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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their struggles with depression and their involvement in various projects, including a de garage project and a woman named Amanda. They express their desire to serve the community and bring their community together, and ask for support. They also mention a woman named Amanda who wants to be a part of a community that is open to all Muslims.
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back in oh eight back in oh nine and all that I was going through some really depressing times and I just didn't know which way to go about in life, either go left or right. I just had to know what to do. I was struggling in school struggling in life. I was wrapped. I was just like, think of taking up drugs and all that sort of stuff. And I was just going through major depression. I was even picking up suicides. And I find the deen show I was going through Google and all through Islamic websites and also to sum up and then I saw Dean show

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if one person accept Islam because of you, because of your effort, it worth more than hold on you is your brother, author of How other from Dallas Texas I'm here in support of the dissenter. So beautiful organization, masha Allah doing Tao in the US and they have purchased a piece of land and several building on it. And we are counting our brothers and sisters throughout the US throughout the world to be part of this magnificent project. It doesn't matter how much you give it doesn't matter how much you didn't eat what matter we all participate in Charlotte May Allah bless you thank you so much for southern Lake North America

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and then I saw Dean show come the lie brought me closer to Islam and actually stopped me from doing suicide and thank you suicidal thoughts come the lunch

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break of dawn

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first prayer of the day budget

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starting off your day so important you know you don't have to get into science to research to motivational speakers what they're saying and life coaches but we have all that in our DNA. We have it and we're gonna Almighty Allah subhanaw taala is talking about establishing the salon and the most important one to get your day going right is Fajr

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This is Dr. Ahmed and you're telling us this is

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40 years in the making? Yeah future generations coming out. What's your name? Is Abdullah here with Lina prayer beautiful. So this is a gift is priceless from Allah. This deen is valuable it's money can't buy this and give Allah guided you you're here tonight continue to go ahead and think Allah don't take it for granted and never think that you're missing out. And you'll see him on the hip hop videos and there for two three minutes it looks like wow this is it this is life. But when the cameras are off some of the most miserable people in his latest Instagram post the singer admits he was unhappy during his last tour and is now quote very focused on repairing some of the deep rooted

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issues that I have so that I don't fall apart because they don't have DNA they don't have purpose and the drugs and the money and the girls and all this stuff is fake because the fake life so you're gonna you're living the real life and inshallah we can be agenda GPSd agenda and we'll see you soon as always you guys at the Dean's center inshallah very close to the D center you got el Medina grocery store and restaurant. So you got a high concentration of a community look at this look, look, semana la look, you know, we stay away from this trigger, but we thank you very much I do. That's good, because I don't

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get it right the first time but first, how do you mentally Thank you.

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my name is Jackie who said, Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I see you all the time. And this is Muslims for humanity. Tell us about that. So my voluntary comes here every Saturday and they pack the food as you can see we do give nice good food for the for the for the needy families here. And everything we do is our inaction. So we do get variety of stuff, the canned food, you know a good stuff. And these people who donate meat all sorts of veal I'm so honored to have brother Eddie with us feeding humanity. That means we serve all mankind regardless who you are. We don't look to people's color and fate and all discrimination, no discrimination at all. If you fed you'll get fed

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you get it. I spent 24 years in South Florida. I'm so happy to be here in Tampa. It's been five years I discovered Tampa is a beautiful, wonderful place and that there's a lot of programs in different

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center there is a unity here. There is something that brings everybody together. Sometimes you could attend the center the four door, and maybe we could go to the center and maybe you can catch up. Aisha saw another center who is continuing to grow. Oh, yeah, the community is growing. Everybody's moving here. Day to day. I mean, every day you hear that a lot of people coming from all over the country, the D center, any kind of relief, we'll be working together to feed our neighbors around this area around the dictionary. Absolutely. It's been it will be an honor. And we're very honored to have you with us here in Tampa. And you know, every single year, all of us we're proud what you

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do if we were to do it for Darwaza it's amazing. And my My Allah subhanaw taala to create to make you more blessing to this beautiful community. And we made it from our heart.

