Waleed Basyouni – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf 26

Waleed Basyouni
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mina enoughto hace una

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de como tobiano akufo la for Aradhana

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Deena Houma, buena

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una mania team Nev Maddy Medina or Canada.

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Rob big on 213 the Anakata

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So these are the verses that basically mark the end of the story of other artists.

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And Moosa, he said, as well

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it starts with or we have the who's gonna read in English the translation First,

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you'll Abdullah

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the boat belong to some needy people who made their living from the sea, and I damaged it because I knew that coming after them was the king who are seizing every serviceable boat by force. The young boy had parents who are people of faith, and so fearing he would trouble them through wickedness and disbelief. We wish that their Lord should give them another child, pure and more compassionate in his place. The wall belonged to two young orphans in the town, and there was a buried treasure beneath it belonging to them. Their father had been a righteous man, so your Lord intended them to reach maturity, and then dig it dig up their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. I did not do these

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things of my own accord. These are the explanations for those things you could not bear with patience.

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He said now explaining a man asked for what can be him the explanation of what he did. I miss Safina the ship for can at Lima sakin used to belong to a Miskin. Anybody who knows what's miskeen means?

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What's word miskeen means?

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The person who just make enough is that what here that meant? So Matter of fact, miskeen in this verse in particular, means somebody who's poor who's needy, it's equal to the word poor. Usually the ordinary skene carry the same meaning of poor unless you bring them together. So I miskeen in this case, there is like a very specific meaning for each one of them. But if you said faqeer it means muskie, and if you said mysskin, by itself, it means also faqeer MIDI. The word miskeen comes Can anybody think of the root

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of it?

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Sakina very good. Sakina which it means

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which means Mr.

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tranquillity sukoon what sukoon

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stationary when you don't move that

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calm is a dumb move That's right. So basically that's what it does so what this has to do with person who is poor

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why the Arab will tell someone is poor I've no money calm or like stationary status.

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Very good. Because he can't help himself anymore. He basically second any He did everything and he give up and just just there is nothing coming. There's no income coming. He doesn't have a way to actively make money.

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That's why he became in sukoon. It's not making money. He make no income he can make an income for himself. So there are abuse the word Misaki. So miskeen Sahib, Kalyan healer, the one who doesn't have ability to do things, okay to make things the person who doesn't know how to figure things out. That's why there is a hadith and Pavani says, Miss Keenan. module number Atilla

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is the Hadith and Pavani is miskeen. The man who has no wife

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Okay, skinny you can take care of himself, you know? So that was miskeen here means and then this honey Anyway, what kind of wha home from behind them or after them? The word wa in Arabic language it means behind you. That's right what Ah, but I'll tell you very something interesting about the word wha wha in Arabic it could be it's also ahead of you.

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It's a Mona smile Ubud. Which it gives you the opposite meanings. It's one word have completely the opposite meaning. So you say

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Shara it means purchase or sell can use both ways. How do you tell the difference? The contents, you read the full sentence you understand what that word means? Okay, well shadow bitterman inbox. Anybody to become an inbox? They sell them for a cheap price. So this decent Arabic language very unique word called a bad which is carry the the meaning and that's why even Masood used to read this verse. Well, if I'm Miss Safina mechanically Misaki now I'm alone FL baja for a Bahama Cannavaro home Wakanda a mama home medical near Coca Cola Safina de la small. He said a mama heard of him them. Okay because it's basically the same meaning and that's how a basketball they are lower

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because they are traveling from one place to another the place that they look going to that's where the king is. So he's ahead of them waiting for them. If he sees the ship good, it would have taken from them. Okay, that's why last month Allah said well nuwara him jahannam

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those people didn't cross the bridge and behind them behind behind them. janam is ahead of them. So the World War II it means ahead of them. Anyway, so this king take every good ship that he sees he basically will take it away from the people. That's why there is a para also one of the para yahuda Kula Safina team sila Hatton Rasul Allah or Saha, he will take every sound chip. Okay, that's why he made that Hall.

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And he called them Misaki in because it shows you how he cares for them. And also shows you the description of the word Misaki and shows you that those people who work on this ship need the ship they cannot survive without so that's why he wants to save that ship because it means everything for them. Because if he said and he didn't describe them with Myskina, let's say he said and those people you might say okay, maybe you have another ship let them take one but those mosquitoes they have only one ship

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looks like they took a took it away they will be in a great deal of hardship. So that's word miskeen give you even that image of what I'm didn't give you the details, but just the word miskeen unconsciously stop thinking about poor people really need working hard. You know, like this is the mean of their surviving and he just somebody's gonna take that's why saving it. It means saving their future. All these details were not mentioned but you can figure it out by looking at the verse.

