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the world

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whatever we're gonna be learning how to lead eventually unforeseen outcome in safety it is not enough money I didn't know tada

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at that level William Merci de la Chateau La, La, La La La La La La Jolla cola hemmed up we

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would be ending in phase four who

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was Mohammed Abdullah? Who

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was Sophie who was a little

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sad uttanasana Luma

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label How can I howdy hi Lacey well I'm having a hard time finding out to Tim went to sleep while early he will suffer he woman is starting to be so nutty he eat a yoga Diem along with him let me know that Deena on why we will slotty hydro also but how about the loss of the Sun

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mean we'll see what I've seen the temple law has

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now been what God tada yeah you know Tough luck to God through he went

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to Muslim or what Allah tala yeah yohannes It took a lot of

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thought. FC wahida wahala coming has

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been humare john and Kathy on money. What's up love into the Tessa I have no loss. I cannot ecopro Kiva. locata suparna Dena la havapoo odunsi Sangeeta, you'll snack on. While you're gonna come back home one minute later, how are

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those and alima Barrett, we then we declare that there is only one God worthy of worship and unconditional obedience. We praise Him we glorify Him, we declared his perfection in our own imperfections. And we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to send his peace and blessings upon His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu It was said that we bear witness that he was sent as the final messenger, he was sent to perfect click manners, he was sent as a mercy to all of the worlds and he was sent as a guide for both you and I to attain the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, and upon his family and his companions, and

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those that follow until the day of judgment. And we asked the last panel, which Allah to make us amongst them a lot that I mean, your brothers and sisters, usually the only times in Europe, the only time in your life that you will hear the word patience, that you will hear the command of sub is whenever a major tragedy happens in your life. Whenever you lose someone in your in your life whenever you lose someone who's precious to you. And it's ironic, because usually whenever you follow a janazah, and you see that there is a mother who's passed away, a father who's passed away, a brother who's passed away, and you'll find five or six people that are following that janazah that

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are crying uncontrollably. And you would think that the one who was crying the most uncontrollably is obviously the one who loved the deceased the most. But what you find afterwards is that this is a person who you probably fell short with his mother, who probably fell short with his father. And so when someone comes to him and tells him brother, sister was born, Father, have patience, have patience, the person has absolutely no grasp on themselves whatsoever.

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Because you're asking someone who is not able to have patience, with their mother calling them at a time when it was inconvenient for them, who wasn't able to have patience with a flat tire, who wasn't able to have patience with their child picking up their cell phone and putting it in a fish tank or something, wasn't able to have patience with the smallest things. And now with the most major tragedy in your life, you expect a lot to give you some you expect that word to mean anything to you. And so we find that this development of patience is truly gradual, as is everything else in our Deen. And unfortunately, when we look to our theme, we always look for a quick fix. We always

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look for a quick fix in terms of gratitude, a quick fix in terms of for sure I'll wait for a seminar for sure. And I know the seminar was probably mind blowing. But don't think that you could do all of the things that contradicted Oh sure, and then show up to a seminar and all of a sudden you have for sure. Don't think that you can appreciate the program just because of an amazing seminar on the phone and if you're not living in accordance with the app, but we look for a quick fix and solver is one of the most

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essential ingredients of a happy person's life. And that's why the prophets of the love it when the son of son was subtitled the slogan is victory. It's a light. It's that is some kind of law overcoming all of those obstacles you face in life. Because if you look at it Southern has two components of Southern Argentina as the scholars say, which is the one that we're most familiar with, which is being patient when tragedy strikes you, and then a southern island Masia to be patient with sins. Why? Because I lost some patterns, Allah has promised you that you will be able to live your desires out in paradise for all of eternity, if you hold yourself, you're just a few

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years for however long the last kind of data puts you on the face of this earth. But there's actually a mccobb there is a station that is above suburb, and that's what I want to talk about today. That if a person truly grasps it, and if a person truly understands its value, that person will be able to have patience during all of those times. And if we look at the words of the prophets, a lot of money was for them when someone would pass away. And the way that the prophet SAW a lot more it was sort of the console a person who is going through that major tragedy in their lives. You know, we know out of them allegedly, that may have lost habitat to increase your reward.

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But in so much like some of them gave some beautiful works with some less little love it was sort of used to say as it's very noticeable here from nomadic all the a long time in La La Nina hamanaka, wearing the hula shake up.

