Omar Suleiman – His Hajj Story #09 – Amongst the People

Omar Suleiman
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The beauty of the Prophet slice alum in this one hedge that he does with all of the people is that he's constantly with the people. So you have all of these incidents narrated where people come to the Prophet slice on them and they ask him certain things, you have incidents where things that would probably be deemed too small to warrant the intention of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam indeed warranted attention. You have the prophets lie, some comforting people, you have the Prophet slice, I'm responding to people's needs. And this was what made him Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is that he was always amongst the people. And this was a beautiful way for the majority of the

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Sahaba to become introduced to him sallallahu wasallam as he was guiding them through this important ritual,

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the narrations of the Prophet slice alum, particularly on the day of or the day of sacrifice, and I say the day very even though even when we go to Hajj, a lot of people are always surprised that you don't pray to eat as a big, but instead you do the sacrifice. The narrations are so plentiful of him, just paying attention to everything that is being done. So for example, the prophets lie Selim is the one who is using his hands to dictate the speed of all of the people that are going from station to station and you see the prophets lie some slowing people down. Obviously, there was an excitement for people to get from one place to the next. And the profit slice is constantly calming

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things down, as they move from place to place. And every place of the profit slice on them is marked by his speeches as well as his dad. So the lahardee was on them. So obviously, they got too much debt. And they were trying to rush them was that he found the prophets lie Selim told them to slow down, they got some steady fat, they prayed modernization late and combined, meaning in the time were very sharp. And then the prophets I seldom stays in was that effect, and he mixed your app from federal until sunrise facing in the direction of the fibula, he hastens towards Minar, he throws his seven pebbles agenda to the Aqaba the way that we do and hedge at the main one of the Jamaat, and

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then this is the day of sacrifice. Now, sacrifice is a time that the prophets lie some could have easily simply move to the side and also the last item could have maybe sacrificed one animal just to fulfill that soon. But the profit slice that I'm had ordered it, it'll be a lot of time I'm here to bring 100 camels from Yemen. And it it'll be a lot and Han mentions this scene, many of the companions, they witnessed the scene where the sacrificial animals are brought to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam sacrificed 63 of the camels himself. Now one of the things that was interesting was that they said that the camels were coming towards

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the Prophet slicin for slaughter, as if they saw it as an honor to be sacrificed from the hand of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whereas the animals usually would flee from the time of sacrifice, but not only were they not distressed, but rather, there was an eagerness of sorts for the camels to be sacrificed by the prophet sallallahu wasallam alongside it, and he sacrificed the other 37 Now the question is, why is it that the prophets lie Selim sacrificed 63 in particular, and the earlier Matt mentioned Salah, beautiful wisdom of this, that the prophets lie, some sacrifice for every year of himself existing, so his age sallalahu it was selling was 63 and you think about the apicta, which

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is a form of gratitude to Allah subhanho to Allah, the Prophet slicin was showing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for every year that he lived on earth, and indeed, We are the ones that should express gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada for every blessing year that the prophets lie Selim had on this earth. And the sooner that he left behind that continues to guide us until this day, then you have the narrations of the people that are afraid did we do had wrong? Are we in trouble, especially on the day of AIDS, the day of the sacrifice where, you know, there are so many rituals, it's easy to get lost, it's easy to maybe do things in a way that you might think are out of order.

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So you have people coming to the profit slice them. And they're asking the profit slice I'm about the order of which things are to be done on that day, and the profit slice and permits all of the different orders for people to do the sequence of the day of the sacrifice. So you have obviously going to the jumbo Tanaka going and stoning the main pillar, you have the tail off of the Father, you have the sacrifice itself and then you have the cutting of the hair of the shaving of the head and the exiting of the profit slice of them permitted, that there is some order that can be done or not a rigid order of the things that are done before a person exits out of there. So the profits

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license allows for those things. People come

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To the profit slice them and they're worried about things that they're not able to do. And the famous statement of the profit slice on them throughout the hedge was if I wonder how much go ahead and do it and there is no blame upon you so it'll Sula slice on them was making people feel at ease, as they wondered if their hedge was complete because of the various things that got in the way. And because of the hardships that were out of their control. One of the most famous incidents is the incident of he saw the alongside and where he saw the low tide and he was unable to perform the rituals of the hedge because of her cycle. And so the profit slice alum says to her as he sees her