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As for the boy, a man who lamb for Cana Ababa homie named Eben Abbas boss when he used to read this verse he used to say, Well, I'm alhuda mufa Kanika Fira used to read it this way. He used to say us for the whole lamb for the boy he was a Catholic. And in the B cell alone, it was seldom said and

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he said in the hula mela, the cattle have to be a calf era. He was created from day one cafe.

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And in Derby Salam said lower ash if he lived the Arakawa de toyana waka fra, he would cause a great deal of transgression and comfort from his parents.

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How's that? That the last month? Last month I said for Cana Ababa home meaning his parents were believers for Hershey now

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we feared that there's a lot of fear anything.

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So how come Allah said we fear that he will cause that the great deal of what he feared that he would overburden them by transgression and disbelief while on we use the word feared ashina kind of a bass, Allah Shia to mean Allah.

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When Allah say he fears something he knows that this is what happened.

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Because fear is, is a tense emotions, usually because you don't know what's gonna happen. That's why you get scared. I don't know how severe this will be. I don't know how exactly this will hurt me. I don't know how that's so the fear always about unknown, but for our last panel tada is

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fearing for you is not coming from not knowing for him knowing exactly what happened. That's why it's not knucks we have to learn. It's not command is not the opposite of command. It's basically he's he's basically fear that this is because he knows 100% that this is going to happen. So he's basically don't want this to happen you That's why I said for who up in LA or some other said, Cara Hata and you're here for any ashina Karina, we don't want we don't we hate the tea will cause this a great deal of over overburden to his parents.

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Some to completely another route.

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They said the one who said hoshina we feared the T will burden, overburden them by transgression disbelieve The one who said that statement is uncovered not a lot.

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So I'll cover is the one who feared that I'll cover was told the T's of disbeliever so Heather was afraid that this will happen. You understand how the verse goes so two ways of understanding that verse.

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And this is an alpha yes said that because we fear is an explanation for the actions. Okay? And it means fear and he said that's what we be the right thing to attribute it to a loss Montana, but it's not really a problem either way.

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Tyler Qatada

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for our dilemma Woody, what has he now he

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see, listen carefully to what portada said is a great scholar of Tafseer. He said, when this boy was born, the parents were very happy. When he was killed, they were very sad. But if he would live that boy, he will destroy them.

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So Qatada said, so be always satisfy with Kaaba law with what Allah decreed upon you. Because for them, they were sad for what Allah decreed upon them, which is the death, but they don't know that if he lived, he would cause a lot of great deal of problem for any of go for them.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, whatever he decreed for the believer, even if you don't like it, there is so much goodness in it. learn this from this incident. That was Katara the Allah and Rahim Allah set.

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So what that means overburden them with transgressions, uncover what that means.

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Yeah, it means as he grow, the love for the boy will What?

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grow as well. And when they see him on this false religion, and this scuffle, they will follow his footsteps.

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And they will agree in what he's doing, and they will support what he's doing.

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And that would lead them to leave a man and to end up could fall like him.

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That was the last one that I was referring to. When he was saying for her Sheena Eureka, hamato piano waku for any because the love and support of the sons, they will end up supporting all the evil thing that he's does, and they will end up supporting him and following his footsteps, and they will be Kim cafard like them. So Allah subhana wa tada

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wants to replace this boy with another child.

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there is like, some other options or opinions, but we can just move on quickly.

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Here, if we say if he's a child, how did other knows about this? A lot told him and inform him that if this boy was not because I told you before, what could be some adult if he's an adult, okay. And he knows that this person deserved to be killed and he because he'd been killing people he'd been terror, terror, terrorizing people and killing people, robbing people in the highways, as some scholar said that he will he used to do so he deserved to be killed. So when he killed him,

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basically, to protect the parents because the parents would if if they know they have the options, if he was to tell the parents, Hey, he's supposed to be killed, the parents will say no, save my son and they will oppose the order of Allah. And they will reject the Sharia or the rules just because they want to protect their sons and that will lead them to fall under rejection of the and form of

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aggression because they will project the law of loss Connaughton

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for Aradhana you did a whole map we want them to be replaced with we referring to Allah subhana wa tada or it is referred to as other Allah His Sunnah. Based on the first Machina, we feared if you refer to a lot this will be from Allah as well. So here I'll cover just relating to Musa what Allah told him

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a Ube de la Houma and there is another cara a new bed de lahoma

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same meaning Okay,

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is it really the same meaning Some said no. Big deal while Bedell is two different words when you put shut the tab deal and abdol the student for only at the top there's two different words What are they they say at the big deal is to change something or change the attributes of it but it is in essence still exist.

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And a doll is to change it completely with software replaces something completely different.

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Can anyone hear tell me how this will help in in understanding the verse the two different

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if we say a you bet dealer Houma comes from the word tip deal

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which it means the essence remain but you change the attribute

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okay but if you did a homer give them something replacements something else complete I give you example

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I come to

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what you're driving Adela

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Camry what year

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14. Okay, I come to Dallas Camry 2014 and I come to the car on I will make a big deal.

