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Everyone as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh once again

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I mean, what everyone is

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talking about Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was kathira I pray that all of you are doing well inshallah Tada, I hope that you found benefits in the webinar that we did on the life and legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And again, the goal of that was to create a connection, a background that inshallah tada will help you appreciate that hedger more and then specifically the series that we're going to be doing on the do as of Ibrahim it Salaam which are very relatable, so inshallah tada for the first 10 days of the hedger, we're going to be going through 10 to 10 prayers supplications of Ibrahim it is Salaam to understand the nature of the context of those drives and

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how they're relevant to us today. And I'm looking forward to going on that journey with you in sha Allah. Also, we have the virtues of the hedges series which you can sign up for and shout lots out at the link and we'll also encourage everyone inshallah Tata to be a part of our that hedger campaign, inshallah, time to consider in these bless attendees, making a donation and automated donation inshallah tada to yaqeen Institute with the night IRA. And with that being said, I'm going to go ahead and continue with some of the lessons and reflections that we've been drawing from sort of Brahim. And last week I spoke about a Lydian is to have Boone and Hayato juniata. Those who love

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the world too much they prefer the world, the life of this world, to the life of the hereafter. And as a result of that their decision making is skewed towards this world, inherently, they're not willing to make sacrifices of this world, for the Hereafter, because the Hereafter is not worth as much to them as the world if they even care about the hereafter at all or believe in it at all. But I wanted to speak about actually the the first word of this levina those who,

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and speak about this concept of paying attention to negative traits in the end, just like when we pay attention to positive traits. In the end, you know, we did the series of about the right man, the servants of the Most Merciful are you about the right man and levina I'm sure not all the hohner and then the last panel, Todd describes the servants of the Most Merciful and says allatheena those who and you pay attention and you try to adopt those traits in your life, but a flat helmet Milan alladhina home fucile allottee him harsh your own. Allah says successful are the believers and then Allah subhana wa tada starts to tell us who the believers are. Now, we have to pay just as close

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attention to the negative traits when elvina shows up as we do to the positive traits. And I want to actually offer a few reflections as to why I think in one of the portal and 3430 sessions, I spoke about this one a lot talks about nations that came before we should challenge ourselves with the traits of those nations that are brought up to make sure we don't have them and don't just simply pass them off as stories of the past but I want to actually speak about the benefits of this for a moment in sha Allah Tada. And what it means to us well for one who they fit in, in the amount of the law of town I know it's a very powerful narration he says canon so yes, I do and also the lie

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and hired he said that people used to ask the prophets lie some about the good things will come to us. ohana shell Mahathir Toyoda, Kenny, he said, and I used to ask him about evil, out of fear that it would come to me out of fear that it would come to me that I would be afflicted by it. So evil qualities or evil consequences, both of them apply to what are they for a million man? Are they a lot of time and who is saying here? The power of that statement is that because her they feminine, the amount or the allowed time and who feared hypocrisy so much, and he feared evil quality so much, though he was a great companion of the Prophet, slice alum is precisely

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why he was so safe from those qualities. He's a person that was so interested, and so, so precious, so righteous and pious that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam found him worthy of being given the names of the hypocrites, right? So he's someone who could keep the names of the hypocrites, because he himself was that safe from hypocrisy. We find the conversation between all over the hobbit all the a lot of time on him, and her they fund in the amount of a lot of town hall, not even a hot Bob, who has been guaranteed paradise on numerous occasions, who is who he is, and has attained all of the blessing qualities that the prophets will allow. It was in the mention of our

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model, the law of town and who still asks for the feminine the amount of the law of town and if he's on that list, if he's one of the hypocrites, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had mentioned, and I'm loving him as a little the allot of time and he said, I mean, I mean the fact that no one fears hypocrisy, or no one feels safe from hypocrisy except for a hypocrite.

