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The conversation covers the natural state of joy, fear, anger, faith, and belief in a law. It also touches on the void of fear and anger, the importance of faith in obtaining success, trusting one's abilities, and the potential risks of the coronavirus. The speakers emphasize the importance of socializing and giving, praying for one's parents and family, and staying safe and avoiding infection. They also discuss the use of the word Islam in various cultural context and the origin of the word Islam in various cultural.

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Indeed, all hum, sugar, Grace, joy, happiness is due to Allah Neff medu, who and we praise Allah live in the grace of Allah live with the joy that God gave us with the word 101.

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And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for help, but I request the Juma attendees. Have you ever said to someone, thank you? I'm so thankful to you. You don't do that. How do you say thank you? Thank you. Thank you so much. So before the hummed comes up, what is the natural state you should be in? joy and happiness? Except how many of us love the La la la la la la de la? We do it that way. But if you translate and I said Brother, what does Alhamdulillah mean? All praise and thanks are due to Allah. Really, bro, if you came up to me after the hook but and said, thanks, great club, but like I don't know if you liked it. So when you go to a loss of a job and sit in a gathering of 500 plus people

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who love a law, and we say in Alhamdulillah Let your heart soar. Now, my boo because if you never praise the Lord, you better believe someone in this room has praised Allah. So when the beat drops in your heart explodes the beat just dropped 117 who now ask Allah because maybe your father is not perfect and my daughter was kind of weak, but all together were crummy. All together were sinners. Come on. now in this moment is the honor. My back hurts. My body hurts my my wife and I don't get along a lot. My relationship with you is not as good as it could be. Who

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asked me? Oh, well, it hurts here. It hurts here over law I it hurts in the shoulder. So I can't make long blah. wanna start? You know, someone's in financial debt. And the mom's been screaming at you that interest is how long?

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I'm done feeling guilty? Can you get me out of this one. I can't pay off that debt. You know that I make a quarter of what my debt is paid off. I promise I won't get into debt again. wanna start? And when you're done with your bucket list, let me tell you, you could read your Santos list out to God and he'll send it all to you amazon prime, then you say but what do I do with all this power? I can ask for anything. One is

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the greatest thing that we can ask for a law more than debt free living more than a great relationship with our spouse and more than the health we will have in general for those better than all of this

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oneness stuff. Oh will love Forgive me. How many of us have said Allah forgive me? Forgive me Forgive me and I'll ask you again. How do you say this forgiveness stuff or loss doctrine? You say it as if you're like, you better Forgive me. Look how guilty I am God. Yo, bro. That's your guilt. I don't want you putting that on God. You go to Allah Allah minicar. Shutterstock through la Yo, bro, chill, sit down, as say, Oh Allah. I think I shouldn't have done this helped me.

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Now see, just twice in your head. If Allah azza wa jal, the one who's most rock man. So I asked you a question. Are you more of a sinner? If I let you go free in Vegas? Could you sin more than a less mercy? Try a fly you. I'll take you there. You can't sit more than a less mercy. So for everyone who's like but he doesn't know how much sins I have. If Allah azza wa jal forgive you. Would you live with the anger in your heart? Would you be angry when someone cut you off? Would you be upset when your wife laughed at something you did dorky? No. Because I love me and he loves me. So when we say a stock photo law, he's smoking. Yo, bro, why is he smoking? What pain? Does the smoke help?

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What pain does his joint alleviate? Not in the body? What void?

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Makes me get high and watch a season of an entire TV show. What makes that void? When I know God has given me this arena, this place where I can come and feel like this. What is the void of stuff? So if you're in the sense not saying a social law, God, I smoke, I lie, I cheat. I backed by SEO, a lot of stuff through law. I don't love you enough stuff for the law. I have something else that's taking up my time from understanding you.

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Want us to fiddle and now when someone says you criticize the muslim terrorist, you're like

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wanna stop?

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He doesn't have a love love. He doesn't have love. So he's spitting at me. And when you spit up, where does it fall? Right back on you, right? So all of us have heard this. And I've heard the words that towel headed the bearded boy and this and that and the bin Laden, but we stay and we don't ask for their permission. We say a self.

