Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 271D Tafsir Al-Najm 19-30

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of " ill" in Islam, with some confusion over its origin. They stress the importance of considering the origin and potential falsehood of the term. The conversation shifts to the topic of men and women's culture, with some suggesting it is a division based on men's and women's culture. The speakers also discuss the concept of "assian's" and its potential reasons for heart disease. The conversation touches on the concept of "quarantine" and how it can lead to negative emotions, including feelings of hopelessness and fear. Finally, the speakers emphasize the importance of listening to people who have turned away from their beliefs and cautious approach in their approach.
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Follow Atim so then have you seen a letter the lat? Well, Rosa and Rosa, have you seen these idols that you've made up or people?

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You see how grand how great the angel is, who brought the Quran to the solar la sun, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, how beautiful and magnificent the place is where to suit allah sallallahu sallam was taken up on the journey of Mara Lodge. And all of that points to the perfection and beauty of the Lord of all, but have you seen the things that you worship? Have you seen how pathetic they are? A photo, a two letter? Well Riza you're the style is kind of derogatory to look at this. So sad. I thought I hate to let let was an idol that the machine would worship. And they basically made this name let up from the word Isla or Allah. Remember the concept of ill heard that we learn about

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Alinea. You will who don't smell it those who do it had in the names of Allah. One of the ways of ill had deviation is to change the spelling of the name of Allah. So Allah or Isla is turned into a lead and alat is like a feminine form. All right, Rosa, on the other hand, is they made this feminine from the name of Allah Aziz are the attributes of Allah Aziz.

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Have you seen this lat and this Rosa remember a busulfan that the battle of words he said, Lana Rosa, we have Rosa. Alright, so this was one of their revered idols it is at the lath was worshipped by the thief the people of thought if and Rosa was revered by the people off grayish woman ads, and also men add a salad or the third one, Aloha, the other one. You see the style is what that you seen these things that you've made up manette? They did it had from the name of Allah manaan my nan right. And it is said that the people of Osan massage or the bundle Husar they revered this idol a lot. I don't want to go into the details of these idols, where they were situated and what kind of

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worship they dedicated to these idols because it's not worth it. Right. They don't deserve any attention because these are faults Allah says afara item Aletheia when Rosa woman after thoroughly settled okra, notice how these three idols, their feminine, the names are feminine, because these were female goddesses. All right. And their names were derived from the names of Allah, as if they were declaring them to be female partners of Allah. What are ya the villa? Allah says, Allah comb, what Lacan for you a lacquer who the male wala who and for Him meaning for Allah alongside the female, for yourself when it comes to some business when it comes to some coalition or some

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alliances you want who men and for Allah, you declare female partners? Because what was their belief that these idols are what they are like our intercessors before Allah or they're Allah's partners? Right? So for yourself, you prefer men, because men in their culture represented strength and ability and power, and women were symbol of weakness, dependence, right? So for Allah, you associate females.

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And this can also refer to the idea that they ascribed angels as Daughters of Allah. Allah says DeLuca that even then, would be this Mattoon a division. That is Lee's very unjust meaning according to your standards, this would be a very unjust division. Not that it is okay to ascribe males or sons to Allah. No.

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But it's as if they are being proven wrong through their own standards, that this would be a very unjust division FISMA division Liza, Liza is from the word bozza, Badea, ze and Basa is to cause loss to make someone suffer loss. This would be a very unfair division that for you sons and for Allah daughters, what are these idols? Allah says in not here it Illa smell on except names. What is the reality of these idols? Just names, which names some made to her, you have given you have named it you will have given these idols these names, who, until you were about a comb, and your forefathers? Basically, there is no reality to these idols beyond their names and these names, where

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did they come from? You made them up you and your ancestors?

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than not until Allahu Allah has sent down behalf for it, mental fun in any authority, any proof, Allah never revealed to you, or Allah never gave you the authority to declare partners for him in not yet to be Runa they follow meaning these idolators, they're only following a INLA except a one conjecture supposition. One MA and that which the Hawa it desires and Fuzu, the salts unforce, plural of the word nups. Where did they get this idea of female goddesses and daughters for Allah from partners for Allah? Where did they get this from? Do thinks lung supposition assumption. And secondly, following desires. Not so fun. Not so fun, what is some fun knowledge proof evidence? They

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don't have any sound proof. They're doing this based on their assumption and their desires, desires. You know, this is similar to how the machine you know, at times, they would make an idol with their dates, you know, date fruit.

