Mohamad Baajour – Angels Will Make Dua For You If You Do This

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the implementation of Islam in America, including the use of goddamn (Boh matter) in social media and praying. They also touch on the importance of praying for one's brother in the absence of loved ones and the culture of Muslim countries. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a planting party. Prayer-reached partnerships and strengthening relationships are also emphasized.
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salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Allah Muharram had the illusion with Tehran and Mariana but I mean

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when we know that one of our brothers our sisters is going for

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many of us

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go to them and request them to make dua for them

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which is absolutely permissible and it's a it's a good thing because we think that insha Allah Tala, that has accepted, now they are pure, so there is more to be answered.

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How about

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the angels making die for us?

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The angels, they are soon Allah who were following me. They never disobey Allah subhanaw taala because this Hedgy maybe he on his way back he does something.

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Or maybe his hedge was not accepted Allahu Allah. But the angel.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us they never disobey Allah. So today in sha Allah Tala few minutes, what are some of the things that if I do them, the angels will make dua for me.

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We're going to start by the first thing that we just did, all all of us, which was the soul

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in Allah Who am Allah Quetta, who you saw Luna, Allah Mutasa, herring,

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Allah and His angels

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makes a lot on them with society and the people who are eating their soul. And we mentioned before when we say that Allah subhanaw taala is making salad it means that Allah subhanaw taala

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you have Kuru from FINMA, Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will mention your name in a gathering of angels. And when the angels are making salad, it means they are making a lot of material the material for you.

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So when we having this whole because many people say your brother

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from foster as far muscle

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and he's proud,

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not heavy, first of all, in his soul Aishe Baraka, Yanni Allah subhanho wa taala. When you having this whole, Allah would put Baraka in it, even if you take a sip of water, just to apply the Sunnah and get the bulk of the day, just like when we pray JAMA, facial in JAMA, you have burqa the whole day. Similarly when you have your soul you will have baraka and you will have the dua of the angels. So number one in the Lahoma I'm going to ask you remember the mark in the Lahoma that you can tell us from Luna I didn't want to say heading second.

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The second one is going to create a problem

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in the US alone out of suffering oh our

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the first row now unfortunately with COVID the first row shrunk but in Charlotte, Charlotte will go back to normal. Why is the first row what does the first row indicate indicate that somebody came early?

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Right. Someone who came early to pray the future or pray and use a lot in JAMA he made the effort to be from the first people that is very rewarding. Third

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ma'am in Aberdeen, or an additional size Muslim that we're still Muslim, we agree herbivory Lloyd

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Allahu Allah who made a chemo what kill your coal Amin Allah can be methyl

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the DUA that you do for your brother in his absence without him knowing Allah will assign an angel he has only one job. This angels job is to say Amin to your DUA and you got the same

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you make dua for me.

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And I beg you to especially in these days, Allah subhanaw taala will say the angel would say me into this dua and you got the same so why don't we constantly make dua for each other Yeah, one always so you're gonna get the same thing. Ya Allah

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bless my my brother with righteous children. He got price. Righteous children Charla yeah Allah have mercy on my brother yeah Allah guide my brother ya allah Subhanallah you will get the same

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in Allah when Allah educator who were at a summer where I had the name left Egypt

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Maria, well who would you Soluna only me nurse will hire, Akbar.

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Allah and His angels and the inhabitants of the heavens and the inhabitants of earth and the ant in its hole and the fish in the sea are all making dua for the person who teach others higher and higher any good. You taught somebody you taught somebody how to pray, you taught somebody how to read Arabic, you taught somebody any bad that will bring them close to Allah subhana wa Tala all these will make dua for you, even the end will make dua for you.

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You know, when I, when I used to travel for Dawa and all that, we know the brothers shipyards and everybody knows that we used to suffer a lot in the airports.

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And one time they pushed it too much.

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So I was telling my wife you know, this is

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really getting

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frustrating, you know, this airport, she said, you want the end to make dua for you for free.

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So Hala So, any anything any fail you can teach Subhanallah you will get the dua of the angels

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when we finish right now

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mashallah many brothers and sisters, they stay in the masala remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is also a Muslim

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or Salah insulin said as long as you staying in your masala masala here different does it mean the same spot or in the same Masjid? The majority said the same Masjid remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and angels dedicated to just say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah Muhammad, Allah McPhee lo Allah Muhammad, this is after every salad or the one who comes early and wait for the salad. Allahu Akbar. We have unfortunately this habit that you know, we finish the salon and your lawn, we get up immediately just sit down for a minute, two minutes make that your car and get that off of the angels. How many of you have so far who's counting? You're half asleep? Five, okay, six

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every time you give a sadhaka an Angels job every morning, he comes down and I see this mashallah and I envy these brothers everyday as they're leaving or as they're coming in even $1 Or they swipe the card and Subhanallah an angel is dedicated also the Hadith tougher con la Bukhari and Muslim alum our team wouldn't feel can colorful yeah Allah every morning, this angel will make the idea Allah replace everything that this person have spent and replacement from Allah is different than the replacement for between each other Subhanallah six, right, seven.

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Anytime we go, I know that we have been prohibited or we have been unfortunately not practicing this sunnah and disable that because of COVID visiting our brothers and sisters that are sick

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70,000 Not 170 1000 Angels. If you go in the morning 70,000 Angels making dua for you till the evening, you go in the evening 70,000 angels are making dua till the morning Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, just because to show us Allah subhanaw taala is telling us the importance of strengthening our relationships with one another. And the last one. I spoke about this many many times and I want to remind myself and remind you of the Sunnah, that is really neglected. And that is min Bertha hearin

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Minh Berta Farhan Berta mela fishy airy couldn't demonstrate your calling America Allahu Akbar Allah they know that a tyrant Allahu Akbar.

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Whomsoever perform will do before he or she sleep.

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Before you sleep, you perform.

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Every time you wake up you move at night an angel say the angel will stay she had is between your government and your body and angels sitting there.

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All he does is every time you move your ALLAH forgive him your ALLAH forgive her MA. So this is eight things that we can do that will make the angels make dua for us. Who's going to repeat them?

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but four of them

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have 50% of

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you know, let's let's do it in order. What did you do now before you come in so right? You come to the first row, then you make that for me.

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And then you teach somebody I'm doing teaching somebody fail, right? And then I'm waiting in my masala right and on my way out I'm gonna give a sadaqa and maybe visit a brother that is sick, and then I'll make wudu and go to sleep. Welcome Luffy calm Zack en la que Subhanallah la manga behind the ignition and de la hayleigh

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