Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #06 The PLOT

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The group discusses the loss of Mr. Joven Sharma in a caravan and the use of words in stories to protect his safety. They also discuss the origin of the words "medestones" in the Quran and its use in Arabic language. They end with a mention of a woman named Fabu and her use in protecting her and her father. The segment also touches on the loss of Subhanallah and the fear of a wolf eating him, as well as a mention of a new TV show called "back to school" and a football game.
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smuggler hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda and fauna when finally my island Tana was not in your hammerlock I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us knowledge. I mean your anatomy

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering and ask Allah subhanaw taala with the best of his name's Allah, everybody who attended tonight, Allah

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grant him love and peace and mercy in their homes and your ALLAH

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forgive their sins and gather them with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean

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it's a

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it's a Friday night, any

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special night inshallah that is Mr. Joven Sharma

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cartoon Oh sofa with Turaco

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Ehsanullah Kumar, Id come watch Hakuna

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the ID here.

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saw anything. Learn. Call call Elam in Nerja auto know you so well look goofy. But he Joe interpreten who dare to say

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tongues, healing or new

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men. You were in

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on auto scene Rumana audio tearaway. And

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we're in

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a huff he alone. So we finished last week when

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met and they gathered and they decided they want to kill us off.

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And the main reason they want their father for themselves, they want their father's attention. And we said this is how dangerous is envy. It could lead to even kill your own brother upset your father who was a prophet. And we mentioned all that last week when we were here

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called a cardinal minimum.

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And we said last time, just one more reminder that was that was the main lesson from last week is that the shaitan told them which is that trick. It is

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million years old, do something evil and then you will repent and you will do something good and you will become righteous. kill your brother. And then after that, you get two things to rewards. Your father will be all yours and you will become Coleman solid. So the shaitan was tricking them to fall and to commit that major sin of killing their brother.

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Call the call you know minimum talk to low use of while cool who here is El taki Toba Yara In Kuntum file. We said last week that one of them said Allah subhanaw taala did not tell us who it is. It has mentioned in the facilities the oldest one, which is obviously the most intelligent one.

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But we do not really care who which brother it is. If there was any benefit in which brother It is Allah would have mentioned the car in minimum and he as if they agreed on something. One of them came up with an idea. What is this idea? That talk to us of don't kill him? And we learned from that that always voice your opinion, do not say what is my opinion gonna do? I'm only one and there's three 400 against me? No voice your opinion, especially if you're on the hack, especially if you see a bit as about two being spread. Voice your opinion say something. So he said that up to the use of

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and he gave them an option

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while Kofi rabbit Elysium.

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Throw him

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in via what is it? If you're here, and you don't know much Arabic what is the closest thing that comes to your mind?

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Exactly. Right. Right. This is the closest thing. So look at this.

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He's talking to people who want to kill right. So he wants to

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Make it very evil through him in an unseen world in a dark world you know what the world is dark and you know he's making it sound like you know even though you're about to commit major sin he wants to make the sin less minimize the sin. Okay and this is what we said this is a filthy How come when you are faced by two choices that are both evil you pick a call of God Orion the least of the evil you pick the least of the evil so here he found out that they already unanimously agreed on killing the brother said let me throw something wishes let's throw him in the world. Okay

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let's talk to no use of wild goofy Araya but we'll jump

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every translation, you will see the word jump translated into well.

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But we all know the people who know a little bit of Arabic they know that well in Arabic is better.

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Beer, beer, but beer.

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In our daily language, we say beer, but it's better with a hammer.

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But there's a difference between there and jump. There's a difference between bear and jump. What's the difference? Anybody knows?

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The bear this is one the bed has a lot of water.

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And the bed is man made.

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The bed is man made the well

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the job it is made by nature. You know, something happened and didn't even get a big hole and then start where to start coming to it. Okay, this is the job.

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So they suggested that throw him in the individual.

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Now he's

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talking to brothers that made up their mind, and he's trying to convince them

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was something and you could tell from the intention of this brother, whoever he is, he wants something safe. Anyone he's in the well, let's call it well. It is safer for the wolves or because as we see them to eat him or to be harmed by anything and there will be some water to survive. So he had some good intention. You know, this is safer for for use of insulin. But at the same time, yell takut hooba does say Yara at the same time, he was also to get rid of him because he was agreed that the love is always to his to his brother from from the Father. Turn to Him from the father. So he is thinking that if we throw him there, say Yara in our daily language, so Jada means car, but

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obviously over there now does not mean car, it means a caravan that is passing by. So he said that, you know what, what, let's throw in there. And someone definitely will pass by and yell takut, who will pick him up? We'll pick him up. And this way, he is safe. And the kind of unusually is going somewhere else. Right? And then he will they will take him with him. And we will call us we'll finish with the use of and all his problems that we were getting the problems that we're getting from him. Okay. So, and also the sejahtera the caravan does not know they're not from the neighborhood. So they don't know, oh, this is the son of Yaqoob. Let's take him back. They don't

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know. They're gonna find them at that time. If you find a person who becomes a slave, and you're gonna sell him and by him you know, it becomes a trade for trade. Okay, so

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they, you're talking to buy the car In Kuntum failing when blobby when you say in confining in when you add the words in that means any they have some doubt he's trying to convince if you want to do that, you know this is a suggestion if you want to do that

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the decision is made

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everything is decided we're not gonna kill him anymore. We're gonna throw him they have a well in mind. They're gonna take him there and throw him there and then now it's time to execute

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manakala men.

