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Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 01

Episode 1 – Faith Is Refuge Before exploring different methods of reviving and protecting our faith, it’s important to understand the meaning of faith itself. In the first episode of “The Faith Revival”, Sh. Omar Suleiman explores what faith is, particularly its role as a protector – a place of refuge. 2017-05-27

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 02

Episode 2 – Your Faith Wears Out Think of your favorite shirt. It fades slightly each time you wash it, and will eventually wear out if you don’t take proper care of it. Faith is the same way – but unlike a piece of clothing, it’s the most valuable asset you have. Without faith, you … Read more

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 03

Episode 3 – Shaky Foundations There is a direct correlation between the actions of the tongue and the condition of the heart. If you want to receive faith, you must first settle your heart – and if you wish to settle your heart, you must settle your tongue. 2017-05-29

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 04

Episode 4 – He is not a believer when… There are certain actions that are so unbefitting of a believer, that belief departs from the doer of those deeds. We may have low points in faith, but we should never allow that to push us to major sins. Death doesn’t always come to us in … Read more

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 05

Episode 5: Even If Abu Dharr Doesn’t Like It There is hope for the major sinners, as long as they turn back to their Creator. Allah doesn’t want you to be weighed down by your past in a way that you can’t meaningfully progress in the future. 2017-05-31

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 06

Episode 6: Healthy Fluctuations Faith is supposed to increase and decrease, but how dramatic are your fluctuations? The Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized that both your peak and your base line should be reasonable, otherwise it may all disappear. 2017-06-01

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 07

Episode 7: You’re No Angel Even the greatest companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) were vigilant about their faith. No matter how confident you are in your Iman, you’re no angel. Be protective of it. Ramadan 2017

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 08

Episoded. 8: Two Supplications of the Prophet (s) for the Heart There is nothing more inconsistent than the heart, yet no vessel more important. Therefore the Prophet (s) taught us two supplications to keep it firm. Ramadan 2017

Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 10

Episode 10: Move Beyond the Catalyst Allah sends you reminders night and day, and sometimes those reminders are major wake up calls. What happens if you don’t make use of that wake up call right away? Ramadan 2017