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FOSS bill

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was very early to a loss of hundreds out of belongings that she has given and that she has taken and everything with him has its expiration date. It has its prescribed terms, nothing was meant to be forever here. Not even the companionship of the province of a lot of money was much more highlighted than that. Even though it was not meant to last everything has its expiration date with a loss of pregnant with our first lesson, be patient and seek the reward the idea of seeking the reward trying to actually see how can I actually use this misfortune in my life to gain some stature with Allah subhanho wa Taala to be elevated in the sight of a loss of how to what to Allah because on the day

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that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned the very last ayah that was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was Taku Yeoman towards everyone, if he had a lot of fear a Day that you will be returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And on that day, everyone will be will be given what they have earned. And also loss of ally Sam has informed us that you will have people who will be one deed shy, one deed sign imagine, imagine how to love one deed sign when the person is running between the two peas on the Day of Judgment, monitoring his sins, monitoring his good deeds, and he follows just one deed shorts. And there would be a group of people that the lost parents Allah has

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told us about that would fall completely even the people have an hour off. Even with that accurate scale, a scale that is so accurate that it goes beyond dot 00000. a scale of the prophet SAW a lot more It was kind of sad if the entire heavens in the earth were to be placed inside of those scales. Let's see what pvy if it was the next one, it would fit up and in another narration, it would be able to weigh them. That's how accurate that skill is. And some people will break even on that day.

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Now a believers choice to use every moment in his life, to make sure that that doesn't happen to him. And through that muscle loss, little love it says learn the beauty of the sound, seeking the reward for your hardship, not just seeking the reward for your hardship when something major happens, not just seeking a replacement in dunya. Because usually what happens when we say well, may I tell a lie.

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Usually when we say that whoever fears a loss on time alone will make a way out for him. What we're talking about is something in dunya, we restricted completely to dunya. And what that means is that look, if you're selling hot off, I guarantee you that if you leave your head up, you're going to triple your profit next year. It doesn't work that way. You know you're in a relationship. That's how long I guarantee you that if you leave this relationship Allah subhanaw taala is going to send you the most beautiful, most pious woman that you've ever imagined allows you to just package her and send it to you ups, express delivery Mashallah you'd love to have a relationship. We think it's

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like that sometimes. But I want you to pay attention to Asya or the a lot more icon one of the women who perfected her

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the life of fear, the worst of mankind. So probably look at look at the the, the irony here is the worst of mankind. And I know we see people today that that result in our own you know, when we talk about Mossad or we talk about whatever they are we say these people resolve the throne. Yeah, they're bad you might call them the Feder out of this era, but for their own was that their own was to a whole nother level, a whole nother degree to the point that when his wife who has lived a queen her entire life who has never experienced any form of discomfort, a woman that has lived in the palace of a woman that has been surrounded by servants her entire life, a woman that's only worn the

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best of clothes, and she comes up to find out and she has the audacity to say something to our calf out to bkf and I went out with Daddy, I have disbelieved and you open them, and I don't care. Not only that, I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala the Lord of all the worlds Not only that,

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the musawah room, just to really, really drive the point home. I have believed in the Lord of your enemies, the ones that are destroying your kingdom, I believe in their love. And I know that you're going to torture me now and I don't care. Now what would we say about this woman that was pulled out to the hot deserts never having tasted discomfort in her life? You know, when you're spoiled. And he tastes discomfort for the first time I remember you know, going overseas, I was born in the states who go overseas and you wonder why you turn the hot water faucet along and it doesn't always bring hot water. Like what's what's wrong with these people? Why are they so backwards? Right? You've

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never tasted discomfort. You've never really figured it out. And that's why the American pajamas are the worst to go with in the entire world. Because they get there they expect everything to be five star according to American standards, not five star according to global standards. Five Star according to American standards. I see I love the alarm. I have never tasted this comfort. And now she's being pulled in the desert, tied to the hotel tied to the pillars being tortured and whipped daily dehydrated, deprived of food

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and listened to the dog that she makes love living in ER in de cabeza unfunny gender, identity men frown

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upon the body of law, grants me a palace with you. With you, couldn't she have been making your art and saying Oh Allah, grant me a better husband and I had uncle right couldn't see upset Oh, Allah sent me that's going to marry me. And that's going to take me into a holiday home and kill for our own and do away with him. And I want to live in a palace and dunya she didn't want that. She was looking for this up. Now some people might say, well, this means you're saying that a woman should stay in an abusive relationship. This was the whole Marxist philosophy that religion subdues people, it tells people to accept their situation when it's bad. No, that's not true. But when life is