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think about it. This is our this is how the story started right?

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If I want to take my brother with me somewhere

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What would I go and tell my father?

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Can I take blood with me?

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Would I start immediately?

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That, Baba, why don't you trust me with taking?

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What does that mean? Let me something something in the past that you must stop. Right? You've done something wrong, because there's no way you can start right away, man.

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Yeah, burner, man.

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Why are you doing this way?

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There's no way that indicate that there was something in the past that made the father okay. Not send us off with them.

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Okay Kahlua then Malika Letterman, or our Father, why don't you trust us with usum Why don't you give us uses indeed we are going to be his well wishers. We are going to wish him the best. We do not want for him any any harm.

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SubhanAllah. So

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now the I started by Carlo.

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Right? But there is no way. This is a Quranic style Carlu. Yeah, there's no way 10 Guys stood up and said, yeah.

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Right here it means that they decided and there was one representative. And he went and said, he's the one who representing that means they all agreed on what this guy is saying. Called who but he it's means only one response spoke. We have something similar to that in the Quran. Beautiful. When Musa alayhis salam made dua against Brown. Right? When Musa alayhis salam made against from your Allah.

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He made against frown. What did Allah Ansan

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cut OG OG but the word to Kuma

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right? Even though he was with Harun, and he made the DUA, against frown, he may die alone, Allah answered, both of your DUA was answered.

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Both of your DUA was answered even though I will not say anything. Here similarly, Carlu they all said even though it's only one who says this is just a something on the site. So they immediately try their best to get rid of any suspicion that the Father has. Now they're telling him look at this ad hominem. What did they use to convince their father to give them use of they use the word that they're 100%? Sure, they're not going to do? They use the word Emin?

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Which is the thing that 100% They're going to go against.

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So you have to be very careful when someone you have doubt about the word he's using. Be very careful. So they use the word that Linda, why don't you trust us? And this is exactly what they're going to do. They're going to break the trust. So they use the word they're going to break. And here's something on the site again, in touch weed. This is the only place in the Quran there's a cold

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mashallah, ish, ma'am.

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Ish, ma'am. It's ma'am.

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Like I said, it's the only place so this word is supposed to be Marika let Matt know nap. There's no There's no that is

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deleted. Okay. The Origin The origin of the word is that MeLuna so that's one known is gone. So how do you read this? Malika lat min you make a circle? You pucker up? Mariela kehlata min na Allah Yusuf. Now if you said Malika Letta mana there's nothing wrong but if you want to follow the properties read here this is the only place in the Quran and you'll notice there's I think diamond or something on top of the the noon okay this is called hmm

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so they're

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convincing the father they're using everything possible to read the father son Joseph. Now look at this. We're in low land now say home and the other Aya we're in LA who the happy home

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okay, this is called an Arabic and the meaning of it is triple confirmation in low la yet, for example.

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It's supposed to be sent them with us was an answer who was Fabu right?

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it and we will protect him. We're in low, let that lamb by itself added to have your own also or tenacity own three times three methods of confirming to the Father that there is no harm will ever take place on use of. We're in love

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as if I'm saying I am talking to you yeah be

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there's no doubt I'm talking to you that

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we're in LA, Lana soon we will take care of everything, don't worry. And again they continue

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our scene in Houma and they

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send him with us tomorrow he will play and he will enjoy himself. And we will. We're in LA hola haffi Hoon again. And we will sure 100% We will guard him

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he will be secure safe, don't worry.

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Where's the other place in the Quran

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that we heard in that hour and a half

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in Zenda, Vic, we're in

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luck, but look at the words because we know the Quran, Allah use that same statement for the Quran for protecting the Quran, just to show us here, how convincing they're trying to do to be an order for the father to let us go with that they use the same term as Allah's protection to the Quran. This is how much we get to protect. Of course, they didn't know about the Quran. But we know there was another statement in the Quran that said the same thing about the Quran. When have you heard we will definitely we will definitely protect him.

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there's something in the Arabic

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language called C rasa.

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Anybody knows what's your Asami? And because you're a Pharisee, you speak Farsi. That's why you know, right Gerasa Farsi

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was your answer.

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If I agree with you, it's very hard to translate. It's a sixth sense. intuition, gut instinct. You know, any person is so smart. The father Yaqoob has a philosopher he knows that something is is cooking.

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Why are they so persuasive? Why are they trying so hard? For example, rasa not Dasani Allahu Anhu. He was very well known for his Hirasawa.

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Yeah, he was exactly similar. This is one of the signs of a true believer. The higher your Eman like what a chef said, the higher the possibility of having terasa. So if not best for the Allahumma he had a lot of philosophy.

