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Episode 12: Omar Was Always In The Zone
Place your heart “In The Zone” with the intention of seeking from every moment that which will cause your faith to blossom.

Ramadan 2017

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So now I want to come on up until Labor Council everyone welcome back to the faith revival. So you've already talked about on the Hot Topic of the Allahu anhu quite a bit, not because I'm named after him and I love talking about him. But because of the immense blessing we get from studying his life a man who sets the example and repentance and the implementation of the religion and spiritual discipline. I mean, there's so much that could attach us to all metal the allot of time. Now, there's something about him. Many things about him they're very, that are very prominent. One of them is that almost all the allowed tada and he was someone that was easily driven to tears could

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easily be reminded of a loss of data, whether it was a child or it was just some random woman in the street, or one of his companions, or one of his family members. If someone sets on tequila, be mindful of a law of fear God, he would immediately

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be reminded of a loss of Hannah Montana. So he was always ready to be reminded of a lot. Now remember, that hubby has a very interesting reflection on that. He says that with all metal, the lowdown on home,

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you always notice that his he man is ready to be engaged. He's always ready to cry. He's always ready to go into these moments. And it's not about the power of the situation. But it's about the mindset of Allah, it's about his zone. So what we see externally is that someone said something, and that made almost cry. But it's not that someone said something and it made almost a cry, it's that almost internally was already in a process that no one else was seeing. So when that incident happened, or that word was spoken, it immediately drove him to those tears. What do I mean by that? All not only Allahu tada and who is a man that's described by the prophets lie Selim as having this

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long garment of faith that protects him, right protects him from harm. The prophets lie some also said that shavon doesn't even take the same road as Ahmed. Omar always keeps the shape on out. Meaning he always is in a state of remembrance of Allah. He's never heedless, because heedlessness is what invites the shape on an armored would never let his guard down his remembrance would always be there. And Alma was, you know, because he was always engaged in that remembrance of a loss of Hannah Montana, anything pushed him over the top. So he would go looking for moments of crying. When he saw the prophets I summon Rebecca all the law on who crying after revelation of the quarter an

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after the Battle of bed that he said, Tell me what it is that's making you cry so that I can cry too. And even if even if it doesn't make me cry, I'll join you guys in crying basically, to get the blessing of your crying, right. But I want to cry. I want to be connected to this. What lesson does this have for us? What's the practicality here in our lives? Omar was always in the zone and preparing himself. He was preparing himself for that emaan boost, meaning what if all not heard, many of the hopeless today that we would deem as mediocre and we would say it was the worst cultivar that we've heard not because some that the man's mom said that was wrong. But you know, it was a

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mediocre Hulk but was a boring cultiva. All Metal the low end would probably be crying in the front of the message. It just that hurts. But that had to just at the beginning, it took a lot to party fear of loss, he deserves to be feared. And all of us would be looking at Ahmed and wondering why is he crying? What What happened here? Did he just see a text message or something like that, you know, who texted Ahmed or made him cry? We wouldn't be able to comprehend it. Because it's not about what the Imam said. It's about the state of the heart of Ahmad when the Imam said it's practically speaking, what this means is putting yourself in the zone before the moment that engages your Eman

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is crucial is essential. Meaning what when I'm on my way to Jamaica, I am going to Jamaica for the purpose of being reminded. I want to be affected by the Hulk but I want to be touched by the Imam. I don't just want to listen to him so that I can critique his multiple afterwards and speak to people. I want to go there to be reminded I'm seeking to be reminded I've put myself internally in the zone. My Iman is ready for that spark. All he has to do is give me a little spark. And as soon as it gives me that spark, it will bring about that desired result. When I go to salon, I want the salon to change me I want it to affect me. I don't just want to check it off, you know on my checklist and

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say that I went to prayer, I'm going there with my eemaan ready to be engaged by the Sala when I open the portal and I'm going to the portal and to be changed by it. Not just to read you know my section for the day. I want the school and to speak to me i'm i'm going to it with a certain state of mind. And so that's where the necessity of intention comes in and the necessity of putting your heart in the zone. The prophets lie Some were very simple. They were not long and elaborate, but the companions were moved by them. It wasn't just because of the one

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Who was speaking it was because of the hearts that were receiving. So prepare yourself for moments. Go to the hotbot with the intention of being reminded, listen to the lecture, ready to engage. Go to the salah and spend a few minutes on your way to the prayer, thinking about your prayer. It's often about what you do before the act that will determine the quality of that act itself and what impact that's going to have on your man. May Allah Subhana Allah allow our hearts to be soft. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow our Eman to always be in a state of engagement so that when it comes into contact with those blessings, it will be increased by the blessing of Allah subhana wa tada alumna

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Ameen, Xochimilco heighten See you next time in sha Allah Santa Monica. Welcome to life.