Fleeing from Darkness to Allah’s Light

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Scenario ministry if it was not recommended Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen for one Illa Anil blind Ameen when Arqiva to them, Let's have him along so they will send them about a kind of avocado so we can Mohammed in Salalah hiding the Salah, and only he will soften yourself into some into zero. So, first and foremost, just again to clarify, I think I confused a bunch of people with what it is that I'm doing. This is the nightly reminders that we're going to be doing inshallah, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, where I'm just going to be drawing some lessons from sort of Brahim, but I'm not going to be doing a deep dive into the Tafseer

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rather, talking about some of the lessons that can be gleaned from this beautiful sutra. But Tuesday night inshallah starting next Tuesday, for that Tuesday and then the following two Tuesday's, so three Tuesdays we're going to be covering the life of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and as we covered the life of Ibrahim It is said that will take us into the month of the hedger and in the first 10 days of the hedger, there will be a very special series in sha Allah Tana and then after that Tuesday's will go back to the first inshallah Tada. So some of you have been asking when that series is coming back, and that's when it's coming back into Nikita after the first 10 days of that. So inshallah

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Tada. Yesterday I was talking about this first AI and particularly this idea of Bluetooth region, that you would take the people out from darkness.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says This was bacala He is the one who removes people from darkness to light. Now I want to talk about tonight, this idea of Mina a little naughty, you know north, from darkness to light and what exactly that means because it's the purpose that's really listed here. That is, that is mentioned here a lot Julio Latina, Armando euregio, homina, Guru Murthy, the note that Allah subhanaw taala being our where the God being our protective friend, he guides us from darkness to light and this is the book by which we are guided from darkness to light. And the Prophet slice of them sooner is what guides us from darkness to light. He is the manifestation of

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that book has his practices has been salicylate is the manifestation of that book. But I wanted to reflect on this idea of Mina little Mati Eden, from darkness is to light in other word vullo. Matt is the plural of darkness. In English, there is no equivalent, there is no darkness is in English, it's just darkness. But why would Allah subhana wa tada use little mats in the plural? And then know which is the light in the singular? And what is something that we can take from that that's evaluate what are some things we could take a value? Well, I think it's important for us to actually look at the way that the professor Dean did talk about this. So typically, you'll find that the scholars

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have talked about this from the standpoint of a non being belief, which is light, and then a little not darknesses, which is kofler, which is disbelief. And so it's the different layers of disbelief, some of them spoke about it in terms of who that was. Well, nada means pretty much the same thing. And I'm not going to go too much into depth with it. But guidance versus misguidance. The point is, is that these are looked at as two opposite ends, right? One of them faith, belief, guidance, being upon a clear straight path having purpose and clarity, and a destination to look forward to. And the other side of that, being everything that counters that right everything that's the opposite of

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that. Now in the last contest is little Matt and he refers to

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the path of guidance is one however, Allah subhanaw taala also sometimes refers to guidance in multiple forms. And that is when he's talking about the pathways to guidance and within guidance. And so if you think about the lanes of guidance, when you're going towards the same, the same destination, when a law some kind of which it says whether the ninja had to find out and at the end of the home, Sudan or those who strive in our way, we will guide them to our pathways think about it as lanes on the path of guidance that all of us are on the same path of guidance with the night Tada. But then there's the lane of charity, the lane of fasting, the lane of knowledge, the lane of

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the recitation of the quarter, and there are things that we excel in that that really increase us and that push us on that path of guidance, but there's only one light here, okay. When it comes to the modal mods, if you're talking about in the theological sense right there, you know, especially in the capacity of idol worship, you can go from one idol to the other idol. You could you could lose yourself in you know, in jumping from this to this and trying to find something that's going to fulfill you and what's going to end up happening is that you're going to jump from darkness to darkness the darkness until finally you land upon in sincere pursuit lights you land upon clarity,

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Have a man. And you're guided back to the last panel tab. But there's, you know, something that I really want to reflect on here, which is beyond that this idea of jumping from one insecurity to another insecurity, jumping from one path to another path jumping from one thing to another thing, until you really realize that there is no escape no refuge from Allah subhanaw taala, except to Allah subhanaw taala. So what I'm about to share with you, I'm going to say this, because it's very important to say, what I'm sharing with you right now, is not the Tafseer of romance either nor it's just a reflection on the idea of the plurality of ways that are away from Allah subhanaw taala, and

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the singularity of that path back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the clarity that comes within that path to Allah Subhana hoghton.