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Because if a larger would have sent an angel right now and said, Look, close up those books of yours, you're going to spend the rest of your life in heaven. How would you live your life guys, the 70% of your spiritual energy that went to I'm a sinner, the stock who lost tequila, you would never cross the line of a stock for the law. I am forgiven a stock through law, Allah is more merciful than I can send you agree. So one a star, you know who won a stove? Now, on that moment, the guilt that is dancing in your heart, like but he doesn't know. Let that guilt sit down for a moment and say, one minute Mitsubishi wanna talk?

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I believe in a law, what do you believe in a law that a lot is created us so you could go through tests, seek His guidance and return back to him? Or so that some way you could become perfect? Like if I follow all of Islam? Will I become perfect? No. Is there any version of Islam that if I do this mother, rica distinct? Did the Rubik's cube of Islam? Will I stop sinning? Never. There's no way that I could stop singing and if we all stopped singing, what would Allah do? He would bring a nation after us. So before we depart from this moment, in a group of 500, you have to believe that you possibly are the worst human being in this room. But he isn't. And he said his stuff a lot too.

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And he isn't and he said his stuff, too. So you add your stuff Lula into the pot ladies and say

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what note mean? You'll be he one at a worker one a? I'm all in honey. I'm all in I don't need that river card to turn. I'm all in. you're betting on a law 100% one at work.

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It's not a bet. I know, my lord. So you're betting on your sins. You're like, But brother my sins you don't know. And what did I say last time I was here, y'all don't know my Lord. Pull the chain. See what numbers come up. See what happens when you rely on Allah? And you say but what if i sin again? Guess what? You get to see our stuff to the law. One more time. So today before we place our trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. What if everyone in this room those who are sick, those who are healthy said Oh Allah, for the next hour, I believe I'm going to genital genital fill dosen Allah, what would you do with your energy? Would you take say to your friend, you know, you want to get a

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burger after this? Or would you stop and say Subhana Allah? Would you smile at the security guard who has been standing in the snow? But I gotta get that other way. If I knew I was going to paradise for aina boon Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, for a

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boon. So we'll talk you have to go to this you have to go to work, then you have to go to my donut dinner tonight at eight o'clock. You have to do all of that. And then where do you have to go? Allah, Allah, it sounds religious. It's not the atheist. Where does he have to go bro? Allah, the non spiritual guy, Allah and the guy who's floating with Vicar right now, where does he have to go along? So whether I like it or not a Rockman Rahim, Maliki Ahmed Deen. And I think you might prefer Maliki omit being the king of the Day of Judgment. So when I say I believe in a law, and I place my trust in a law

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I'm waiting Do you trust a lot more or the power of your sins more? Do you trust a virus that has been named something? By the way 3000 kids die of diarrhea every day in Northern Africa? So I'm so sorry. I'm not trying to compare diseases here. But we're kind of tripping out rich people got a disease that's why we all tripping. Some poor people in Africa and countries are dying from diarrhea Ain't nobody talking about that. There's no quarantine of the dire because they're gonna die over there in Africa. So it's not about us, right? We need a rich people disease. With that being said, with our rich people disease, you still believe you're not going to meet Allah you got a fever you

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got you got itches you got cough now you died. Do you have somewhere else to go? They don't. That's why they're afraid. I make will do five times a day. And like the brother who posted on the internet when I pull my foot out of the sink in the bathroom at the airport. What do I say? You never know bro, canola, canola and the virus might get me so now it's so easy to make will do everywhere in the airplane everywhere. I'm making will do left and right. And what does that allow me to show my Dean? So whether I get this virus or not

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bacova de lluvia de casa de la barra de la Rocha wa to Buddha and so whether cnn is going to scare me or Fox is going to scare me or your your local channels will scare you. My request is that today I say a sofa the law I place myself on the line of people who can ask from a law whatever they want. eradicate, eradicate the diseases of yourself. Oh Allah read the viruses in my mind. Now if I told you watching pornography music and hanging out at the hookah Lounge is worse than Coronavirus for your emaan safe

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now we can't talk about that right now. Coronavirus, bro porn is bad for you pot will lead to other types of morphs in your thinking, bro, those people you know the heart is closed, the Kaaba is closed.

