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The importance of praying in the scripture and setting boundaries for one's prayer routine is emphasized. It is also discussed the danger of praying at home and the importance of not praying in your own language. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to pray in their own language and encourage others to use their own language. The importance of following scripture and not overdoing a challenge is also emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the need to use the opportunity to spend time with family and friends to remind oneself of the importance of doing what is supposed to be done.

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So now I, like I'm gonna cut

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now, in hamdu, lillahi, rabbil, Alameen, whatever you want in our blogging, that actually led to a lot more solid or semi vertical articles so we can feminist Allah, Allah, salam, or anything will you send them to submit your field. Now as we were talking in tonight's class about the importance of remembering a loss to add after the budget and after the offset and, and particularly where Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to protect and guard and preserve these prayers and budget and also, there are a few thoughts that came to my mind and I want to challenge myself and I want to challenge everyone here in sha Allah to Allah with this talk, and I really do mean that I'm posing a challenge

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to myself and to everyone in sha Allah to Allah in regards to, as we mentioned in the Holika, protecting the Salah, part of protecting the Salah is praying them in Jamar. Now when we talk about praying in the messages and praying in Salafi gemera You know that there's a technical ruling and then there is a moral ruling. Okay, so the technical ruling on whether or not a person has to pray every single slot in the dimmer there's a difference of opinion. What is by consensus is that if a person could hear the event that a person has to praise a lot in the message no matter what if he could hear the event, with with nature and without any obstruction or without any enhancements. If a

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person could hear the other, then you have obviously a difference of opinion about what you know is it thump crane is it mandatory for each and every single person to pray, saw in the masjid for all five prayers in Jamaat there's a group of them out that said that because one of the one of the one of the the soul of our religion one of the foundations of FIP is that when there is a warning from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that indicates something being mentored obligatory in the prophets lie Selim. He indicated that he wished to appoint someone else to leave the Salah and he would burn the homes down of those that aren't coming to the gym. Not to inflict harm on them but to

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bring them back to their actual home because the prophets lie some sudden authentic hadith and Masjid V to put in. That the masjid is the home of every single believers on the Prophet saw someone threatened his punishment and that that was not mentioned in regards to select the gym is many common people think that this hadith is mentioned regards to salatu Juma that was mentioned in regards to the daily salaam the Prophet slicin and mentioning burning the homes of the people so that they would come to the Salah. So some of their that they they had the opinion on the basis of that that it is mandatory. A greater majority of the right amount they said that it is most to have

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for those that can't hear the other it is recommended for those that can't hear the amount to come into every salon and the amount of been hasn't Rahim Allah to Allah and the law the school they had the most severe and strict of the opinions and that is that if a person is physically capable of coming to salatu Gemma and he does not then his Salah is invalid. So they even consider Salah outside of the message outside of Jamar to be completely melted completely invalid if a person was physically able to do so. And obviously that's an opinion that's restricted to the body school and not one that that under sunnah carry traditionally carried. But one thing that was agreed upon

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throughout is that it is a major sin to insist on not coming to the message first of all for Jamar, if you read any amount of Iraqi molars book Al Qaeda, the major sins, he lists as one of the major sins with some very compelling and scary evidence. The person who insists on not praying Salah and Gemma, what that means is I no longer even make an effort I've just accepted for example, and he said that this could be specific to one salah, or this could be in regards to all of the salaah salah and the masjid in general. So it could mean that I don't come to the masjid unless I really, you know, unless it's mandatory for me to do so meaning unless it's about the Jamaat, or he said

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that it could mean to insist to not go to the masjid for a specific prayer. Meaning what I never prayed what what in the message, whether I'm working, whether I'm at home, I never prayed the hood in the message. It's just not my habit. It's not my routine, I will always pray at home. And obviously what becomes more severe is the salon likes a lot of budget and a lot to the shop where the prophets why some set the most difficult prayers on the hypocrites are Salah to fetch, and Salam to the Asia. So a person insists that he stays home and I just recommend everyone just go Google the book of major sins by the mountain. That'd be Rahim Allah and you can read that chapter. It's a very

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scary chapter. The point is, is that we should really make an effort to to come as much as we can in sha Allah to Allah. For as many prayers that does not necessarily mean for example, that I attend every single prayer

