Riad Ouarzazi – How can a pious person in coma say La ilaha il Allah before death

Riad Ouarzazi
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assist is wondering how is it possible for a pious person in a coma to stay late?

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I'm sorry.

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How's it possible possible for Muslim? That is in a coma?

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coma? Yes.

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Hello Hola. Hola sister. Have you ever watched the death?

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Have you ever watched the dead? Let me tell you something brothers and sisters. I have problems with my ears and with my sight. My subtle and you can look at you but let me know I cannot see you clearly, you know, but for the sisters were like nothing was happening.

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I see darkness.

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When I'm looking at so sisters had a sister who has this question.

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Have you ever watched the dead?

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No. Brothers. Have you ever watched that? Anyone?

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Have you ever seen something beautiful happening when you watch today?

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Let me tell you how can a person I'll tell you the story of the shave, who does the event in America. His name is Abu Khalid

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Abu Hollen, the Shea who does that in America. He went to New York. He was in a coma for weeks. Listen to this. Listen, he was in the coma for weeks. His family is surrounding him. This man's been given air then in Makkah for 40 years. And

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he's sick, they took him to New York in one of the hospitals there. And he's been in the coma the day when he was going to die. He woke up before I saw a few minutes before

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he started giving a reminder for his children sitting there instead of giving them like a like a lecture, and then he stood up

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and then he went towards the Qibla and then he gave the other

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and at the end when he says La Ilaha Illa la he died

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His name is Abu Khalid

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so a person who could be the coma sister we've seen things I've seen things is why asked you have you ever watched the dead

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somebody could will line is a picture I have the picture by can bring it because we don't have

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money. This picture of a man who was in a coma to he could not speak but at the death the time of his death. He raised his finger and he did like this. And he dyed his finger index he didn't go back down. We took a picture of the finger. We walked they washed him I wasn't there they watched him but I have the picture. They watched him with his finger like this. And they buried they wrapped him in Oh in the sheet you know with the finger like this and they buried him with his finger like this. This means

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this means La ilaha illAllah

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softy, if you are in a coma, not coma if Allah was to give you Justin katima hasn't had a good and Allah will bless you with the good and May Allah bless us all with a good answer.

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