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He was sitting with his students one time and a man came in. And he said yep, nah, Deus. Is there a Toba for killing? He said not a

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few minutes later, another man came in said yep, not best. Is that a Toba for killing? He said yes.

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So the students not does not does.

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What happened to people same question when yes or no.

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Because the philosopher he said, the first one came with the intention he was going to kill. And he's looking for a fatwa.

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I could tell from his voice from his face.

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Before killing, he wants to go kill someone. But the other guy, he already killed that he's so sad and he regrets what he's done with him. Yes. So this is called rasa. So the father

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Kubilius salaam, rasa. He knew that something's wrong. So he said in the order in Nila Zuni and

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look at the love. Have you ever seen so much love

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between a father and a son? That I even cannot stay? few moments without being with us?

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This is how much he loves him in the Lair has only I'm very I would be very sad. If you take yourself

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what a half

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one to man who has

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it will make me very sad that you will take him away and I'm worried and I'm scared that a wolf might eat him while you are off alone. While you are distracted.

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Now this is something beautiful here.

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He mentioned housing

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and health in this area, right? Housing, sadness and health and fear. And don't we always say this the Quran now how often I lay him, whether

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he has Subhanallah cough, is

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which one is from the past and which one is from the future?

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Which one how often hasn't which one is from the past and which one is from the future.

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Fear is from the future has an is from the past. So Allah subhanaw taala, when he said, when the person dies, and he was Sabbat, steadfast on the dean, his law health, don't worry about your children about your future and about your wife about wherever you live. Don't worry, we're going to take care of it. And don't be sad.

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I'm sorry, don't don't worry about your family. Don't be sad about your family, and don't feel what's coming up the extra both are guaranteed for you. So here, he was very sad. And he was fearful. And look at the look at the tone. I am what I have. I am fearful that color that the wolf might eat him. And he did not tell him because you are plotting against him because he had a feeling because maybe look at this. So he wouldn't create any fitna between the brothers. Because maybe you're going to be distracted playing and maybe a wolf was going to come and eat him now not not you are not a good you are very good. He's He's very smart. And the unimat said that he came up with

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this excuse of the wolf.

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He came up with the excuse of the wolf. So he said, you know, in order to make it hard for them, or to convince them,

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our counter convinced them because they're trying to convince him, okay, he's trying to tell them I don't want to send him but how he's gonna say it in a nice way. I'm really worried. I'll be very worried. And maybe there's a wolf who's gonna eat him.

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And that shows us

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in the future next time or the time after that because they are not that smart. They use the same excuse the Father gave

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us the wolf ate him. So hang on. Okay.

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In Nila Zuni and we're halfway cooler with zip one two man who has

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now we went back to the brothers. They are saying that how can the wolf eat him?

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Con? Con Lane Akella. Who them

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in isn't la zero? How could the wolf eat him? Our father and we are possible we are a group of people. If this ever happened, then we are losers.

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Another confirmation there's no way anything bad will happen to us feel very safe feel very secure.

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Subhan Allah when someone wants to

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commit something evil, look how many methods they are willing to use. Just to commit a sin. Sometimes, you know, we find so many excuses not to perform a better

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right? Come to Fisher and Gemma tomorrow morning. Yeah, when it's Friday, every Thursday night I remind you and I remind myself

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so in the morning when you decide you want to come to the gym, you start

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many excuses

00:23:57 --> 00:24:02

I'll pray home with my wife and children. Jamar i

00:24:03 --> 00:24:05

It's very hot outside.

00:24:06 --> 00:24:07

Gas is getting expensive.

00:24:09 --> 00:24:27

The car maybe? Yeah, need all kinds of excuses in order. There are many people who do not pray hamdulillah ALLAH blessed me with pleasure. At least I'm praying any anything not to go and pray. And this is three days where we had the three wide days few days ago.

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Many excuses. It's an optional, nobody's you know, you're not going to be questioned about it. It's okay. You don't have to fast many excuses to perform a bed get up in the middle of the night for two raka it's now it's five something that efficient

00:24:42 --> 00:24:48

anyway, but Subhanallah in order to commit a sin, you have so many

00:24:49 --> 00:24:59

excuses to commit this sin. It's okay I will. I will repent after I will give sadaqa I will say 500 times a stack for Allah I will do this. I will pray

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

to record anything somehow, so they

00:25:04 --> 00:25:50

covered it from all aspects in order to commit this major sin of getting rid of their brother. We'll stop here in sha Allah Tala and if Allah kept us alive, we will continue next week. As a reminder, Jaquan tonight is the night of Juma. This is the night where you say a lot of Salat and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, come early to Juma tomorrow on sha Allah to Allah. Sit down close, Do not text while the team is giving the football. This is a new thing which is making me boil every time I stand up, and I see texting, laughing joking when you're losing your Joomla you know, the minute you start texting and playing around you losing your Joomla you know it's only half an hour a

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week live, divorce, the dunya divorce this phone for half an hour divorce the dunya for half an hour

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and come and concentrate and benefit from the hope on sha Allah that Allah fika was here at six o'clock six o'clock. So hello Calamba Masha Allah Allah stuff you want to work

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