Ramadan 2023 – Surah An-Najm #05 – The Reality of the Prophet’s Message

Nouman Ali Khan


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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of speech in relation to one's desire to be heard and liked. They stress the negative impact of negative language in media and encourage finding the right message to convey to audiences. They also discuss the use of negative language in media and the importance of guidance in learning the Quran. They share stories about the Prophet's teachings and encourage listeners to take advantage of the deeper look of the Quran.
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When he speaks, his emotions are put aside. The only thing before him is his. This messenger is committed to delivering revelation. That's it.

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Whether it reaches somebody's heart or not, he knows that's not up to him. Because what goes in the heart comes from Allah.

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Otherwise, these are just sound waves. Whether they reach or not, that's not up to us. You get that. It's an incredible, incredible message inside. Well, my antico and

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when Neji me the

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man what NASA he will

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make the most of this series by downloading our free workbook for a guided contemplation of this powerful surah. But now we get to the meat of the matter. On this, I was gonna get to iron number six. I'm gonna get tired. Number three. This is what this is all we're gonna do today. One I am an hour. He says they, you know,

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think of it this way, a public speaker or a speaker because the prophets I tell them is now speaking the Quran. So he's become a public speaker.

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What are the motivations of a public speaker?

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They want to be acknowledged, they want their idea to be heard. They somebody publishes a book, what is their desire? Inshallah we'll sit in the library collecting dust one day know, their desire is millions of people are going to read this book, when somebody writes a PhD thesis. They're really hoping people do what they read it when you make a stupid post about what slice of pizza you ate,

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and your amazing country like contemplation on the cheese, and you put it up on Instagram, you check all the time for what acknowledgment somebody saying, oh my god, that's so deep. I will never eat pizza the same way again, etc. You're looking for something. Because a speaker, a presenter, when they present their idea in public, there they desire acknowledgement.

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They desire to be heard, they desire to be understood, maybe they desire to be praised. Maybe they desire to be, you know, seen valued, wow, that was ingenious.

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Maybe they desire to be put on a social position, I want to learn more from you. Maybe they desire that.

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But there are desires behind speech. Like if I'm sitting here giving you this lecture, and two of you are talking it will annoy me. It'll annoy me because I'm desiring to be heard right now. And you're taking away from that. And it's agitating me, because I'm directly impacted by what you're doing. Right?

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The Prophet SAW Selim is being described as something different.

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When he speaks, he has no desire to be heard. No desire to be acknowledged, no desire to be appreciated, no desire to be followed. He's only doing this because Allah told him to.

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And none of his personal ambitions or emotions, conscious or subconscious, are part of the equation.

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This is the most incredible expression of pure, like 1,000,000% Pure sincerity, because this is a level of purity. I don't know if it's humanly possible for the rest of us. I don't know if it is. But there's one thing I can tell you when talking about the Quran, because this is tied to the giving the delivery of the Quran, he says ma Hakuna Li and Oba de la hoomans will try it up. See, it's not, it's not up to me to change it from myself.

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The Prophet doesn't decide what words will come out.

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And by the way, most of the time that words that were coming out were offensive.

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And when somebody's angry, and and the next is even more offensive.

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And then they get angrier and the next is even more offensive. And then on top of that, you should know you're going to be in Jahannam

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and congrats to the believers that are getting beat up. Oh my god. This is like, maybe, you know, in my mind, it would be how I would be maybe I shouldn't say this right now. Maybe I'll recite the surah later. When there's nobody listening or when I'm around a less hostile crowd. Then I'll recite this right now I'm explaining similar to najem to you, but you're all willingly listening. You took time, you know time money effort away from family to sit here and listen. You think this was the situation of the Prophet SAW Salem? Is a bunch of mushy goon atheist materialists anti anti Islam, like dictators, narcissists in front of him, and he's reciting the Quran and they're making noise.

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Does he stop? He said, Maybe I should go to him.

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more willing audience know clearly well my young tickle Anil haha he's delivering the Quran no matter what the response. He's not concerned with the viewership and the following and the comments. Most of us, will you post anything online? I don't care if you're a public speaker or not you post something online. What do you check?

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Comments? In fact, even if you listen to you what you put somebody else's on or lecture on, you're not even listening to the lecture. You're just going through the martial laws and finding somebody who's trolled the speaker. You know what they said, Oh, my God, this is what you're doing. We're so obsessed with the commentary. Well, my young Tiguan in Hawaii means first of all, he's not dying to express his talents to the world, like a philosopher is dying to share his philosophy, that singer is dying to sing his song, a storyteller is dying to tell his story. The prophets Ali Salam is not like, oh my god, the world needs to know what I have inside me. No, no, Allah has given him this.

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It's not. It's not a projection of his own ego, like it is for every other public speaker.

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It's not.

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And then on top of that, you know, a public speaker really listens to feedback.

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Right? This This poem was a big hit, this was not a big hit. This speech went really well that went in. Now I'm going to change my style, to cater to the audience, because I need to nurture my audience. And by the way, now this is a multibillion dollar trillion dollar industry, how do you nurture an audience? And how do you cater your message to pander to an audience better and better? Isn't that what's social media analytics are now isn't that what people are doing degrees in now? You know, marketing degrees and social media analytics degrees and trends, studying trends and behaviors and

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all of this to one, get engagement, get a crowd, get an audience, and all of it is just, Allah just pours acid over it, just seeing my anticolonial haha.

