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The speakers discuss the importance of providing enough food before events like the ITAR and the holiday. They stress the importance of sadaqa Al seroni, which is part of the duty of regular actions, and encourage people to complete fasting during the month of statement. They also remind viewers to check out information on Dr. Hadden's website and Facebook page for more information. The speakers also remind viewers to check out information on Dr. Hadden's dad's philosophy of fasting and to complete fasting before the ITAR.

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Assalamualaikum and very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. All praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, the last prophet and messenger of Allah. As always, it's my ultimate pleasure to welcome in the studio, Dr. athermal. Dad, I slow Modi conducting an economist on mental labor. Okay, thank you so much for joining us in the studio. Come on, Doctor. We didn't have enough time on the last episode to clear up the questions that I wanted to ask about zadock Alfetta. So have many questions on this. If you don't mind taking this session today. To answer these questions. The first question I want to ask,

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Dr. Hasan is who should pay the Sadek Alfetta?

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Yes. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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we mentioned Hadith even Ambassador the Allahu Anhu when he said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam obliges the cattle further as a purification as and as well as the food or nourishment for the poor a PA then there is Hadith even Omar Radi Allahu Allah Allah and who that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are obliged their cattle photo

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on every single Muslim person free or slave

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man male or female, right young or old.

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So, any Muslim who forced the month of Ramadan or According to some scholars, most of the month of Ramadan, he is obliged to give zakat and footer provided that he has

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he has wealth

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that covers him for the next year right. Okay. So, he had wealth that covers him for the next year and the surplus So, then this person is obliged to give the cattle photo. So, we can say that there are two main conditions right, that the person has wealth that is enough for him and furthermore, enough for the people whom he in charge for, such as his own wife, his own children, his father and mother, if they do not have any kind of other support, okay, if he has wealth to cover them all. And surplus, then he is obliged to give zakat alpha. So, this is the first condition, the second condition is that the person has fasted all or most of the month of Ramadan right, then he is

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obliged to give a cart alpha. Now, as you can see, that this covers so many people, yes, and in,

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if we look at the amount of provision that the person has to have to cover him, and to cover his family, we will not see that it is a big amount of wealth. Unlike the normal Zika, the normal Zika you have to reach a threshold right above that threshold, you have to give Zika that the threshold might be enough to cover your family to cover the maintenance of your family for the coming year and might not be enough to cover them. But the criteria of sercotel photo is a little bit different. And this is one of the main differences between the cattle fertile and normal sector of course Subhanallah Well, Doctor, I guess now that question has been answered. The next question would be

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who should receive it we talking about who should give who should receive?

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This is a good question who should receive it?

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See, you remember that. We said that the cartel factor is to be given as food. Okay.

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In Hadith herbicidal Hodeidah

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This is the third important Hadith regarding the cattle Fatah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said or herbicides they said that the prophets Allah Allah is obliged us to give the cattle fertile as one side right from date barley dry dry milk packet packet okay

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or any type of food.

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So, the scholar said that the cattle fossil oil filter should be given as stable food from any stable food the people in that locality consume. So, for example, in India people eat and consume rice and the rice is considered to be a staple food of course, so, the cotton further can be given as rice.

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Now, let us say in in other countries such as Egypt, wheat is the most important stable fruit okay. So, it should be given from wheat or you can say flour right but wheat is better because it is stable and it was given during the time of the prophets of Allah Islam in some other countries date is considered to be the stable food that they consume plus it is mentioned directly on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So, you can give the cattle firm as dates.

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Now, see, this is what we just said that the cattle filter is especially Zika is especially bad. So, you should not say that we should sell the dates that we need to give or the barley that we need to give or the rice that we need to give and the price should be given to the poor people No, give it to the poor people as it is I say whatever they do with it is not your business okay. But if you select the right poor people, yes, the problem is people do not select Do not look for the right poor people definitely. So, they give it to me people who might not make use of this

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this type of food definitely so, because they are not going to make use of it. So, they sell it in order to get some money for this, this is wrong. If we go for the right people, then they will make use of this money. And that's why

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as we said if you give it to the right people, they will make use of it. And that's why many scholars now they say that if you do not find the right people in your locality in your country, then there is no harm to send it to poor people in other countries. Yes. And we have seen this you know, for example, in England, you cannot say that there are poor people who do not find food, don't totally totally I totally agree, okay, especially food they might they might be poor not finding for example, a good house are a good shelter or something like this.

