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AI: Summary © The importance of being aware of one's body and the physical presence of the soul in the creation process is emphasized, along with the need to be free from fear and love. The importance of finding one's own path and finding one's own success is also emphasized, as it is linked to personal struggles and health. The negative impact of losing everything and finding one's way around is also discussed, along with the importance of protecting one's health and being a good person.
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once again

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so I ruptured my left eardrum today. So when we say why you gotta say, like you really need and I don't we don't have too many people here yet but

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you know the people that are here you guys need to be a little bit more Wait, I can't see any of you right now because of the blog

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post on Facebook, that muscle is so much going into space. It's not spiritual, I promise you. It's the light that's coming from

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somebody that

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you're wanting

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to see in the future.

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he says something very powerful about the way that it

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was created. And he says

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that the last time it was not commanded

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to prostrate

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until after he breathed into the soul of the Royal

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intellects extremely powerful, because basically what the

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law says is that the soul is more worthy of being paid attention to and the Justice than the body, because before allows power to place the soul in it. He literally was just that a lump of flesh. But the last time was either venerated if you don't want the last inhabitants either uses that term, that when that's not healthy, either, that allows them to breathe into him from the Spirit. And I was probably just a few months ago I was I heard someone actually saying that that means we all carry a loss out inside of us because of loss.

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And so we all have the loss of habitat inside of us. But in reality that is a loss of venerating in the same way that the last time in Thailand calls the cabinet they law okay a lot of people might you might have believed this growing up in Sunday school I know I did that last time he lives inside the black box in the Caribbean a lot doesn't live inside the cabinet. But a lot of veterans the cabinet by calling it makes a lot a lot out of when he calls the Amazon machine tell them not to lie. It doesn't literally mean a lot of see countless colossal comments either venerated. So we think about this, the roof of last parents, a lot of chose to venerated to that extent, to say

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I don't want to go into a long discussion about the difference between ROI and nuts because that's what I was asked to talk about. That is an extremely academic discussion, much difference of opinion. And I guarantee you, you will be lost and I will be lost by the time I finish talking about but just quickly, the Lord, the soul, the spirit that allows

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us is something that will continue on for eternity. And, you know, you might think to yourself when the little stars after last planets are created, it's really beautiful. That was mentioned something that

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a lot of times that

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Jude regenda that the soldiers are like drafted soldiers whoever

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They have an affinity for words previously, they will have an affinity towards Nvidia. And however they did not inclined towards previously, they will not apply towards India. So when you tell someone that I hated you forever, you might be telling the truth. And if I tell him that I've loved you forever, I love doing my previous route, that I'm telling you the truth of the matter shopping a lot. He told his wife, he said, How beautiful is it that allows pilots to urinate next to mine 50,000 years before the entire creation, is the reason why his name was a popular ship because he knew how to really get people to go in and out. And last, but that's what he said to his wife. So in

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reality even come close to each other. When we find love for each other when we have affinity towards each other. Whenever we click, a loss of happiness, Allah has made that so special as that was before we got here, there is no other nation, no other group of people, where you have people that meet each other for the first time and a lot either is love, there's a true

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a true love for the sake of a loss of habitat. It's like I've seen him before, I've known him before. And you might be telling the truth, because a lot of time allows a rock to gather together to love one another in the previous round. And in the future realm. Also, we're starting to see again and again,

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that barely allows talks about the lives of the souls of the show had

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opened it up to believers, that in I was in another round. Although the leaders are not alive in dunya. They're not walking around, and hanging out at people's house. They don't show up after 30 days and be very honest with you, but they're alive with each other, and they visit each other. And they gather together about what a beautiful gathering that truly is. establish your own and they're excited, they're rejoicing for those who have not yet joined them. So that brings us here. Where do we stand with all of this?

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A lot of this was also one of my teachers that

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just passed away.

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He said that the terms ROI and nuts are actually interchangeable. There is no difference between the two. But as far as the usage is concerned, when Allah Subhana Allah describes the soul and the body coming together in the dunya sense of loss paddleboats Allah describes it as enough, so is the ruling, but it's coming together, then you know, the body and the soul allows parents as a noun gives you a choice, a loss of habitat, it gives you a level of freewill, although it's not absolute free will, you do have a level of free will. And for that reason, you have desires, you've got to fight those desires. And we are not like the other creations. And that's why the

