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The speakers discuss the loss of women in the Middle East and negative impacts of the Prophet's actions on society. They also touch on the importance of testing people for their religious affiliation and the closely-returned meaning of the day of slaughter. The speakers also mention the significance of testing people for their religious affiliation and the legal ruling of giving guidance to their children. The importance of finding out who is "can" in Islam is also highlighted.

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gonna have to wait too long somebody was telling me about a karate for so we can Muhammad Sallallahu it was fine and he also

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knows what sued I recited in the first slide.

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So it's been a loss penalty and so it's a Tiffany and what did I recite the second

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who was paying attention to

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certain assets Very good. It's Sunday it's okay.

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So the song is that I recited there's something very interesting that we find in these solos. last 10 minutes either says lot of Allah material and Linda Dena Kapha

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Allah subhanaw taala has given us the example of the wives of the Prophet Nurhaliza Salaam and the prophet who

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can attack attack to Aberdeen even anybody know for the faint of heart attack. You know, these two women were married to profits. They weren't married to Masjid goers. They weren't married to good Muslim brothers they weren't married to do. They were married to MBR they were married to perfect human beings. People that were Marcil mean people that we're infallible, and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says He gives them as an example to those who disbelieve that these two women despite being married to the one being married to know how to use Salam, and mortarless they still died as disbelievers. Allah subhanaw taala and the next I heard is he give us an example for the believers.

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Lot of Allah muffin and in Edina Hammond last fantasise, Allah has given the example to those who believe the whites of Fidel Why did Allah azza wa jal choose to say and razza for their own and not ask him or name is FCM intimo Zakon and she is a woman of perfect enough profit slice and I mentioned her in the category of those women that achieved perfect Eema Why is she mentioned as the wife of Fidel

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but why not mentioned her by her name isn't an honor in the Quran to be mentioned binding

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to show the environment around you know Subhanallah this is yeah

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that was on which NACA Xena

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Xena was also mentioned volume was mentioned in

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the next I as I mentioned the volume so that's a theory that's that's actually you know, one some of the amount they said that it's a form of racism. But that's really that's really something that's isolated as well and cultural understanding and things of that sort of as well right to not be taken by your name.

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What do you guys think anybody else?

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Think about it in relation to the previous I

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relation to the previous

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you guys are really tired.

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It's the opposite. Meaning just as a loss of Hannah Masada is making an example that these two women despite being married to prophets, died as disbelievers. This woman, despite being married to the worst person that has ever walked the face of the earth, now any moment to be ragging on Allah to Allah he says this is an engineering that was similar to our this is our consensus and that is similar generic, that is their own is the worst human being. He is the symbol of Cofer and Julianne bull is the symbol of oppression and disbelief. He is the worst human being that has ever walked the face of the earth. Abuja had was the fifth element of this Oma. And there are different people that

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imitated fifth Island and we certainly have for their islands a day we today we have people that imitate for their own today, you could find qualities to fit our island in a person like Bashar Assad, you could find qualities of that around in different leaders around the world, but at the same time, that around is the worst human being that has ever walked the face of the earth and this woman, despite being married to him, still perfected her. Eema how amazing is that? Subhanallah she didn't just become Muslim, she perfected her.

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And so what Allah Subhana Allah Allah is telling us is that it does not matter who you related to. It does not

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No matter who you will claim to be with on the Day of Judgment, you cannot come and say, well I was a descendant of the Prophet SAW Allah I think your Salah, because what was the sooner that we recited in the next icon to have that be lab in water, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Buddha and mind you by the way Abdullah was not just some deadbeat uncle the prophets lie some of the prophets lie some didn't used to talk to and the prophets lie some didn't like before Jeff honey anyway, the prophets license two daughters rotate yeah and unconfirmed. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon how he pleased with them. They were married to the sons of Ebola. So

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the Prophet salallahu Salam was the nephew of Ebola. He was his next door neighbor, and Ebola have two sons were married to his two daughters. And this person still found a way to disbelieve and to be so humiliated that Allah Subhana Allah revealed a surah about his fate. And so the reason why I bring this up something very interesting happened to me this weekend, I attended a conference in Urbana Champaign, about the prophets of Allah minute. And I gave the football about the prophets lie some and His mercy. And a young man came up to me after the football objective, and his father was next to him crying.

