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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The conversation on the importance of spending time with parents who don't know how important it is to spend time with them touches on the struggles of parents with children and the importance of giving children rights. The speakers also discuss struggles with parents who have children and the importance of learning from them. The conversation touches on the struggles of parents who have children and the importance of showing love and bond in public, including the use of plastic structures and toys to encourage children to fast before being in the house. The importance of being an example and being a good example in order to live life to be beautiful is emphasized.
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to them in a lot more, so do send them without a Konami code so they can come in and so called Lafite equals seven. Why Daddy, he was trying to send them to steam and conceal your brothers and sisters. On the way here, I was actually reflecting with the brother that was bringing on some kind of love this this topic. And thinking about where I would be had I not had my parents. And to be very honest with you, I would be absolutely nowhere out of dining, you know, listening to studying online talks about the importance of spending time with your parents who have no idea how important that is. And the topic of it all starts with the home. You know, that's a pretty generic topic, when

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we're talking about it all starts with the home. Many of you might see that as you know, offensive to the parents, because a lot of times parents tried to raise their children in a certain way, and then it doesn't work out. A lot of times, we wait until our kids turn 14 1516. And then they then we wonder why they're not acting like Sahaba when they hadn't had the tequila Sahaba for the first 16 years of their lives. And there's a very important concept here in the snow. A young man once was brought, so I'm going to help out with a low I'm going to use kind of being pulled by the earbuddies that everyone knows I'm going to put up above all the above, I know you do not want to get in

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trouble with that guy. If he hits you, he's going to hit you pretty hard. Alright, so imagine you can imagine the what's going through the mind of this kid as he's being brought soldered on to follow the law. And his dad is saying he is honestly he is disobedient to me. He doesn't listen to me. He doesn't fulfill his rights to his parents, you know, basically what they do to every single email in the country. Every single day. You see a dad that hasn't craved fencing in the masjid for 10 years, coming up with his son, and you haven't seen his son in the masjid for even longer than that, right? I'm saying, talk to my son. Tell him about the importance of the Father. And it's not

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telling him how he should treat his mom. What's wrong with him? Right? Go ahead and tell him tell him tell him. And I used to always go through them somehow I'm thinking to myself, here we go again, right. And the hypocrisy is always there. Right now. And I once had a he's not a kid, actually, someone that I grew up with this panel on he was he went through a lot of hardships in his life, got involved with drugs, even became a drug dealer at one point, right on this account a lot. It was it was strange, because that was bringing him to talk to me. And we were the same age. And I grew up with him, you know, to give them some advice and things of that sort. And so is that is there? And

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is that says, Can you talk to him about drugs and how bad drugs are and stuff like that, you know, can you please tell them not to smoke weed anymore? And you know, give them the magic touch and the Holy Spirit or whatever it is supposed to be? You know, somehow when I'm sitting there. So I'm looking at the data and I'm like, you dropped the ball. I can't say it to him because I but you dropped the ball. But anyway, before I can even say that. His sudden goes whoa, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. He says said Homer is selling alcohol any different than selling marijuana?

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I wouldn't know. He said, But my dad sells alcohol.

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And that is that's a that's different. And it's legal. And you know, you I didn't go to jail. You're the one who went to Tony started getting really defensive. So he said, Oh, so because the law of the land says that my crime was worse than yours. Your sin doesn't exist anymore. I'm sitting there like,

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I'm so good. And I wanted to laugh. And I was just sitting there like paddle you.

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Then you know, it's funny, because about two months later, he's coming to tell me about how the son who's got much bigger problems, keeps listening to music on his iPod. And I'm sitting there thinking to myself like Tesla least of his problems. I don't know why you're doing this. So we're back in the sitting together, apparently is that and learn from the first time. And he's sitting there talking about he listens to music, things of that sort. And this is not against him again. And he says that you go to sleep every single night listening to Uncle film for two hours,

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to tell me that I'm wasting time listening to music. That's your problem, too.

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So the point is, is that a lot of times, people can sense hypocrisy, especially children from their parents. So back to the story of a

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young man is being pulled by his dad and he's with his dad in front of you know, front of him and my son doesn't listen to me. My son is disobedient. My son hasn't fulfilled his rights to me, and I'm the son of that man. This is young man and what we mean Can I ask you a question? So yeah, go ahead. He said, Does the child have rights on the parents?

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Our football was all about rights or full command of justice, some kind of law whether it was the right of the animal article five

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was a man was all about justice. So he said, Yes, absolutely. The child has rights over the parents. He says, What are they?