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I'll take this, you know, all looking rims that he has, you know and I put a new room and they put like a new color and they add like stuff in it. That's called tab D so the car remained but I changed many things in it. But it's still the Camry 2014

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or I go to for example a Bahama and I said what are you driving?

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That's hard to do.

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Mercedes Okay, hey, driving Mercedes then I said you know what, I will make a dad you know what, you need to go down to earth a little bit I'm going to give you you know

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pentylene Okay. Or mazaraki So, I change I in shape.

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So I change it, I give him something completely different if following okay. So the question here, how this will apply to this verse. What will be the different meanings you can derive from this from the verse? I you did a homer or you did a homer

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if it is you but do you keep the essence but you changed the car that means you replaced them with another boy Santa Monica life tonic with another boy but that boy is attitude man good that's right type it is self evident. He would replace the boy with a girl or

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another is another basically like I replaced the car Mercedes with Pinto Li or like Maserati you know so I changed that that's why from this some earlier my said a lot of place them with a girl you might say Where do they come the word girl from

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that's right where are they got the girl from? Because you did a homer

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any you change the thing completely with something completely different. But another boy based on the other camera you can understand that clearly. You bet dinner whoa I'm in a tub deal which it means it's the same thing but with different attributes. So it's another boy but this gap different attributes

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What did he replace them with? A you did a humara Bahama

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hire a min who

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the captain will occur about OSHA. The law speaks about the gender of that replacement.

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What did a lot described that new child was

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By showing the most important quality should be exists in a child or a human being which is a man, zakat.

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zeca here, Safar, P and E man, you take care.

00:20:21 --> 00:20:33

The first thing Allah Subhana, Allah said about the boy, he said, so we intend that their Lord should substitute for them one better than him in purity

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and nearer to mercy

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because what makes you two things, your deen and your, your manner.

00:20:45 --> 00:21:19

And Allah here to give an example of the best things can be exist in your religiosity, which is the purity, the sincerity, that you are pure sincere to Allah. And when it comes to dealing with people the manners of dealing Mercy is one of the most important quality. So Allah subhanaw taala only mentioned what really mattered the most. If someone have Deen and have manners, it doesn't matter about a girl or boy, it doesn't make a difference. And it's so beautiful, that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned what really matter in the child

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which is the purity of the heart, the man the Tutwiler the the bahara the deen as of now boss said hire a man who's a cotton Yanni, Amal and masala Hanwha

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all these three words religious city and religious city is pure, religion is pure, his action is pure, he is righteous

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as in for a lot set rockin that will occur about ohana some Roma said he only has so much mercy in his heart towards his parents. Now, another said no, he is so kind to them also loved him is very kind to the parents very kind to his relatives kind to his village that he used to another because the old one used to kill his his village members and his neighbors this man is the different story completely or the new chart.

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Then he said what a meltdown asked for the wall it belong to two orphan boys in the city and there was beneath and beneath it a treasure for them and their father had been righteous. So your Lord

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intend that they reach maturity and extract their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. And I didn't basically I did not do this from my own

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occurred that is basically the interpretation of what which what Allah tala have sent to me this is I'm doing what a lot order me to do. And this is the interpretation of what you couldn't handle or be patient with. So what does this wall the wall that the sell it for? Two young orphans. The word orphaned only refer to a child who didn't reach the age of puberty so we don't call orphan an adult lay upon little ballerina team. So if there is if there is a 20 years old person we don't call them orphan only someone that didn't reach the age of puberty by not less than 15 years old.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:50

And also an orphan The one who usually refer to the one who lost his mother, but it could be both okay or

00:23:52 --> 00:23:54

anyway, then he said

00:23:56 --> 00:23:59

ask for the two orphans. Okay.

00:24:01 --> 00:24:25

Young orphans. They had this wall belong the orphans of that city. Lola mania t maney Phil Medina city. Do you guys remember last week I told you you remember when they first came to the to the city? What did the law said about the city? Did he use the word city? What did he use the word What?

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never remember?

00:24:31 --> 00:24:31

Go back

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00:24:40 --> 00:24:46

our hella Korea thing. He said a village but here he told it a city.

00:24:48 --> 00:24:54

So why one time there is any difference between village and city. Which more praising

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

city more than just a village that's right villages downgrading a lot.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:28

downgrade them when he was talking about how stingy they were but when he talked about that righteous man and these orphans he upgrade them by saying city to praise because the it's a positive things that he's gonna say now about them here but the first one it was a negative things they stingy my boy oh man but he downgrade them to a village anyway so this city

00:25:31 --> 00:25:35

it basically these two orphans they have a treasure

00:25:36 --> 00:25:54

some people said the treasure is books other bass nachnahme in particular that it's been rated the grandpa said and it's this is a narration has a liar so there's no really proof for that at all.

