Omar Suleiman – Prayers of the Pious – Episode 18 – A Reminder of My Illness

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a man named Mahdi May Allah who spoke about leprosy and asked for forgiveness for his actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of honoring parents and maintaining a strong character for loss. The speaker also mentions the importance of not allowing family members to forget their hardships and hopes for a warahmatullenses.
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah cattle Welcome back to prayers of the pious.

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There's a story of a man in Sahih Muslim that you may have heard about, but I want to focus on one particular element of his story. The man's name is always maccarone May Allah be pleased with him. And this was a man that the Prophet peace be upon him spoke about though he never met him.

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And he told the companions if you ever meet this man, then you should ask a lot, you should ask him to ask a lot to seek forgiveness for you, because of his closest with a loss of Hannah Montana. And he gave some descriptions about oil sold a lot of time. So I'm gonna I'm gonna hop up every single year as people would come from Hajji would ask the caravans, particularly from Yemen, is this men always amongst you, until finally he finds him. And he starts to ask all of these questions about his description, where he's from what tribe he's from, and if he is the man who the Prophet slice and I was talking about, the prophet peace be upon him described his deeds, however, in two ways, he

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said that this man had leprosy. And he asked Allah subhanaw taala to cure him from that leprosy except for the size of a coin except for the size of a Durham. And this was a man that used to be generous or used to show extreme obedience, or would show extreme obedience to His mother. And because of the obedience he showed to his mother, Allah subhanaw taala honored him and all modeled the love of Thailand who after setting out and understanding who this man was in that it was indeed him Amato the allot of time and who

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asked him and requested him to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala for him. Usually, with this narration, we focus on the mother part on the fact that the greatest way to come close to a loss of parents is to honor your parents. And even ambassador, the Allahu anhu said that I do not know of any action that brings a person closer to God than the honoring of one's mother. But I want to actually focus on the sentence before that, that doesn't usually get talked about in the explanation of the Hadith and doesn't usually get talked about in the context of the man had leprosy and he asked a lot to cure him from leprosy. But he asked a lot to leave a Durham sighs, a coin size

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of that leprosy on him. And that's really interesting. Why do you think he would do that? He did that so that he could always remember the pain that he suffered, and the need to be grateful for a loss of pentatonic hearing him, and he wanted that to always be a reminder for him. And that's a very powerful example of character, that many times we call upon a lot in our desperation, we asked a lot to remove that hardship from us. But as you know, and we make promises to a loss parents out of that as soon as Allah removes that hardship from us, and we make that promise to Allah subhana wa Tada. We become heedless, once again. And we forget not only the blessing of the removal of that

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hardship, but we forget the promises that we made to a loss of Hannah Montana. But this is an extraordinary lesson that when you're calling upon a loss of hundreds on asking for him to relieve you of a hardship, ask a lot to also maintain the lesson of that hardship for you. Because the closest you are to a loss often in your deepest moments of vulnerability and hardship. And you don't want that to leave you because many times when a loss of hundreds I take something away from you, He gives you something better. And the greatest thing that a lot can give you an exchange for something you lose of this world is himself and that's what always a lot and he gained and his hardship, that

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deep relationship to a lot that he never wanted to forget, even as he wanted to be cured from that leprosy may have lost parents I grant us that humility May Allah relieve us of our hardships would not allow us to forget the lessons that we learned in our hardships and they lost them Hannah Montana grant us the best of this life and the next alumna, I mean, does aquilo hyena See you all next time in sha Allah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Today’s episode talks about being grateful to Allah and remembering the promises we make to Him. Sh. Omar Suleiman explains this lesson through the prayer of Uwais al-Qarni.

[ Day 18 Du’a ]

“Oh Allah cure all of my leprosy except for the space of a coin.”

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