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The first of our Routines and Rituals: Make a virtual tawaf, visualize yourself at the House of Allah and communicate with Him with each time around.



AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a routine for long term control that involves working through routine and routines, including building a house, taking a walk, envisioning oneself walking around the house, and communicating with others. They also emphasize the importance of healthy body and embracing one's natural beauty. The segment touches on various stages of a speech including the journey to the Kaaba, Yemeni side, and the Yemeni side, where the speaker encourages the listener to acknowledge and accept the natural beauty of their life and to keep going. The segment also touches on various practice signs and monsters, including a woman who wants to be a source of forgiveness and a woman who wants to be a source of love.
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Assalamu aleikum wa Taala Peace be upon you, around you and from within you, those of you following along, it's soon as supplements under the routines and rituals department. So most of us are, this is our first routine and ritual that we are going to be implementing something that we can do to really make a change in our long term. So these aren't just going to be single sunon singles, so knows that we follow music miswak or eating with your right hand, these are wonderful things to do. But we're going to try to put in routines that allow us to then project for the rest of the day today is called Virtual though off a lot of humps, you're going to have to get through today, and

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I'm not going to talk you through it as much. So I'm going to say sentences. And if they if you get caught up on them, you have to try to work yourself through. So the idea is simple, fast, and Ramadan are long and IE any of us who are trying to control our schedule, need to fill in those gaps where, hey, I have nothing to do and I want to do something uplifting. The idea is very straightforward to find yourself in a posture of dignity, to put yourself in a place to receive and sit down, you could walk and do this, you could drive and do this, but that is at a more advanced stage. The virtual talk is as follows. Once you've succeeded yourself, grounded yourself very

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comfortably, then you will take 777 deep breaths. The idea is to ground yourself sit with your pelvic bone as with as much flexibility as possible. Suck in your belly button as much as you can just sit in that respectful state where you're holding yourself together. And there I would like you to visualize the house of a loss. I don't want that either. The Kaaba. If you can not visualize you've never seen it before then go ahead and pull up a picture on Google and or pull up maka live dotnet mcca. A live dotnet that's ma KKH live dotnet and or any YouTube channel that has a picture of the cover. Your idea is to look at it long enough visualize it, imagine it and then you will, in

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your own mind, visualize the Kaaba and envision yourself walking around the house of Allah subhanaw taala. ie, you're saying if I had this much concentration, I'd probably be able to do anything in my head. So what are the seven things that you're going to do while trying to maintain a circumambulation walking around the house of Allah? So come with me right now, over here on our left side, the house of Allah is right here. I want you to build this idea with me. As we go around the first time deep breath in.

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You turn towards the Blackstone Bismillah Allahu Akbar, you show your love Your admiration and in the first thought in your first breath.

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I want you to hold yourself walking around the Kaaba, in a state of consciousness dakwah consciousness, awareness, mindfulness, the fact that you know that there's a God and you're connected.

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That's the first walk you get to the Yemeni corner rapana atina dunia Hasina was the last hurrah de hacer una walking azova an hour second breath

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Bismillah Allahu Akbar I acknowledge the stone I acknowledge the GABA in my second toe off I acknowledge I become I emanate hummed sugar, Grace, thankfulness. I don't just say thanks. I feel it. I take in the air

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and I maintain whether it's one breath three breaths six breaths. I maintain my concentration as I cover finish the Hatim I come to the finish the Yemeni corner side Robin not enough Indonesia Hassan was in the house and I'm walking out of nervousness Bismillah Allahu Akbar.

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That third breath in that third throw off, I'm envisioning, I'm holding my concentration. I'm training the brain to retain peak moments in my third toe off his stick for forgiveness. I'm asking for forgiveness. I'm accepting forgiveness, I'm forgiving those around me for my past and for my present. I am forgiving myself by accepting joy. I deserve joy and I accept myself as a miracle from a loss of data I accept and forgive myself to that third though off Yemeni corner.

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Robin Dina dunia has an awful lot he has no work in other than our deep breath in.

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In your fourth the last visualization Blackstone's right next to me, Muhammad Ibrahim, we're just going to come up to here. I want you to hold it feel the powers the energy of the people around you. In your fourth off you're projecting in 36 months from now from 36 months from this from a lot. What type of relationship do you want with your God with your Lord with yourself with

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Those people around you. What type of body do you want to have? How many languages do you want to speak? What communication Do you want to have with your spouse, your mom, your sisters, your brothers 36 months, I want you in this whole life to think of this as a life shopping spree. You can envision whatever you want and how you want it. And you just keep coming along with me in that fourth off,

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reaching the Yemeni corner, projecting everything I want in finance, the way I want to look, feel communicate my arrogance level, how much inner enlightenment have I reached, getting to robina enough, Indonesia has an awful awful lot of the Hudson, or cleaner as of now.