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He said that he should give him a good name. And he should choose the good mother for him. And obviously, vice versa. Right? And he should teach him the poor. And these are three rights that every single child has. So he says, Yeah, I mean, it won't mean my dad gave me a terrible name. He chose a horrible mother. And he never wants to taught me a word of that.

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So I'm gonna hop looked at the dot and said, You oppressed him before he oppressed you. Go away. It was your fault. You wronged him before he could wronged him. And many times what we see, unfortunately, when we read into the lives of the Sahaba, we forget that these were family members. And we forget that these were family women, these were mothers and fathers. Not only that, their effect rubbed off on their children. You see the I value them, right that that they have a lofty spotlessness done. I'm glad no Hold on. The son of an immigrant, who many of the Sahaba felt was the most qualified Khalifa after ordering photogra Thompson he needs to stay away one person from my

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family's enough for the feedback from Uncle Bob more ominous than a loss of gladness is available. Somehow a lot of glove and mushrooms was the exception because our beloved Massoud was a slave before he came to snap. The point is, is that when you look at the great scholars and our dean and those who made a difference, it started with something special. It started with their parents, even Tainio I hate the whole love, whose father was a great scholar whose grandfather was a great scholar whose great great grandfather was a great scholar. Right? Whose brothers were scholars. It started with something special and I want to talk about the most special human being that exists in our Deen

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in our history after the prophets and who is that?

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You guys need to know this? Who is the greatest person whom the sun has risen and set upon after the NBI

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not No. You guys really don't know this.

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I will.

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Okay, you guys are really sleeping because we get up and stretch. Oh I can sleep the profits of a lot money was that I'm sad there is no human being no man when the sun has ever risen upon or sat upon greater than a double Beckett except that he was a prophet. Let's look at the family and mobile bucket for a moment. Oh by Campbell the allow I know. We know how he is. We know how much he loves the messenger symbol love it was the man love the prophet SAW the love it was for them so much that he can be beaten to a * pulp and he wouldn't care about his own self. He would just care about what's the last little while it was something in the very early phases of the data when Rebecca will

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be alone who saw the profits on a lot of it was being beaten and being humiliated. Oh, God was the one who ran out and said you beat him just because he says that in the light you are pressing an oval back and all the above I don't know who was a very skinny man soft person was beaten to a * Paul choked, had the shoes of Malaysian his face beaten in the face with shoes until he went on unconscious. Look at low tide. I was driving to his family's home to his family's home. And his mother was holding and trying to wake him up from his unconsciousness. And when he woke up and he saw his mother had that glass of water for him. I went back and said, Where is

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he okay? It's kind of like you ever see someone when they wake up from a long sleep or when they wake up from a coma or something like that. It takes a while to get oriented. Right? You know, to wake wake up to your surroundings. pfenning who have ever seen someone who's coming out of that state of unconsciousness? Well, that kid wakes up. He says, you know, silver wears also last night. So is he okay? Did he make it out safely? Was he beaten? I need to see him right away. He didn't want to drink eat anything. Let me go make sure he's okay. He went to the doctor and he found the profits lights on him. And he embraced him. So a lot of a sudden he was so happy, not even paying

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attention to his own wounds that the Prophet slicin was okay. And we know in his life when overbaking was with the messenger some A lot of it was some and while he's with the messenger, so a lot more it was settled. They haven't had anything to eat or drink for days. And they come to the house of Omar that all the above who has barren cows, cows that don't produce and what sola sola lahardee was on allows that cow to give milk and other prophets lysozyme drinks a little vegetable the loved one who goes

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for study but most would have been throwing the profits A lot of it was that him drink until my thirst is quenched. One muscle loss a sudden become sick. A wicked will the alumni. He says Mary Bob Habib Will Ferrell to hoof America. Meanwhile, an era My beloved one became sick so I went to visit him and I got sick from seeing him sick.

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I didn't have a Wolfie model D so when I got sick the profits licensing got healthy and he came and visited me because I was sick not covering them and nobody really I felt cured as soon as I looked at him so a lot of unhealthy love the profits why so that more than any other human being and their story upon story of one story upon story but now How did this affect his family? Well Becca will be a lot more involved his family in each and every single one of these instance I can taught them to love the messenger so a lot of it was on the way he loved the profits a little while it also look at this family of four about I shall be allowed to explain she's a young girl and she's observing a

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wicked will be a lot of time. The day the prophet SAW laquan he was sent him came to tell Beckett that you're going with me on the hill.

