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The gardens of Jannah in this world are to their the gardens in which Allah subhanaw taala is remembered, and they are the gardens in which someone else is remembered for the sake of Allah. Now what do I mean by that? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said that the circles of knowledge in this life are gardens of Paradise, how so? Allah is praising you, the angels are praising you and you are dwelling in a place where your name is only being increased in rank. Similarly, the prophets like Selim said that when you go and visit a sick person 70,000 Angels accompany you and Allah subhana wa Tada gifts you with a garden of many fruits in Jana says Pamela people carry flowers to

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visit the sick here and let them know that they're in their thoughts and prayers. And Allah who is never outdone in goodness gives those who visit the sick, unimaginable gardens of flowers that cannot even be perceived in this world. So when you remember ALLAH, or you remember someone else for the sake of Allah, your gardens of Paradise are only expand

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so you have your palace, and you come outside and you don't have to worry about the weather being bad. It's beautiful weather in Jannah. But before we talk about the gardens themselves, what are the other properties that you own besides your palace? Because remember, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada did not just give you your own place to dwell, but structures of beauty all around you. So you go outside, and what do you see? You see the PM, which are tents or pavilions that serve primarily as the guest houses. And then they'll claim Rahim Allah said that these pavilions are different from the Laura from the apartments and from the palaces. They are pavilions that are situated in the gardens and on

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the beaches and the river fronts of Jana, and the pavilions are for guests and for enjoyment. So the mind may have been doing your him Allah, he explains it in this way. He says that all of the Heavenly Creatures reside in these guest homes. And the palaces are where only the believers live. So this is what is built for the believers by the believers with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. So for example, loss patterns, it says who don't muck so rotten filthy, and that it is in these guest homes that the Hudler in the maidens reside. And then when you read about the servants and agenda, then they await you at the gates and the doors of your palace. And when you want

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anything, it comes to you without any effort. And what are the angels doing, they're constantly checking up on you while you are in your palace, but you retire to your palace in privacy. The Pm is also where you meet and receive friends. So you have this concept of the Majelis, the gatherings in paradise. And so whether you are in a gathering, let's say in one of the Sahaba in one of their Thea or someone comes to you, you receive each other and you are received in these in these pavilions and even then Subhan Allah privacy is emphasized. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The believer in Paradise will have a tent made out of a single hollowed out Pearl and it's 60 miles

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long. And as he visits the families and the guests and each one of them, no one will be able to see the other so privacy is being emphasized just like it is with the hoerauf even Ambassador the Allahu Anhu and even Mr. Little the Allah and who said that this tent will be a gem of a hollow Pearl, one fossa high and 50 Tharsis wide. Now firstly, is about five miles so you can think about the width and the height of these places. Then he said that it will have 1000 doors of gold and an angel will enter from each door with a gift from Allah subhanho to Addis Pella, these are the guest houses and inside these guest homes, you also have daybeds that you can relax on Allah subhana wa Tada says

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Muteki ina Allah photoshoot in Bogota in Doha Minister Barak, what general Jana Taney done that these believers will recline on furnishings lined with fine fabric and the fruit of both gardens will hang within reach Allah subhanaw taala says also Motek ina Allah Rafa Finn, Hadrian. Well I've Korean Hasaan that there'll be Reclining on green cushions and find beautiful carpets and you also have our last panel I says she has to run Marfa. Well acquirable Moldova one Mr. ucommerce fufa was Robbie you may associate that in it are raised couches, cups, put in plates, cushions lined up and carpet spread all around. So basically, you have gold doors, green drapes, green cushions lined up

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and find green carpets in

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These high ceiling guest pavilions. And these are again in the gardens, and the gardens themselves. We haven't even started to talk about this. Hello. When you think about exotic destinations in this world, they always have a few things. They always have beautiful sand. They've got grass, and they've got water. And the theme of Jannah is indeed Jannat. These incredible gardens that never cease to amaze the eye and offer absolute comfort. And you have all the time in the world. So a person could stop and admire a flower for 100 years, and completely be unworried about time. So let's start with just the ground of Jana or soil. So you got the homes, the guest homes, and now

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you're looking into your gardens, the profit slice and I'm said that the gravel of Jana is Pearl and Ruby, and that the dirt of Jana is saffron. And another narration the profit slice and I'm said It's dirt is saffron, but it's soil is musk. And they'll tell you Rahim Allah He reconciles this by saying that while the color is saffron, the fragrance is musk and of course Jana has variety. And he said this is the best combination because it's the best of beauty and radiance and in some narrations, the prophet slice, and I mentioned the grounds being pure white musk. So again, more than one surface and each one being more beautiful than the other. And in the famous hadith of

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Ibrahim, it has set up giving advice on the ticket on the remembrance of Allah which we will get to. He said that the plains of Jannah are white musk, with fine grains. So imagine sandy white beaches, but imagine now that the beaches have a smell. And we understand it better when we look at the profit slice on his journey on the night of March. He said it is Salatu was Salam that when Jibreel it has Salam would strike the ground in paradise, the fragrance would come out. So imagine that with every step and Paradise, a fragrance is elicited, just making it so much more beautiful, the feel of the soil on your feet, how it smells, how it looks. All of that is Jana, all of that is pleasure.

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And in one Hadith the Prophet slice them said that the ground of Paradise is white, and in one narration, the prophet slice and I mentioned hills and dunes of camps. And he said sallallahu alayhi salam that people gather around these hills and dooms and Allah subhanaw taala descends upon them while they are gathered breezes of mercy, that continue to defuse upon them the fragrance of the mask of Gemini. Now when the Sahaba used to hear of these gardens, they knew that the gardens of this world not nothing compared to them, when I will tell you how will the allowance how to and who heard Lenten Allah will build Rahat tune fuchal Mina to hipbone that you will not achieve

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righteousness or its reward being Janna until you spend of that which you love most. So it comes to the prophets lie Selim. And he says the goddess of Allah, I have this garden of mine in Medina, and it is the most prized garden in Medina. It was a garden in front of the most of the of the prophets lie some known as blue hat. And it had all sorts of springs and trees. And I will tell her said, I couldn't think of anything more beloved to me than this. So I'm giving away this garden because he was seeking that garden in general. And when a Buddha or the Allahu Taala and who heard men the leather, your creed, Allah cuddle bandhasana. So you lie for hula, who will loan to Allah a

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beautiful loan, so that Allah subhanaw taala will multiply it and grant him a generous reward. He immediately comes to the profit slice and he says, Here is a garden with 600 palm trees, and I'm giving it for this garden from Allah subhanaw taala. And when it comes to his garden, to tell his wife that he donated it, his wife was picking dates with their son. And he says, Yeah, on the Dada, oh, Mama, Dada leave this garden, for I sold it for a garden in Jana, and she starts knocking the dates out of her son's hand saying that I'll be held there will be held they will be held there that this is a profitable trade. This is a profitable trade. This is a profitable trade. And the prophets

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lie Selim says in amazement of this, how many bundles of date palms are there in Jannah for a Buddha handle the allowance add on. Now, how many gardens of Jannah Do you sit in in terms of gardens of knowledge? And how many gardens of Jannah do you make yourself by visiting the forgotten and how many gardens of Jannah Have you purchased by donating the goods of this world? Yeah.

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