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beautiful statement, he says that the more a person forbids is less forbids itself, from their carnal desires. The closer they becomes the melodica to the angels, although will never become angels. And the more he allows himself to indulge in all of his desires, the closer he becomes to being an animal, think about it territory, food with you know, that's all that animals look for. And we see it today some human beings literally act like animals just pursue their they pursue their desires, the way that an animal would. There's absolutely nothing that nothing holding them back, you know, to the

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other side, like the dog always ends in the tongue is always out, you know, salivating out whatever is in front of him. There's nothing that holds that person down. So that novice enjoys living like an animal. But the angels enjoy the love worship. They gather not just our neighbor to others around gatherings like this inshallah, where people are remembering about some patterns, our circles of knowledge, they descend upon people that are worshipping a loss of power. And they don't have they don't have freewill. They don't have any choice or desires for food or drink or anything like that. Their enjoyment their source that their life comes through.

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So when a person gets to a point, where they're literally preventing themselves from just going after all of those desires, they become an zealot without being angels, the close to being like,

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that's a really beautiful expression. And that's where the rusada Rahim Allah to Allah one of the great time and he said something very powerful. And I want you to think about this. This is on a whole nother level. And that's why the nuts that is close to the angel is like a lesson plan. The soldier is at peace with a loss of habitat and so a lot is that for me to do tonight

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For me to do two grand rounds, for the sake of Los Alamos Island is more beloved to me than gentlemen, everything in Can you imagine that statement

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is more beloved to me than everything that Jenna has to offer. And why is that? Why would he say something like that? He said, because the two records that I do that for a last category

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is for me, it's kind of about luck. But looking at the level of devotion, that these people reached the two grand prizes for a loss of kindness, and gentleness for me. And that's why the greatest, the greatest reward for a person that that is at that level where they're forbidding their desires, they're just trying to appease a loss. They're consistently returning the nuts to a loss of silence out loud refers to it.

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Old school that is at peace. orangetheory, you know,

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a lot of them have the comeback to your Lord, pleasing and pleased. And some of the scholars said that the reason why they're so pleasing first is because that is truly what satisfies pleasing a last kind of exotic getting stuff right. Now, I know that we just talked about that high level all night long. And I guarantee you I'm not at that level. I don't know who it claims to be at that level. But you know, we'll just get this, this illusion that disorients and think to ourselves, our awesome, that's awesome. And we can't be like that. But where does this all come from? How do we find that dominance? Where do we fall into that? That spectrum? Many times we think to ourselves,

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that a lot of

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guidance, this guidance, and we have nothing to do with loss hamlets either places a burden on you, it allows parents

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for example, last night, when they turned away a lot turn their hearts away. So it allows parents it tells us about the next when he tells us about ourselves. Last minute Tyler always places the burden on who? on him or on us. Right? You know, sometimes you'll see someone that's totally away from a loss of ignorance when we don't make the most out of the situation. Why don't you start praying? Thank God for me to start praying. Why don't you leave this? How living? Why would you abandon this relationship? If Allah wants me to leave, it

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makes me Leave it. That's the way some of us think sometimes like Allah is gonna force me into that situation. And I have absolutely nothing to do with this. Right. And that's a very dangerous way of thinking. But we haven't seen this You and I are the

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very thing. He has succeeded, who has succeeded in purifying himself. Somehow well think about that. Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah places the burden of Tesco on you. And you've got to make the effort to consistently verify yourself to consistently turn back to the last time it's either to consistently returned figures, but to consistently return to the way a lot creators were in the first place. And think about that for a moment. When you know, the brother recited the very beautiful verses from speaking about the fifth or the last

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album, we all live and die by that we go back to the fifth row, or we ruin ourselves. And I want you to think about this for a moment. We like to blame there's a fog when we mess up. Right after the walk was over. You can see everybody's Facebook statuses and everybody's Twitter accounts, even though us you know, great scholars, we were not on Facebook.

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But now we see and that wasn't a mockery of them. That was mockery myself.

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And I know what it's

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all about. I was so good at a lot. I wasn't doing anything back. You know, myself, I was able to abandon everything that you know, I was like, after all one shape.

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And I'm done.

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I'm doing exactly the same things I was doing before.

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We blinked a month so quick. But also, between the angelic stuff in between the animal legs off is what self

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At the very least a soul that blames itself.

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And shame on the last time I told us about the speech of shame. On the day of judgment. I'm saying mom says further moody.

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Don't blame me. Blame yourselves. Don't play me blame yourselves because you messed up. I didn't do it. I just called you

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up. I just called him up.

