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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. Welcome to our seminar on the descriptions of paradise and hellfire and the links between our final destination and the decisions that we make in this world, this class. While yes, we do have descriptions of the afterlife is more about how you're going to change your decisions in this world and live more consciously with your decisions in this world, whether it's at your job, or your studies, or raising children or socializing, or the goals that you're setting and the ambitions that you have and the way that you take care of your time. All of that all of these decisions are directly linked to the destination that you seek. And if we explore this

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motif, in this theme of our destinations, with our decisions, we will find inshallah Tada some massive changes in our lives for the better May Allah subhanaw taala. Grant us that love me, everything you do in this world becomes more meaningful, your goals, your decisions, the choice of where to work, the community that you want to live in the studies that you pursue your education, all of this is tied to the home that you want to build in paradise. So this class, this seminar with its foundations, and the activities that we do in shallow Tala will affect us in everything that we do every decision that we make our interaction with other people, our relationships, our health, all

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of that is linked to our final destination, every interaction every moment, every choice, the big picture in terms of our expectation by the end of the seminar with both of its components on site, and online. Very crucial to cover both of these components insha Allah Tala is to be more mindful in our decision making. What does that mean, on a daily level on a daily basis, we make so many decisions oftentimes that are automated, right? But we want to become a little more mindful with these decisions. Because we now know the weight the magnitude of these decisions in terms of the long term effects in this world. And of course, the links between these decisions and the final

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destination of the afterlife. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to guide us to really achieve all that we can through mindful decision making, what you decide to do consciously, mindfully every day, whether it's your long term goal or your short term goal, whether it's for one day, or for 50 years will affect your final destination. So decide wisely. Throughout this seminar inshallah to Allah will be exploring hellfire and Paradise and their foundations before through the story is of two individuals, Abdullah and Khalid. These two individuals generally from practicing Muslim families grew up in very similar type of environment in the West. And as they were growing

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up, they started to make decisions, especially at the college level decisions that started to determine their beliefs. Amongst them, for example, is that Khalid eventually left Islam. And this is based on a real story, Abdullah, however, as simple as he was in his knowledge of Islam, and he considered himself not to really even be like a student of knowledge. He was trying to hold on to his faith while also having this really good companionship, this friendship with someone that he grew up with, how then do we see the decisions that they make at the college level later on in life, and how that ended up in the next life. So we will be exploring in sha Allah Tala the experiences of

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Khalid Abdullah in this world, and potentially what that may look like, as Khalid experiences for example, the day of judgment or the hellfire, Al Abdullah experiences his friend, and the consequences and regrets of his actions in terms of the description of the Hellfire. And later on for Abdullah the description of Paradise and the conversation that he has with Khalid about the doubts that he had and the doubts he tried to raise and their friendship and how it ended up Subhanallah manifesting in a very beautiful way in terms of the story that is given to us in the Quran in surah, two soft fat about two friends in this world. So we are linking to individuals that

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we know of here in this world to two individuals that we don't know who they are, but Allah subhana wa renforth References their story without telling us about the decisions all the details of their decisions in this world. And amongst them will be that decision to disbelieve and the rejection of life after death. At the end of this seminar in sha Allah you will be able to demonstrate more conscious and mindful decision making and goal setting that is rooted in your final destination. In order to achieve that however, I expect a few things from you you are required insha Allah Tala to join us, obviously for the powerful on site components for that memorable experience in which we

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utilize all of our senses for that powerful boost towards our

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Final Destination. And of course with the online components of the seminar also crucial to cover from beginning to end insha Allah Tala is to study the material and to go through some of the individual activities as much as you can so that inshallah Tada you reach that mindful decision making rooted in your final destination, what I'd like you to do in shallow Tyla. On a piece of paper on our word, Doc, I want you to list out your top five goals, top five goals in life. Now you can write your top five goals or you can choose, for example, your top goals and health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. But ultimately, what we want to do right now for this activity, is

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go ahead and write your top five goals. Once you've written your top five goals, I want you to ask yourself, honestly, on a scale of one to 10, how much you believe and feel that these goals are linked to your final destination, the destination that you seek, let's say of high level and Jenna, how linked are they? Or do you see them as goals you take care of here, and Paradise as a separate thing that comes from only one component one slice one aspect of your life. So go ahead and give your self a score on a scale of one to 10. By the end of this seminar, insha Allah Tala, you should see very clearly how your goals in life in all areas of life, every facet of life are directly

