Omar Suleiman – Jannah #16 Do You See Your Enemies in Jannah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The conversation between a man and his partner covers a range of narratives, including negative and negative emotions, attempts to make people feel like they are not important, and a recent incident at the Congressional General General assembly where a man named Subhan conversions to Islam and killed two people. The narratives all involve negative and negative emotions, and aim to portray the situation. The segment acknowledges that the narratives may be meant to portray the situation, but also recognizes the importance of avoiding false accusations and being aware of the situation.
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There's a famous saying from Audible haha but have you logged on I know he said I couldn't hear bokeh California with a bull look at telephone. He said, When he loves someone, don't love them so much that you attach too much to them. And if you hate someone, then don't hate them so much that it's destructive. And I need all the law of Thailand he said something very similar that, you know, it may be one day that the person you love most becomes your enemy. And it may be that your enemy one day becomes a beloved friend. And the way that you get around loving too much to where you attach your faith to a person and your faith tanks. And your disappointment just grows, if anything

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happens, or hating someone so much that it consumes you is to attach that love and hate for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that way there's always balance and Subhanallah on the Day of Judgment, you never know who you're going to run into in Jannah that actually is going to be there enjoying it with you, rather than being thrown into hellfire because of you.

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So we've spoken about family and friends and there are many conversations that we find in the Quran and the Sunnah, between the people of paradise. And there are categories of foes categories of those who used to be your opponents in this life. And one category are those that used to call you to evil, the friend that used to try to be a Sahibs that tried to drag you into hellfire instead of Jana. So Allah subhanaw taala says, For alphabeta but I'll go home at about linea Tessa alone, that, once again, they're inquiring with one another they're asking about this person asked me about that person. So some friends have found each other. And there's a mutual friend that's clearly missing

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from the gathering on the call. It'll mean him in the camera Licari and then one of them says, you know, I remember a close friend of mine that used to be with me and dunya you're cool you are in academia and most of the pain and he used to tell me do you really believe in this stuff? Do you really believe that faith is true? Do you really believe in an afterlife? Hey them it's not what couldn't not to Rama Ivana, I know llama. Do you know do you really think that once we die, and we become bones and dirt, that we're suddenly going to come back and that we're going to live after that call to * and to mortality rune. So this person that is speaking to others in Jana, about

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his old friend who used to call him to evil says, Do you want to look for that person? Felt blah, blah, blah, who FISA and J. And then he goes out to look for his friend, and he sees his friend in the lowest part of hellfire. And as he looks at his friend and hellfire, he says tell law he in kittila tooradin While Lola and atma turabi the continent and wide bodied, you know, you almost got me, you almost made me amongst those that followed your path. But Allah subhanaw taala is so kind that Allah Subhana Allah data saved me from this particular fate, and Allah azza wa jal granted me paradise instead. And he says FLN and will be made your team, like, is this real? Are we really not

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going to die anymore? Have I really been saved from all of this fit into all this temptation? These people that used to say there is no afterlife and everything that comes after Jana? Is there even an after Gemma? Am I really here forever? And he says, Illa Mota tunnel Gouda Ramananda we went over the mean, is it really so that we only die once and we're never punished again. And he says in the HA that la 1000 Aleem. He said, What an incredible success. This is named Mithali, hava filiana and anatomy. This is what those who strive should be striving for. Now, subhanAllah it's really interesting, because when you read in the books of XFC, it, some of them will fascinating, they said

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that the two friends that are being referred to here are the two men and certain calf. Remember that there was the person who had to gardens, and he thought that because he had to gardens, he was preferred to the other person. And he said, You know, I don't think that I'm going to be resurrected. And even if I'm resurrected, if there is such thing as an afterlife, then I'm pretty sure I'll do well over there as well. So that's one group of manifests, you know, and they said that this is referring to those same two people and sort of did calf the person with two gardens who thought that he was superior because of what Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with in this dunya and

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did not prepare himself to attain the garden of the Hereafter. And now the person that he was looking down upon, has Janna while he has Johanna while that person is in the midst of hellfire. Then you find another narration about two men that were actually business partners and this shows up in some of the books of Tufts theatre as well.

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And these two business partners were as different as could be. One of them writes his religious of high character, the other one could care less, he was all about his money. And so they make this business deal where they earn 8000, the Knox and they split the 8000 to 4004 1000. And basically, as the partner who's not religious, takes that 4000 dinars, he starts to spend it in various ways. So first, he purchases a piece of land. And he thinks that this real estate is the best thing that's ever happened to him. Whereas his believing partner, he spends 1000 dinars and sadaqa. And he says, oh, Allah, I'm seeking to purchase the land of agenda. And he mocks him, you know, like, what land

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in general are you talking about? You really believe that you're going to get any type of property and Jana, and then he goes, and he purchases a home. And his righteous friend says, oh, Allah, I'm spending 1000 dinars. And I'm seeking a home in paradise. And he says to him, What are you talking about, there is no home in paradise, stop wasting your time. And then he goes, and he spends 1000 dinars on a relationship. And he says, oh, Allah, I'm spending 1000 dinars. And I'm seeking the spouse without agenda. And he says, What are you talking about? There is no spouse and gender, nothing that's going to happen for you there. And then he takes his last 1000 dinars, and he spends

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it on servants and all sorts of material things. And the righteous one spends it and he says, oh, Allah, I'm seeking the servants and the material things in the adornment have an agenda. And subhanAllah the entire time as he's spending for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. He's being looked down upon and mocked. And certainly, you know, these narrations might be relegated to something very specific, but think about our own lives. The people that try to tempt us, and they don't outright insult us. But what they do do is they try to put down the religion and they try to make it seem like it's not that big of a deal. Like, come on, you're taking this religion stuff, way too