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crying, he says, Don't be sad. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala has written for the daughters of Adam it his Salah, and the Prophet slice on tells her to do everything except for the fall off. And then the rest of it the tail off you can do when you're in a state of purity. He saw the alonside on her, though the prophets I some gave her that and obviously she's put at ease by that she wanted to do Amara with her Hajj, and all of the other wives of the Prophet slicin were able to do Alma and Hajj and I saw the Allah and her felt left out, because she was because of the circumstances out of her hands unable to do omona so she tells the prophets I some I want to do at

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home Go to prophets lie Some said yeah, he said, what you've done is enough, she insisted, and the prophets lie some saw that you know what, she didn't want to be the only one of the wives of the Prophet slice on that did not do Alma sola sola, say some center without the demand be back here to a to Noreen. And this is where the famous meat pot is, or the famous place of Harlem is into an ame he shall not be allowed to Anna then performed her makeup ombre as she was unable to do it when they first came into the Mecca. So the prophets lie Selim is always you know, responding to people he is listening carefully to his alma, he's listening carefully to his family. He's making arrangements to

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Lola, who it was sell them for, some believe was dead early. And that excuse was given, especially to the elderly, and some of the women so that they could go to the home early and they could perform their tail off of the father. He's making all of these arrangements and Allahu wa sallam recognizing at all times, that there are people in his oma that have different circumstances and this is something that's beautiful about him sallallahu Sallam is that he did not make that Hej an unpleasant experience for the people. Right, he did not burden the people because Allah subhanho wa Taala does not burden us beyond our scope. Now what we find from the Prophet slicin as well is that

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he's always a teacher it his thoughts was to them. And one of the narrations is from a father and bustle the law tada and who, who narrates, you know, most of the heads of the prophets, I saw them because he was literally, you know, at a front row seat, he was sitting behind the profit slices on his candle for most of the hedge, it was either him or Sam ovens a little below Tada. And so the father is narrating so much of what happened. And so many of the conversations where people came up to the Prophet, slice them and asked him questions. And one of the things that Father mentions is that there was a group of women that passed by, and a father kept on staring. And he says, The

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Prophet slice up gently put his hand on my head, and he kept on turning my head away from the women. So I kept on looking and also as I'm kept on turning my head gently, and this was the teaching of the prophets I send them to and father will be allowed to hold on hold very gently, as he was doing that to his young cousin and will be allowed to animate. So the province I assume is always a teacher, he's always paying attention. He's always giving advice. One of the most famous ahaadeeth we have obviously, is from our beloved not bustle the Lucha and Homer, where the Prophet slicin was talking to him, as they're writing an animal together. So follow the mentions that he was teaching

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me to lower my gaze, even in the days of Hajj. And then you have the sermon of the Prophet, slice alum, or an address of the Prophet slicin, to the people on that day, that reinforces everything that he was trying to set out to do, and the day of alpha, or be better or the Allahu anhu. He mentions that the prophets lie, Selim, he spoke to us on the day of the sacrifice. And he said, A Yeoman hub, what's today? And he says, For circuit now, we were quiet. Why? Because we thought that maybe the prophets lie. Selim was going to name the day something different realize that this hedge the profit slice of them is teaching them what remains from the days of ignorance and what is

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abolish. So they're thinking, perhaps when the prophets lie, some asks us, what day is this? Then that means that he's about to change the name. So we required so the profit slice and I'm says at ACM, and isn't that the day of the sacrifice? Good. Now, Bella, we said, Yes, so messenger of Allah, He said for au shatin. However, what month is this? So he said, we were quiet because we thought maybe the Prophet slicin was going to rename the month, the prophets licenses and they said that hijjah isn't that the month of the hijjah? They said, Yes, a messenger of Allah. And he said Salallahu it he was that in the amount of what unwelcome What are Wilder convenor come how Armin

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coahoma to me come harder. v shadie. Come harder. FIBA

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They come harder than know that your blood, your property and your honor amongst yourselves are more holy than this day and this month in this place. So once again the Prophet slice alum is explaining that to the people in one narration the Prophet slice alum, even speaking to the Kava, about the Kava itself says that the honor of your brother, the property of your brother, the life of your brother is more sacred than this Kava On this day in this month.

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