00:25:55 --> 00:26:12

That being said also by citing the debate books of knowledge one knows best but it doesn't seem to be that way Why? Because in Arabic language Ken's Who will marry will mid phone in Arabic language see Ken's treasure it means money gold that is hidden in the earth.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:32

Alaska subhana wa tada I have protected this wealth of them which is underneath of that wall. So if the wall locked down and basically many people might come and it will expose the treasure so they want to keep the treasure hidden so they fix that wall Musashi Salaam and

00:26:35 --> 00:26:52

why? Because of the righteousness of their parents. What kind of abou Messiah, their parents were righteousness. That's why I've not basketball the law and said a lot protect their wealth not because of the righteousness of the children but because of the righteousness of the parents.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:30

From unshackled Allah who is solid firm in shukri lai la sala Hema a lot was grateful for their parents being righteous and such city in such place with so many stingy people miser view, even the village is no one of them even offered to host massages and not a single one in the in the whole entire village to see how corrupt society This is, how bad society This is. So to find that this society of righteous people and good people, that's a good sign. And Allah was grateful for them for that. To the extent the team made Moosa undercover work as a construction workers for their children.

00:27:32 --> 00:27:43

Did you see how righteousness what righteousness lead to Allah made to prophets work as a construction workers for these two boys building the wall for them?

00:27:46 --> 00:27:48

A Lost Planet Allah said,

00:27:49 --> 00:27:55

well, yoshua Ludhiana now turaco mean healthy him the read on the app and halfway through him.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:15

There is people who will worry about the children if I die, my kids are young. My kids don't have enough money for college. My kids who's going to take care of the my kids who's going to do this to them. We all have these thoughts. We worry about the future of our children. Anyone here has the children does not worry about their future.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:23

Most of us do, especially if you're very young, and you're still young and tired. So what should I do a lot told us

00:28:25 --> 00:28:28

that the solution is not only in making more money.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:33

The solution is not only in that, that's one of the way you should work.

00:28:35 --> 00:28:49

It to leave your family have Nia better than to leave them in the car for fun and nasty you leave them asking and begging people for money, that's for sure. But Allah says in the Quran, familia tiempo La Jolla Kudo Conan said either

00:28:50 --> 00:28:59

let them feel a loss of Allah let them be righteous because that's what really matters at the end of the day, while matter of protecting your children can

00:29:00 --> 00:29:13

succeed Abner Musa Rahim Allah is he selected lead he is to increase his night prayers. And he would say in Nima Zhi doofy salatu salam, aka Dr. Saleh.

00:29:14 --> 00:29:20

I only pray in the night more just because I want my children to be righteous.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:37

Sheikh Mohammed Sharif told me a long time ago something and I found it very true. He told me Shia Khalid I didn't find yet half of the little quarter on someone who was the parent unless one of his parents mixed family.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:44

Most of the people who have found you will find their parents one of them or their grandparents

00:29:45 --> 00:29:49

memorize the MC pmla in a regular basis.

00:29:50 --> 00:29:58

And that's very true. You want your children to be righteous increasingly by the increase your relationship with the last panel what our honor

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

As he said the righteous parent, okay, it is the seventh grandparents.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:25

Not the immediate ground it was the seventh and still a lot protect through the whole generations because of that old old old, old old grandparents. It doesn't seem to be the seventh I don't know where he brought this problem. But even if he said that, even if that is true, basically the righteous is still in the family.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:26

I guess.

00:30:28 --> 00:30:34

Allah subhana wa tada wants them to reach the age of puberty. And we are below I should

00:30:35 --> 00:30:49

I should go home I need the age of puberty as of last month and I said, why not? acabo Magnolia, Timmy lability awesome hat Diablo I should any don't touch the orphans money until they reach the age appropriate SoTL and ham, verse 152.

00:30:51 --> 00:30:55

And is it age of puberty? Or should so 15? Or should

00:30:56 --> 00:31:08

it is older than that? And LMS said no, should is not the age of puberty actually, it is to reach the age of a strength, what's that age they said 28 to 33

00:31:10 --> 00:31:27

or 40 years old. So, a lot want to keep that money for them until they reach that because that maturity, they are mature enough to know how to handle the money. Okay. So, some said the age of puberty Some said no, it should it means 2833 40 years old, even

00:31:30 --> 00:31:48

when some of the these numbers came from a verse and sort of had that either Bella Bella arbaeen Asana when you reach a should any max are fully grown and reach for two years. So, if you look at all these three

00:31:49 --> 00:32:31

incidents incident, the chip, the boy and here the wall, it is was a mercy from Allah subhana wa tada to good righteous people that allow and protect them, he won't protect the children, he wants, he wants to protect the parents and he wants to protect the honor of the ship, okay. And all this I have not done from my own Allah subhanaw taala order me to do it. So when he shows this to Musa alayhis salam, he understood that he did not break any law and actually whatever he did, what is the great benefit and his action then that bad thing that appear?