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That is true, but not to find food is very unlikely, even if we say that there are maybe some asylum seekers, some illegal people staying in the country and so on they do not find anything, they are very, very minimum. Yeah. So, in this case, what shall we do? In this case, we should give it to other organizations that might transfer this money to who to other poor people in other countries, yes, that is insha Allah no problem. So the people who receive it should be poor people.

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You know, the QA in general is to be given two

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to eight categories, right? Okay. They are considered to be a snuff Zika that the categories of people who receive Zika mentioned in surah Titova in the Masada cartoon for Cara you will miss Kenya with Medina, Allah, Allah, Allah woman, federal Fabiola Vitamina officer really let you have in history, eight categories who are eligible to receive DACA. Not all of those eight categories are eligible. According to the vast majority of scholars, not all of them are eligible to receive their Carter photo, only the first to enter Masada Autoline for our own massagin Only for the cattle Hopper in particular. Why? Because if we understand the wisdom behind the cattle, the philosophy

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behind the cattle further we will admit it

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that, for example, Allah for collarbone or allottee mean, those who have debts to pay, they will not benefit from the fruit, yes, to be given to them, but for the Messiah keen, they benefit from the food to be given to them. So this is who receive it. That's definitely true Doctor, I want to pick up on that point and share something with you about the UK, obviously, that I can talk about people who say they're poor in the UK, okay, there's many people poor, however, you're totally 100% Correct. That even the poorest of poor people eat food. There's many organizations in the UK, especially giving food to poor people here in the east. When somebody says they have no food, it

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literally means they don't have

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a lot of talking about biscuits Doctor, I'm not talking about you know, the last packet of crisps, you're the last kind of pop, they don't even know what these items are. If you've give them a kind of pop, they'd say, Gosh, what is this? Never seen it? I'm talking they don't have basic they have a piece of rice to eat. It's very, you know, why why have these people and inshallah God provide more for them. The next question then Doctor is is it wajib or not wajib?

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Okay, the cotton filter as we said it is obligatory Omar Wali, Allah and who said that the Prophet SAW Selim made it obligated and even even Abbas Ravi, Allah Allah and who said that it is obligatory so the Castile photo is obligated

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to be given before before the ITAR by the way, we have to mention that the cattle farmer has to be given in a specific time. Yes. What is that time? The time should be before Salah to eat? Right? Yes. Okay. In particular the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said the one who gives it before Salah till it is as the one who gives it after Salah till eight, it is just a normal sadaqa so the person should be keen to give it before that. Now, how long before that? Can we give it two days before that? One week before that? Can we give it in the beginning of the month of Ramadan? Yes, scholars have different opinions, but the safest opinion is to give it two days before Ramadan two or one day

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before the end of Ramadan. And that is mentioned in Hadith even Omar and this is the safest opinion. However, there are some other scholars who said that we can give it after the middle of Ramadan, we can give it maybe in the beginning of the month of Ramadan I see. But as we mentioned at this point,

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you know when we give it to a charities that are going to give it abroad, okay. Okay, when we give it to charities that are going to give it abroad. Normally those charities they call they start collecting is a cattle flipper may be a week before the end of Ramadan. Right. Okay. Even if they collected way before the end of Ramadan. That's alright. Because we are appointing those charities to give on our behalf. Yes, we are not giving it to the charities themselves. Subhanallah Okay, so it can be given in the beginning of Ramadan to those charities. Definitely. Well, Doctor, that's all we have time for right now in this part, but I have a brilliant question waiting for you after this

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quick break. We're just going to take a quick break. Stay tuned. Assalamualaikum welcome

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own man.

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Assalamualaikum under variable. Welcome back to the philosophy of fasting. Well, Sheikh, we running out of time on the series, we're coming up to the end of the series, we have one more program that I believe we have left. So I want to talk about EAD and you know everything surrounding EAD have too many questions for you. If you thought had too many questions previously, believe me I have too many. But before we go any further, I just must ask you a quick question about the sadaqa Alfetta because it's a pending question that's not only asked to me, what Hadith channel itself, can we pay this sadaqa alpha to to non Muslim

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Missoula handle the handle handle on salatu salam ala Rasulillah see take it as a general ruling the obligatory Zika or sadaqa, the normal Zika and the normal

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Zakat and Flippered this one both of them the obligatory the QA and the obligated is a cartel factor as well as any obligatory compensation

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not the voluntarily sadhaka nothing they voluntarily act no the obligatory

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charity or compensation should be given to Muslims only right and this is the opinion of the vast majority of scholars okay. Why because it is a part of that duty Muslims ought to duties the to Muslims okay. Now, of course, normal sadaqa can be given to non Muslims, normal sadaqa can be given to non Muslims, but the cattle photo should be given to Muslims only I see. There is an opinion that it can be given to non Muslims from Alabama if they live under the Islamic State. Let us not get into this. This is yes, your opinion, but generally speaking, it should be given to Muslims Subhan Allah thank you for clearing that up for me that Dr. Haytham. So let's talk about the big day and

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the the surrounding things a day. It's something very special to myself, you know, I was just talking to you in the break regarding this. And let's start off by saying okay, what is EAD?