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And nobody wants to talk about our necks splits and our sitcoms and our hulu's and 15 hours of TV but you want to talk to me about I'm going to wipe down the AIRPLANE SEAT when I sit down. Where's the anti sanitizing wipes for my eemaan? So today, when someone comes in, says there's someone dying in Syria, you're drinking water out of a puddle? And ladies, would you imagine what type of sanitary things they have accessible to them at the end of the month. Think that feel that for a moment, I might die from a fever. You know what I might die from a car hitting in 15 minutes. So I have something everyone else doesn't a shadow unlock.

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I have a belief in a law to stay clean, to stay aware and have two words ready at will. Alhamdulillah I feel fantastic.

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A stone futile law, I'm seeking God's forgiveness between these two wings, you can fly anywhere Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I'm going to do more with my life. I'm going to be more loving. I'm gonna take care of more of my body. And then when someone says we're still talking about Syria, 15 years later, you say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. And it's not about the financial giving. Ladies, brothers, when you give $1 if you give $10,000 does that affect Allah? Is that a number in front of God? That's nothing. But when I say a shadow, La ilaha illallah wa I bear witness and testify there is no other creator sustainer God except Allah. Allah can you see Allah? prove it to me you believe

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in Allah. So when I give $1 or 1000 and I think I say Allah, I can't see you. I love you. This is the most beautiful thing. I have no cash on me. This is the most beautiful thing to me Allah.

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I love you more.

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On that exact token I am going to sit and I'm going to you know exactly where I am. So ladies, pick a number in your head of a thing you want that purse those shoes that iPhone, pick that number. I want you to watch iPhone watch for a very long time. And every time I wanted and I have the money, brother up there, man HCI someone will say you want to give something the path of Allah. And I'm like, Oh Allah, here's my watch. And to me that works. It's a few 100 bucks. So in my case, 100 bucks, you could be 20 bucks. Someone could be $1 every time you want a cup of coffee, but I love you more Allah, I want that shawarma. You all haven't had Top Gun yet. So you want that burger. But

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you got to stop and be like,

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I love you more. So today I will do this. And I will end and conclude that first portion of the hood but what was it about? I am the hummed of Allah. When I say Alhamdulillah Can you imagine how it sounds? Either you say Alhamdulillah or you become the hand of Allah. When you look at that person, you're like,

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wow, they just have the love of Allah. So I look at them and I say Alhamdulillah and then sometimes you look over at yourself you're doing something wrong, you're doing something hurtful that's going to hurt your human

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self through the law. I took a wrong turn. I was supposed to take exit 139 I skipped one and took 138 I freaked out spazzed out I lost my path in my religion. And then what did I let the GPS do 104 seconds it said rerouting to to add a few minutes to my trip but I didn't get scared at all. I'm asking you today when you say Oh la la

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you can go like waiting for the lightning to like

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right you're gonna get struck by lightning as soon as you say it because you've done so much good enough. Oh my god. Once you say a stuff through law

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And you're like, wait a minute,

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I'm back on track, then you have done step one, those of you who understand them hamdulillah and estafa, the law have come to step two, I am a miracle, and I'm going to make everyone else's life a miracle. I'm going to give the dollar the smile, the happiness that makes someone else's life better. Whether it's the cost of that job I wanted to buy, or shoes or Nikes, my son came to me, you got all you got all the accolades, the the scores and everything. He said, Can I get these pair of shoes?

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And I said, Sure, I'll give you the cash. You do whatever you want with the cash. And then I said, I'm going to Canada for an HCI thing. Anyone in the house want to give anything? And yeah, bro, if you had 80 bucks for an Air Max shoes, and your dad said you could use this to buy the shoes. You're like, yeah, on shout, law Dad, I'll make two offers.

