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Omar Suleiman
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So now I can celebrity Carter Welcome back to the faith revival. So last time we talked about the two most dangerous threats to your email, the level of wealth and the level of thing, like two hungry wolves being let loose on a flock of sheep. But this is a really interesting Hadith that the Prophet slicin gives us. He says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and some of the scholars say this is actually a single model of the law. No, but there are certainly many narrations, that poverty may lead to disbelief that poverty almost leads to disbelief and fuckup, which is poverty can lead a person down to disbelief and model the allotted time, and who not only did he say it on the lawn was

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that if poverty was a men, then I would have choked him with my own two hands. So poverty is a difficult test to a person's amount and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he recognizes that and this scenario this narration comes in various formats. One of them we learn from the prophets license that he used to seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala after every Salah according to some narrations, Allahumma inni all the bigger mineral kufri will fuck up. Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from disbelief and poverty. And and one of the narrations and inhibin he was asked for the lohani was Salaam, you know about why he always uses those together disbelief and poverty together. And he

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said they're the same Subhanallah like they're equal. Not that poverty is equal to kofler. Because poverty is not something that a person chooses most of the time, but it's something that's inflicted on a person whereas kofu is deliberate disbelief is deliberate. But that a person could be led down to that path where they start to, they start to have questions about faith, or they start to do things that would harm their faith. He mentioned some of the lahardee who was some of them. In one narration, there was a man that heard the prophets license, always seeking refuge in Allah, from depth. And in this narration by a shuttle de la Juana, as is always seeking refuge in Allah from

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depths. The man said, how often you seek refuge in Allah from death. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a man gets into debt, he speaks. And he tells lies, he makes promises, and he breaks them, meaning Sometimes a person might have to resort to unethical behavior. And we see there's a direct correlation in many parts of the world. And of course, even here in the United States, between poverty and crime. So poverty can lead someone who never would have thought of doing criminal behavior to criminal behavior, right? Because it's a condition where people start to resort to certain things. And the prophets lie, some recognizes that and eventually, that criminal behavior

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could lead to a sense of disbelief. So he's teaching us a lot about the harms of poverty. So what do we learn from this? Number one, is the profit slice on blaming the person who's in poverty, no. self inflicted poverty is not something that we seek in Islam. And I know that that's, that should sound like common sense. But in Islam, a person does not inflict poverty as a means of asceticism on themselves, which is actually a trait in many different philosophies and religions that a person should force themselves into difficult situations, so that they can spiritually elevate themselves. And this is a concept that does not exist in our faith. However, if a person is forced into poverty,

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then the majority of the people of Jamaica are forgotten. The second are people who were poor, and people who were in poverty. Why? Because wealth takes more people away from Allah subhanaw taala than poverty. So we don't, we don't have a philosophy of self inflicted poverty in our religion. Number two, the prophets lie some taught us to seek refuge in Allah so a person should frequently seek refuge in Allah, Allah in the arrow, the vicar, you know, kufri wolsak Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from disbelief and poverty. And in one narration, the prophets license says, Why are you becoming a double Kaaba law? I seek refuge in You from the torment of the grave, so seek refuge in

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Allah from it. Number three, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam put the burden on society, not those that are in poverty. Society has a job a responsibility to eradicate poverty. Now this is a very powerful connection, if you can make that connection, the same passion that we have, in eradicating poverty, if you will, eradicating disbelief in teaching people about a lot and doing data, if you equate poverty and disbelief, we should have that passion to also eradicating poverty from a society. And that's why the prophets lie sometimes that the believer no one of you believes and sleeps at night while his neighbor is hungry. Right that that is a weakness and enough in the

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person that if he allows people to suffer in poverty while he himself eats to his fill, that's a weakness in his email. So the profits liesman puts a burden on society if you want to guard a man and faith in a society. You need to fight poverty so that people do not find themselves in that situation. So we asked a lot

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Hello Jana, first and foremost to protect us from this belief in poverty secondly to use us to eradicate poverty inshallah tada to use us to alleviate people that are in that situation and to make us in that sense agents of Eman, people that preserve faith in a society alumna. I mean, does that mean lol Faden See you all next time and Sean less than I want to come on to like the council

Poverty Leads To Disbelief..

Episode 17: Poverty is a difficult test to a person’s faith. Seek refuge from poverty with this supplication.

Ramadan 2017

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