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And this isn't some journey where you're going to have this grand You know, this Grand Caravan going through they're gonna have escorts everywhere. Trust me they weren't thinking about going out and going through I mean, this was the journey of death, you are going to accompany a man who's marked for death so a lot while he was a man who has an entire country after him right now to kill him. And you have the privilege of accompany him to Medina. And I saw the local says, you know, I've heard before I was a young girl I'd heard before if people who cry out of happiness but I never really understood till I saw my father that they Wilbekin with the love mindset. So they also love your

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companion simple messenger. But love a Sunday on a sort of luck. You're a competitive of messenger of Allah mentioned the offense that I understand. You know, I've heard about this before. I have heard that people cry out of joy. But this was the first time I ever really saw someone really cry out of joy. It was my father when a soloist Isilon came to tell them that he would be accompanying him on the hitch. And I will record the alarm ago involves his family. He has a blog on the vacuum to go out and to look to see what the plans of course are. He has a smart or the long time to sneak food to them. And that's not what the loved one has suffered. A smell of slop while which I had a

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lot of suffered, involve the whole family in the struggle. Look at the Tonio and when he got to a Medina, Becky about the amount of time I'm running the Battle of whether you know who was on the other side is son of the

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Other I'll be back and forth against the Muslims and

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and later on when he became Muslim, and he became a great companion. There's no doubt about it, no doubting his thoughts. He's sitting with his dad one day and he's talking to his dad and he says, you know, in the Battle of bed that you can imagine this father son exchange, says, You know, I realized I was fighting against the Muslims because like he buckled so peer pressure. But he said every time I saw you on the battlefield, I would not hit I ran away. Because I didn't want to fight you that sweet moment. Right? I went back and says that's funny because I was looking for you.

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Personally fighting against a lot of his messengers whole life, I was looking for you how to love teaching his son. There's priorities in this household, putting a lot of this messenger so Weissman first, this is his total, living Tobia, right somehow a lot. He's showing them with example how important a lot of the muscles are some A lot of it was hard to him. And for that reason, I will bet you will be alone. I will never ever, ever came down. And the children learn the exact same behavior. I show the love of time I'm in the process of slicing them. Yes, they were human beings. They have a little bit of a marital spat. And also last night alone since I said Well, how about we

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have someone you know an arbitrator How about we have someone listen to both sides of the story and judgments witness us humans license he didn't just say look, I'm gonna assume a lot you're not be quiet back to the kitchen moment. He didn't do that. He

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said, Okay, guys, let's bring somebody to reason with us to listen to both sides of us even though he's assuming he's infallible but the province it sounds coming down to her level. She says okay, what is it going to be? So the province I sometimes suggested a lot of either July or the 11th very just fair men great Sahabi who had great quality so much so that we're all on the low end when possible. He said if he was still alive, he would be the Khalifa I would definitely put a waterway does a favor. And I said he loves you too much. He's going to be too but he's going to be biased towards you. Who's not going to be biased towards apologize on right. In the comments. I said, Okay,

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look, why don't you choose the arbitrator? So she says I want my dad.

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Now for any person married couple usually having your dad's a woman having great dads and being the arbitrator means things are going to work and very bad to slip on one side some says okay, fine, we'll bring you that will bring up the record. So the profit slice of the causal weapon Wilbekin will be a lot higher until sits down Commons licenses and it shall be allowed on assets.

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What's the last slice on Cisco? Hi, so would you like to go first? and honest access to the problems I saw? No. Why don't you go first so I can make sure that what you're saying is right.

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I will let you on the line who jumps on around Asia

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that showed a different side, jumped on it. And also like I said, I'm stood in front of ISIS to defend her from her own father.

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And also lost my son says, we didn't bring you here for this little bucket, a son of a bucket when they allow him away. And that actually defuse the that actually defuse the problem, because the problem is my son started laughing with ice and seeing See, I saved you. It wasn't for me, it would have been in a lot of trouble. But the point was, what was the benefit of showing a lot of his messengers like seeing them come first? Does that mean that he was a bad father? Does that mean that you didn't, I'm not. I'm not advocating a person to leave this family behind. And to you know, go away from the house, eight months, nine months, and then come home every once in a while, leave his

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family without a father, no, Beckett will be loved and who loved whose parents loved his children. And they loved him too. It'll be a long time. And we see so many instances that show that love that bond that they had with their father, oh, Becca will do well under that soft men. Very, very soft spoken, very loving. But at the same time, he always put priorities and his personality rubbed off on the children. And I'll give you an example of a white kid on the 11th time who had such a beautiful voice and