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Answer. But don't blame me blame yourselves. And you know what he's telling the truth. In reality, you can never become anything. You can never reach any level, unless you're willing to look in the mirror and say, I need to change this about myself, I must have, I got myself into the situation. This is my test, this is my trial, the blame is on me. And there's a direct connection between that and the effect that one can have on me. I want to take you all to a headache that you're all very familiar with.

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The body where it was

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mentioned that on the night live is not going to be

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presented to him two cups, one of them had milk

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one of them had one cover. And the prophet SAW a lot of mine his own brand from which one

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responded very beautiful response as far as he said, and handling that

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all the praise and thanks deeds have been to the one who guided you to the filter who guided you to your words. And why did you get it Some say from the conference all love, it was such a vital I'm trying to fit a lot of information into a few minutes. So I apologize for jumping from topic to topic. But this is, you know, a lot of a lot of material. There's a lot of depth, to be nice on sensitive topics. And you

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if you were to take the habit of if you were to take the line allowance,

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your own money would have gone astray. Think about that. If you were to choose the life, your own motor gotten straight, but you are guidance defense for so long, it was set up. And as a result, the entire home of the prophet SAW love it naturally inclines towards good, naturally inclined towards things that are pleasing to Allah. There is some things that are just human goodness, how many of you heard about Rachel Corrie? Raise your hands if you heard about Rachel Corrie 23 year old white American novelist, went to Lhasa stood in front of a bulldozer and was killed. She wasn't listening. She didn't vote there seems to happen. But there is there is a natural inclination there towards

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goodness towards justice towards compassion. And, you know, many times we ignore that, and once we ignore that, that's

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all these different things. Because naturally, it's good. You know, there's the whole nature versus nurture argument. You are naturally born good. You don't become a six serial killer overnight. It takes time. You don't become you know, a fearless theme overnight. It takes time. You don't become a rapist overnight. Those are very major examples. It takes time to get to that level. You start off with a lost track of time, which you have to ask yourself is how far did I beat myself deep into the hole? Because that's the question. Now I want you to focus for a moment. This is for those of you that that's how

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we are satisfied with the English translation. It's really beautiful. A lot of times Allison's about shape on it.

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Later on, in development, it's American evolving. You have no power whatsoever over my service stop playing safer. You don't have any power over my service, except for those who follow you from a lobby. And the word coffee was the same word that was used.

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And the word Allah it refers to a person or first to a child that refuse to breastfeed from the mother.

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Somehow, look at the amazing connection between us. It refers to a person who refused to drink the milk.

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So in essence, what is the last thing? You can't do anything? Oh, shame on to all those people. You have no power over my sermons except for the ones who refuse guidance. The ones who are trying to turn away from trying to turn away from the whale Well, sometimes it creates them. So very powerful expression, the amount of people that are in Allah. He said for that reason, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that as a long movie Captain isn't a lot enough for the slave because once a lot is enough for you, you don't need to worry about that other stuff. Think about this for a moment someone becomes Muslim, that has been noticed in all the animalistic desires that you can imagine that Listen, you

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are chasing. Right? You know most of us are trying to find their way sometimes to date to have a healthy relationship that will quickly turn how long

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If it wasn't cut off from the start, we'll quickly try to find your way around the shop around to try to do everything that everyone else was doing. We tried to abandon the things that lost the game to us to make it easier for us. And people come to the beam after having lived out their wildest imaginations and their desires, you've got properties, you've got celebrities, you've got, you know, it's kind of like looking at our bowling brothers, or saying, I don't know, various people that have seen their dreams in Union, and they come to Islam. They come to Islam, and they're ready to abandon all of that. And there's a sense of peace. There's a sense of tranquility there. But how do

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you know that stuff makes you miserable? It doesn't make you happy. shavon got you at one point, but at the end of the day, a lot is so much more. I made so lovely Catherine isn't alone enough food isn't deep enough for you isn't the pleasure that he would get out of your deep enough for you? How about other alternatives now a lot means a lot enough for us to sustain your soul and to make you happy. It's enough for you. And it's really uh, you know, that's where it all comes down to, you know, how I met so many different listening to you that started off very, very close to lost

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innocent children, then you know what it took one, one guy or one girl. It's one that friends, it took one person to start pulling them straight. And it's because of their weak personalities and starting to pull the strings. And initially, they don't feel comfortable. That's

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how I remember a young man. And this was I'll give you a six months back in the beginning of the six months, a young man comes to me in my husband, and he's someone that that's very close to me in the youth group. And he's bursting into tears. He's crying. You know why this time? Because he went to a restaurant with a girl and

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he's crying. Right? Six months later, he's committed sin on multiple times, he's coming to the Muslim First of all, and asking me are a bracelet off and then after salami tells me Hey, I prayed without.