00:32:34 --> 00:32:44

So, when he said this is what we and this is the explanation, this is the reality of what I did, which is you could not have patient with and to be patient with

00:32:45 --> 00:33:02

by not asking me or opposing me or representing me for what I did. musala sam, at this point he felt sorry. And in the visa Salim said may Allah put his mercy on Moosa. I wish that he had more patience so we can know more from the story of al Qaeda.

00:33:06 --> 00:33:16

If you look at this story, and I said rahimullah something I found it interesting and read about a homicide. If you look at the story, and we end with this

00:33:18 --> 00:33:22

you will find that through the life of Musa alayhis salam

00:33:23 --> 00:33:25

there are similar things happen to him.

00:33:27 --> 00:33:35

If you study the life musala salaam just think about the life was I said I'm in general, you will find these three incidents with a lover happened to him.

00:33:37 --> 00:33:48

What that mean, for instance, what he object when he objected to other for making a hole in the ship.

00:33:49 --> 00:34:18

Okay, because it's gonna draw and and people will, like didn't happen this to Moosa when he was a baby, when his mother put him in a basket, which is his hole in it, and she threw him in the river. And he was very most likely to drown as well. But what saved him in that basket, the basket, and that basket or box allows mercy. So the law who took care of you and your child, he also capable of taking care of the ship as well on people will not die because of it.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:28

When he objected to the killing of this boy, who have caused a lot of troubles, he also killed the

00:34:29 --> 00:34:32

Egyptians who was causing a lot of troubles

00:34:34 --> 00:34:37

in Egypt, but the outcome was better.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:42

He said, Why didn't you charge the money

00:34:44 --> 00:34:47

for building the wall? That's right.

00:34:48 --> 00:34:56

And didn't you your most didn't charge the two girls money when you brought water for them? You did it for free for them as well.

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

So if you look everything that you have

00:35:00 --> 00:35:08

objected to, at one point that is something similar to what happened to him. And the outcome was great for masari his setup.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:29

Before I mentioned about, I mentioned actually 29 benefits from the story of Masada, Sarah, whenever he met, and these are some more points that we can learn. Number one, this story, there is a great benefit in it when it comes to the concept of a duck.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:53

Understanding that what Allah decreed upon us is always the best of us, the best for us. Allah will never decreed upon you something the bad, no more than the good. Allow and never decree upon you something the good and the bad and that are equal. Always there is more greater good an outcome from anything that Allah decreed upon us. That's why and because of this fact.

00:35:55 --> 00:36:01

That's why Allah subhanaw taala never ever attributed evil to him in a direct format ever.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:05

Well, not insanely who inla shape on one

00:36:07 --> 00:36:33

eye the shape on made me forgot about it attributed directly to the shape, not directly or indirectly. For Eva, I want to make hole in it. I want to make hole in the ship. The hole is something that he attributed to himself. I'll call up for her Sheena Eureka hamato piano waka for according to some of the opinion, I don't want I killed him. I killed him because I don't want him to cause problem for them.

00:36:34 --> 00:37:14

But when it comes to attribute in goodness to Allah, it's almost direct. For Aradhana eWb de la humara boo mahira Musa catwalk Rama Rama Allah wants to replace the child within the boy with another child, which is righteous. He ought to be to Allah directly. For our Adora buka yabla. Should the Hamas Taka Kansa Houma Allah one the two orphan to grow up and to get their money. So whenever higher a pure good attributed directly to Allah, any evil, it's not directed link dollar. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala allowed evil things to happen in earth for a greater benefit for a greater wisdom

00:37:15 --> 00:37:20

for the outcome, that it will turn out to be the best later on.

00:37:21 --> 00:37:35

And this is something we should always remember what Qatada says, you many times be happy with things, it will cause destruction to you. You'll be sad over things I need to know how much I'll save you from that thing.

00:37:36 --> 00:37:48

So be happy without a law degree because our last month I will never decree upon you something that there is more bad than than the good. And the more you think about it, the more you understand the hikma of Allah subhana wa tada and his actions

00:37:49 --> 00:37:51

and you trust him more in this regard.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:10

Also number two, in this story, there is a very important guide, a principle and shediac which is you always choose the lesser evil

00:38:12 --> 00:38:36

so if you have to choose between two evil you always choose the lesser evil, you always replace the big evil with the small one. If you have to have one you choose the small over the big one. And basically if you have two great options to have you always aim for the better even if I'm going to lose a little bit of this but I'm going to make this this better for my community. Even if I lost a little bit I'll go

00:38:37 --> 00:38:38

have fun.