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and he would cry so much when he would recall that the way his dad was and this is why I was told the brothers and sisters PRAY IN PUBLIC if you get a chance, let people hear the recitation look around. Don't go hide in the corner. Sisters don't say that you have another Saturday to pray in the car if you don't pray, and especially if it's muffled Berisha brothers and even if you think that your voice is not beautiful, but someone here that would make it will be a lot of time when he was given protection. He was on his way to make his you know, to have an adult that gave him protection, I will bet you will be alone and will turn half of his house into an open courtyard. And he would

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stand out there and break down with it, and raise their families. The enemies of a lot of these messengers lies on their wives and their children. We're coming to listen to a whole bunch of all the love on marine who's hypnotics palla how beautiful his voice was, how much emotional sincerity he had in his voice, and use the stop on one night or the alone time when you read in his car for an entire night on the wicked would stomp on one eye reflecting to the Buddha to focus on one eye. And how did that rub off on the children? Now let's look at it shortly alongside the woman who went from the house of humble vegetable the allowing of the best of nonprofits to the best of profits little

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love it was those are the households similar to that. And I saw the alongside her nephew of the loveliness of it are actually are weapons of it. He tells the story of a loved one when he was the nephew, his mother a smack married a surveyor. May Allah be pleased with them all. Beautiful households have had a lot. He says that one day I went to go visit my aunt Ayesha. Well, he a hottie. She's my aunt's right. So I had permission to just walk in. So I walk in, and I noticed that she was praying alone.

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And she was taking long and thrifty out. And so I wouldn't I stood behind her. When it got really long. I wouldn't I stood behind her, so that she could know that I was there. But she kept on reading. And she was reading one item over and over and over and over again. And then a lot while in a while upon. A lot was lenient with us. And he protected us from the Hellfire from the punishment. What tender, what type of key what type of what type of key talked about what's ethical, what's up, keep, she would read, she would make too hot and she would cry. So it always says, I decided, you know what? This isn't working. She's not going to stop anytime soon. Let me go do my shopping. Let

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me go to the soul and take care of some of my things. And I'll come back and I'll see her afterwards. So he left her house and it wasn't like you can just drive to Walmart or Kroger's, or whatever it is that you happen to get things done in your car and then go drop it off at home and come back within five minutes. He went to the school he did what he had to do. He came back and he said Well, lucky I found through on the same

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reading the same idea over again. Crying, making fun of luck. What does this show you this is the effect of good total. This is the family of bubble bucket all the time. This is the effect that he had. It starts with the home. Look at any of the great moms in our history. It started with the home. It started with the parents very very, very early on. That's how to love we have to think to ourselves, am I involving my family in the data? The way that I'm Wilbekin all the love I'm involved is spend a lot of times brothers think well I'm going to go out and I'm going to do that and then I'm going to you know leave my family at home and I'm never going to take my kids to the masjid My

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wife is not going to have any exposure. There's no it's just going to be

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And I'm going to involve your whole family, become a family of a family of activism, a family of values, a family of those principles, involve your children, right? Even if it's something small, involve your children. You know, I remember one of the most powerful things that that I had growing up. And some of you might have this, if you don't, then you need to get it out a lot. I thought about it just a few days ago, just like I'm not a hypocrite, I don't have it at home. But I thought about just today I said to my wife, we need to get this. Right. I remember growing up, there was a thing, that was a little plastic structure of most of them outside. And if you pick up the dome, it

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was for solid. Right? It was a charity box in the house. And every single time I would come home, right, it was the first thing that I was seeing. The first thing I would see was that so everybody in the family whenever we had a little bit of extra change, literally do we all go put it there, we have an extra dollar, you put it there, right. And then at the end of the month, my family would actually take it apart. And then we'd see how much we collected as how our parents would congratulate us and they would give that for the sake of the last amount of time involved the family and our involve them and getting sold up at an early age. right this is Toby even one. Oh, but they

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don't have to do this yet. They don't have to do that. Yeah, they don't have to do this. Yeah. You know, the Sahaba. And hottie you know, what they used to do with their children and the type of robot. They didn't have to fast yet. Right? They weren't. They didn't reach the age of puberty. They didn't have to fast technically speaking, but also haba is a medically aligned, what does he say we used to give them toys, right? We used to try to keep them occupied, just to get them in the habit of fasting. Because that's the whole concept of a family moving together. family holidays, family talking about being you know, most of the time talking about being in the family is off limits. You

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don't talk about nobody walks in the house. And it's kind of like even saying so now I said I don't want to come to your family. It's like weird how many of us call our husbands and wives and say Listen, Mr. Equal happens like when it comes? Right? Very few of them. Very few. He's just like, Hey, you need anything from the grocery store?