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seriously. And when they're saying that what they're implying is go ahead and enjoy the sinfulness. Because it's not going to be that severe in consequence. And the believer is thinking, I'm not losing my Jana, because of that. So you have to ignore the whispers of Shavon. And you've got to ignore the whispers sometimes, of your own friends. These are people that were friends in dunya. And one friend was trying to take them away from Allah subhanaw taala. May Allah grant us rights as friends, and grant us rights as places Allah him I mean, so that's one category, on the Day of Judgment, right? The person that tried to take you away from Allah subhanaw taala. And now you're

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saying and him did it, I did not listen to you. The next category is your tyrant, your oppressor, someone who hurt you. And you know, Allah subhanaw taala, promises the oppressed, that I swear by my might, I will come to your aid, even if it's after some time. And this religion is not one that tells the oppressed, to just put their oppression away, and to pretend that it doesn't exist. This is a religion that tells you that you will have justice on the day of judgment. And here, the prophets lie some tells us that there are people in Jannah that will be able to look through a window into the hellfire, and to see those that oppressed them, those that harmed them being

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punished. And they would know thereby that Allah subhanaw taala has indeed fulfilled His Promise capital, the law says, between Jana and not there are peoples, and when a believer wants to look at his oppressor from this world, he looks through one of those peoples and he sees the person that harmed him and sees the person that did so much to them. Because Allah subhanaw taala did not let that do not go to waste. Now, there are some people who will bump into folks in Jannah, that they thought were not going to make it. And this is one of the strange occurrences that we find from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam where the prophets lie, some said Allah subhanaw

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taala actually laughs at two men, when the murderer and the murdered meet in Jannah, Allah subhanaw taala laughs at them. Imagine the scene on the Day of Judgment, when Hemsedal the Allahu Taala and who runs into waxy all the Allahu Anhu in Jannah and this is really incredible Subhan Allah, the Prophet sites and I'm sad because it may be that someone murdered someone else. And then they made repentance to Allah subhanaw taala and they two were martyred. So they're both shahada and they're in Jana now in this degree together, and they're bumping into each other in Jana imagine Hamza and why she imagined the shahada heard when they bumped into how the diviner what he did with the low

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tide and who like wait, you're here as well. You know, you're the person that caused all this heartache, economic, you've been Abijah who died Shaheed you know, Erica model, the Allahu Anhu was one of the architects. And he's there now and the shahada are

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Meeting with eco model de Allah Tada. I know, the prophets lie. Some said Allah laughs at this meeting, because it seems like such an awkward meeting. But the reality is what that there are some people that do very bad things, and then they repent to Allah Subhana Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala puts both of those people in Jannah without decreasing the reward of the one that was harmed in any way whatsoever. And that you're not going to be upset like Allah, how did this person make it for them out of Jannah? No, because when you get to Jannah, there is no hatred, no harm, nothing that exists of bad feelings between two brothers or two sisters. in Jannah. The Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said that when you enter Jannah, you will be brothers with no disagreement, no hatred amongst you. And your hearts will be like one man's heart, and you will be engaged in glorifying Allah subhanaw taala together, morning and evening. And you are going to see people that maybe you quarreled with and you want to solve your disagreements here because most situations have mutual wrongdoing. It's not always the case. And it's in fact, rarely the case that you have someone who is entirely in the wrong and the other person that's entirely on the right. You have a lot of people that Quarrel brothers and sisters that quarreled. And that's why you have this emphasis from

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the profit slice on them on people making up with one another people reconciling amongst themselves. And imagine Subhanallah Satan that it will be allowed to happen. And it's one of the hardest things that you see even from the Sahaba while it was instigated from the outside, there was a war that took place and allinial the alone time and was so saddened when he ended up on the opposite side. And you had an instigator that attacks the camp of idea with the alarm and attacks the likes of artificial the alarm and Paul Hanna's where all the louder and humor and it causes them to go into a battle with one another. And I need all the Allahu Tada and who specifically after Paul Ha if not

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obey the law. Well the Allahu Taala and who was killed was murdered. I read all the Allah Tada and who washed towel Harold the Allahu Anhu. And then he preyed upon him. And then he called the people forward, and he had his son Muhammad even call her sit next to him and read all the Allahu Taala and who would the Son of God has sitting next to him? He said, the Kowloon olam Yash Raj Illa sofa you know, some people are making the claim that only fools came out to fight. You know, people thought that it you know the law on who would be happy if his opponents were insulted and he's saying no, the most honored faces on earth came out to this. For verily I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam say, Paul, how is Zubayr Jeremiah, Phil Jana Feldhahn is where are my neighbors in Jannah? And he said, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make you and me amongst those who are mentioned in the idea that we will remove from their hearts, any type of sense of injury, any hurts, and they will be brothers joyfully facing each other on thrones of dignity, that anything in their hearts, all hard feelings are taken away, that there's no resentment that's left there. There is no sense of Why did Allah subhanaw taala forgive that person? Why did Allah Subhana Allah raise that person? And so that former foe would actually become your friend and both of you are enjoying the reward and the

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blessing of Allah subhanaw taala together in paradise Yeah.

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I don't haven't left soon in more coma in

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your ward G. BK audibly at

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Mowgli. Further fully fee is the wonder who Legion naughty Letty

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