00:38:39 --> 00:38:51

Okay, that's why it's very important. When you see some evil things, you might you might turn away from it leave it away,

00:38:52 --> 00:39:16

because there is greater evil can happen. shahana stampington Tamia Rahim Allah He used to see the the the Tata, the mogul drinking in the streets of Baghdad, Damascus, and in Syria, drinking alcohol, and some of them claimed Muslims. So they told him Why don't you stop him from drinking? He said because if I stopped him from drinking, they will go and kill the people and kill the Muslims.

00:39:17 --> 00:39:24

So drinking is evil, but killing is another evil. So drinking prevent them from something greater evil.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:28

So you always have to keep that in mind.

00:39:31 --> 00:39:51

And half of them have said but you have to have a condition tied to him did them car an ally akuna vayama De Lima Hormann so Sophie Sharia, as long as you do the list evil, but as long as doing this list evil is not something in Shetty. I clearly said it's Haram.

00:39:53 --> 00:39:58

Like for example, somebody's afraid that he will do Xena

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

Okay he will commit Zina. So what I do or niwot so what I do I go drink alcohol, or you know what just goes you know, do some meth or like, you know, Cookie cookie in or something like some drugs. Why? Because I want to prevent me This is less evil than you know making Xena

00:40:25 --> 00:40:35

it's lesser evil using drugs than making Xena we said no but using drugs and drink alcohol is haram in Islam you're not allowed to do that. You don't say Oh Ha fullerene

00:40:36 --> 00:40:45

he can't do that. Okay, you can you don't go to a prostitute and so on. I'm not gonna do Xena I'm just gonna add a fourth light

00:40:46 --> 00:40:57

to protect myself from Xena no that's not evil that's doesn't work this way because it is it is haram and it's a you making a choice here like

00:40:58 --> 00:41:04

or you kill someone because you think he might kill other people you can do that.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:13

Less evil no it's not it's not happening yet. Number three you're allowed you're allowed to

00:41:15 --> 00:41:28

enter the sort of female wire be Murphy masala ha What are we doing even the shots sometimes you sometimes you're allowed to how can do that check in on

00:41:29 --> 00:41:44

what would be the best way to put it you're allowed sometimes to make decisions on behalf of someone else even related to financial decisions. If you know there is absolutely benefit from that and you protect that person from harm.

00:41:46 --> 00:42:03

Absolutely like for example if I know that this money won't be burned, if it stayed here, I can take it and put it away. I have the right to where we get that from because he made a hole in other people's ship and the ship which is not Tez also

00:42:06 --> 00:42:41

allow him on low tada said something very good. It's been about Paul said that anybody knows what's going on? You hear his name? Remember Paul, he wrote one book very famous explanation. So in Makati. That's why he became very famous. He died 449 hijiri 1006 56. Anyway, even but Paul said as a comment on this story. He said in this hadith and this story, very important principle for a Muslim to learn. Which is you don't ever ever contradict a laws law with your aka.

00:42:45 --> 00:43:13

Which is because alcohol said Why would you make a hole after said Why would you kill the boy? I'm concerned Why would you build the wall? Everything logically makes no sense. But after the Sheree I explained to you, make sense. So don't ever rush to reject the Quran, reject the sinner because he couldn't understand it. Because your logic doesn't kind of process it. So he said from this, we learn that we should not do that.

00:43:17 --> 00:43:35

Anyway, I've been hedgerow him Allah said but Musa did not object to another because his logic didn't accept that he object to uncover because he has other evidence to show that this is haram. But still, I think he had a point as well even borrow him a lot on number five.

00:43:37 --> 00:43:58

that sends or not one level, the worst is killing an innocent person. That's why when he made a hole in the ship mooses reaction was angry. But when he killed it was furious. And he use a very strong language because that setting higher than the other other one. Number six,

00:44:00 --> 00:44:12

making clear the wisdom and the reasoning behind the legislation is very important for people. It gives tranquility in the heart it increased the man.

00:44:13 --> 00:45:00

That's why you Moosa could not feel rest with the cover, because he could not understand the wisdom behind the action. He cannot understand the reasoning behind the action. I'm saying this because in our dour, it helps people. It helps to support the man to make them understand the wisdom behind the legislation, the wisdom behind the orders of Allah, the wisdom behind the appropriation of things. It is very good tool if most accurate and alert. So what about the average people today so it's a very good methods and data yes to make them believe in the law but also explaining the reasoning and the Hikmah. It is something important our data to be used as a method also number seven

00:45:00 --> 00:45:07

And look at the wisdom of a mother. How he dealt with the unjust ruler, the king who take the ships.

00:45:08 --> 00:45:44

He did not challenge the king. That's right. He didn't say okay Moosa, you know what, let's take these poor people on make, you know, attack or militia, he knows he can do that he can win that. So he went to dead. He basically tried to reduce the amount of injustice that this ruler does, you know, I can avoid the confrontation and save the ship and everybody goes home happy. He did that hamdulillah. Number eight, the people of the ship recognize each other, and the honor Him and they let him ride for free.