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by the way, we are just coming to eat and shallow, exactly two or three days, it depends.

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It depends on who is watching this program, in which country, it's definitely correct, but it is a very lovely event and eat all of us are waiting for a but

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as I know where you are coming from as a new Muslim, some new Muslims, they do not understand the purpose of ie the wisdom of a the philosophy. I remember that the first time I came through this question was from

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a brother who is edivert.

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And we were happy that they announced a etc and he was happy, because we are happy, but he sat by himself and he said I cannot understand what is what is what does it mean exactly.

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And unfortunately, many people do not understand what is the purpose of aid. They understand that the purpose of aid is to celebrate and to enjoy. That's it, but why this is the question. See?

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The Prophet sallahu wa salam said we have two eights

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which means that we only have to eat as Muslims. Okay, and in some narrations, we have three eights, right, the two eights are a little further that comes after Ramadan. Okay. And even that comes after the day of our alpha yes and the day of alpha is the main pillar of Yes. And if we go for the third narration, Juma Friday is our weekly Yes. Now, Ramadan aide Adel Fatah comes after the completion of a very important and unique a bada Yes, okay. The angel head comes after almost the completion of the main pillar of a big a major, a bar that which is one of the foundations of Islam, Ramadan, as fasting Ramadan is one of the foundations of Islam. So, we are happy.

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This is the point we are happy that Allah Allah Allah gave us the opportunity to fast the whole month of Ramadan.

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Can you see the point? Yes, this is a point that many of our brothers and sisters do not really understand carefully. exactly the purpose of aid is to thank Allah to glorify Allah to explore the magnificence of Allah janela because he gave you the opportunity to do a bad for him during that time to, for example, to complete fasting the whole month of Ramadan.

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bought to live throughout the whole month of Ramadan and to be subjected to the Mercy of Allah Allah Allah during the month Subhanallah it's amazing to find this out it's I understand now I didn't at first you're exactly right when you're a revert Muslim you you sit there on the day of Eid going okay

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what next? Yeah, you're waiting for the Big Bang yes but when you start realizing and it's explained to you

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it's the most magnificent day and you think to yourself, I've missed out on this opportunity but hamdulillah have many more EADS to go inshallah Alhamdulillah Yes, so this is the point and see from an Islamic perspective. We just we do not be happy for the sake of being happy and having fun. Exactly. Okay. There has to be a purpose and our life is centered on Tauheed well in masala tea, you know, Sookie when a woman Marathi Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Sharika all of my life, my salah, my sacrifice, my life my death is for Allah. So my E is for Allah. Yes. And this was a clarified in the Quran itself. Sharon on Milan and lady on zeta fee Hill Quran who then leanness you have a united

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Minella who Dowell for confidentiality domain commercial affiliation. omenka Annamaria been Oh ALLAH suffering fader to Mina, Yemen, you read a lot who become a loser or whether you need to become a loser. After that. Allah Allah Allah says, while he took me later, when he took Bureau, Allah where the competition Quran, definitely so you complete the count of Ramadan.

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And you glorify Allah, you make tech be of Allah, see, for whatever he has guided you for SubhanAllah. So it is, even if it is seen as a fun day you are, first of all, feel happy, because Allah, Allah, Allah guided you to this. And Allah, Allah, Allah gave you the opportunity to live the whole month of Ramadan, and this opportunity was deprived or many people who were deprived of this opportunity, definitely same thing in the aid of OB Ha, which comes after head, because the person either he was in head and performed out of heart, which is the main pillar of head your alpha. So for sure, if the person had out of her, then he had the major part of hedge and anything after that

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can be compensated, as well as most Delica which is the second most important or another important nuts and the second the another important pillar of height. So the person, he celebrates this, that Allah, Allah, Allah has given him this. If he is not in had, he has fasted the day of our of us, which is the most blessed day of the whole year. Subhanallah thank you so much for that, Doctor. That's all we have time for right now on the philosophy of fasting. Until next time, thank you so much. Well, you guys at home, I just want to remind you that you can actually check all this information out on Dr. Hadden our dad's website at Islam 21 If you want to check out anything,

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please go to this website. Until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of Allah assalamu Alikum welcome

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