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Before we start, our

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gems tonight

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may have heard of what's happening in false things.

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It wouldn't be ashamed of us not to talk well, not to mention just briefly, probably is going on because because

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saving lives is not only the duty of doctors,

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saving lives and also the duty of us Muslims. And those people who are dying there have been abused or being transgressed. You come and you pray the message, eat freely, there's nobody who would point out a finger or a gun at you or the future, the baton will stick.

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Just because you're coming in and I'm praying the message, you'll come to pray freely those people the only because they said that

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those are our brothers, our sisters, our Auntie's, our uncle's, our moms and dads.

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We have to feel

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what they're going to. And the least we could do if you cannot use your pen. Or if you cannot use your tongue to speak about injustice, the least you could do is making the Africa for us thing is not the matter of Palestinians. It is the matter of all the Muslims whatever they are all over the world in China as well. And this Subhanallah happens every Ramadan in philosophy in China, every Ramadan every year, they go they make them break the faster they make them drink alcohol, to break them. They make them get a break notice no fasting in China. Again, you live in this country you should be grateful and thankful to Allah subhana wa humbling but still, we're not going to just save

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him Do we love our clip service and Okay, move on. And that is not move on. We need to do something about this shot. What can you do think of what can you do this is like I said, if you're not helping with your mouth with your tongue with your bed talking to your MPs or talking to the government make some you know cry for wasn't hanging out with either to eleviate what our brothers and sisters and follow stay on board.

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The power is on my head today that we'll be covering again it's becoming more difficult really upon me because all these sorts, we're not giving them the hack. So that the law of today so that the know we have I have seminars on just Swarthmore itself seminar, you know, like a, you know, we can talk about it for months, some of that the Lord saw the fourth time, one of my favorites was in fact, fourth time there's one particular item which I will share with you and salata Sharla. So the three songs that they're covering today in Schaumburg, Tara saw that on law, which is Medini, Salah brothers and sisters, just enough so that you can you know, know this in a nutshell, if you hear any

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sort of the talks about ACA that talks about rulings that talk about Halal haram, no, it is madness because all the all the Shalla are being revealed in Medina. Other than that it's a murky Sol Sol Sol Sol to know talks a lot about, again about ruling especially it is a soul out for families. It is a solar for households. It's a solar for the children. It's a solar for the other, it's actually a social area, it's a mechanism for and then swatter for pan, it's a mini solar and so it's a straw, that is a murky solar as well. Let's talk about sort of the more of one of those just starts off talking with the with the stern punishment of those who commit

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adultery, Xena was then it was earlier, both male and female, Zadie Allah, as we should talk about their sport, the standard punishment. And brothers and sisters, the Prophet Muhammad was just one when he talked about the the sins that don't want to help. There are seven sins that don't want to help. There are so many major sins. There's a book by

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the heavy that talks about 100 major sins, but the Prophet Muhammad also talks about seven the one that are more than the need to want to help and in the worst of the worst. Seven of them amongst these seven major sins is Xena. Xena it's not only the private parts that commit Zina the provenance of sin also says about the icon Zina and as you know the eyes looking at haram the tongue common Zina the upcoming Synod but listen to him. So this is you know, something to be really, really careful of. And then in sort of, No, Allah has also talked about that very, very sad story. This Londrina Rancho if you know Allah, the slaughter rancher who is accused of committing Zina committed

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haram, the story of the product with him and motivate us to travel used to cast lost with his wives and then to see whose wife he's going to take with him. And that came to turn up actually.

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They used to take women

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they used to put them in this healthy edge, you know in this like camel in the couple days that can really turn that tent it's called holding

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the tent is called held edge. So they used to put their women inside those tents. And she was so white. The restaurant, they took the holders down, she wants to take care of her knees, they came back, they lifted the house, they put it on the on the calendar, they moved down, they didn't realize that I was not there. So it's a long story. I'm sure she came back by having one that we used to go for an expedition he's always to give someone behind. If they were to drop something, or they were to do something that meant from behind who came in from behind, you would pick it up and then move on that okay, that meant you from behind, you know, from very far. And then he saw this

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woman and he knew he was actually several 100 Because he says, you used to know me in jail here. He used to know me in jail here. She says by Allah he did not speak to me. He just came he brought the camo and then he turned Why did he turn so that when she writes the camo she would not get explore the image she wants to get exposed. He would not look at her. You know, so he did not speak over to her. And then he took her to Medina. And this were the head of the hypocrites the master of the hypocrisy. Wait, who's who started that you know that rumor and then it spread amongst the people of Medina accusing insha Allah and of Xena with soft one. So one of the one of the very very prominent

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Sandy's so this is what the Lord talks about the story here is not the full story but in fact talk about those who spread rumors accusing women in their chastity it called Hadith in Arabic or the slandering of actual the Allah on the on the wrist number 12 in the medina Jehovah if kills but women come and then Allah subhana wa kinases here, the Kali he just recited in so when he first started with the talking, I think when he was doing that,

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in Asia, in Asia, in verse number 21, Allah subhanho wa Taala never says Oh you who believe don't follow shaitan what does he say? All you who believe don't follow

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what is called the what?