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And you know, subhanAllah there's nothing that's more hurtful to a father or a mother than their children, you know, committing Khufu. So his son who's a student in the University, he said, If he was such a merciful Prophet, Why did Allah reveal why did why did he condemn a Buddha have to fire why didn't he pray for Ebola?

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So Subhanallah you know, his father was was breaking his father was in tears. And this young man is so air you know, he's so defiantly saying, How come the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why did and he didn't even say something? He said, Why did Muhammad condemn Ebola to hellfire? He was such a merciful prophet.

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And so I answered him because the point of the football was before I even answered that question to you all because this is important question. The point of the football is that you know many of the incidents in the prophets liasons life where he had people that he could have killed and taken advantage of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam had them at an at a time after the conquest of Mecca meaning when he was fully established in power. So the very famous story of Malala had been remade lately, or the longtime annual hit a dagger under his garment and he followed the prophets license around the cabinet to murder him and the prophets. I seldom did not kill him, but the prophets lie

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Selim made your app for him. And he became Muslim. The story of low with us in Manhattan, Manhattan, this is the you know, in the last year of the prophesy son's life or the prophets lie Selim was sleeping under a tree and he hung his sword in the Teresa Lysa and hold us grabbed the sword and he stood over the profit slice let me said many I'm now coming the Mohammed who will forbid me from you, oh Muhammad, who is going to stop me from killing and the Prophet slicin looked at him and said Allah

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and Laura started to shake and he dropped the sword and the province license and picked up the sword and he stood on top of load off and he said many American Indian who will stop me from killing you now. He said, law had concluded after this, no one's gonna stop you but be you know, be gentle in your in your in your revenge. And the Prophet saw myself let me let him go. Right, he let him go. So the point is, is that all of these incidents that we find in the Sierra, the incident of phenomena being tied into the message thermometer, or thought about the amount of time tied into the message, so many incidents, countless incidents where the prophets lie son could have taken people's lives

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when the Prophet slicin was established in authority. And by the way, one of the claims that we have against our religion is that when the prophets lie some because when you bring up the example, even of the conquest of Mecca, which is really the greatest example of humility and mercy that a leader has shown in the history of mankind, it was so powerful it was already prophesized in the Bible. You can already find biblical references to Makkah, okay. It's such a powerful incident where a man comes in with 10,000 troops into the land that he was born in, and he has the people that ran him out and killed his family. At His mercy and the prophets I said I'm changes the motto of the only

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human melanoma that today is the day of slaughter to and the only Omen Mohammed today is the day of mercy. And the prophets lie someone shows mercy to them, and tells them you know, latter three Valley communion there is no blame upon you just as use of it histogram said, there is no blame upon you. To his brothers, the prophets. I saw them reiterated that beautiful statement, there is no blame upon you. May Allah forgive you and the prophets of Allah is and let them go. So there's this idea that's been perpetrated that, you know, it was sort of an unspoken rule that you have to become Muslim though to be safe that day. I've heard this suggest that I've read this and Orientals

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literature, and some, some Islamophobes they make the suggestion. Yeah, they always bring up the tech mecca. They bring up the conquest of Mecca. But you knew that if you didn't become Muslim was only a matter of time for you. Right? So there's this idea that everyone jumped

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hopped on the bandwagon. And on the day of fetish Mecca, do you know how many Sahaba became Muslim on the day of Mecca? I personally had this curiosity insight and Subhanallah I wouldn't I researched it. And literally I found 52 People became Muslim on the day of the conquest of Mecca. That's it. 10,000 Cain 52 became Muslim, meaning what many people the majority of the residents of Mecca were allowed to retain their faith and they became Muslim with time with the good manners and with the data of the Muslims, they also became Muslim. So I mean, the prophets lie someone's life speaks for itself that the prophets lie Selim was a man of mercy. He had an opportunity to take people's lives

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he had an opportunity to justifiably execute many individuals. And he didn't I mean, the sloth was, but now the curious state of Ebola. Who how would you answer that question? If you were in my situation?

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You guys need to be ready for this type of data. Oh, by the way, someone says if he's such a prophet of mercy, then why, why does this curse of what

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do you guys think?

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was that?

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So Allah is the One who declared he's going to help. Okay.