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He is not concerned with what people want to hear. He's just not concerned with that. He's just Quran.

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You know, I'll tell you something personal as I conclude this.

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This is by the way, I said this to you out loud, but you can take this this is for you to you know,

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when I was developing Quran week, this program

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before this when I was traveling, I was doing another program called Story night.

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And story night is my pent up desire to be a comedian.

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masked with those Quran.

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Like I enjoy myself in story. I love telling stories I love you know, you know, this academic geeky stuff. This is one side of me. There's another side of me that is the opposite of this is entirely stupid. And that's the side of me that comes out in story night and I really it's just three hours. It's entertaining. It's kids are there they're having a lot of fun. non Muslims come in, come in enjoy themselves. It's easy. It's no hard work. It's on autopilot after do nothing for it.

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Now it's like, let's go to communities and contemplate a whole Surah of the Quran.

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You know what my team said? Who's going to come to that?

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People aren't ready for that people have tick tock attention span. After 90 seconds deep. No, 90 is too long. 30 seconds.

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They're going to try to swipe you in the first day. People are gonna say I'm not coming back to this. This is too much. It's too much stuff. There's too much material. It's too it's too deep. It's too heavy. That's not what the public wants. I was like, Yeah, but

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the thing is,

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to the poor of the Quran is dying.

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It will we're not doing it as a people.

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And I had to make a decision whether one of you shows up or none of you shows up, I'm going to do to the board of Quran. And I want to act even if I can ignite one person to start doing to the Quran and one community, I'm good.

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But I could have been sitting at but in a campus doing this in front of a camera, I could do that I've done sort of use of like that. So to kind of like that, certainly, I'm wrong like that. But I was like no, I want to I want to travel and take the hard work with me.

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You know, and I'm part of the blocks mental blocks I had is I don't think this is going to work because it's not a desirable program.

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Because it's too much work. And then there are Ayat like these that slap you across the face. So what if it's not desirable? So what if it's not catering to the market audience? So what if it's not gonna get that's not your goal? That's not your goal. I have to cleanse myself to the point where two of you are sitting here 200 of you are sitting here 2000 of yours

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Sitting here makes no difference. That's when I've understood something from all i anticolonial Hawa.

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When he speaks, his emotions are put aside. The only thing before him is his, this messenger is committed to delivering revelation. That's it.

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Whether it reaches somebody's heart or not, he knows that's not up to him. Because what goes in the heart comes from Allah.

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Otherwise, these are just sound waves, whether they reach or not, that's not up to us. You get that it's an incredible incredible message inside Well, my antico and in our

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notice finally that the word how're emptiness falling is is repeated. When Nigeria either Ha, ma Sahib will come warmer as our mama young declining, How're the star falls in the beginning the star falls. But the prophets I said doesn't.

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Stars can fall. But this message doesn't is a contrast made between the use of the Hawaiian the first eye and the third eye. I am really excited about this week. I don't know if I'll be able to finish sooner to najem or not, I really don't. If I don't finish it, I'm going to request epic to take extra days and finish it. And if no, none of you can make it I'm okay with that. I'm still coming to finish it. But I think we can do it. I think we can do it. My intention tomorrow inshallah is to try to reach i n number 18. That's the first section. I know that this three IR took this long. So like he thinks he's going to reach at maybe, let's have hope things can, they can start

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progressing a little faster now that I've laid the groundwork for you. So, so we're hoping to reach iron number 18. Tomorrow, inshallah. But before I conclude, I want you to know that these booklets that you were given, right, these booklets are going to be about how to contemplate the Quran. And each lens I'm going to give you from each lens, something to take away. And before we start the lens, there's something we call the heart filter. I talked to you about the matter in the beginning, I'm going to talk to you about that now. So you have that with you. I have to spiritually emotionally ready myself, before I do to the bar for the seal, I have to intellectually prepare

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myself. For to see remember when I was doing the syllable word, those Arabic sources and quotes from scholars and Sahaba and barbarian and things like that, right? That's intellectual work. But the double does not require your brain. The double requires your what is your heart, the prerequisites are in my heart. The first prerequisite is a lot of speech is perfect. And my understanding isn't

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which means when I read something and it's not making sense to me, it's because my understanding isn't wide enough and vast enough. And Allah's wisdom is infinite. I have to humble myself before the speech of Allah. This is one of the hardest prerequisites of the duckboard because we live in a critical society. Every message you receive your critique it, you put a heart on it, you put a thumbs up on it, you put a thumbs down on it, you put a commentary on it, you take a course in college, you rate your professor,

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you listen to his speech, you rate it, you listen to people now really integrating even a hotbar people rate hot buzz, and this is it's become such a practice. I gave a hobo one time my brother came up to me that was really good. But if you use this idea and this idea would have been better.

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I was like this is great my hotmail.com now like Like I'll give you a 7.5 I wasn't looking for a score bro.