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You see where I lost friends, you see where it takes a person to a dark, dark, dark places, you start off a certain way there is a sister, I also remember that to offer the job. And just to just as anger against her father, she said her father forced it upon her. And that's a whole nother discussion. It is often about forcing and those types of things. But her father forced upon her father to hit her bizarre without obviously terrible parenting skills and things of that sort. But she believed it and see Wednesday, I want to wear it because I know it's the right thing. But I want to show I want to teach by that. So called for example, in school, the first day, she was so

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uncomfortable, she was wearing a hoodie, cheaper video, think about that for a moment, a lot of times it takes you to different places. Now, unfortunately, it went very very, very far. Right, it starts off as small points. When it goes very, very, very far. It's just like the person that starts off with a text message a conversation starts off with a G chat or Facebook chat is throwing in a little bit too much. You know, too many smiley faces all of a sudden, and too many lol, you know, their emails or whatever emails it is, or, or whatever, you're throwing in a lot of smiley faces. And you know that it gets a little too friendly. But you know, what, we're boyfriend and girlfriend,

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we're gonna get married in two years, and also my dad and my mom, after two years, then we'll go over Now, think about that for a moment. What is the last stage because I only have a few moments last

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what a successful person he is, who managed to purify yourself to remain close to a loss of blank shape on the external influences blame themselves consistently, you know, turn back to a loss and watch themselves. Welcome the columnist.

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And he has filled with throwing dirt on the side, the soldier that literally means to throw dirt on something, throwing dirt on yourself throwing dirt on your soul. And this is the last category after those habits have made a way for them. A lot of times it gave them enough satisfaction, enough to make them happy. Your fifth block is to be happy and to be satisfied with your Creator and to also be satisfied to your Creator. That's your football. That's how we were born. That's what our scope is like. As parallel we see from the profit. So

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even at night, he taught us that we should be in a state of rescue because that's the only time that we're not

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able to verify ourselves that we're not conscious obviously, when we're sleeping. But even at that time, what did the prophet SAW, said, he would say to a loss of time points out for themselves that I've seen, if you hold my soul for free,

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then forgive that and be mercy merciful, because I allow

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lust holds the soul every single night. And then a lot of times it decides whether or not stray certainly into our bodies, but that won't even when you go to sleep, you're supposed

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to have a lot if you're going to keep it with you forgiven and showed mercy to what a call center have, if you send it back.

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Then protected the way that you protect your rights a service.

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Like I am in complete submission, and I what I want you to show me the way I'm not going to live through the loopholes, I'm not going to blame anybody else. I messed up, I got myself in certain situations, I threw stuff on my football, I corrupted my football, because I took the wind and I didn't take the bill. And I hope that's not literal.

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I took the wind and I didn't take

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I refuse to take the note. I refuse to take the last idea which was already so precious. I'll give you one quick analogy. And this is the I promise. One quick note is very powerful, actually from

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others. Listen to people. Sometimes they're not scholars in archaeology. They say things that are just so profound. This brother was the drug dealer in New Orleans, and New Orleans has drugged him. And he was the man in terms of drugs.

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As an alibi, after it's not when I say he cleaned his wife up, he didn't just leave is like more than 50 or 60 people I'm thinking just a few years, he's cleaning everybody else.

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I know he announced that he gave me. He said, if you look at the Muslim youth today, they're like people that are driving around a 1970s or 1980s. That's all banged up on hubcaps. Or I'm sorry, they're driving around Ferraris, and driving around Lamborghinis. And they're looking to people about 1989, whatever it is. So your record was with helicopters with hubcaps. And they're thinking to themselves man, I love that.

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I want that car. Allah gave me something that is already so profound, that already satisfies you. And is in fact the only thing that can satisfy the soul that can feed the soul. Because just as the body is fed from its origin, the soul is also met from its origin which is already gave us enough. When you start looking right left for other things. You're the guy or the girl that's refusing to drink milk. And minister can't be spiritually lactose intolerant. So we asked the last

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we asked the last

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two to purify our souls.

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He used to say a love met ad teen I've seen a lot of different soul. It's tough. What was that he had to

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purify, you're the best of those who purified and

00:28:15--> 00:28:36

you are protected are numerous faster. So he asked the last, our master our executive to purify our souls as he is the best of those who purified and he asked the last time separates us from the shapefile and all of this falls with us the Las Vegas amongst those who are satisfied with a lot as our Lord is our leader.

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muscle aches resolved