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And no one fears it except for a believer. This what this speaks to is this idea of being kept humble by your fear of those negative traits of ever falling prey to those negative traits in any capacity. And so that's the first thing, the more vigilant you are about those traits and obviously with vigilance, first comes awareness, awareness of those traits, awareness, what leads to those traits and awareness of signs of those traits in yourself that might already exist, or that might be starting to appear? The safer you're going to be from those traits. That's the first thing so safety. The second thing is standards. And we're talking about Ibrahim alayhis salaam and how

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Ibrahima Islam even when he told three lies, right? Those three lies and I put them in quotations for a reason. The three lies were what when he said to his people, I am sick, and he was sick, but just not sick in the way that they understood as they went out to their festival and he stayed behind when he was asked to destroy the idols and he said Kavita home, the the biggest of them, and he was speaking about the biggest of his fingers, not the biggest idol. But that's what they understood. And when he said about his wife saw that she is my sister, and she was his sister and faith. But, you know, that's not what was understood by what he said. Now, obviously, those were not

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lies that he told for personal gain. But below him it is Salaam is a Sadiq. He is the truthful one. And so he was afraid, or he's afraid of the consequences of those on the Day of Judgment with all the honor that a lot of gifts to him, that, you know, when he's asked for shefa, when he's asked for intercession about humanity, snom would mention these three, quote unquote, lies. And the reason why is because Ibrahim Islam holds himself to a higher standard. And so the first one is safety. The second one is standards, right, having higher standards, those that hold themselves to higher standards, will be more critical self critical of these traits. So that, you know, it's you know,

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when you're talking about the first category, there are signs that would cause a person to start paying attention. But no, the second category is that a person would consider things to belong to those traits, even if other people don't. Right, you know, what, even if you don't consider them lies I do, because I hold myself to a higher standard, even if you don't consider this hypocrisy. I do because I hold myself to a higher standard. And so that's the second benefit of this that we take from the pious, and particularly here from the pious Prophet Ibrahim it his Salaam, and that standard that he set for himself. And the third thing is proportionality. Is that, you know, just

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because I am not a major hypocrite, in that I literally, you know, falsify my creed does not mean that there are not elements of hypocrisy in my deeds. So I might not be a hypocrite and creed, in that, you know, I fake being Muslim, you know, for for benefit, but I might have hypocrisy in my deeds, in that my deeds are not done with the same level of sincerity and quality, when they're only witnessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala, and not by other people, right, so I prolong my prayer in front of others, I still pray at home. But it's not like when I pray, and there are others watching, I still do good deeds, but not like when others are watching. Those elements of hypocrisy, if they

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are not treated could lead to the major hypocrisy. And so a person has to ask themselves when they see these qualities, for example, those who love the world too much. Well, maybe I don't love the world to a point that it caused me to abandon faith. But were there decisions that I made that were detrimental to my faith that came out of the dunya that came out of the love of this world? Maybe I'm not alladhina Sedona and Sabina la I'm not those that lead others Australia that push people away from a loss of parents out, but where there are times that I allowed for my own weaknesses, to cause me to weaken others in their resolve with faith and in their own personal regimens with a loss

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of Hannah, what's odd. Maybe I don't twist the truth. Yeah. bivona Elijah, Bo, were there times that I took the easier opinion, even though I knew it didn't sit well with me, right. But you know, or I took, you know, I always it's about Rojas, I always take the concessions that are given wherever I can find them wherever I can mix them up, I take concessions, what are some of the elements of these negative traits that might already be present in smaller quantities with with my behaviors, and so that's also a way of paying attention that allows us to hold ourselves to higher standards, and that allows us to be safe from the consequences of those traits. And so the point is, is that, you know,

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part of the debate and difficulty with the poor and reflecting and contemplating with the Quran, is that when you see a levina those who you pay attention, whether it's the positive

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Or the negative? If it's the positive, how do I aspire? How do I get there? If it's the negative? How do I make sure I never fall into that? Are there some elements of those traits already present in my behavior that I need to rectify? So I may come close to Allah subhana wa Tada. May Allah make us amongst the mercy known May Allah make us amongst those who excel. Allah make us amongst them, you know in the believers on the pious May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to embody all of the positive traits mentioned in his book and exemplified best by His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to avoid all of the negative qualities that are

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mentioned, and that were manifested by the hypocrites in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah allow us to be joined with the Prophet sly Salam and his companions and his family in the highest level of gender for those allama amin Xochimilco Hayden was set out more equal or better cutter