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And what he did today, they still talk about so I'm here with some denizens here from the area and Tampa brothers. They want to know like, what is the situation here in Tampa is fine as far as when we opened the D center the sustainability with community here, can you give people a better picture for fair shops and also that they will set up auto suited law? Well, I already he also having a woman what I'm about. So alhamdulillah really, I can tell you guys that I've been now temping now for five years before that I live in central years in St. Pete So not too far off, really have handled what I've seen in the temple community, the potential mashallah the people who come out to

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support events, support initiatives, support centers here as well he really fantastic and we think Allah subhana wa Tada, this is a great neuroma. It's a great blessing that I've handled, uh, you know, as our brother, he said here earlier that Tampa is a city mashallah and an area where people are generous, whether they have or they don't have, they're willing to give 100 So really, I see brother Eddie, Inshallah, when you get your center open, when your center is going, especially a project like this, people they want things like this, they want things which are, they are sincere towards the thing of Allah's religion, you know, they want initiatives which are going to help with

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that will help Islam and shahada, some people are asking is a masjid in this area where we're at? Well, Rico is it needed, definitely gonna fill a vacuum, you can depict a better moment in time to fill this void speaking with people that are like us in the community, it's been thirsty for that for multiple years. So I think it's probably one of the best investments I've seen in the past two to three years. In regards to things that can happen in the city, it's definitely going to fill a lot of voids. And the key thing is everything that he's trying to do, brother Eddie, is exactly what the community needs have been sent. However you want to say it's definitely written for him to do

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what he just did, I could not support anything better than this type of cause due to the fact that you filling a void or a vacuum it was it was written for you my botica Luffy 100 Especially if there's no other Islamic center or mission actually within that city of El Rico. So definitely, a huge community like that is there in presence and Islamic school and Islamic Center at our center, inshallah is going to be a fantastic initiative. How important is the D center for the future generations to come?

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I'd say an issue like this is something that's long overdue not just in Florida Rico, rather than the US you know, this is as you guys probably know, this one the biggest projects Islamic projects happening the whole United States you know, a place where people worshippers youth can come practice, learn their religion, as well as non Muslims can come learn about Islam get support as new Muslims inshallah hotel where youth can come, they can gather, they can do activities, we can have Islamic schools, etc. This is the type of meshes we need in America, which are they're not just places of worship, but their centers, their communal centers, for our community to gather, learn

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benefits. Again, it's once it's an honor, which is totally an honor to have a person like you here. You are going to be one of the backbones in this community. Shawn, I look forward to working with you.

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Within center one god one message one oh man Shala support the cuss?

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Words, frankly, I was quite surprised when I found out that he's going to transfer me in this car.

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Maybe the smallest car I've ever been at, even though I come from Egypt. And we didn't have cars almost until I was a teenager, but in America here.

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You know, this is the car. He had to learn, you know, to go around, you know, he's from Chicago, right. But he's now in Florida, next to the Veen center

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and see that plays out there. That's where we're staying.

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You know, I asked him something what's going on? He said, Amanda, she you know, Amanda, she

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You know, I really had to I had to convey this to you guys because I tell you something, I'm an imam. But my standard even a little bit more than that. And he just humbled me. You know, now I'm questioning my integrity. I ask Allah to forgive all of us. Because

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we need to do this for the future of our children, the future of our great country, the future of mankind. This is your brother of one I'm gonna follow up. And I've got a very important message that hamdulillah brother Eddie is setting up the deen center, not just the Dean show, but the Dean center of full dalla Academy, a masjid a Dallas center in America, the first of its type, the groundbreaking project and I want everybody as I'm supporting it, I want everybody to support it. So we can take that out to the next level. We need the Dean center please support it.

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When I shall have Bill how

Why The Deen Center Florida

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