Do Not Judge Others 01 – You Don’t know the Future

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. The first reason why we should not judge others, is the basic simple reality that we as humans, we are only seeing things as they appear to us at this present moment. We don't know the future, we don't know how things will be, we don't know how people's end will be. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did say in MLR model will how our team actions are to be by their end, their end ends. So people might do things during the beginning of their life, and they will change towards the end of their lives and change either for better or for worse, what we're talking about here, people who will change or might change for the

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better. So when you look at somebody now, and imagine this scenario, you saw somebody who is an angry man, who is very,

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very abusive, someone who is very harsh, strict, and this person is hates Muslims, he wants to hurt them, he wants to harm them. And in fact, if you were to see the Prophet, right now sell ally sell him, he would happily kill him. Imagine what kind of person that person would be in your mind, how you would think that person is.

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And you might be quick to judge that this person is terrible person is a bad person, a horrible person, etc, etc. But you don't know how this person might change how a law might guide him. And he might totally change his outlook on life. And in fact, this is not a uncommon reality of a lot of the early Muslims during the time of Prophet size. And one of the most apparent one of those was Omar, a pub. Now I'm going to cut up at one stage, he was quiet.

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He wanted to hide the prophesies. He hated Islam, he hated the Muslims, who are these people are changing the religion of our fathers and so on. So if you looked at him at that stage, you might have thought that this guy is no hope in Him. But when you fast forward a few years down the line or more, or the alarm accepts Islam, he becomes one of the greatest Muslims in society today in the world today.

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The reality is a lot of knew what Omar was going to be like. So in the sight of a lie, he was a great man. But you don't know. And that goes for anything. And also look at the last, another great Sahabi he said, I was in three, you know, my life can be summarized into three

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areas, if you like, or three different levels, one level, you would have found me, no one more hating than the Prophet than me. And I would have easily been pleased to have killed him if I had the chance. And if I had done that, I would have been amongst the people on the fire. And my second stage was that there was no one more beloved to me than the Prophet sallallahu zelich the whole change in reality and, and in fact, this is when I went to the process and I wanted to become a Muslim, the Prophet he extended his arm out to me and he said, I'm accept Islam

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and give me the allegiance. And Allah said, but I want to make a condition. And the Prophet sighs and said, What is it you want to make a condition? What do you want to put a you gotta become a Muslim. He said, I want to make a condition that Allah will forgive me or my sense. So the prophet SAW Selim smiled and said, Do you not know that Islam will destroy demolish all that is before it, I have bad deeds, and Toba will demolish all that was before it and Hajj will demolish all that before. So it becomes

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and he said, the last stages, he said, Well, you know, the last stage basically is when we took charge of these affairs and, you know, became basically rulers that he ruled, ombre was a ruler of different countries, different provinces. He said, Well, you know, we sometimes dealt in certain matters, that we don't know how the outcome would be. So we ask Allah Subhana, Allah to forgive me. So the point being is, from these just two examples of all chapala on Ross, you can see that if you look at their glimpse of their life, you would have said that these people, there's no hope in them and you'd have judged them and you would have been wrong, because they changed and they changed for

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the better. And similarly today, you can think of so many people, that if you look at them, now, you say these

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As a hopeless, they are the worst people they are the most that they are the enemies of not just Muslims, they are the enemy of humanity, but you don't know how they will change. So that is one danger that you might fall in. And that's one important reason why you should not judge others.