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If you had a choice,

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he had a choice and he had the choice to do whatever he wanted to do. However, the point that's being made is that, you know, the prophets lie some he prayed for Jeff and an American football. So Alomar is that it's not only the Abdullah morainic like Allah give victory to Islam with the more beloved of the two homers to being on top of the line when he was an enemy of Islam and I'm gonna know Isha Abuja why Abu Lahab why this? As Pamela just just to let you guys know that I don't keep you for too long.

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The answer that I think is important for us to understand is actually a very profound

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Abu Lahab destiny was revealed in an eight years before he even died.

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That's a sign from ALLAH SubhanA wa. Abu Lahab was given his punishment and hellfire the verdict eight years before he died, Dr. Gary Miller became Muslim because of the story.

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He said because of it. He said this is the proof of this book being divine because of Ebola have wanted to disprove the messenger Muhammad sly seven, he could have simply walked up to the prophets lifestyle and said a shadow of a shadow and

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then the Muslims are in trouble. Then the Prophet slicin finds himself in a serious dilemma because he's Muslim now. Do we abrogate the Quran? Did we just take that Surah out and say nevermind, right? He could have really he could have really put the Muslims in a fit. He could have just said I'm Muslim to now do I still go to help? And it would have confused everybody and it would have made the Quran look fallible. But Subhan Allah Allah has revealed this, eight years before the man's death. In eight years, he never once even considered Toba. He never once considered repentance. He never once considered coming to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and saying I'm considering Islam. His heart

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was sealed. And this is a proof of the book and the Sunnah of the Prophet, slice Allah. And something very important. Did the prophets why Selim ever throw, you know, the wife of Allah have used to throw dead cats over the wall? At the prophets of Isola, they used to put fire in front of his house, they used to do many, many things to do the Prophet sly some ever retaliate to him in this world, no.

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Which which, which is a very important point as well, that there is a huge difference between what happens to a person in the hereafter and how we treat people in this world. Okay, there's a huge difference between the two. What I think will happen to you in the Hereafter, is completely separate with what I what rights you have upon me in this world and the prophets lie Selim showed mercy to Abu Lahab. Despite that is Pamela and Imam Ahmed Hassan another week, or himolla to Allah? extensively in the serum Muslim history said that the prophets license part was big enough, was big enough to accept any human being right but Allah seal this man's fate. Allah subhana wa Jalla passed

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that judgment. And that is a proof of this deep, right that that man could never come and say La la la, la sol la. Despite that, and Allah subhanaw taala responded to him and the reason why, why did Allah azza wa jal not reveal a surah for our Mujahideen for example, why a Buddha have been particularly

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because with the first call of the Prophet sallallahu,

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Abu Lahab was the first official Catholic.

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He holds that distinction in our Ummah, and it's a very, it's a low distinction, obviously, you know, he's the first Catholic he is the first person to stand up in the Prophet slice and I'm space and to mock him and to say Tibet Nakia Muhammad, may you perish. And so Allah Subhana Allah to Allah revealed his punishments. This is the first, the first disbeliever the first

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As person to curse the prophets lie Selim, this is what will happen to him and the surah before that, either nostril lightning or eaten nurse the other fluid FET nila, FYI John, you know when the conquest and the help the victory of comes from Allah Subhana Allah and the conquest you will see people coming into this religion in waves, huge throngs of people will be accepting Islam meaning what, who cares about him, he's going to hell, he will be forgotten in history, and he will be a loser. But you will find people coming into embrace this message from all over the world. And Allah subhanaw taala will give you victory for so that we can get on with our stuff, but in the whole

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Canada wherever. And so it was all as I said, I was told to make us depart to seek forgiveness, and to declare the perfection of Allah subhanho to Allah because Allah and so does the acceptor of repentance. And that of course, is one of the last sutras that was revealed. It was the the announcement of the death of the Prophet slice numbers and numbers and the longtime Anamosa because the prophets license mission was over. The prophets lie Selim delivered the message and the message reached many people meaning even if your uncle who your two daughters were engaged to his children, will reject you, and will leave you standing and will curse you, people that you would have never

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met before. People like us 1400 years later, will embrace this message and they will love you and they will and they will be from your own. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst the OMA of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and to grant us that ability to see him on the day of judgment and to embrace him like family, and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam serves us with his own beautiful hands I use Auto Salon a drink from his health and that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is pleased with us on that date and that we are not from those that are turned away from the slaughters Amin

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is worse than the job the job is a curious case that's the reason for their own is the worst time of the world has ever seen. The job is a very unique and special creation so I think isn't ship yes, we're still going through

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we finish the job.