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And no, I didn't get money I did. The story doesn't end with and he gave everything. He just said, Can you pray, pray for them. I said, Sure. You do whatever you want with that. So that's stage two. Some of you are still like, Oh, this is one of those fundraising things, colors, you leave this, I'll give you the last stage and I will sit for the football.

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These type of club are not meant for finance. They're really meant to connect you to God. And some people connect to God and say, Allah is real. Who cares about this, and then they start giving more. So this is not important. I am saying to everyone here who's saying in their heart, I don't have 10,000 I don't have money. I say to you today the story of one brother in California who heard a hood the bus similar.

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And we spoke then, eight years ago about Syrians and the troubles they were having this brother heard the hood bomb, he donated some amount of money. It was decent. But then the next morning, that brother came to fudger. And he prayed to regard further than the next day, then the next day, the next day. And every day he came to father These are real main stories, not some ghost story. The brother came in a Rolls Royce Phantom every day to father first parking spot. And we were kind of like, Yo, what do are you read? Hmm, send that over this way. We'll take that door. And at that moment, he said this, I had this box a long time. And I have a lot of money. giving money is not

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difficult for me. But I thought the Syrians wouldn't be able to make it for fudger in the morning. I'm going to pray their father, I'm going to pray fudger in the masjid and make dua for them. He didn't I last checked in at two and a half years. I didn't ask him I asked the Imam he said not one day, not one day. And the Rolls Royce with the spinning Rs. sitting right there. Where does it put to him? It's a box that drives him to the masjid. And he says one day I'll be in another wooden mahogany box. And you guys are going to celebrate that too. Maybe they'll put a spinning on the front of that. What is the point? The third level of you might wake up and not put a single drop of

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makeup on your face? You know why? You do and I don't need to say it. Because they can't I don't need your it's Hello. Yeah, sell that to my 15 year old daughter. It's Hello. To you ladies wake up and say they can't. I won't. Brothers. One more let me get some more coal on this. That night when you have to ask for more coal. Say no more, bro. I this is not wrong. It's not wrong, bro. All of this not wrong, or you can say that. But with the Syrian kids be able to do this.

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I'm gonna give it up for them today. I'm gonna give it up and did that brother come to fudger once or twice or 10 times. Now he hasn't stopped. So for the third group of people who really understood the HIPAA. Allah has guaranteed you paradise already. Those people are going to heaven before us. It is our job to earn God's Allah subhana wa Islas sense of pride upon us. does Allah love you? Absolutely. Do you have the opportunity to make a lot of adult proud to feel honored of his creation? Yes, that is us. So between the sittings of the hood but my question to you, what is the dollar you will make because the narration says the duel between the football is never rejected. So

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when I say what are you going to say?

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You can say stuff for sure it's good. Say it like that though? Say like he loves you. Say it like there's nothing you could do to gain more of God's love does anywhere in the Quran. Allah tell you, I will love you more.

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He only says azada home imana you're only more aware of Allah's love. So is there anything you can do right now to gain more of a love Allah as I would just love? No. So now worship Him because He gave you consciousness he gave you life. He gave you the ability to love

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Hey bro and to soar and some people who are going through atrocities can't do that. So between the sittings of the hood but don't ask for forgiveness like God doesn't love you say Oh Allah I'm so happy to be me. Let me find my fullest potential. Let me reach my greatest potential and as I sit say us those few law I Allah em your miracle, and I will bring miracles down to this earth between the sittings of the Hooda law is not rejected, man yet he loves to follow the letter, what may you live

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between students of the Kadafi would pray for those who are infected with various viruses around the world those who are facing fever cramps, those whose joints are leaving out on them, the countless hundreds and 10s of 1000s of doctors from China to our own backyard who are working tirelessly with the nurses putting themselves in sputum and and fecal matters harm way. I asked you to pray for them right now. Bismillah do RT save yourself from any type of poison Bismillah Hilah de la baru Masami? he shaved on Phil all the wildlife is well who was me and him learning the de la lumos

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Mr. Milani Bismillah learning let the lie of the rumors being shaken with only one officer. You will worsen your learning. If you are experiencing any type of medical issues do seek medical counsel and ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness now beyond the virus Allahumma avinashi berlina along the AFI Nafisa Marina along the happiness AFI buslee na La Ilaha Illa and pray for yourselves and your families.

