Abdullah Oduro – Tabukiyyan Tips – Flee from Him to Him

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a young man who runs from his father to his son and tries to seek refuge from Allah. The speaker explains that Islam is a true servitude and that the son is running from his dad to his father to obtain his father's permission to take control of a snake. The speaker also describes the behaviors of Islam, including the use of a flag to identify the person in the room and the desire for a better job.
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A man goes up to his son, he walks up to his son,

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and he has a snake in a jar.

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When he walks up to his son, he puts the snake in the jar in front of him. His son is frightened. As a matter of fact, his son runs around his father, the one that's holding the snake in the jar and grabs the back of his father's garment while he's driving and he's looking over. So when he looks over from the back of the right side of his father for that as his left, when he shifts it to the right, his son moves over there and he peeks over. His son is running from the snake jar which his father has control over. And he's seeking refuge in his protector his father. So one could say he's running from his father to his father.

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In okay him.

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Josie Rahim Allah mentions and recited civil key, a beautiful point.

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He mentions how that relationship with Allah that He talks about as an explanation for the verse in matita, verse number two, when he says what took the law and fear Allah be mindful of Allah. In reality, this taqwa this piety is running from Allah, to Allah. from Allah, how is it from Allah.

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As we see this young man, this young boy was running from his dad, because his dad had something, he had a snake.

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And he had control over the jar, the snake. When we look at ourselves running from Allah, and we lead with the line method, Allah and Allah is a much greater example. from Allah means from what he has predestined and allowed to happen in the existence

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in your existence, or in everyone's existence in your existence. In particular, when you lost your job. When you lost a family member, it is Allah's permission that that took place.

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Or in the human existence, when we see the weather change, when we see quote unquote, hurricanes or tornadoes or things of that nature.

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Allah has allowed it to happen. How do we run from that?

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Running from that is running away from these sinful practices that men may emanate from us in regards to that particular event? You lost your job? You ask Allah Why?

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You ask Allah Why?

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Or you lost your job. And you say, Allah, bless me with another job that is better for me. In the first scenario, you did not run from a lot to Allah. The second scenario, you ran from him to him, You ran from him understanding His rubia His Lordship, his authority, and from the Lord, particularly the characteristic of predestination, you ran to Allah by counting on him, trusting him relying on him. Oh, Allah. Make me pleased with your predestination. Oh Allah I lost my job.

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Bless me with another one yeah, Rosa Rosa Coney Island for even or rezac the provider provide me with a good job provide me with a better job that is better for my Deen that is better for my religion. Allah bless me with a righteous wife blessed me with a good state of mind.

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So when we leave from Allah, it is from that which he does not like. From that which the sinful practices that we may do to Allah, which is seeking His forgiveness. So in actuality, if we look at Toba, it is running from Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the two of us are running to him is the ultimate manifestation of your worship to Allah and not to anything else, not to a bottle of liquor, not to a drug, not to a person even in the beginning, you go to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the manifestation of taqwa. That is the implementation. That is how one acts in accordance to what Allah loves and is pleased with and that is a bad or obaldia true servitude. But Allah

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Subhana Allah make us of those that run from him. To Him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that as a province of Allahu Allah was sending him said, Why? Because Minka and I seek refuge from in you from you may have lost I know what Allah make us of those. As a prophet SAW someone said lemon Jolla manager minca Inlet Lake

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there is no safety nor shelter from you at

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cept in you, may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that understand his Lord, His Lordship, his greatness. And with that understanding use that as a means a motivation, a strength, a bond for us to go back to him, and only him, ultimately him, staying with him a sin I'm already going to lying over the cat. Thank you

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