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every single day if you can do it and hamdulillah then there is a blessing of Allah subhanaw taala. And the Prophet slicin said that whoever prays Salah in Jamaica for 40 days without missing a beat, and then it is a complete forgiveness of his sense, I mean, if you can do that, and hamdulillah that's, that's a huge blessing of Allah subhanaw taala however, don't make it a habit to pray at home. It's very dangerous when you make it a habit to pray at home. The light speaks to me first, you know, especially the daytime prayers, this kind of Allah, you know, shift Muhammad metocean tt Prophet Allah He was talking about the Hadith of the Prophet sites, and I'm saying that the

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hypocrites find it most difficult to pray Fajr in Russia, and he said the reason why is because at that time, you didn't have lights.

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Right? So going to Fajr and Isha. Not you are going only for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, no one was going to see. Right? So the hypocrites didn't bother to show their faces at first generation, because no one would see them anyway, they could just say I was offended today, and no one was caught, no one would be able to find a liar. No one would be able to, you know, to confirm what they're saying. So in our day and age, go to any Masjid in the world at the UN awesome.

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Isn't it frightening. There are some massage around this country that are 10 times the size of this message that if you go to them for the one and also they will be closed. No one will even be there to pray

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for those Salah in between, you know, we're talking about Salatin, Woodstock. And the best of the prayers being answered prayers. There's some messages if you go to for us in prayer, they are closed, they're locked. And subhanAllah I've personally had the experience of having to pray outside of some of these huge messages, because there was no one to come and open the door. All right, so maybe not making it a habit to pray any of these prayers at home every single day, but instead changing the routine even a little bit. Right. So let's say giving myself a goal that every day I'll pray to Salas and Gemma to prayers in German. Okay, I have to and you know, I have to be there. I

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can't just continue to pray thought outside also outside love outside. So it's so fragile, so I have to switch it up. I have to make sure that I kept these prayers so that I don't fall into a Camila and don't fall into a major sin in the process of being neglectful of the Muslims Paola, think of the reward of 27 times your soul. And the Mammon was any Rahim Allah to Allah Shafi, the gray student of the amount of Chef Are you not listening Rahim Allah to Allah. If he missed a lot in generic know how he punished himself.

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He would pray that same prayer 27 times.

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That was his self inflicted punishments, okay on himself and the number that the narrative in the CRM and the without the demand was any, he would punish himself by praying and Matthew 25 to 27 times that Salah, the equivalent of that Salah for not praying in your mouth. Now obviously if we do that, then we'll probably fail very quickly. And we'll probably get through to those and say, You know what,

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I had a good intention inshallah Allah writes it down, but this isn't happening. That's not what I'm saying. You know, what? Subhanallah one very practical advice. That, you know, some of them they say, for example, that if you wake up in the day and you miss the office budget, then say, You know what, I'm fasting today.

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Okay, do things to punish yourself with good deeds, if that makes sense. Right? You know what, I miss this good deeds, I'm going to do this good deed and stuff. My habit is to recite, you know, 10 pages of Quran today I missed this part. So I'm going to recite 20 pages of you know, keep yourself motivated and keep yourself coming and keep yourself attached to the message and your heart attached to the message. And one of the you know, and this is where the challenge to myself comes in. I really do mean this. One of the neglected Sooners of our times, is the sitting in the masjid and remembering a loss of Hannah Montana until the sunrise and I know we prefer to really early at this

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message. Alright, so it's a little bit longer than it would be in some other massages. But at the same time, it is a neglected sin that it really is for all of us to just sit down. And remember our last parents I do think it allows parents time to after solids and fidget. You know, you get distracted because people are already talking and having their conversations and you're just trying to finish you're addicted. You're trying to finish the regimen that the Prophet SAW Selim taught us in regards to the morning remember this. So this is a challenge to everyone and you guys let me know if you're accepting this challenge. Once a week. Once a week I will sit in the masjid weekday

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weekend. And remember Allah subhanaw taala until the sunrise and pray to the archives and the Prophet sighs I'm sorry whoever does that will have the complete reward of hatch complete complete complete. How many of you guys are willing to take that challenge? See hands let's revive us in in this message. Is it one week or once a week not one.

