you haram for you to say LGBT will intercede for me haram for you that chick to ask me Salah make indecision for me not permissible. You intercede by asking Oh Allah allow me to be on the list of people that gets the indecision and that is why then evidences when the when you hear the dawn. This is when you make the DUA. When you hear the other and you say Allahumma, O Allah, Lord of this dua, Lord of the Adan Raba, the Dawa Time Lord of the dua of the other hand, was Salah to call him and the Lord of the Salah T Mohammed give Nabisco Salam wa sila and for the law we mentioned we'll see it and for the law is the like the

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Clifton of Jannah, the highest highest highest gift Nabil Salam that palace Wabasso and give him the McCollum Muhammad, we said what the macabre mood is on the day of piano, that intercession, Allah the water that you promised in ecologically friendly and you'll never ever break your promise. And so that at least even makes this dua and he's a believer, then I'm allowed to intercede on his behalf, meaning I want to intercede for you, but I can't intercede unless I get you on the list. Make the DUA and you get on the list, right. Besides, you're going to be so solemn. And in fact, all the Ambia will be given a chance to intercede for the Ummah, special people who did special deeds

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will be allowed to intercede for others. very famously, yeah, we all know that the half if, and so, it's a weak Hadith, but we all know that the person who's half of the Quran may intercede for

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In members of his family, you may bring 10 members of his family to Jana to elevate them. That's why some scholars have said it should be the case that every family has a happy with amongst them.

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The Shaheed the man who died visa vie de la and this is the proper shade not the so we see that this is a Shaheed proper shade who died in FISA biller and others who got the honor of being Shaheed like the lady who died in childbirth. For the Shaheed who died in in death PCB law, they will get to intercede on behalf of 70 people. So Shahid gets 70 people to make shefa. And then the resources, the shefa is 433 types of people, the Ambia, and the Shuhada, and the Allameh. So be nice to the scholars, the Allameh also get to make some kind of indices. We don't know how many, but the Allama will also get a chance to intercede for them for the communities. Pamela, you I'm Jeffrey

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hammerless. I look at these PI thesis. Even though I'm not an alum, or I'm a pious person, I guess what he says that I tried to be around them and be good to them, because I hope that my acquaintance with them will help me on the day of karma. Because the llama, some of them will get to intercede for a group, a large number of people. So your hope that I'm kind with them. And so they will remember me on the day of karma is tallada. Another very, very beautiful, beautiful type of indecision would be the children who died before they are McAuliffe. So the children who died before they became alive, of course, they go completely innocent and they enter Jannah directly, they will

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be allowed to intercede for their parents, because their parents had suffered such a great trauma. Let me so says he tells the economy's Salam had a ladies on Tuesday, he had a lady's class. So every Tuesday, there's a special time for the ladies. And of course, the things that ladies will talk about the children and and so it was very common for ladies to lose the children, you know, either through miscarriage or there will be there would be born and 20 to 30% of them who die. And so then recently whoever has lost a child and maybe with the patiently that child would be the intercessor on the day of piano and there's a few beautiful Hadith a man comes to me comes to Abu Huraira a man

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comes to a Sahaba and he says yeah, Abu Huraira I lost two of my sons. Tell me something to make me my heart at ease. I'm broken inside. What can you tell me? So Ebola says to this man, my brother, your two children, your two boys died? They are the foals was a full a baby horse. Right? What is it? They have it now? They are the folds of Jannah what does it mean? The Fool is like the kitten. Everyone loves them. So we they are now they're being spoiled. All the people in the reserve, love them, spoil them or treating them like the beast. Right? That's what's happening now. And on the day of karma. When you grab them in Is it the two of them will grab on to you like I'm grabbing on to