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But we're not rating Islam to who's your favorite speaker? What score do you give them?

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This stupidity has to stop this nonsense has to stop this peep kids used to do this for athletes for basketball players. People do this for UFC fighters. And now you do this for shares.

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What is this? This is this is the religion now we've we've molded the religion into this because why? Because what our heart desires is more important than the message. So if a speaker has an accent, or a speaker isn't charismatic, or a speaker is too old, you're like, I can't pay attention. It's not founded entertaining enough. It doesn't give me that high. You know this, like, there's no jokes in his speech.

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Yeah, they're not the other people I listen to. They're really boring.

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They're really but I love them. I learned I literally have to stop every five to seven minutes.

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Because my eyes are rolling up, but I still listen to them because I get more benefit from them than anything else than anything else. The Quran is not there to cater to you.

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Because it came from your Master, the Master doesn't cater to the slave, the slave caters to the master.

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That's a shift in attitude. When I come to the Quran, that's my heart filter. I cannot come to it like a critic. I can't come to it like a an a product on Amazon. I only give it two and a half stars. You know, not like that. The next filter in the Quran, I'm looking for something. I'm looking for guidance. And I'm looking for information. I'll get the information. But the goal wasn't information. The goal was what was guidance.

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As you contemplate today, your homework assignment

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three IR all we've done is three hours. Your homework assignment is what guidance Am I getting personally from these three ions?

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What what do I get from these three ions?

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I mean, I've shared some tafsir comments with you. I've shared what it means. I went through the vocabulary and all of it. That's just that's the fear. Now we got to do what

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the word what does this mean for me I shared some to the borrow from are identical and in however with you, but you must have your own. You must do the work yourself. This is Allah speaking to you. Allah speaking to me, everyone Lea de baru IRT, somebody asked a beautiful question and I'll conclude with it you can you can turn this off now.

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Beautiful question. He said. The Sahaba had so many opinions why?

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And how come they just didn't tell us what the Prophet said about the Quran.

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That would have been easier.

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The thing is, Allah designed this Quran in a really incredible way. He didn't say so that the Prophet reflects on it.

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He suddenly blew it so they reflect on it. Now lagoon darkened so you understand? Who was supposed to ask questions about the ayat and ponder about the ayat and wonder about the who was supposed to do that. We were if the prophets I said, my theory is if the Prophet SAW Selim started doing Tafseer of the Quran, he'd still be alive.

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There's too much wisdom there, Allah would keep him alive longer than No.

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Because it wouldn't be done.

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And even if he did the most brief deceit of the Quran, he described one idea with one Hadith. If he did that, you know what would happen? Nobody would ever contemplate the Quran again. You know why? Because we'd say, How can I speak after the prophet is spoken?

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How can I speak? I can't have any thoughts about this, because the thoughts have come from the ultimate authority, the Prophet himself, or these other gods authorized teacher.

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Allah gave us this Quran and he spread it around the world. And he said, This is Ayat for people who will contemplate imagine the first century, 10 years after the prophets lie. Some people have reached Abyssinia, China, India, they're all over the place. Those people when they're hearing the ayat of the Quran, they're like, Do you have a decir? With this? Can I can I can read, what were they doing? They were hearing the ayat. And what were they doing with the if

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they were contemplating. And as they were contemplating, they were accepting Islam. And as they were accepting Islam, we became Muslim as a result of that.

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What we did is we replaced the De Boer War with the seed, and then seed is only for scholars. Is that for you? Sure. The seed is for scholars to write. And it's for me to read, and then to do that over.

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But we separated the Muslim population from engaging with the Quran. I come from Pakistan, and in South Asia, one of the most common things you'll hear about the Quran is don't read it directly. Don't read a translation. Don't think about it, you will get misguided and I say

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the book that came to guide humanity, and your religious advice is don't think about it because you'll get misguided.

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Incredible, is just incredible.

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The job of those who know is to make it easy for those who don't know,

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but you will arrive.

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That's That's our job. What do we do now? No, no, no, we are not going to come to you. You have to come to us.

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That we flipped the script on this, this this delivery of the message. I want every one of you to develop a love of contemplating Quran and you will see benefits of it in your life that you've never imagined. Never. I'm telling you it is the most fulfilling thing you will do with your life that I could do with my

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I like this contemplate the Quran. You know, I find studying the steel exhausting.

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But after when the tafsir study is done and I start doing to the Buddha, woof nothing like it. Best job in the world.

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Best Salvador. I will study with Sheikh Sohaib in Scotland. In a cafeteria, we're just doing to double for five hours. And I just have to stop in the middle and say, Isn't this the most amazing job on the planet?

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He said, Yeah, don't tell anyone. I was like, I'm gonna

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I want all of you to have that joy. He said Furby Danika Lea Franco, who Hiram emerge mount because of the Quran, they should be filled with joy. It's better than everything else that they're gathering. Let's gather some Quran. So with that, I'm going to conclude our first session. I think it went fairly well. And inshallah but that's up to you. I don't care about your comments.

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But do do the homework assignment and I'll see Inshallah, all of you tomorrow.

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Guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran, accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section