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Omar Suleiman
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So now I come around to labor careto hope you all are doing well. Now salatu salam ohana. So doula, I know you also have human water. So Welcome to Night two

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of our reflections.

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Let's hope this doesn't go for too long. But at least in the meantime, as I said, Every night I'm just gonna come on and give you guys a small reflection. It's meant to be informal and just something to think about. In these moments, as we are praying to Allah to relieve us of this Coronavirus as soon as possible, and to get us back into our massage it into his massage at his houses.

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So I wanted to share with you all reminder today and I was thinking about this, you know, it's Friday. And we have the recitation of sort of the calf, the recitation of sorts of calf which talks about the young people that the young men that went to the cave to escape everything that was happening around them to escape the fit and the trials and the tribulations. And they took retreat in this cave, then ultimately a loss of pounds out and put them to sleep for a long duration of time. And a lot tells us the story of how these young men woke up. And of course, if you search the history of the sleepers, you'll find a lot about them. And it's very interesting to me that the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentioned, that certainly can have, which is a sooner to read on Fridays in particular, is a protection from the job, the first 10 verses or the last 10 verses as a protection, particularly from an Missy had the job from the Antichrist. And it's particularly a surah that we can go to a chapter that we can go to, when we're trying to find clarity in the midst of confusion. And the last days are the most confusing of days as you have unless you had the job. And no, he's not exactly like the one on Netflix on that I didn't watch it by the way, but unless he had the job, who, obviously he is able to delude many people and to get many people to follow in his

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tracks and to follow his fitness. And the connection is, you know, is made through many different ways. One of them is that these men ultimately retreated, these young people in the home theater in Amman will be dropped them was it now that the only thing we know about them is that they're young people, these young people retreated to that cave to escape the chaos on the outside. And on, you know, on before the day of judgment, as we get to those major signs, particularly when mercy had the job comes out. The instruction from the profit slice of them is to hide. And I know the word quarantine is going to be used over and over and over again. But this is a form of that right? To

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get away from him wherever he is right so to not go and challenge him but instead to flee with your religion, even if you have to go to the mountains away from everybody else and away from everything else. Because the most precious commodity that you have is your religion, right is your faith. And so if you have to get away from that, then get away from that. And there's a connection, a direct connection that made between US and US Fabrica, half the people of the cave, who escaped the fitna of their times the trials and tribulation of their times, fleeing with their religion into that cave, obviously not knowing that a lot, we put them to sleep for a very long time. Fast forward to

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the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is also going to a cave to find clarity. He's going to loggerhead on an issue of the Allahu anhu describes the way that the revelation started with the Prophet slicin. I mean, she says that first he was having these true dreams, he'd see something from the law and he would sell them and then the next day, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would would encounter what he saw in his dream and that took place for six months. And then Allah bestowed the love of seclusion upon the profit slice on him. So he was not forced into seclusion. The profits license did not find himself in some form of

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involuntary period of deep self reflection, because he was put somewhere the prophets lie Selim, at the peak of his of his career, in terms of being a merchant with all of the love that he had from society with everything successful all measures of success being met in his life, found a love of seclusion that caused him to, to go to this cave vaad head off, where he would sit for days and then weeks, even an entire month. And the key here is that I showed the law and he says that he would find no desire to leave that cave, so he would find great clarity. It wasn't a time of punishment for him, but it was a time where he was able to cut all of the noise of the world out and to just

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focus right to focus. We had to had enough and he would, he would worship in an Abrahamic way. Okay, meaning he would worship one God and he

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would focus on the worship of that one God, not knowing the specifics of what he was going to be called to sallallahu wasallam. So you have the example, which we read about today, of the people of the cave, and we're called to read every single week, and then particularly to protect ourselves from the great times of fitna the tribulation of the job. And these were people that fled into seclusion, to get away from the noise of this world, and to get away from the fits out of this world. And then us also being told that there would come a time where we'd have to make a choice. And you know, if that time came, may Allah protect us all and protect us from all of the fears and

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the tribulations that you choose your religion, you go into seclusion. If you have to go to the mountains and tend to sheep, and all you have is your faith, then that's worth it. And then you find the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. What preceded him, you know, his mission, his his Bertha, has been set forth as a messenger and a prophet was that love of seclusion? Was that taking to that cave? And finding great clarity? In those moments? What does this mean for us? Right now, we're being forced into quarantine, we're being forced into some form of seclusion, some period of seclusion. And obviously, we have tools at our disposal now that allow us to not really be fully secluded, right,

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we could turn on a camera we could get on social media, we could text we could remain connected with the world, even though it would be in a digital sense. But we could remain connected in some ways. However, what we also have is a unique opportunity of solitude, a unique opportunity of halwa with a loss of Hannah Montana seclusion, with a law of solitude, where you can find great clarity moments where you can clear your mind moments where you can shut off all of the all of all of the dust of dunya all of the dust of worldly things that you acquire as you walk through this world, all of the you know the corrupting influences that you naturally come into contact with all the time, you know,