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Footsteps Exactly. Satan does not come until you commit Zina shaytan does not come until you do. There's always steps there's always not about 157 atone for Salamone facula Mon on harmlessly button. It starts when they look at that from a look to say he says, smile.

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What's wrong with you smile and then you smile. Say hi Hi sister. Given that one.

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But that will not be here. This is public and private. Go somewhere nice and give that one.

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So he says well let you already know.

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The ship and this is a gem here. Don't put in the footsteps of shaitan and then another beautiful gem verse number 22 Allah subhana wa Tada says, Well, yeah for what he has for him. This is with regard to Abu Bakr a while back there was this man he was, you know, he used to support him. His name is Mr. He used to financially support him. And this particular man, he accused Alisha for committing Zina. He accused her in her chastity. So a while back, he says, I'm supporting you financially. And you're talking about about my own daughter. So he stopped, you know, supporting him and then Allah has revealed, let them pardon and forgive. Don't you want Allah to pardon you? Then

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he says, I shall I shall I want Allah to pardon me. And the story here the lesson here, forgive and pardon and let it go. Your sister, your brother, your cousin, your friend, let go pardon learn to forgive and shallow Tyler just like a Bobak you can't tell me but you don't know what they have done. They couldn't have done something worse than what this man is doing to the daughter of Abu Bakr

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you know so please learn to forgive and to let go. And then Allah subhana wa Tada talks about the note the why is it cultural note the note is mentioned seven times in this Allah Allah modelsim Allah. Allah is the Lord of the heavens and earth Subhana wa Tada and then in verse 14 When he talks about the mall and he says, well, then the Jaiden hola hola hola. Femme Adam oming No, verse number 14. And whom Allah azza wa jal does not make no for them there is nobody can give them no you feels right some people who mentioned were very could be very successful they could have mashallah beautiful house and a beautiful car and mashallah mashallah quality their businesses and whatnot.

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But Allah has prevented them from the Lord sisters. Sister faith, I consider Allah has prevented them from his know what nor are we talking about here.

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Know what

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are you give her give her two chocolates.

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No more than he does. The law of Hida you could be having so many things but you

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If Allah does not give you a good idea, it was a straight is either no. And the opposite of Lulu is valon darkness, may Allah azza wa jal, Samus so that's a joke. And then Allah azza wa jal talks about the etiquettes you know, especially the etiquettes of the children, you know, don't just go and then when your parents are home, you know, like your father, your mother, then in the rooms, don't just barge in, you need to get some sort of etiquettes in or with some sort of like asking for permission before you go in. So let's talk about that. And also when you go visit someone, if you will knock at the door, and the door, keep on looking around and to making sure that who's there

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who's not there, you just knock at the door and then move back. This is also a no another etiquette, as though she was talking about sort of four can quickly Allah subhanaw taala talks and sort of photonics warning to non believers. Those who

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the nine the signs of Allah azza wa jal, and then verse number 27, amazing first, remember this verse. And the brothers here do use those who have friends, those who befriend people who may not be be beneficial to you make sure that you've been meticulously select your who your friends are, there was this man by the name of moonlight. You know, he was not a believer and he has a very close friend with him. And then one time he said with the Prophet Mohammed Al Islam and he was almost always going to believe in the Prophet congregants to them is rocking back and he says, Did you need to believe in also the Mohammed Mohammed? He says no, I just again, he invited me for lunch and I

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wait. And then I just said, you know, the Prophet says, you know, if you don't believe in me, I won't, I won't even this is shameful of Allah. If somebody invites you and give you food, you have to eat that food. And the Prophet says, I will not eat your food unless you believe in

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Allah. So he said, I just said, he says, I will no longer be your friend unless you go and speak at the face of the Prophet of heaven. These are the provinces 100 Some of them so he goes and he knocked at the door of the Prophet Muhammad the Prophet Muhammad opened the door and he spied on his face. Allah subhana wa COVID This is why oh my loved one in one day.

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He said you had a 10

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journey, what kind of SharePoint we can sell if I know that the man the day of the judgment is mangled by on his hand and he will say I wish I followed the path of the Prophet I wish I did not follow so and so that friend who misguided me and this is and then sort of same sort of goes number 63 I'm not talking about a blank document please go back and read for the first time. So to full time Allah talks about the slaves of our men and but also many talks about their qualities and this is my most favorite song. My most personal favorite.

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When I go to watch Manny Medina you have shown out of the way the heart of

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what the jacket does speak to them what do they say Sudan I've got no time to waste

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brothers and sisters so to show how diversity Leslie one minute salata Shara story talk about no passes again Stories of the Prophets Musa he talks about, he talks about he talks about Saudi talks about the Bahrain stories to empower you and I and Allah subhanho wa Taala number 18 on the weekend with this 89 Yo Minaya and a federal man oh what happened on Islam and Abdullah Have you ever been in a setting that they want you to wealth and your children will not be of benefit to you except that who comes to Allah with

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what's here, higher setting with a sound heart, your money will not be of benefit to you other than judgment. Your children your families, your loved ones will not be of benefit to the devil judgment won't benefit you. If you were to come with a sound heart please clean your heart. This is your chance please please this heart from hesed first and foremost in a clean it from animosity from holding grudges. Learn to let go.

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breathe in breathe the second law here by the Columbia calm Come on. Come ahead but come to who all of you

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is that good luck.