Angels In Their Presence S2 #16 – With Jibreel and Mikaeel

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So before we get to the general, amazing incident, where you have melodica everywhere, angels everywhere. I want to talk about some of the wisdoms of the people that were specifically honored, all of the veterans Abed that are honored and that will just be, you know, a chance for us to marvel at the amount of angels that showed up on the deathbed that and the way that Allah's parents are honored the Muslims on the day of bed that with all those angels, but people that Allah chose to honor specifically

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and it starts off with a Wilbekin and it only allowed Taiwan Huma Wilbekin will the Allah on who the first man to embrace Islam I need all the allowance out on hold the first boy to embrace Islam. And of course two of the greatest companions of the Prophet slice them and also lost my son looks at them on the Day of better and he says my hottie coma Gibreel one of you has with you right now. Gibreel Wilma, aha, mica eel, and the other one has mica eel, and Israa feel Malecon? Arlene, so I feel is a great Angel. Yes. Hello, Peter. Oh, yeah, Shadow soft. He is presence in the lines amongst the Muslims right now. So before we even start the battle, I want you to know that one of you has

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read Eisner and the other one has mica, et cetera. And it's Rafi it his Salah is standing amongst the Muslims. So even these three angels are not missing in any way, the Battle of whether they are the best of the angels and the best of the angels as a whole, or the angels that participated on the day of better now Abu Bakr and IE probably a lot of time on Homer having Jabril and mica is significant. And we know about Djibouti, and it has Salam but what is the role of mica ilardi Slum other than his virtue and their intimate say that the narrations as a whole suggests that mica Italia Salaam is the angel from whom Allah subhanaw taala brings rain and wind and so vegetation so

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on Matata Woody and things of that sort, the rain, the wind and some of the mercy that comes as a result of that. And you'll notice embedded in the Battle of bedeutet, before the battle started, Allah subhanho to Ana destroyed the army or rather, he made it very difficult on the other side, with what a multiple with rain, right, it was too wet for them. And so they struggle to actually make it to the battlefield of whether the Muslims were already settled there, before the army on the other side, even made it and then in a hijab, right in the battle, hunt up has up Allah subhanho wa Taala sent upon them a real strong wind. And so you have Djibouti and it his Salam who is of course

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the chief of the meta, aka the Imam of the angels, and the strongest of the angels and you have Nika, Italia Sudan, and the apparent presence of both of them is showing in the way that these battles are playing out. So it is the father of the virtue the prophets lie Selim was narrated to have said that my two ministers my two was ears from a headless sama from the heavens, the inhabitants of the heavens are Djibouti and Nika a woman, an owl, and from the inhabitants of the earth of Rebecca, and ALMA will the Allahu Taala and Homer and the prophets lies on one time said about well Beckett and Alma, may Allah be pleased with them, he said, these two are like a central

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buzzer. These two to me are like my hearing and my seeing so that was the way that the prophets lie some praise them and compare them in that sense to Gibraltar it has Salam and mica Italia salaam, however, I want to go now to the the eulogy of an Hesson even at all the Allahu Taala and Homer, one ideal the law and who passed away and her son, the grandson of the Prophet, slice alum, the son of Ali and Fatima, may Allah be pleased with them. Someone very beloved and close to the Prophet, slice alum is speaking after the martyrdom of Satan idle the law and so on. And listen to what he says. He said look at Farakka Roger and Bill Adams lamea speak with our own of your element whether your

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lyrical Haroon, the people that have passed were not able to match him and his knowledge, nor were those who came after able to catch up to him. So he has surpassed those that have come before him. And he surpasses those that come after him. And he says, cannot assault Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah, back to who the RIAA. The prophets. lysozyme used to send an email the louder and who would the banner, Djiboutian who I'm Yemeni he Well, mica Ito on Shimada he Gibreel was on his rights mica eel was on his left so the imagery here is very powerful. That ideal the Allah Han who would be the one to go forward with a banner and read it Islam would be on his right. And mica eat

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it salaam on his left, and some of the elements say this is hybrid, right where when the Prophet saw some gave the banner to it and Hiva. You know, he said that I'm going to give the banner to a man who loves a lot His messenger and who was beloved

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by Allah and His messenger so why summon everyone wanted to be that man and it was ideal the allowance I don't know so as it went forth imagine ideal the law on hope moving forward and he has on his right to breed it and he has mica eat it he's on his left and has some will be a lot of time and who says lie on Sunday for HECTOR You have to hella who and he would not come back when the prophets lie some would send my father out with a banner Gibreel on his right and mica eat on his left. My father would not return back until Allah Subhana Allah gave him victory. He was absolutely relentless. And part of that was the aid that Allah subhanaw taala gave to him, would you believe it

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his salaam, the chief of the angels one of the two ministers of the prophets lie some of the inhabitants of the heavens on his right side and mica eat it has set up on his left side the other of the two ministers of the prophets lie some from the inhabitants of the heavens. And this was from the righteousness of ideal the Allah and His virtues and also the virtue of his action and seeking victory not for any personal glory, but only for the sake of Allah subhanaw

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