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Fifth breath fifth off Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, acknowledging a stone that's not even from this multiverse, it's from the dimension of heaven that really should detach me and allow me to, to think and pray bigger. In my fifth toe off, I am now imagining and praying and envisioning the type of day it would take for me to reach my 36 month goal. So the fourth off was the projection for how great things are going to be within 36 months. The fifth block is a projection of what would it take to have the perfect day. So if I want to have a fit body, I'm waking up early, if I want to read more on I'm building it into my day on a daily basis in order to reach you got it, that 36 month

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projection of how my life is going to be that fifth off.

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Coming around to the Yemeni corner I see myself waking up without the alarm. I feel myself having a healthy have seen some kale fasting on Monday on fasting on Thursday. I just feel myself having as many perfect days as possible, and I see it, man, I got a bad mood at four o'clock. I'm experiencing all the things that really do happen, but I'm like, You know what? I have the thing that's gonna pick up my spirit I have I have visualized it itself. Fifth off. robina Jr Hasina will fill out what he has, in our opinion as of now. Bismillah Allahu Akbar sixth though of I am now completely exuding. I am a magnet for Baraka bounty, good luck, good fortune.

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Best wishes. I am attracting all the goodness and in the sixth off. I just want you to say it. I deserve bounty. The whole sixth off maintain it. You're causing the Yemen the becoming Brahim that semicircle Hatim you're coming around to you saw the water spout that drain you're seeing the Yemeni corner side, you're seeing the Yemeni corner itself. Sixth off robina atina. Indonesia Hasina. If it already has an Aki novena, you have to stop here because this is the one where people cheat. They're like Yep, yep, yep, gotta go. And they don't say they deserve this. Do you deserve this moment? Do you deserve this acceptance, this contentment, this love? Do you deserve the routines and rituals

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that will get you to your 36 month old Bismillah Allahu Akbar sixth off Robonaut. You know, if you're doing your Hasina, have a doctorate he has an alcanada banagher Bismillah Allahu Akbar Blackstone acknowledging it for the seventh off. The name of the seventh off is unity consciousness. You've experienced dakwah hummed is the far projection perfect day why you deserve bounty because you do. And number seven, think of any one person or the whole oma or the whole world or a specific person and broadcast this feeling this shortness, this assurance of your love you being unconditionally accepted in love broadcast that use that carrabba the house of a lot as this

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pulsating wireless inner net inner net and it broadcasts the signal. You are visiting the Kaaba think of a person broadcasted to them there. Robin Athena, Jr. Hasina. If you're new to using unity consciousness, say Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, just imagine the 100 million people that are with me right now, as I say a lot more slowly. Allah Mohammed, if you want to tap unity consciousness one more time, Rebecca na atina There it is, who are all our Lord, you're automatically connecting yourself to everyone there, the energy, the impulse, the excitement, we're going to bring it back down. Seventh off urbanity, nothing, Jr. has an hour philosophy. It has an hour.

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Consciousness, Grace, forgiveness 36 month projection, the day that would make up the perfect day. Why I deserve bounty because you do and unity consciousness. When could you do this? And we did it together in nine minutes. How often Could you stop I asked you to do this in the morning. I'm going to cut it off here because we don't want to get too long. This is virtual thought.

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Every day, once in the morning, once in the evening, and you're what you're not gonna be talking this all out seven breaths, friends, up and down. You can do it. And I know there's a sense of excitement you're like, really, this is it. This is our first son a supplement routine and ritual is the idea of visualizing the house of Allah subhanaw taala, walking around it and mentally maintaining, I am in a state of consciousness. I am in a state of grace. I'm not thankful. I'm just in a state of things.

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Which is the state of grace, I am forgiving, forgiving, and a source of forgiveness. I deserve better of my life. Hence, I'm projecting the best life through the best perfect day. I deserve it all. And as a result, I project that deservingness to someone else, a Syrian child of someone dying in the eastern African countries that are facing drought and famine, for drought and floods. Those people who have no water in Flint people in America, people going to the kids are sick just broadcast the act of loving kindness. It's a pleasure to be with you all. Let's get started. In our next one. We'll talk about a supercharged doula. So let's get started with taking charge of our

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routines and rituals. Get Started once in the morning, once in the evening, peace upon you around you. You already are a source of peace.