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And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah de la Lemmy was to Asana mala rasuna hymnody carry while

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he was off be here now play the Nepal healing Allahumma

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Yeah, yeah, for

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those of us who are dealing with the ailments the virus of depression, the discomfort of anxiety, depression, hopelessness. Yeah, a lot. We believe in you. Yeah, a lot. How could darkness and light accrue in the same body? Oh, a lot written my body of darknesses of physical diseases of bacterial diseases and diseases that will hurt my eemaan Oh, Allah helped me to understand the time and place within which I live and make me a miracle to those around me are only to be la Europa will be Islam. Medina will be more Medina be Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam. I conclude hoping you can see beyond our difficulties and remind yourself when Bilbao radi Allahu taala on Abu Bakar radi Allahu taala and

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reached Medina to the mono water for the first time in the Hydra. What happened to them guys? virus, a horrible influenza that spread throughout all of Medina It was very normal. Does anyone ever do remember the Houma of yesterday it was a virus that it made many people sick so anyone who came from mugdock couldn't handle the cross breezes and it was a home made to the Prophet peace be upon him said yeah a lot take this home man this fever this virus and move it to such and such place. Y'all are looking at me like you have no idea what I'm talking about. You got to go home and look at this up gang got time to do this for you. look this up the Houma have yet, bro they're looking at me like

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what are you talking about? The Houma yesterday was a fever which was a virus aboubaker the last one we had a super high fever and started seeing it saying words of poetry that you understand when fever reaches a higher level used to begin to hallucinate your fam did they like it's all over

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the head of Allah and His Rasool and that sounds corny to a 2020 crowd. Allah and His Rasool are the only thing that will save you from mutations, cancers, AIDS diseases, of course, we save ourselves to the precautions and close the doors from letting those viruses in.

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But don't worship your sins more than Allah and don't fear any disease because at the end of every disease, what's the worst that

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gonna happen you're gonna die I'm sorry Come on we've got a whole story after death it's not like our life ends I'm sorry for your death and your kids will go on but come on people die I'm sorry we rock oh my god I'm rich I can die you'll grow rich people die too. It happens so if you would one thing that ties us all together in alone

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he was on the move

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and as you say a lot of muscle yada wanna

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come out so late Allah Ibrahim awada algebra Hema in Academy, the Maji quick translation, oh God, send peace and blessings on Mohammed sin salutations and Mohammed Salalah. Why do you sound on his family, on his relatives, and on the people and generations who followed his message at the end of some law while he was selling them? Who are you praying for you? Some law Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Almighty Nabina Muhammad Salah Larissa. So when I poured the hot fudge on top of this sundae of Salawat Where did the fudge drip down to a lasagna now Mohammed, that's why I'm so brown and choppy. So I would encourage you to take the time to now in times of scared fear and I don't along

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with Lydia now Mohammed, and if you feel any type of discomfort in the stomach or just 10 times in the morning Bismillah he led the light blue Martini shaken fill already What are you what was me on? I mean, and now that I've solved all your problems, people in Syria and around the world have real problems in between the sittings of the such that when I sit, I'll state 10 one extra second.

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pray to Allah in the salon. pray to Allah. ask God for what you need. And then free those people who are left in the world without in the law. I am motivated by what he is and what he does it in a way and how he will monkey well. What a decree law he Akbar, and all of my words, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah is greater than everything I said, Every feeling they're like, Why do I feel spiritual? Why is what did he do to me? Say Allahu Akbar my whole goodbyes better than my whole club. Allah. Just say one time in your head.

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Allah Akbar, Allah is greater than all my anxieties or my fears, or my difficulties. A lot What? What are they called Allahu Akbar, Allah who young man has no documents.