00:45:46 --> 00:45:54

Even though he made a hole on the ship, did we ever heard that they were so angry, you don't deserve what we did to you that they do that? No.

00:45:56 --> 00:45:56

You know why?

00:45:58 --> 00:45:59

Because they trust him.

00:46:02 --> 00:46:29

And I think one lessons for our community to learn from this, we need to trust our leaders, we need to trust our art, we need to trust our Messiah, we need to trust our lambs. Even sometimes, when you see when something like 100% you personally take it, but just don't rush to abandon them or to accuse them a little bit of trust, especially if someone you know, for a very long time.

00:46:30 --> 00:46:33

You didn't just take anybody's statement over that person.

00:46:35 --> 00:46:53

Also, one of the things that did tell people number nine, to be patient and to be able to practice with with with contentment is knowing the wisdom behind that actions. I mentioned that before. Number 10 Did you notice that these people of the ship did not charge any money

00:46:55 --> 00:46:58

because it can't handle or I'll hire

00:47:00 --> 00:47:20

me, you know, taking care of the people of knowledge and the righteous people and serving them. It is permissible and it does something from the good manners. And also it shows that you are allowed to accept that I go to my hobby give me free and sometimes free. A free pancake and like you know,

00:47:21 --> 00:47:30

you know, I would say okay, you know, it's like, you know, he does that he has to enter I just kidding. But

00:47:32 --> 00:47:43

as long as long as you know that this gift is not minute is not something that he will twist your arm with it. He use it against you.

00:47:45 --> 00:47:46

It will be by you out.

00:47:48 --> 00:48:03

Okay, or someone will show off later on I I feed this guy all the time. You know, let me see how big it is. It's because of me. Okay, you know. So if that's the case, you should not accept it. Also,

00:48:07 --> 00:48:10

the teacher can

00:48:11 --> 00:48:20

excuse and ask for excusing, excusing the students. If he did something that the student couldn't understand. He can tell I'm sorry.

00:48:21 --> 00:48:28

That's why I said you couldn't handle all this information that he could that we remind him to stay on here. sobre

00:48:29 --> 00:48:30


00:48:31 --> 00:48:48

as a learner, you have to be patient. If Moosa has more patient, he have more knowledge but because he doesn't know patient, he lost the opportunity of learning more. Just be patient with the shit I know you have to go home now. You want to catch up with the debate. Just be patient with me. Number three,

00:48:50 --> 00:48:56

attribute ng knowledge to Allah. referring the knowledge to Allah one of the reason for your knowledge to have Baraka

00:48:59 --> 00:49:02

and to eliminate Mimmo limb

00:49:03 --> 00:49:09

Teach me from what Allah has taught you. When I file to an Emory I didn't make it from my own.

00:49:10 --> 00:49:13

The more you say this knowledge from Allah spotted the middle of last year knowledge.

00:49:14 --> 00:49:23

The more you arrogance, this knowledge in mot to Allah admin in the Tarot and this is my knowledge, I was gonna destroy him and his knowledge and his wealth.

00:49:25 --> 00:49:59

Number 14, Malaya surah, Allah, Allah Ma, fo Hiram cattier those who have no patience with the scholars, they will miss so many good opportunities. If you read an Amish live, you say how can you spend even an hour with a guy like that? But being patient with the real amount will allow you to learn a lot of good some smash is the absence a lot. They relate a lot they do this they like but you have to be patient with them because at the end of the day, you win more than what you lose. Number 15 righteous person Allah protect him in himself. protect his children.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

tectus wealth as we learned earlier 16

00:50:05 --> 00:50:33

if you are a friend with someone, if you're a friend with someone, don't just cut that person off for the first mistake. So when Musa did this first mistake I'll come up and say calasparra Albania Albania, he give them three chances. You know, give people chances don't just cut them up because one or two mistakes that they that okay. And guess what he left Moosa before he gets angry at Muslims.

00:50:34 --> 00:50:52

He left most of before he got angry it was he never expressed anger at Muslims, but he doesn't want to reach to that level. So sometimes if someone he doesn't go along with you, there's too many problems between you and him or her it's better to leave each other or your friends than to leave each other after a nasty fight.

00:50:54 --> 00:50:59

That's right and that's how they're very smart he separated before it reached that level.