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unfair, yes, sometimes life is unfair. But a lot is not unfair. A lot is not unjust. And you have a chance now, to make the most of this situation, you have a chance to use the situation to actually get more. And what is she asked the love for. And notice here, Robin at any deck before she asked for the power, she said I want it with you. I don't want another husband, I want it to be with you. I want your companionship instead of fear. I will look at this FSL. And instead of this palace, I want a bait a house that is with you all the way in the highest portion of a gentleman. That's what I want open law. And so we know from the low festa team.

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And as

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a whole lot merits that every single Sunday, whenever they would come the angels which saved her

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and they would show her a Lost Planet Allah would show her her palace with him. And she would laugh while the alohar somehow in love crazy lady, right? That's what I was saying, Look at this crazy lady, she would laugh. Why? Because she was looking at a palace that was in a place that the province of the law body was set up so that a person would be brought on the Day of Judgment, who had the worst life that you can imagine the most severe hardship that anyone has ever seen. Well, you must have been buried in homes, and he would just be different to a gentleman. Just one day imagine this guy probably didn't have legs, arms, death, blind, oppression, lived under a dictator

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saw his family die, scars, whatever it is, imagine the person in the history of the world who had the worst situation that we could possibly imagine. And he would be fifth in Jamaica just one time. Our eight books and what have you ever seen any hardship in your life? Have you never seen any mystery

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Why aren't you what's function?

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It just took one dip. So you imagine when she seen her palace in gentlemen. And then you think about the everyday values, when we start to do this up on the prophet SAW a lot of money was unnecessary I guarantee for the one up for a person a house in the middle of an agenda mantoloking Euro in Canada or health club, the one who leaves off an argument that's going to make this up, even when he's right I guarantee of a palace in Paradise, the same paradise if you get dipped in it, every all of the troubles that you've ever faced go away. So Pamela, what about at Salford we're having an argument, and it's up and patient, and overlock you know that I have the truth with me. You know

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that I could have saved this person. But I preserved his honor out of hope that you would honor me on the day of judgment

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that he saw was like even though the local town who one day was in the marketplace, and a thief came and grabbed his belongings. Now think about this for a moment, let's say the biggest scholar in the world came to visit Dallas, Texas. And he was in the wall or in some kind of fairing while he was walking somebody stole his goods. Can you imagine the amount of panic that we would have as people who genuinely care for him, I love him Israel,

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who is Abdullah, he is who he is. He is such a master of all the allotted time. And that if you see the word a lot in the books of Felton Hadid without saying even you know, it's rude. And this man gets robbed amongst his students amongst the time very, and he didn't have much of the love.

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And so people go into an uproar. Let's go get them. People will start to search, people start to harass everyone around them to try to see who took his mentality and assumed all the alumni who says I will Don't do that. Don't do them. And he makes you go out to a loss of halloweentown. Listen to what he says a lot in Canada, Myskina for that example, Viva

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La if he was poor, bless him and what he stole from me. If he was in need of that, give him Baraka and when he just stole from me. And he said, a lot of people's leave at

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the drop of the prophets of Allah.

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Oh Allah give me the payment of you, to compensate me for this tragedy for this tragedy and give me better than what's been taken away.

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That's the sad at the hardest moments of your life. And at the lightest moments of your life, in every single moment of your life. When a sickness comes to you, when any anxiety comes to you, as the prophets of Allah, it sounds like it's a form of follow through. It's a form of exploiting your sins. In fact, Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said, even the prick of a thorn, expiate the believer, it serves as a kind of follow up from his sins, on a day when you will be running around between each one of the museums

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and seeing where does my scale stands. But the believers sees it now. And he recognizes this is an opportunity. You know, Harry Truman, he said, the optimist turns every difficulty into an opportunity, every difficulty into an opportunity. The pessimist turns every opportunity into a difficulty. You know, the brothers who sit around them when something good starts happening in the community, you know, they're gonna put us all in concentration camps anyway. You know, the message is gonna be shut down. Mitt Romney is gonna win the election and the republicans will take over and they'll eventually it will be criminalized to pray, what do you guys get excited about those guys.