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and some handle on. This is a time where the prophets lie, Selim said a model Allah Dini LED, that a person is on the way of their friends. He also mentioned sallallahu wasallam, the difference between a good friend and a bad friend, right? A good friend, is like someone who sells perfume, even if you don't take their inventory, they rub off on you and you smell good. A bad friend is like someone who's a blacksmith, right? So even if you know, even if you don't take from their product, the smoke of it still comes on to you. So you know, a more practical example for our times is someone that smokes cigarettes, a friend of yours that smokes, and you smell like that smoke, even if you

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yourself did not smoke. So there are influences around us all the time. But you learn the true nature of yourself when you're alone. And you have an opportunity for clarity. And what you find is that when you look at the lives of the son of when you look at the lives of the pious predecessors, they all had this daily or weekly routine where they completely seclude themselves. And so you'll find, for example, a great scholar like Ibrahim Adham, Rahim, Allah, who was well known for his wisdom, how did he find all that wisdom? How did he have such clarity in life, because there was an hour of the day that you could not find the blinking light on it. That was the that was the

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reputation that he had, the great judge should have called the especially you know, so think about someone that's especially public that deals with the public on an involved or at an involved level on a continuous basis. And you take from the example of a man who actually has a great judge in Islamic history. And on the day of Friday, he was known to go to this place he had this home that he would go to on the day of Friday, and no one could talk to him, right? So he'd go to gym, but no one could interact with him on that. On that day, Friday was his day to reflect, to gain clarity, to recharge, and to get to where he needed to be. So that he could continue to fulfill the obligations

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of the oma and the brilliant way that he was able to fulfill those obligations. So right now take this as an opportunity to do well with your cave. You know, some Hello, I was watching. I was sharing with a close friend that I'd watched that movie, some of you might remember the movie in pursuit of happiness with Will Smith and watched it with the kids to gain you know, some perspective obviously on on people that are struggling right now. And how struggles can be compounded in the system that we live in right now. There's that scene where you know, he and his son,

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because he's homeless at night. He has nowhere to go and they go to a bathroom and they imagine that it's a cave, and they lock that public bathroom and hope to not be or he hopes to not be caught by the cops as he's in the cave. Right?

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And somehow a lot like I'm thinking about it more and more, especially with shorts and calf as we're reading it.

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The blessing of being able to sit at home, turn everything off, and just gain some peace of mind. Now I know that you know, if you if you've got kids are learning how to homeschool.

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You know, spouses might drive each other nuts right now. There's so many different things that can happen right now. But you still have the ability inshallah, hopefully now more than before, to be able to cut everything off, shut everything off and gain clarity, gain, clarity, renew intention, Count your blessings, and recharge. So yes, inshallah, at some point, this is all going to end and we're all going to go back to our lives, whatever that looks like, whenever that looks like if a lot gives us life. But you know, treasure the moments that you have right now in your teeth and find clarity. And by the way, you know, just something I mentioned this in conclusion, the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam he used to go back to him

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at times, so he actually went to his law after law, most difficult moments of his life, the Prophet slicin retreated back to that cave.

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And so for us, where we don't maybe have the physical cave, find your quiet spot. Today, Chef Mohammed, fully beloved friends, dear brother, Chef mindfuck, he had shared a picture of how he made like a little muscle in his home. And I know that that many people you know, already probably have sort of a little muscle in their home, like a place to pray in their home a corner that they reflect in, now's a good time to find that place, if you don't already have it, or to establish yourself within that place, if you already have it, and to really, really,

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you know,

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intentionally allot a certain amount of time every single day, inshallah tada to that corner to that cave, so that you can refresh and regain that clarity. So that's the reflection that feeds today, sort of kind of, again, the connection of reading about the sleepers, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. It's always great when I go to Jordan, my in laws live right next to that cave. They don't live in a cave, but they live right next to that cave. So we get a chance to go to that cave.

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And of course, there, it's disputed, whether that's the actual one, but somehow loves is just a really beautiful site.

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One of the sites that's believed to be potentially whereas hobby care for, and that's our connection to them. And that's a lesson that we learn every single Juma and especially as we neared the end of times this idea of a digital coming out. And we would if we had to take to a cave if we had to go to the mountains, to flee with our faith that we would do so. And the best way to renew our faith and to gain clarity is to find moments of solitude, and to and to refresh ourselves in Charlottetown. And when we have those moments, so as much as everyone is going crazy, in quarantine,

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turn your quarantine into a cave and sha Allah tala where, you know, turn it into your head off, inshallah Tada, where you can gain some perspective and some clarity in these difficult times. Hello, Hayden.

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Could you please wait a minute? In the start? Yes, I'll maybe I will wait a minute. And let's start in Charlottetown. So I'll try to wait a little bit longer to give you guys a chance to catch up. In the meantime, again, you know, look out every single night and shell lots out at this time.

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For just a short reminder, go to Kane European Institute, you'll find a page which has some of the content that we're going to be putting out in Charlottetown that's supposed to that hopefully will be beneficial to you in these times and let us know what we can do better in Charlottetown. Let me know if there's something that you would that you'd like me to touch upon. I'll make sure that I go through the comments to see what what what it is in Charlottetown that you'd like me to touch upon in the coming nights. I hope I don't have to be doing this for several months because I might run out of content, I might run out of things to reflect on so there might be

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some nights where I just decided to come on and just hang out, like Malala so now I have to lie

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