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linked to Paradise, your final destination. That's what we want in our seminar, Inshallah, all of the information in our seminar is obviously from the Quran, from the authentic hadith describing paradise and how far for the description part. Of course, we are taking some methodologies in terms of how to deliver this, how to tie this into the psychology of decision making. And this is something that hamdulillah has been taught so many different times over the years. And we've seen these success on a personal one to one basis with students, with family members with community members. Ultimately, we want to take all of that and package into this one beautiful experience each

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other the information for this class, and all of the experiences and activities is actually the result of a combination of over a year and a half of intensive research on Paradise and hellfire and how they are linked to our decisions in this world. And so I have gone through, for example, more than 50 Different sources about paradise and how far from the Islamic perspective, as well as other sources, perhaps another 30 to 40 sources just on the psychology of decision making, and coaching psychology to try to link together these two in a very relevant way for us today, how to take the the idea, the concept, the reality, the final destination that you seek, and to basically tie it

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into all of the conscious decision making that you have today, short term and long term as well. And inshallah we will see that when do we start to route all of our goals in that final destination Hamdulillah. I've taught this material for many years, and have heard about so many different changes in people's lives after experiencing what it is that we have to offer as Muslims with the discussion on Paradise healthcare and your decision making in this world. And I can't count the number of stories. But for example, one brother Subhanallah, he was on the verge of making a really important career choice. And he attended a seminar and we had a number of conversations afterwards

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as well. He ended up deciding as he told me later on, he ended up deciding on something that was more meaningful to his final destination to his pursuit of paradise, even though initially it was not what he was inclining towards, at the corporate level in terms of his career. But if Hamdulillah, even Subhanallah years after that, even financially, he said what he was doing perhaps seem different. It was a very different track in life. He had actually, he was initially going to go into the finance sector. And he said when he made the conscious decision. For him, it was actually it on several side gigs, his own businesses, he found himself happier as well. And the reason he was

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happier is because his goals and his career and his work was now linked to his final destination. There are other examples a young man, for example, I think he was 19 or 20 years old, trying to get married at the time. And he said this one factor in his pursuit of a potential spouse had not crossed his mind before, which is the person that you're marrying. That decision will have ramifications in terms of your final destination too. And so for him, he was now a little more aware of that going into marriage and Hamdulillah I think three or four years after that he had just graduated. He did get married and have hamdullah he's doing well. And of course this is just one of

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many factors but it is a very powerful and weighty one. It is the heaviest decision in terms of the consequences. And there are other examples of people that have been attending the seminars

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and finding themselves a little more forgiving with their family members repairing relationships more mediating when there are problems. We've had students change their decision to study one or another undergraduate study program or some kind of internship because of their connection to their final destination. So the decisions in this world started to change. There was even a brother Subhanallah, who was going to the gym and he was working out and he's really fit. And we'd see him all the time there, we still go and workout at night. And I would ask basically, about what drove him what motivated him because he was extremely, extremely motivated, Mashallah. And he said, It was

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his idea that the body that he was given in this world, the body that we have temporarily in this world that is building a home in Paradise by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala needs to be strong and fit. So give him that push, even while working out and lifting because for him, no pain, no gain, if you're not going through the pain can enter paradise May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the gains in this world and the gains of the next life alone. Many people spend years and hours sometimes per day studying topics that won't benefit the metal. And in other cases, people do spend a long time studying things that benefit them in some way. They have ramifications for a few years,

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no doubts, and they might see their benefits for 20 3040 or even 50 years in this world. And then there are those who spend a few hours studying paradise and how fire in a way that they have not studied it before. It's not random reminders of Jannah. And no, it's not just the data that they were reading in the Quran, but they studied it in a way and it was in which it was meaningful, it was structured, it was tied into their psychology in terms of who they are and the decisions that they make. Ultimately, ultimately, as they go through this experience, and as we embark on this journey together, the end result is conscious, mindful, powerful decision making that's tied into

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and rooted in the final destination that you seek.

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