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And you've got the other person who sees everything as an opportunity to do good with a loss of adequate time. The optimist and the ultimate optimist is the one who sees every single hardship every single misfortune as a chance to get close to a loss

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as a chance to find more blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. Does that mean that Allah parents, Allah won't give you good in this life to grow? That doesn't mean that because a lot tests each person according to his capacity, and a loss of hydrometer, Allah rewards people differently. We have seen people who have given up how long and because they went into holiday a lot increase their profit, there have been moments will lie that there are people who gave up and the money came right back to them. And there are situations where a person gave up something or where a person went through a misfortune, and we thought it was all over. But through that misfortune, the best thing in

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the world happened to that. And an example of that in the life of the prophet SAW the law where it was of his own Salah the alone time.

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The woman will

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Lost uncle sentiment of your loved one. You talk about a good husband being killed. You talk about losing someone that was beautiful. Someone that was beloved to the prophet SAW A lot of it the son of someone whom sentiment says I never saw a day of anger from him. I never witnessed a moment of injustice from him. This was the Ideal Husband.

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And then when he's martyred from Santa Monica, thanks, Alex. What's the point of even thinking about marriage now? What should I be looking for? And

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it is what it is and have dinner, I've got my children, I'm going to have some fun. I'm going to stick through a word from a lock. I'm going to avoid all of these things. Oh, Beckett comes asking for her. This was the society that by the way, Islam created, you know, nowadays, a woman when she's divorced, or when she's widowed, she's done for her loss. She's done. back then. A woman is divorced or widowed, the people wait for the fit to finish so that they can take care of her so that they can be with her have a record of the alumni, although not a lot while she's got these types of Sahaba coming to her and she says no, no one can quite be like husana. But like all of a sudden, no one can

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quite meet that statue.

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And then finally, the prophet of Allah solo law binding he was the one who is undoubtedly better than other Selamat even to himself or herself, comes knocking at her door to ask her hand in marriage. But I'm old. I've got kids, I'm older than the prophets like, why would he want me a loss of privacy? What data has designated them a loss of habitat, I wanted to give you the reward in both dunya and in Africa.

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The point is, dear brothers and sisters, when hardship comes to you, or what you perceive to be hardship comes to you how do you react with a loss? Do immediately turn to a loss of time and say, Oh, well, why are you doing this to me? Or do you turn to a loss of data and you say,

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Thank you, Barney has

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complained to a loss of panic mentality. But what was his complaint to a lot, he lost all of his children in one day, he lost all of his wealth in one day, you're not talking about someone who's suffering just from an economic crisis, you're not talking about someone who got laid off, and he's got a little bit of money to sustain himself for a month or so it was all taken away from him. You're not talking about someone who one child went outside and got run over and got and was hurt? No. You're talking about someone who has lost it all.

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Who is who's being struck with his health to talk about a bad situation, talk about a situation of misfortune. And he says to Allah

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hardship has struck me.

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And you are the most versatile those capable of having mercy. He knew a lot of cottonwoods Adam has a plan for him. Allah will take care of him. A loss of habitat is watching out for him. He didn't think to himself, what about the prophethood? What about the bad that I put forth, a loss of habitat is taking care of me. And so dear brothers and sisters, it requires us to have some more with Allah subhanaw taala. To have some more manners with a loss of Hannah Woods out of that one, a loss of Hannah Woods out of strikes you with something that could be your grant opportunity, that could be your chance, that could be your way to draw and close to a loss of crowd of what's out. And as

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believers we look for that. And we're so powerful a lot more than he was. He used to see profits in the last panel to hire from and go to for job sudden death. The believer understands that whenever he goes through hardship towards the end of his life, whenever he starts to get hit with diseases, whenever he starts to get hit with these things, this is his chance to meet a loss of heart of what's out without any sense to meet a loss of data as a pure soul. And until we can understand that, yes, life is not fair. But a loss pathway to Allah is you will consistently live in hardship. No matter what you have, you will consistently think about the small hardships that struck you here

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and there and you will consistently blame a loss of habitat and you will never find such a number tranquility in this light. We asked a loss of habitat to make us opportunists in regards to good deeds and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to elevate our status through the hardships that we face. The loss of pride and went out to make us amongst those who whenever we see them whenever a hardship comes to the they immediately respond in de la de la Jerome to Allah we belong and to Him we returned a lot, man, I mean, a poodle, Coby how that was tough.

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It must have been first time

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