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You can do one week all right. I saw a lot of hands and saw so let's hope inshallah This is revived, inshallah to Allah from here on out at least one day a week you can put yourself in a position where you remember last content do Likud until somebody

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Don't hang out until the sunrise. It has to be once a week at least. And we ask Allah Esperanto to make us amongst those whose hearts are attached to the massage and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us a death while we are Institute. I mean, may Allah give us death while we're in such a moment. Any questions? Questions?

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The two records would be after the sunrises and after the sun has completed its rising, meaning 1015 minutes after the time of sunrise.

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Any other questions?

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Is it mandatory or encouraging for women to come to the salon in demand? No, it's not mandatory. It's not encouraged. It is It is haram to forbid them. And the profit slice and I'm so nuts I'm narrow EMA a lot. messaggi the law do not forbid the women of Allah from the massages of Allah. And notice the wording the prophesy son did not say let him not on the south do not forget the women from the massage and he said, don't forbid the women have a lot, meaning the workers the female worshipers of a lux the equivalent of Viva la from the houses of Allah meaning this is their house to every believer and that's what the Hadith says a message they took from the moment that the

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messenger is the house of every believer, every believer has an affinity towards the masjid has a place in the masjid. The lifting of the obligation is for their ease. And the moment that you know Allah to Allah. He said that if a woman prayed in her home even even if she prayed in her home, and she intended the reward that would be received by praying for a man praying and Jamal intended as a means of following the Sunnah, that Allah subhanaw taala would write her down the full reward and the belief that he used the evidence that he used was that the traveler the traveler prays to that cause following the Sunnah of the Prophet slicin He's rewarded more than someone who prays for it

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because it's optional. You can pray for like as a traveler according to most of them and that you can pray for for like as as a traveler, it's optional, but to pray to it would be more rewarded because you're following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sunnah. So you know, I'm going to tell you about him. Allah says, Even if a woman prayed in their home, and she had the intention of following the Sunnah of the Prophet sly Salam, and she had the intention of receiving that reward. And Allah knows, had she been a man, if she would have been offended that day as well, Allah azza wa jal will reward based on intentions as well. So it's haram to forbid and the women have definitely a

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place in the masjid and they particularly had as the mountain may help you to heal and last said that the reason why the Prophet spice that I'm really forbade that was because of the love of the women for their animals. It was more for the knowledge than praying. And he and he commented on the hadith of us mapping me back, it will be a lot of time. And we were sitting in the masjid one day, and the prophets lie, someone was giving a lecture and the men started to cry so loud that the women could not hear anymore. So she said, we stopped the men as they were leaving. And we said, what is it that the profit slice and I'm sad? And they said that the profit slice and I'm sad Verily, in the

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grave, there's a test that is even more severe than the test of the job. And it is a suit. It is being asked in the grave the question of the spatula, he commented on that hadith. And he said that the reason why the prophets didn't forbid the women is look at how dedicated these women words are and to the knowledge even though they had their own day with the Prophet slice Allah, where he would only teach them but they didn't want to miss those moments. The halibut mainly in the lectures of the Prophet size, and the sermons of the prophets myself, but for their salaam, it wasn't a big deal to pray at home, rather than praying and Jamal was really the benefit of that as power that's

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evident even in our times, right that women outnumber men in every color.

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Every single palapa even in the 21st century, you know, in every class Islamic class Allah does women do outnumber men. So that's bad news for men good news for all right. Yeah, but I thought last question Sean is starting this Sunday. Are you

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speaking of forgetting too early

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that's it will be six o'clock on Sunday. Yeah, you have last question

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really should still ask

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okay, look, so if you have work that starts at the time of Phaedra and those types of things and so you'd miss work,

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a loss. It's up a lot, Mr. Fox and we feel alive as much as you can. Obviously, you're in a situation at that point and the only obligation on us to fulfill the obligation of Frank Salter. So what I would say is make use of your days often bring fudge and make it worth it come early placed on a bracelet in that home even which is even better praise from that home and common attendance. And stay until the little helpers will make those days off, count them with your friends. So that way, you would be missing

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situation and what the prophets lie some said that if a person misses something that he would routinely do due to travel or due to sickness or some other need, Allah would write from down the full reward of that date. So every day off you have you're coming to dinner and you're remembering a line, you're doing what you're supposed to do, then it would be hope that inshallah to Allah, Allah would write down everyday for you that way, because he would know that you would be capable that you wouldn't be willing to do that. Had you been able to do so a lot of time items on offense perform?

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Dorney one