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You know, we think, Oh, it's so interesting. People make like,

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some kind of creature out of a watermelon. Right? And it looks so cool. And people eat it up. Yes. At least people eat it up today, right? I mean, that's the purpose. It's just decoration. So what people would do is they would make an idol with their dates. All right, they would make it and then when they would get hungry, they'll just eat it up.

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That will enforce. This is God. It's a joke.

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Because they felt like it. They wanted it. They made it up. They worshipped it. When they wanted they ate it, or they used it as firewood that will enforce.

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The first reason or the first thing is a lunch. What is a lunch conjecture? Assumption? Meaning no sound knowledge, no sound proof? Assumption?

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You see, shuk shuk is what doubt it's either or. Right? I don't know. It's also possible that it's not right. That is Chuck 5051 is to view something as probabilistic that there is a probability that it may be true.

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All right, it may be true. Why would a person form a one because he looks at something he observed something, he feels something and based on that he assumes that this might be true.

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He doesn't know for a fact. Now, many times idolatry are different forms of schicke. They're based on what one?

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Like a person would say I went to that grave. Right? I did such that I did the sacrifice whatever. Or I die to a string to that particular tree. And when I did it, I'm telling you, that's when I got the money that I wanted. That's when I got the spouse that I wanted. That's when I got the child that I wanted.

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You heard these stories.

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Right? This is one

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it's possible, but it's also not possible. Right? This is one Allah says a at the Verona in Lausanne,

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like people would say we sacrifice for that idol. We made dua to it, and the drug was taken away. People have all of these stories, right? And then which again of maca, they had these stories, Allah says it's all one it's not factual. Well, according to whom Milla became ill, Huda and Now certainly, guidance has come to them from their Lord, already guidance has come to them from their Lord, meaning Allah has sent the Quran which contains the truth, which contains facts, which are reliable, which must be taken, and which they must depend upon. But what are these people doing? They are ignoring them?

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Because, like I mentioned to you earlier, that as human beings no matter what knowledge we have, right through observation, can we say, as a 100% fact that this is exactly how it is, like, for example, vision, or a certain heart disease, right, or a certain disease in the body? There is a story about it, right? That because of such and such diet, right? This is why this happens to the heart. And as a result, there is this kind of heart disease, right? It's probable that this is the cause of the heart disease, because then you'll find different situations or different conditions where, you know, this person is having deep fried butter and whatnot, and they don't get that heart

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disease. They don't get it. You know what I mean?

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Recently, I had to, and one of the courses I was taking was studying about the, the anatomy of the eye and basically all of our senses. And as I'm reading it, trying to understand, you know, neurons and whatnot. It's so difficult to comprehend even especially for

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Unlike me, who hasn't, you know, has been out of school for quite some time. Basic things were difficult to understand reading and reading and trying to understand over and over and over again. And I was getting so frustrated, and I was comforting myself saying, okay, these are Ayat. konia okay? Not wasting my time because these are Ayat konia. Right? These are signs in the creation that Allah has created. And in sha Allah, this should also help me and Al Hamdulillah it is helping me no doubt. But there is a difference. You know, when you read the Quran, you read one word, you read one ayah you know, for a fact that it is 100% true, loud labor fi correct. But when you're reading

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somebody's theory concerning vision, that why we see certain things a certain way and certain other things a certain other way. It's a theory. Right? It's not at the level of

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that the Quran has. I mean, when it comes to science, one of the first things that we have to acknowledge and admit is that we could be wrong. Right? This is how science is self correcting that we could be wrong. Yes, we have this idea today, but it's possible that down the road, somebody will prove it wrong. Right. Do you understand my point? It is only Ayat sialorrhea. what Allah has revealed, that can be taken as 100% factual, you know, you could accept it blindly. You could accept it without question.

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Right? But when it comes to anything else,

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could it have some doubt in it? Yes.

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To Earth is human. So Allah says that one aka jell o Mila became ill Huda? Now Allah has revealed guidance. But look at these people, they're ignoring guidance, and they're following their desires and their lung. I'm not dissing science over here, please. Okay, don't get me wrong. My point here is that realize what Quran is and realize what human knowledge and understanding is. peran is here what has come from Allah who will always be at the top and what we learn by our observation will always be under what Allah has revealed. Go ahead.