00:51:00 --> 00:51:02

Number 17

00:51:04 --> 00:51:06

you can make a judgment according to the

00:51:08 --> 00:51:26

most light basically to the habit to the custom of people that's well however from the beginning you said you're gonna have patience with me because he knows that you cannot handle the stuff that I have. He was not unfair in his judgment assessment, but you can make an assessment according to the the signs and the color in that you have

00:51:27 --> 00:51:38

but don't judge them according but you can make an assumption number 18 make sure that you take care of your righteous children

00:51:39 --> 00:51:42

where we get this from Make sure you take care of your kids

00:51:44 --> 00:51:46

because they left for them what

00:51:47 --> 00:51:57

treasure they take care of the mirror have the money and the barrier for them the Why didn't they give it to someone else to take to save it for them

00:52:00 --> 00:52:18

because the whole village are stingy if you give it to anyone in the village will never give it back to the children that's what they had to hide they have to hire it to bury it Is that clear? So but they save the money for the children so make sure that you take care of your children also

00:52:19 --> 00:52:24

one of the benefit is to babble Anya be allowed to follow him

00:52:26 --> 00:52:30

take care of the children of the righteous and the good people of your community.

00:52:32 --> 00:52:40

Yanni Allah Allah gave us all of us a good long life but if I die today I don't have children I leave behind me

00:52:43 --> 00:52:49

are expected the community will be the first one to come to this is the turn of all chef will take care of them.

00:52:50 --> 00:53:10

Yeah hamdulillah I need to die. I had one of the brothers. You know, I don't ask for anyone to help me I always love to pay for my food and for my services. Okay, I'd love to do that. But you know what, even my daughter went to someone today and he said no, I'm not gonna charge you any money you shuffle his daughter

00:53:11 --> 00:53:16

in the this is a column this is this is the nobility

00:53:17 --> 00:53:33

you know if just Allah saw his son comes in need help on never charge him for anything if I have my own, you know, a hand him like scholars, it's part of paying in your showing the the hope to the to the roadmap to the drought. Also,

00:53:34 --> 00:54:09

this story, it does not have anything that justify making out on things because some Sophie's take lessons from this story to justify doing haram things. So he will first indicate He will make lewat like homosexuality act and he said since I'll cover that all haraam things and a lot a lot of it for him. No, he didn't do a single thing hold on why? Because he said to a my file to an MD. Not also is this is for extreme groups like Dr. Rose like that. It's not also he don't say that.

00:54:10 --> 00:54:16

Also, person is excused if he truly forgot, Latin

00:54:17 --> 00:54:37

America what I forgot. So if somebody truly forgot, is excused, and we talked more about that before it kurama life logic, being generous with your guests as well, especially those who are travelers. So if in domestic you see someone coming out of town, we should show or Don't be like that village.

00:54:38 --> 00:55:00

Don't be like that. If we see someone come to the community and automatically no stranger, still go away. Turn your back. Everybody in the community should say hey, I can host you I can take you for dinner can that's the law. Otherwise you became that like that village that Allah tala Mencia and for our number 22 Allah miskeen the

00:55:00 --> 00:55:04

A person who's poor can be poor, even if he has a job.

00:55:06 --> 00:55:10

Why? Because they have a ship. They work in the ship, but they still are poor.

00:55:11 --> 00:55:23

Because this idea that people say because he may make his money, it means he's not poor anymore. No, somebody people work and make money, but it's still poor, they could not cover all their expenses. Number 23.

00:55:25 --> 00:55:32

Yes, true. Parents affect their children. But from this story, we know that children affect parents as well.

00:55:33 --> 00:55:36

So be very careful the impact of your children on you.

00:55:38 --> 00:55:45

That's why we ask Allah Allah His real righteous children. Why? So they will not affect us negatively.

00:55:46 --> 00:55:51

That's right. And they will not be fitna for us in our Deen, Indonesia.

00:55:52 --> 00:55:55

Number 24. It is

00:55:58 --> 00:56:07

very good to be in the company of someone who is older than you, someone who has more than you.

00:56:08 --> 00:56:09


00:56:12 --> 00:56:21

Because you learn a lot from that elder. What is this from this story? Can anybody figure it out? When in the story someone in the company of an older person

00:56:23 --> 00:57:16

that is not older than most Odin is younger? Yes, Solomonic. Usually not and a lot tougher to Fatah young man. So this young man was in the company of Musashi Salaam, who's definitely all because he became a Providence party. So he basically he is older and this is young boy You know, it's very important for young men to be in a company of older person, like Big Brother as we say this program is very good. Why because the older one will you or be basically give advice, teach him skills in life, correct him and this young man will learn will serve will help. And mu Sally Sarah, he truly succeed in raising this huge I've been known to be an ideal person that a lot even chosen to be what

00:57:17 --> 00:57:32

a prophet, and he is the one who entered Jerusalem because Musa die before entering Jerusalem and allows Fatah let you shall lead the children of Israel to enter Jerusalem. These are 24 lessons that I can think of,

00:57:33 --> 00:57:42

from the story of how the Amazon is set up. And if anyone here has a point that would like to share from the resistors welcome

00:57:43 --> 00:57:52

to do so as well. Otherwise, I'll see you shala next week and we'll talk about the coding so anybody has a point would like to say

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