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you now and they will not let go until Allah allows them to take you to Jana. In another beautiful beautiful Hadith nonobese was an emphasis on the devotee, Yama, Allah will look at these children and say, go to Jana. And he showed me refuse. When Allah will tell the angels tell them to go to Jana. And they refuse so then Allah asks, Why are these kids like angry with me like, the word is? They are furious. They are like, you know, have you seen a child that's like two, three years old, like furious, they are at a rage, they are aid with anger, not throwing a tantrum, they're angry. So why are they like that? Because they don't want to go without the parents. So they don't want

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something, let them take their parents with them to to Jana SubhanAllah. So that's a great, but souhan law comes with a great difficulty. You know, the terms of the great difficulty, your good deeds will intercede very beautifully. We know that the resources specifically the Quran will intercede. Well, first the fasting CRM, and they will say the CRM, your parser will come in the form of a person. And that person would say, Oh Allah, I am his fasting, I prevented him from his food and his enjoyment during the day. And then the Quran will say, and I was the one that prevented him from his sleep at night. And so your Quran and your fasting will be your interfaces, then Allah

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subhanaw taala at some stage, not at the beginning, towards the end, when a number of people have passed, and I say this stage is in Kiama, maybe quickly jumping through. So Allah is going to come the records the deeds are going to be given the deeds will be weighed, then there'll be questioning then there will be a moment where people are dragged to jahannam. And then there's the crossing over Jahannam for those who are not going directly. And so these stages will happen until the believers finally cross over the spirit, meaning the last hurdle is the Syrah. Now they just have Jana in front of them and they go into Woods Jana, and as they cross the Spirit, they cross over the bridge,

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they enter Jamar their group, they cross over one by one, and they like you know, you think of a running club, you know, they all go over. And then as they come over and they are happy and they high fiving each other and they hugging them, they realize a few of them didn't make it and they will come back and question a question, but they will make a decision with Allah subhanaw taala and so then I recently made a beautiful Hadith. He says, the people who will be the most argumentative with Allah will be these group of believers that are on their way to Jannah they

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He passed Qiyamah and they will come back. And they will say Allah, that person they in Jahannam I vouch for him, I used to fast with him. I know we used to pass the site, he's a Muslim, he's a believer, and they will begin to argue with Allah, Allah, Allah, give them a chance, give them a chance. Let's only have to pass the exam right? Only you you guarantee Jana, when you have when you go back, and then Allah subhanaw taala will say, okay, oh, this group of people look into Jana, anybody that you recognize, as a believer, take them out, take them out, which means that every single person who had any outwardly appearance of Islam eventually will be taken out of Jannah and

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anybody that you could say, That guy's a Muslim and that guy, he was a believer will be taken out. And so many people will be dragged out of Jannah and bits by bits until Allah subhanaw taala will say,

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We angels have interceded and the prophets have interceded, and the believers have interceded. And now what remains in Jahannam is people who did absolutely no good deeds. They have the most miniscule form of Eman, no sherek. So Allah will say, now it is the turn of Rama and the Most Merciful, to intercede to make Shiva and Allah in a manner which he fits his Majesty will place his hand and grab a load of people out of Jahannam and free them and send them to Jana was Pamela what a great moment. So we will talk more about the events of the AMA, this is Shiva and we'll talk about the window individual moments as we go through the stages may Allah grant us to meet Allah in a good

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state and Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and grant us to be in the intercession of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean, just a quick go into our questions

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on which they will be MRB Of course it will be on a Friday it will be on a Friday, Friday, and this evening squishin Who is not one of the seven who will be under the shade of Allah on the Deaf piano. There are seven types of people will be under the shade which one is not of this list. A just Imam, a good Imam, a youth who grew up worshipping Allah a man whose hearts attached to the masjid a person who regularly performs 200 Salah so the Hadith mentions three of that people and there's one extra although inshallah we hope that person is on that list as well but not specifically Yacine Francis

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I'm Asha

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Hussein Muhammad

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Hussain is an author signs here

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I share a doctorate

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here and that Oh, I shall talk about Shall we continue tomorrow was Allah say no Muhammad. Well, Islam was studying hamlet of datamine said I want to thank you

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