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Know, speaking with them in terms of having holidays at home, not in the sense that you have to gather around and make things awkward, right? Don't try to do this off the bat. But speaking about being on the house, right, encouraging one another. And the first thing is being an example. You know, what runs children away from Islam more than anything else? You guys might not might not like my answer, by the way. But well, I this is from my limited experience. But I am wholeheartedly convinced that this is the truth. You know, it really runs kids away from Islam, dysfunctional marriages,

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when the parents aren't getting along, and it's obvious, and sometimes even going to the point where they're pitting their children against each other. There's obvious victory, there's obviously something going on. Because you know what that does, that reinforces everything they're hearing outside the house, and even inside the house, on their TVs, and on their iPhones and laptops, and whatever it is that your religion is backwards, your culture is backwards, there's no sense of love, there's no sense of compassion, religion, is this religion, is that, right? Islam is a precedent for that all of that is reinforced in the way that they see you. They don't want to come home. Right?

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It's unpleasant, I don't want to be around them anymore. How to love Well, I mean, it's hard for a child to come from a broken home, and really have that self esteem and confidence and love for their need. So make sure that you're demonstrating the example of being in your daily lives, right, suddenly do this or not, or we do this because this is the signal. Right? saying nice words to each other gestures to each other. Right? masuleh advice on what would he do every single night? Last night, some would kiss his wife every time you entered into the home. Right? So I mean, gestures showing love showing, showing that that Islam makes us beautiful. Islam makes us people with

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dignity, making them love the deen and then involving them in that way, somehow involving them in data. Otherwise, they will turn their backs on the data and they'll turn their backs on YouTube because what you are you to them are the manifestation of the standard of religion. And if you're not living up to it, then that's not a religion they want to be a part of. So make sure that we try to live our lives the way the wicked will they love to live and with one story because you really want to understand some how to love personal priorities and the person who does not stop being a good family man, but at the same time, puts the priority of a lot in his messenger. So a lot of it

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was first of all back in his vehicle, the allowable time and called his parents to a stem for a very, very long time. Long time. And I will kochava by the way wasn't always able back his real name. Does anyone know a lot nervous man, a blogger it's not that simple. wicked will be a lot more than his father Uncle kochava is it's not his father. I mean behalf of for a long time.

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refused to accept the stamp of a vacuum of the law. I'm gonna plead with him to come to a loss of silence messenger slice, we don't understand the blessing of having Muslim parents of common law, those of you who have Muslim parents who don't understand the blessing, oh back to the long line who longed for. And then when is that finally became Muslim. Just very shortly before his death, he only lives shortly after that, right in the narration, some of them say up to a year, a few months even. Right? I have a love when I will vacuum on the line who finally achieved that I've seen his father become Muslim. He started to cry.

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how Allah and they weren't just they weren't just tears of joy. So his family said to him, is not what they want. I said to him, why are you crying? You don't have the light. You've been wanting this your entire life. You've been waiting for the moment that your dad becomes Muslim. Why are you crying? He says because I wish muscle muscle a lot by the use of guns to see the same thing with his own that felt bad. It's kind of like he grieved that the prophets I send them his parents passed away before revelation came to him something like that. And he grieved because he knows how much the prophets I send them would have wanted them. Right, priorities, priorities, demonstrating through

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example, and we see it in all of this family. So while the loved one you don't need anything more than that spend a lot on the show the great 15, the great scholar of the month, the more handy than the one who gave us 1600 had a from the pocket slice on him the otherwise we would have never had access to. Right. I saw the allowable time I'm an example a snap will be a level time and I could go on and on the mother of our beloved Mrs. Obey. And if you want to read something that will really teach you about someone who teaches their children to love a lot. First, look at the conversation between a snap and her children. That's not in her son out of the lot in his last moments in his

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life. I don't have time to go into them. I'm going to come out and have you back in with the loved one. These were great people. Why? Because for the Sahaba this was not just a one men affair. It will be a long one it will fall through it will be a lot and it hasn't been Hussein may Allah be pleased with them. Right? It was everybody together being in this. But it starts with being an example We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us examples for our children's for our children. And we asked the last panel to Allah to allow us and our families to enter into those gentlemen together in gentlemen fulfill those in the companionship of the messengers a lot. It was the greatest family

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man, the greatest individual the greatest human being to ever walk the face of the earth. Someone was riding in a salon, and we asked the last panel Todd to join us with our families with the companions have also lost a lot of them and their families alone. I mean, does that blog

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