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There were some kind of yellow leaves in different plants. So one he started you know, picking up the lease and they were I overheard the conversation the one said you why you're picking up the Yellowlees but one said because they're wasting energy right? Now they said no brother leaves the make food for the plan, right for two cent is gonna be happening the lease, right? So I was listening, you know, the both are right, right. So I said, okay, so whenever I get confused about science, I reflect back to Quran and the Quran as you know, having a proper authentic, you know, the knowledge that you get from Quran but science, they have a different type of, you know, opinions

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about different things. Yeah, I mean, there's one understanding, there's another understanding and there could be another one down the road and, you know, this is our reality. But there should be something that we can rely upon, that can serve as a basis and as a foundation to build our understanding and our lives upon and what is that the hedaya that Allah has revealed? When aka jell o mera beam will Buddha, Allah says, Am or little incentive for the human being? mathema now whatever he wishes, should the human being get whatever he wishes Domina the money mean dunya the money is basically yearning, a wish that is based on her smell one and the field has no one, the

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heel imagination, wishful thinking, basically, should a person get everything?

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does a person get everything that he wishes for? Based on just wishful thinking? Can you become a half was just by

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the idea of being a half of the thought of being a hacker doesn't happen like that?

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Can you become good at your studies? Because you say, I'm, you know, how great it would be how awesome it would be if I was good at my studies.

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Something you think in your mind or something you wish for in your head doesn't become a reality is not necessarily real.

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A person could be fantasizing about many things. I mean, a person could be thinking that I'm the king of the world, right? People hallucinate or people have illusions and then people have these deceptions. Well, yeah, the biller, these are real.

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Right. So I'm Lily in Sandy mathema. No, no, that's not true. Then how can we assume things about Allah and matters of afterlife based on our thinking, wishful thinking and imagination, and think that what we have thought of is real?

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You understand?

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With regards to our lives, just because we think something doesn't mean that it is real. True. A person could think I'm smart. A person would think I'm

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every kind of person who thinks I'm very beautiful, and somebody else thinks she's not smart at all, she's not this at all. She's not that at all. And then when she takes a test that proves that she's not smart at all, she has an assumption about herself, where she has this wishful thinking, Is it true? Is it real? Not necessarily. The point here is that our thinking can be faulty. Our imagination can be faulty, our understanding can be faulty. It could be the exact opposite of reality.

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Correct? Then how could we assume things about God when we haven't even seen him? How could we assume things about matters of the Hereafter when we haven't even been there? How can we assume things about where we came from? When we haven't seen that? I'm Lily in Sanomat, Amanda, what's the answer? No, fall Allah Hill fer to Allah. So to Allah belongs the Hereafter. And the first one, meaning the world?

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What does it mean? That he has control over everything, and he has knowledge of everything, and nothing happens except by His will? So the things in this universe are not under our wishes. They're not governed by our wishes. They're governed by who? Allah. So basically, what's the message of these verses?

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What's the message? What's the conclusion?

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What do you understand?

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That Be humble.

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Realize that it's quite possible that your ideas are wrong.

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exactly. That if our assumptions regarding ourselves could be delusional, then what is it mean? We are limited in our capacity in our mind, in our intellect, we are in need of divine guidance. So when Allah has sent divine guidance, take it.

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Take it, go ahead.

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exactly. When Najmi either Hawa, fall in frustration, be humbled, submit to Allah, what come and how many men mela can have angels meaning so many angels there are for some our tea in the heavens, in the skies, love Tunisia for Nisha Autohome che and their shafa their intercession cannot avail at all Illa except mimbar the after a yet then Allah Who that Allah permits. So the first condition is that Allah must allow that angel to intercede li Mei a shadow for whomever he wills way out of law. And he also approves, that's a second condition that he must also approve of that intercession.

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Angels are a bad democra moon, right? They're honorable servants of Allah. But even their intercession does not carry any weight until Allah assigns it some weight, Allah approves of it. So who is it? Who has ultimate authority and power? It is only Allah?

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In the Levina Indeed, those people who lie you mean honorable akhira T, who do not believe in the hereafter? Lay you Simona surely they name Al Mala Iike the angels does Miata naming I'll answer the female that smear is to give an essence to give a name to name something or someone.

