Sulaiman Moola – Forgotten Etiquettes #17 The Devil Made Me Forget

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video on Islam and how successful people are when they use their influence to make happen happen happen. They mention a etiquette in Islam that states that success is dependent on one's ability to use their influence to make a positive impact. The video also references a blog and a photo of the speaker.
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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. It is part of the beautiful, pristine and wholesome teachings of Islam, that you attribute your accomplishments and your success to Allah and you direct your failures to yourself. Sadly, unfortunately, tragically, we do the direct opposite. We attribute our goals, our success to ourselves. And we want to add to the viewed our failures to the will of Allah will Allah willed it for me to fail. And when it comes to success, it's my skill. It's my competence. It's my expertise. We'll use the reflection again from the Quran, and the rich teachings there of Jews 15 Chapter 18 Verse 62, when Satan ah Musa and his servant you shall be known, had

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gone beyond the point where they were supposed to meet her there Alayhis Salam, Musa alayhis salam remarked and he said Artina Radha Anna, bring our food oh you SHA la parte Latina means suffering ohada Now Saba, I'm really tired and exhausted. Verse 63 Chapter 18 You shall be noon replies follow our ADA is Elena il Asakura you know Musa when we took shelter by the builder and we halted there for in Nina see to the food I forgot the fish there. Warmer and sunny who Illa shape on and it is that devil that made me forget to remind you, it is the devil that made me forget. So from this the etiquette mentioned in biannual Quran, Nisbett Tunis, Yanni when Nafi Meenal Oh Moodle mcru Hattie

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ala Shavon images and with the Adobe earnest Bettina il Allah heeta Allah when it comes to forgetfulness, or a slip up then to direct that to the devil, and out of respect not to direct that to Allah. In chapter 26, the chapter on forwards, verse 87, Abraham Alayhis Salam, when he spoke about Allah, He said, Allah created me He feeds me He gives me water to drink. Were either married to So who are your Shireen? When I become sick, Allah kills me. Chapter 18 sorta curve when Satana Hurley removed the plank from the boat by the command of Allah but removing the plank and defecting the boat had a flavor of apparent unpleasantness, he said are referred to an arriba I intended

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defecting it and when it was saving the wall, he said arada rabuka. In your blog, your Lord intended protecting the treasures of the youth and the orphans. In essence, direct your success to Allah and failure to yourself.

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