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We've asked him that question

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of delegate but the job is not the job is a very unique creation. Okay, so it's very different than that sounds.

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Disregarding the beginning which you mentioned about the

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don't we know from

00:17:39--> 00:17:41

Allah says that he will give righteous man

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so how do we

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play you're gonna live play by going to last fantasise pure men are for pure women, and pure women are for pure for pure men. The answer to that question actually is very beautiful. And so is given by the moment and Lucia Rahim Allah to Allah. that, number one, the first one before I give the answer, but Lucy, which is what the scholars by his, what is very apparent is that there are exceptions to everything. There are exceptions to every rule. Okay, it's just like when you say that what you do to your parents, your children will do to you. That's not always true. Otherwise, you know, the line of code would never end in the line of iman would never ends. Right? But there is

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truth to that statement. Okay. So, these are, these are these are obviously, you know, these are obviously statements of warning and glad tidings and things of that sort. But there are exceptions because Allah subhanaw taala tests people with with levels of uncertainty and things of that sort. So we will be tested in that regard. And the moment I wrote the Rahim Allah to Allah He said, however, also lost by someone says Lisa Jannetty, that there is not a single person in Jannah, who is single.

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There is no one who's going to be as if there's no iZombie in general, okay, there is no one who's going to be single in general. So even if you died with no spouse, or if you had a non Muslim spouse, or someone who didn't make it to generally even if they were Muslim, you know, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah will have a spouse for you. So even if you were tested temporarily, with with with someone who would not be here, like you and we also have to inquire about ourselves whether we are pure or not, whether we're the impure ones, and our wives are being tested with us, but Allah subhana wa Jalla establishes the mucked up in an agenda with their with their companions and with

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their spouses.

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You know, he came to the conference and the young man who asked the question, he came to the conference, and you know, he listened and he was appreciated after the answer, you know, but, you know, may Allah make it easy for his parents and may Allah make it easy for all the parents in order to raise righteous children because it is very, very, very, I can't tell you honestly, how painful it is to look at the eyes of a person who, whose children leave us not

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You know, may Allah make it easy and not trust us with that. That's a very that's the worst thing in the world to see. Subhanallah I mean, you know, he was very confrontational but have that again and by the end of the conversation it was fine with Kennedy attended the conference and shook my hand did me for a while, but this is a long problem in America that we're just gonna have to actually around the world but here where it's more easily expressed, we're going to have to deal with this and so we have to be very careful to really instill confidence and faith in our children and we asked last time to grant for that

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all right

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so the legal ruling of a woman vary among Muslim you know, the relevant different as to one when a when a woman becomes Muslim, and she was non Muslim, married to a non Muslim, whether there's a period like waiting period, and there's a time to talk to the man and tried to convince him. And if that marriage holds for three months, there are different 50 rulings in that, however, a contract a marriage contract between a non Muslim woman and a and a Muslim woman or a non Muslim that is, is no contract at all. It's Baltic. So it's void, meaning it's as if it never even happened. So in Islam, you know, there's loads of candor, prerequisites and conditions of the contract to even be valid.

00:21:37--> 00:21:54

And then there's some contracts that are deficient. So yeah, I mean, there are two different categories here. So there's the when it comes to the non Muslim men marrying a Muslim woman again, it would not be done but again, Allah subhanaw taala will will judge them on an individual level we asked the last

00:21:55--> 00:22:04

Jedi, anyone who's in that situation, give them guidance and to make it easy for them. And by the way, even for the men marrying a non Muslim woman

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is something that is highly highly discouraged in our in our fate sometimes as well. So there's, we're supposed to look for people that are going to better are the right so so that's that's the point that obviously everyone has their own situations. Everyone has that and that's why that's why we don't pass the judgement in America that if we only deliver the message and Allah has the hisab Allah has the judgment Allah deals with it. He sorts it all out on the Day of Judgment

00:22:38--> 00:22:45

Mr. Brown that's being referred to in the Quran as a single person obviously there are multiple Pharaohs in history do one more question inshallah.

00:22:49--> 00:23:08

So, the name of asiyah is not mentioned to say that even though she was in ROTC, even though she was the wife of Fidel she's still became a woman of belief and she still had her policy agenda despite being the wife of Fidel and just as the wives have no hair nope did not enter Gemma despite being the wives of Allah

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Let's shake on going on. They'll hold us up