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The way that the scholars described this is really powerful. Okay, there's a Hadith of the Prophet slicin, where he mentions a person who's on the path of guidance, and there are doors that are on the side of that path. And on top of those doors, there's a color to misguidance. And then on top of the car to misguidance, there's a color to guidance, the car to misguidance tells you to come, there is a curtain that conceals those doors. If you if you leave that path, and you end up going into one of those doors, then that can take you away. And the shape on is not concerned with necessarily which door you take, he just wants you to not be on the path back to a loss of habitat. Right. So

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the shape on wants you to remove that curtain and end up there, okay, and end up on one of those paths away from God, where you're not coming back to a loss of habitat. So if you can catch you with this, then he's pleased because as long as he's got you here, you can't be going this way, you can't be going straight, okay, you can't be on that path back to a loss of habitat. So he's pulled you in. And one thing that that I just found really beautiful as I was reading into the Tafseer of little amounts of the North is that it's it's almost like the, the reverse of this example. And that the literal nuts are these veils this curtain that stops you from experiencing the light of Allah

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subhanho tadas guidance. And so it's like a curtain draped in front of you. And so if you can imagine a person who's like stuck somewhere, and they've got this curtain, the ultimate curtain being fulfilled, right, but you've got this curtain in front of you. And if you remove that curtain and another curtain gets dropped in front of you, or you're now behind another door, and there's another curtain blocking you The point is away from that path of guidance, you're away from the path of clarity. And back to the last time, I was just reflecting on this, that a lot of times, we run from one sin to another, from one bad relationship to another bad relationship from one drug to

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another drug from one pathway that we think is going to give us happiness, one sense of validation, per se, to another sense of validation. It's like you keep running from all of these things. And one of the greatest blessings from Allah subhana wa tada is when a person realizes the disappointment that happens when you're away from a loss of data when you're not on that path that a person finally turns themselves back to Allah. If the if the purpose of sin is to obstruct you from guidance to obstruct you from Allah subhana wa tan, right. And, you know, the curtains keep dropping in front of you. The doors are variety away from Allah. And it's like, I jumped from this, I jumped to that I

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tried this out, it didn't give me fulfillment. I tried that out. It didn't give me fulfillment. And eventually you realize that that light is so beautiful, right? That light is so beautiful. And again, this is reflection not to see it right now. You know, I think of that conversation between her Oculus and Abu Sufyan, where he asked about Sofia, and about the Muslims of Sofia, and was not a Muslim at the time. So when someone becomes a Muslim, do they ever leave their faith out of displeasure with the faith? Okay, not do they leave their faith because of other reasons? No. But like when someone tastes the sweetness of the sweetness of faith? Would they really leave it? And

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the answer is no. Right? The answer is no. Because if I can experience that light, and I, you know, and I experienced the beauty of that light, why would I go drop another curtain in front of me? Why would I go jump off of this path. And so the safe ons job is to distract with the doors with the pathways with the curtains with whatever it is, just so that you don't get to experience the beauty of that light and the beauty of that way to a loss of habitat. And of course, there's an implementation of this. Yeah, even outside of darknesses and things of that sort, but just the things that we place ourselves.

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have security and and our sense of happiness in this life that just are bound to disappoint us right so you put it you put all of your all of your eggs in this basket that I will be happy if everything is set in this way and I'll be happy if everything is set in this way. And it's strange isn't nobody Makino lotta Anna mentions

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in his local Agha Baron de Luffy related law that you taste the the torque the torment of being attached to other than Allah subhana wa tada thermadata horrible Minho either not even barely, will inevitably. And then you don't run away from that thing back to the blessing of being welcomed and loved and embraced by Allah subhanaw taala through his path of guidance. And so sometimes a person wonders, you know, why is this happening, and this is so disappointing and falling apart, and this is falling apart. And you realize that everything that drives you back to that path of guidance into that light of a loss of Hannah Montana is a blessing is a blessing. And sometimes that means,

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you know, turmoil that causes the curtain to be moved aside. But the point is, is that there are so many ways to be away from Allah subhanaw taala. But there's only one way back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is of course, abiding by the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we pray that Allah Subhana which can allow us to follow this rightful guidance that was delivered through the prophet, slice them and then demonstrated in the person of the profit slice, I'm in the way of the profit slice. And we pray that a lot places on that way of life at a loss of habitat allow us to be filled with that North filled with that light of guidance, and to be torchbearers of

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that light guidance. And we pray that a loss of Hannah Montana, allow us to be guided upon it and through it, and we pray that Allah make us steadfast upon it until our death and that we are raised with it Allah Ameen desert from our fate on Charlottetown. I'll see you tomorrow night at the same time. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh