Amazing Prophecies for Atheist and Christians to think about to know Islam is the truth

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the prophecies of Islam, including the message of Jesus peace be upon, the use of "soak," "soak," and "soak," to describe the character of Islam, and the importance of the message of Jesus peace be upon. They also touch on the topic of "slack," which is a sign of the beginning of time, and the potential for evil behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of not believing in the Bible and not giving up on promises, and encourage listeners to call back if they have any questions.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. Thank you for tuning in to the deen show this week, back with us again.

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And we're going to be discussing in detail some of the many proofs and evidences in particular. And this week's episode, we're going to be talking about the prophecies. We want proof. We want to know that the way of life that we're living, it makes sense worship the Creator, not the creation, obey God, and you get paradise and you avoid the hellfire. But how can we be sure that this man Muhammad peace be upon him, was indeed a mighty messenger, who he claimed that he was he said he was a messenger, he came with all these evidences. So we're going to be discussing some of these today the many prophecies things that he predicted that came to pass. So don't go anywhere. We'll be right

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back with most of his aid, here on the deen show.

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This is the

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You got a new book that's out? Yes. hamdulillah prophecies of the prophecies of Muhammad peace be upon them. Now we know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus peace be upon him. He was a mighty messenger of God. He came with the same message of Abraham, Moses, and all the other proceeding messengers, Ishmael Isaac Sulaiman, all of these messengers of God, right after Jesus came Mohammed, we believe in all of them. Yes, Ahmed, being the final prophet, no more prophets to come. And we know that this matters a serious man because we're going to die, the party is going to end his party out there, whatever kind of party it is, and then it's coming. We're gonna die. And this matter is

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serious. So for the more serious people out there who want to know the purpose of life, why we've been created, where we're going, when we die, the Quran talks about it. It talks about everything, all of these things, and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them. He came with evidence as approved. The Living miracle is the Quran we have it in his original right? Yes, we also have these prophecies that you listed in your book. Yes, we're going to talk about on the show. And so why did you feel this is so important talk about this, and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. As you know, in my debates with islamophobes.

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And many people about Islam, people will try to put clouds of doubts over Islam.

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It most of the time boils down to the fact that well prove to me that the Quran is the word of God, prove to me the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the prophet of God. And I would follow, but it has to be scientific, it has to be objective and has to be without doubt. So for my experience, even for Muslims, we need to always try to fortify our belief in Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts, and try to always give that fuel of certainty in our hearts before even give it to other people, Muslim or non Muslim. And it all boils down to the mercy that Allah Subhana Allah sent to us. That is called Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So in Islamic literature in Islamic fucka ansira, there were

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these proofs that were scholars of Islam, who looked at these proofs in many books that are known mainly by the unabomber, or the evidence and proofs of the Prophet. Muhammad says Allah, and I took it from even an older part, we went and did research and discovered that effect that a lot of people did not know that all the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala a part of their message is the comment of that one final greatest of all prophets that will make the message of Allah subhanaw taala complete, and perfect once and for all. No Matter of fact, for example, the word gospel is a translation of the Aramaic word in jail, in jail in itself means that glad tidings glad tidings of what Jesus peace

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be upon him in the horrendous worth of stuff says, Oh sons of Israel, I came to you to certify what's between my hands of the Torah and give you the glad tidings give you the gospel of the common of a prophet that will come after me his name is Ahmed. So throughout even the Abraham, you know, the message of Abraham Allah is slammed that filter then got you know, change an alter throughout history in ancient history is even in Hindu scriptures, you would find problems and sell them mentioned by name atharva

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visa and, and and and the Zoroastrians books, the visa and all that talking about a prophet His name is Ahmed. He would get Sharia from his god that it would be to him like light that he gets from the light of his own God even names of the enemies of famosa Salaam Abu lahab in the Zoroastrians books is mentioned by name and gram man you Abdullah have added mentioned by name and it describes proc mon system describe the oneness and the Mr. Plasma homosassa lamp as we are talking about it. In the Old Testament prophet Muhammad Salim is common as mentioned by name if you read the Hebrew Old Testament, not the English one that you have in today's Bible, but mama Sicilian name is mentioned

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Mohammed meme had mean Delta in Hebrew, Muhammad a, you can not be confused about it right there in the Old Testament, in the New Testament.

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Jesus peace be upon him spoke about promises and so many times, specifically in the Gospel of john about the common of that Paraclete Paraclete, which people translated erroneously into Spirit of Truth is parrot Cletus in Greek and if you ask any Greek linguistic about what the meaning of it, it is, the one that is praised or the one with the name that has many praises in it. So even the prophecies of the commoner from Hamas SLM are right there. Look at the demographics at the time of the coming from Hamas, I sell them out of the old Arab Peninsula, which is a huge area.

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The Jewish population concentrated heavily in Medina and Mecca, because in their old scripture, the last prophet of God who they hoped would be Jewish, would come in that area. And a lot of people would not tell you that half of the Medina rabbis accepted Islam including the chief rabbi Abu Mohammed Salah, these were the scholars these were the hours of their time.

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They they have them accepted Islam, including the chief rabbi, they love the Salah. They accepted the message of submit to the Creator, not to dekoration Islam, absolutely submit another very interesting piece of information. When you look at Christians they're named after Christ that is a solid, salaam, Jesus peace be upon. If you look at the Jewish faith, you know, the patriarch of the faith is Musa alayhis, salaam, Moses, Moses peace be upon. So the question comes, what about all the prophets of God from Adam, Iceland, all the way to musala Islam? What were the followers of that creed that believe in the one mighty God called over their name? If you look at the original Hebrew,

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and Jewish scholars will tell you that including Binyamin Abramson, who is the historical reference for all the course and Tel Aviv nowadays, he will tell you that had two names depending on the Hebrew dialect that he used their names before Moses before Jesus were either Muslim I or sell online. It's a known fact but a lot of people do not know about it. So all that leads up to the comment of Prophet Mohammed Salim and pronounced Sanam comes finally. So tell us now we wrote a book now and discussing in detail the prophecies Yes. So when we say prophecy, what do you mean what is the prophecy? What I meant is the prophecies of the commoner promise I sell them. The prophecies the

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promises Selim gave the followers of the religion of Allah that came through in his life that came through after he passed away, that are coming through right now and his prophecies and that's most importantly, till the end of the world how the world would evolve and end eventually so you cover that right now you talked about now the prophets of old that came before him Jesus who prophesized about Prophet Muhammad and this is covered Yes. Okay. And who else was told about problem homecoming? For example, even in the Old Testament, other than mentioned in the name of Frank Thomas SLM, by named Mohammed M, which in the English translation, made it into altogether lovely, how only

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Allah subhanaw taala knows the Old Testament and the Old Testament, in the Old Testament, also in the book of Isaiah 1229.

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It speaks about how the message would be given to Prophet mama say Salaam and the book will be given to him who's not learned, and you'd be asked with this, and he would answer. I am not learned. That's how I cannot leave it. Yeah. That's in Isaiah. Yeah. That's how the revelation came. Yes. 2912 and it shows how the the revelation is going to be given to that prophet of God. And as we all know what happened the first time the problem was the Selim received the revelation. archangel gabriel told him read and pronounce SLM said, manner before and not learned, exactly told in the Old Testament. And throughout, as we said, the gospel of john so many times where Jesus peace be upon

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him even gives a word for word translation of saltiness. Allah subhanaw taala

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tells them the Quran when our model Masahiko mavala, one to one in our in who knew he does not outer of self desire he revealed

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to you what is being revealed to him? Exactly. And the gospel of john 1612, Jesus peace be upon him says that he The Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Truth, meaning the parent leaders or the praised one, Muhammad peace be upon him, is going to tell about me and whatever he would tell you is not of his own self, but he tells you what has been revealed to him. And he didn't come with nothing different from Jesus. He came with the same message, same exact message, worship the Creator, not the creation. Yeah, this is the same message absolutely believing God, don't worship.

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don't worship Jesus.

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Did Jesus peace be upon him, you still pray to God? So why worship Jesus? Exactly why, you know, the creator is there. Exactly. So we're going to come back with more of the prophecies, we're going to talk about some of the details of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he predicted to happen. And it's here on a daily show, we'll be right back.

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This is my family.

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But he was always been stubborn. He ended up again and started having his

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fights one night policemen for me.

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Come on, get him from the station.

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One fight here, another fight there. His physical beans was great for his ego. But it left him empty. I'm running here running there.

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The outside people looking in today, this is the man everybody knew it. At any given moment. You could have 70 women that are running around the club, looking at why

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he did things that he he pushed himself to the ethical extremes that he could

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have to get out of this totally.

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right near the end, there were there was just a boy, it was a constant struggle.

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There was an emptiness in his eyes. It was a bigger emptiness that i think i've ever really seen in his eyes.

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He was Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. And he was struggling with that. But he ever was there was a conscious effort to make that switch. started talking back Look at him. He's trying to be a good guy.

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This was the reality.

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starts on assign the spreadsheet anonymously. But people didn't know who I was. So what why are we doing this?

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You're living a dream to people who are

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stubbornly resistant and start looking at you like you're from outer space.

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To be out there trying to convince people to be on the show.

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The first episode of that

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show aired. I think that's when we saw the full coronation comments. So this guy's changed what's going on his machine to see someone change, to see their character changes to see positive changes in their life. It's a sign of God.

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Back here on the dean show, Mr. Mr. furr. Zaid, you mentioned a word word earlier. Before we get into the prophecy. You mentioned islamophobes. Yes. You know, people who just hate other people because they're Muslim. Is this is you know, these people. In my experience, it's beyond that. It's people who make a living, inciting hatred against Muslims, haters. Yes, that incite hatred. What they want you is to hate Muslims and discriminate against Muslim and justify if their backers do whatever they want to do to Muslims on a country level or an individual level that you let it go because you hate Muslims. They made you hate Muslims. Yeah. So you have these people that are out

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there that make it a business as bashing Islam and Muslim Muslims. Yes, yeah. Fastest Growing religion in the world. And in America. This is a shame, because this is indeed from the crater and we're giving some of the evidence proves we've discussed so many prior episodes. Today, we're talking about the prophecies. So tell us now, if somebody for the skeptic out there, he said, Look, you know, Nostradamus, he made some prophecies was the big deal was he wasn't a prophet, or, you know, this improved that he was a man I you know, Nostradamus real quick, he was a senior Jewish scholar who turned Christian at the time of the inquisitions. And he was afraid that they would

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attack him. So he wrote what they call quatrains and predicted things to happen in the future and in a, in a vague kind of way and sometimes they find half of it correct and half of it not and so on and so forth. If you compare that to the prophets of Prophet Muhammad SAW SLM as we will talk in this the difference between data

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And nightmare. Yeah, you you can tell. So power law, you would not call him a prophet not even by a mile compared to prophesizing. For example, a prop mamasezz and one of the darkest moments in the history of Islam, when all Muslims are about 315, persecuted, starved and fought for the past 10 years, and they're fighting the Battle of Badr against strong, mighty warriors of Christ that are three times the size and SubhanAllah. Allah Subhana reveals the promises and this is the point. It's not the prophecies of the Prophet himself. It is what Allah subhanaw taala enables him and reveals to him, he went to the area where they would have the battle and point to the location. This is

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where this infill would be killed, and this area when this other one would die, and so on and so forth by location after our last panel grants the Muslims the great victory of better the first victory in the history of Islam. The campaigners from Hamza Salim were astonished when they walked around in the battle. And exactly the same people that from Mombasa Salaam said would be killed in exactly the same locations, how their problems SLM not so his companions later are narrating this narrating this, the we're not talking about people 500 years later, in a hidden scripture, somewhere in some desert is the people who were contemporary and who listen to problems and sell them the

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night prior, seen it with their own eyes in the battlefield. Tell us some more problem Hamas I sell them in another moment. And this is amazing when now qure said that we have to summon the biggest army in our history and go in the Battle of the trench and annihilate Muhammad till the end of him and Islam. So the only solution the very small amount of Muslims in Medina to do is dig a trench around Medina. So horse cannot leap up over and actually you cannot go out there and and invade Medina while they were starving to the limit that promise SLM had to stones, title stomach to fight the hunger, like the rest of the companions. They are calling problem almost identical prophet of

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Allah, he was about 54 years of age, there's a huge rock in one trench and we cannot break it promises. Elam was one of the most physically powerful men in the Arab peninsula. And, and that's a different story. He goes from also cinnamon and says Allahu Akbar, and hit the rock, one hit, and one third of it split. And he tells him You know what, in that moment, I see

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the balances of Sham area, which is Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Jordan, that area in Asia, and was the center of the Byzantine Roman Empire open to Islam, and I see us getting into its palaces, and they say Bismillah and hits the rock again, Allahu Akbar. And another piece comes off. And he said, I see the medallion, which is the capital of the Persian Empire, are in the hands of Muslims, and we're getting there. And then he said, one third time and destroy completely the rock and said, and I see Yemen, I see us getting into salon, at the moment where you're about to be annihilated. And so panela in the same sequence, in the same happening, all these areas were open to Islam, and

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the army of the Quraysh with the conspirators of the tribal vocalizer come in, and a mighty wind comes and destroy their tents and put up their fires. And they say, we cannot fight this fight, and they go back. And somehow law, Islam, the rest is history. How would promises I don't know this, and it happened. Are you talking about a persecuted minority that are about to be annihilated? And you're talking about, you know, what, we will be in America will be in the Soviet Union, and we'll take Japan to

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these things came to pass came to pass exactly the same sequence. Now was there also a similar situation where a man was coming? And he was trying to on his horse catch up to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon? So that's what actually I started the book with that miracle. Can you go ahead and absolutely probably mamasezz alum escaped his life from assassination plot that the tribes of Christ had against them. And Subhanallah he had a head distance over the man who was named sauropod, the Joshua, the best tracker that Christ had had on his mighty horse, and he started to get closer to Prague, mamasezz alum. And he was shocked that abakus of the of the competitor from Hamas SLM seen

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him, but promises are never turned back. Even though abubaker told them you know, that guy's about to come and kill us is right behind us from our system never looked back. And then he got closer and he thought that you know what, now I got him and I'm going to get the fortune. That question offered me and all of a sudden, his mighty horse and he's one of the most skillful Knights just tumbled and, you know, he fell on the ground him and the horse. He said, Well, a bizarre coincidence, mounted his horse against started to chase after programs instead of and he got closer, all of a sudden, a supernatural thing happened. All of a sudden, the hard desert floor became like liquid mud. The two

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front legs of the horse when there sank in it as if it

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Liquid mud, even though it's locked by the heart desert, it just somebody puts your hand in cement and let it dry and then you cannot move.

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Then sort of realized that you know what? I'm not the best headhunter out there and tracker because I cannot see the writing on the wall. This is the prophet of God. So he called Apple Walker and asked him to give him peace and he's not going to harm anything from Amazon, but just wish to give him a pledge that the Muslims would not hurt him later on.

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This moment, probably Hamas SLM looks him gaze into his eyes and says, okay, fabric is Rafa and tell this Sri kisara How would you like sort of that you would wear the golden cuffs of Cicero that he's very known with these fancy cuffs that Cicero puts on his hand that was the leader of the the Persian Empire and Empire it just like how would you like to get the scepter of the King of England for example. It's I mean, a harsh desert and he was about to be killed, and Subhanallah on top of the lawn, who comes after our workers, and they go and open pears here, and the entire land as portmanteau, Sicilian, predicted, and then comes the treasure he opposite, there's the cloak of

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Cicero, there's a golden cuffs of

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Canaan came to pass and he called Soraka, who became a Muslim at the time, and he said, Soraka, put him on and we're See, we know most of these things. Now, some Many don't. But for the people that know, we know that okay, many of these prophecies, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he predicted they came to pass, these weren't vague, you know, things that you have to like, you know,

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do so much, you know, mental work to try to figure it out, like a mystery. They're clear. But, you know, for the person that's an atheist, the person that you know, the skeptic, we boast about the Quran, we have the verbatim Word of God, is that right? Yes, a living miracle. But on top of that, these are the details that blow your mind. And I think we are not fair to, as you said, non Muslims or atheist brothers, because we speak to them as if they know the, you know, facts that we know. One fact is that not only problem also send them as the most Biograph man in history, but he's the most accurately quoted man in history. And the matter of fact, the science of how objectively you can

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certify that a prophet or a person in history have said this exactly, was founded by Muslim scholars at Middlebury, specifically, where they memorize the biographies of 2000 people, and made sure that this person who said that I said this is certified by other people who have impeccable reputation never lied, and they were contemporaries at the same time at the same city. And then out of 60,000, correct petitions the profit, for example, in the books I have provided, that is the ultimate reference, there's about 6000 quotations that we know for a fact the Prophet had said that because narrated by the people who lived with the Prophet, with their names, with their biographies, one

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after the other, after the other, and these are carried in the books. So when we say that Soraka said this, and I bobak witness that it did happen. And there was not one second that we missed that historical information, or someone has any doubt about it, ever. So it happened. It happened, it happened. We're gonna be back with more of some of these prophecies from the last and final messages sent to mankind to Mohammed, who was a brother to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, who came up with the same message worship the Creator, not the creation. We'll be right back with more here in a deep show. Why don't you want? Is he not worthy of praise? And thanks. I mean, think about all the blessings

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that we have. He created you. He's the one that feeds you. He's the one that takes care of you. The ability to see one unbelievable blessing. And he loves you start fresh today, a new page a new beginning, and reach out to the one who created you asked him for guidance.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're talking about the prophecies. The evidence is the proofs that this man, Muhammad peace be upon him was indeed who he claimed he was a messenger of God. And he didn't come with some strange message. You know what the cool thing is that it's simple to understand. Worship the one who created you, the creator, don't worship the creation, do good, be good. Live a righteous, wholesome, organic life, and you get paradise and you avoid the hellfire. It's not asking you to believe in Santa Claus, is it? No, no, it's straightforward. And when you compare the message of Jesus, because nowhere did Jesus ever claimed he was God, worship Him. All of

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this other stuff that people just you know, made up and concocted. You'll see that that message that Jesus, that pure message of pure monotheism that Jesus came with, that's the same message that Mohammed came and Moses and Abraham. So I mean, it's just easy to digest, isn't it? Absolutely. The old prophets have the same message of the oneness of God. One is, Muhammad says Allah is the last prophet of God. And if you if you have a Bible, if you have an Old Testament, and look at the words of the prophets themselves, not manmade theology,

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manmade claims they would be talking like me and you're talking about the same exact concept and ideology, worship the oneness of God do righteous to not hurt people, like for others would you like for yourself? That's the message of Islam. So tell us some more, give us some more. We're almost out of time. So Pamela abravanel, says lm predicted that Constantinople would be open to Islam, the most immune city, probably in the history of mankind, which is in Turkey today. And it was romanticism said, you will open Egypt to Islam, the capital of the Byzantine Empire in Africa. Iraqis said that it has a habit in this country, Alabama, kuruma of Alexandria, which was the capital of Egypt, the

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time would fall, then the entire Eastern Byzantine Empire would go down. And guess what the Muslims open that?

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Prophet Mohammed Salim Subhan, Allah, you know, had had this miracle of seeing things that people did not even know yet at the Battle of motor.

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Salem, no Harris had passed away. He was the leader. And then there was a hierarchy in the army. Joshua Vitali passed away he was killed in the battle. And then I believe not all I had the same thing, and it was then clearly did not lead the miry, military leader of Islam. That was the first battle that he led the Muslim army and actually saved the Muslim army from annihilation. When it happened as it was happening. Prime Minister Selim was given a hookah and promises and started to weep and told people what was happening as it happening. Even though he was not there. He didn't have a cell phone. He didn't have a CNN and Subhanallah promises on did that and people witness

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this. Have we pronounce SLM? No.

00:26:36 --> 00:27:16

Bahamas I have one of his famous quotations in the book about one of the signs of the hour that we were talking about. Two signs that are major science that problems are seldom predicted 1400 years ago, he said, the beginning of the hour would be two signs. The first one is that people who were Shepherd were barefoot, it would be competing with each other and building the highest buildings. Now that's an Arab lands now and Arab lands. And there's nothing wrong with that Allah Subhan. Allah blessed the people, Emirates and Saudi Arabia with the you know, revenues of oil and so on so forth. What is the highest building in the world now, the needle or Khalifa tower in Dubai, you would never

00:27:16 --> 00:27:52

thought that back so many years ago that I was there in the 70s, when they were actually shepherding, you know, sheep and all that kind of stuff. And oil was kind of new to them. And I was a life then. So probably Mohammed predicted this 40 years ago that the people in this area now the shepherds are going to be competing over. And not only that they would build it, what is the next highest building that is predicted to be opened in 2018? The tower building in Saudi Arabia, wow. how it performs. I said, I know it's happening. But the second one, which is the most amazing one that we talked about, and the last one had blessed me about seven years ago of deciphering for the

00:27:52 --> 00:28:38

first time with the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala and telling me Torah better that the maid would give birth to her master, how would umaid in the same moment of birth will be given birth to her own master and it's her own baby. And so part a lot till the concept of surrogate mothership, where some couple, usually wealthy, they have reproduction problems, so they artificially inseminate the egg of the real mother, and then planted in another mother's womb, sometimes her sister and sometimes they hire somebody, but legal problems came out of that, and somebody says, No, that's my baby, and that's your baby, and so on, so forth. So what the wealthiest people do nowadays is that they have

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the maid in that house, they trust her, she worked with them for years, and she would be the one she who would be taking care of that baby anyway. So what happens is that they hire the maid, make her the biological mother that carry that egg, and then the maid would be given birth when she gives birth to her own master from Mombasa seldom talked about this as a sign of the beginning of the end of time. So Pamela 14 years ago, I mean, how could you possibly imagine that someone know that? And most importantly, from Mombasa center will not tell you? No, it's not me. Let animal have a welcome to animal wipe. Let's look at her terminal hi Rama messenia su. If I know myself on my own

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independently, the unknown I would have brought all good things to me and nothing would have harmed me. But everything I do is with the willing with the power of Allah subhanaw taala amazing. So look, we have like 30 seconds left. Go ahead and let the people know if they want to get this book and inshallah the book is called the prophecies of Muhammad. It's available on and Barnes and Noble.

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The book has not just the prophecies of promise I sell them but also the miracles one of the things that we need to let people know is that there is not one miracle that a prophet of God had performed the promises and did not do and then some more. So we list the miracles from Hamas. I send them I put a challenge and international press release.

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that anyone that reads that book 350 pages and does not believe in problem Hamas or SLM can come to me, it's impossible. You can say, Well, I know he's the prophet of mango to follow him, but you cannot tell me that this is not the prophet of God and it's a proof of the existence of God on top of the miracles of the Quran that we have there. So we need to give it to our own children, especially in public schools, to submit the belief in a loss upon our in their hearts, we need to give them to friends and families and and people around us who are Muslim or non Muslim to make our with Islam for them and use it as the care for yourself as an one who invites to the pestle for loss

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of habitat. Thank you very much for that good luck, and I hope to see you soon here inshallah. And It'd be a shame if you went through life and you didn't get to know this man. This man wasn't calling you to worship Him, nor did Jesus or Moses or any of God's messengers. He was calling you to original goodness. That's right. That thing in life they'll bring you peace, happiness, contentment, and in Paradise and because we're all gonna die, Jay did judgment accountability, you think you're just gonna ride by a cruise by in this life and they'll be accountable for all the treacherous things that you might have done? So now's the time to get it right repent to God call upon God, the

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One God asked for forgiveness, do it right now. Call upon the Create tour, and ask him to guide you, and he'll facilitate away and get to know this man. You heard as mentioned, some of the evidence is improved. But the living miracle that we have as tamper free tamper proof is the verbatim Word of God the Quran, that'd be a shame if you didn't read this book, and you read every other book out there, every other fashion magazine. So get to know this problem. Get to know him because he was sent to you as a mercy to the world. And don't let this life pass by and then when you die is too late. You can't come back. And then the Hellfire is real. Paradise is real. And you didn't do

00:31:59 --> 00:32:20

anything to avoid the Hellfire and to gain the paradise and the mercy of the Creator. So really think about it. And don't fool yourself. All right, and we hope to see you again here on the deen show. Give us a call if you have some questions operated a setting by one 862 Islam. We'll see you next time God Willing until then, peace be with you.

Some amazing Prophecies and predictions that only a Messenger from the Creator would know cover in this weeks show. Open your mind and be sincere with the Creators help the truth will be made clear.

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