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So those who don't believe in the hereafter give angels female names, female names, meaning female identities. They say that angels are females, those who don't believe in the hereafter, only such people can have the audacity to make such a claim. Well My Allah whom behemoth are in and they do not have any knowledge about it, in not yet to be Runa they follow Illa one except conjecture, again, one is being mentioned. They only follow assumption, conjecture. We're in the lung and what's the reality of lung? Allah says indeed, a lung assumption, lay uni it does not enrich it does not avail mineral happy against the truth che and anything at all.

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Meaning assumption can never take the place of truth.

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Because truth, it brings the pain. It brings conviction and certainty. When Allah says there is a Hera then what does it mean? There's a Hara

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you understand? No doubt about it.

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But when a human being says based on his assumption, right, that people function or that people behave in a certain way because of a certain reason, or people say that certain parts of the brain are forced

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certain purposes, it's possible that it may be wrong. Right, their idea may be wrong.

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So truth will help brings conviction, certainty you can accept it. And Alain, it keeps you in a state of Yeah, maybe.

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Yeah, maybe. Right. In the wonderla, you'll need mental health cliche.

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So what should be the foundation of our lives then? Fact? Or our observation

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and hypothesis and what fancy terms we can get? What is it it should be fact and where do you get that fact from from divine revelation? Allah says for so turn away, on away from mon the person who the Wallah

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he has turned away.

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In all this diversion of the heart and Diwali is the version or turning away of the body. So the one who has completely turned away and the cleaner from our from our message, what is the code over here the Quran, Allah has revealed the Quran and then there are people who have completely turned away from the Quran, Allah says are the turn away from Him?

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Meaning don't listen to this person. Don't be in their company and don't take their influence.

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Because such people are who they have turned away from our vicar from a vicar Hakeem from the Quran, while unmuted and he does not desire in the higher the dunya except the worldly life. His ultimate goal is the life of this world. That's a conosce few years, which could end at any time, any moment any second. That's his goal. That's his vision. Allah says valleca That is mobula Who will Minella that is there my beloved mineral realm of knowledge. My blog from Balamb Lane Bella to reach my blog is the place of reaching meaning, the full extent or the limit that a person can reach

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dunya worldly life is all they know about.

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Valley comma, beloved woman algorithm that is the sum of their knowledge, meaning that is all they know about

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how limited they are in their vision.

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Because we know

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because it's obvious, it's understood that we were not always here, and we will not always be here. Right?

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So where do we come from? And where are we going? What was before and what is coming after? What about that?

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If we limit our understanding, to just our observation, what we can see what we can experience, and that's it, we are fooling ourselves.

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So Allah says that such people whose sum of knowledge is his worldly life. And these people who have turned away from the Quran, whose ultimate goal is the worldly life are ideal, but you must turn away from them. Why?

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Because if you don't, they will lead you astray.

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So do not take knowledge from them for they will lead you astray.

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Does this mean that we cannot learn from such people

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with caution?

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So if you are taking a class which says leave your religion at the door, please don't go through that door.

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You understand? Or if you must go in through that door then please take your religion with you. You understand? Why? Because if you follow someone like this, you know in everything that they're telling you, you're going to lose your religion. You're going to lose it you're going to lose your faith. And these mistakes have been made by many people that become a beloved woman or in in Rebecca who are a number indeed your Lord knows best. Remember learn severely of who is a stray from his path, well who will Erland will be many Tada and he is most knowing of he who is guided.

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So will you base your life upon what people assume, on the level that they have discovered with many faults and possibilities of error?

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Or will you base your life upon what Allah has revealed? Because Allah knows what is right and what is wrong. Allah knows who is guided and who is misguided, correct. So will you base your life upon what Allah has revealed or what people have assumed? We will listen to the recitation

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to more

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tienen que

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You hear

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me to move

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me to move

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to more

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on E dubby owner one no one

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being evil who the only

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funny love here are 210 Welcome

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you Santa Tila to Nisha to whom Sherry

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law to Misha to whom she and

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learn a lot

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Allah you gotta test me. Oh will

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be me nine G Debbie owner in one hour in no one Allah yo knees naming and shaming for

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victory now while I'm muted in

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you can

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mean in line in no Bakka who will be no one

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said he will who will be many

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