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AI: Summary © A woman named Veronica shares her story of living a beautiful home for 13 years and their father dying. They encourage others to pray for their loved ones and avoid getting in trouble. The speaker also mentions a Moore's message for parents to pray for their loved ones and avoid getting in trouble.
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hi hello

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so more

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along oh

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in Alhamdulillah

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na Madhu who honest he knew who stole

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one of me know be he wanna know Allah they one hour or do we legging into Rudy and fusina woman so you RT

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Mayor de

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la Mulana Oh My Allah

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wanna shadow

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Illa Allah wanna shadow my Mohammed hon do go also do our Salah sooner who will be good our Dini will help. Leo Hill who eyelid the bully. wallow carry handle mushy Oh, has to be Allahu La ilaha illa who led to a horrible arson Halim?

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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah. In Surah Nisa, it's the first page of the fifth of June the last if Allah azza wa jal says, you read the Wahoo Leogang in Aleppo Moya, Dr. komatsuna Levine, I'm in lovely lad 209 de PUE.

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Allah wanted clarity, guidance like the people before us and he wanted to forgive us.

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Well, Allahu Allah, human tracking and Allah is Alim and Allah is disease and Allah is hacking in the 27 verse, so this was 26. I read to you in the 27th verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says walawe Who ut do first 26 words you read the law. Here you hear one lovely review of the three things guidance, clarity, guidance and forgiveness. Which one did Allah choose for himself? One law who you read to a to Veronica, Allah said, I want to forgive you. I want you to win.

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So I share the quickest of stories with you, but that occurred with me seven days ago.

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So I gave goodbye here two weeks ago. And I said, we don't know could be our last.

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And the next Wednesday I got on a plane and heard about my uncle who was sick in Maryland. My dad's elder brother by seven years.

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I haven't been on a plane in 10 months. I used to fly three times a week. All of a sudden my whole reality changed and I didn't think twice about how much I had to wear my mask or how much I had to be safe. It was I have to get there with the mask with a gloves doesn't matter I have to get there. And so I flew are wonderful DFW and Allah azza wa jal gave me the ability to reach my uncle Thursday evening, midnight, East Coast time, feet on the ground.

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And I checked it didn't want to hurt anyone. So I got my own place. And I stayed a far away from us by anyone I could. And Thursday night at midnight, my sister called here from Capella and said, nothing more but come right now. Abuse not well. My dad has been sick for five years, three of those years were terminal. So when you tell me I will say is dying. i Yeah, he's been dying for three years. So I said, Okay. He said, No, no, come right now. Come now. So I knew that I came to see my uncle. So I made the

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I call the airlines change my flight to the next day and I woke up it was Friday. A few hours later, I woke up. I waited till my uncle who was bedridden was okay to be seen and I went to see him it was one hour before Juma exactly to the time

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and my uncle was in bed in the same condition as my dad was at the time.

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And he was one hour for my job Juma and my elder cousin. She said, I'm so tired. I can't do anything. Can you give him a shower? And I'm speaking to my young men. If you walked in, you just came into someone's house and your cousin said, Can you give my dying father a shower? A lot of us would be like, Yo, that's weird, bro. I know my uncle, but I don't know him like that.

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And not my heart didn't beat once skipped once and I said, sure I'll be I'll come. And I gave a shower to my uncle. And as I showered my dying uncle who was alive. I said, Your brother Mohammed said Salaam. My dad's name is Ahmed. And I said Ahmed said salaam your little brother said Salam, GA r mu.

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No response, no communication. And in that much time my sister said you have to come now.

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And so right after the one o'clock shower, I got on a plane and I came here. I landed here. I came to the masala and I prayed. And 10 hours later my uncle passed away.

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As my uncle passed, I thought to myself, my dad has nobody to wait for. He has five brothers. In 2023 of them left now baby Akhmed. My dad is the only one who's left. So when I got to his bedside and his big brother was gone, and his janazah happened on a Saturday.

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On Sunday, I sat by my dad's side and I asked my young people, I had things to do. I had a phone in my hand to scroll. I had a Nintendo Switch sitting next to me I have multiple devices. But all I wanted to do was sit by my dying father who had this very strange breath pattern.

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So it was very hard to sit next to him because you cannot you couldn't help but breathe like he did.

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So the doctor the nurse came and said I've been doing this 13 years Mr. Sharif. I know you work in the hospital as well. I'm not giving you days sir. I'm giving you hours.

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You can have your dad with you possibly an hour maximum ordain. So all of Sunday, we sat viable, like oh, he's gonna die. He's gonna die. Tonight. He's gonna die. I went to the bathroom like he's gonna die.

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And who didn't pass on Sunday.

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A Gu lived and he was happy and we told him a Gu the Cobra Stan the place where they bury you. It's closed on Sunday. Don't die on Sunday. I jokingly told my father. On Monday after fajr he passed away.

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And as my father died, his eyes open. We were reading Haseen last page.

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And my students have called from around the world and one by one put the phone in front of my dad and recite it. So I am hurt that my father is dead. But I asked you to pray for a depth like this. I asked you sons to be available when your dad is dying to be there. No matter what happened between you and your dad you got to be there.

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And we'll get to that point.

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But my dad was there last page of your scene and his eyes, a person who can't walk, talk, move or communicate for more than three years, his eyes shot open.

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And he said, what I wish for you on your deathbed a lot of Moto fi now, but imagine he didn't say anything. He did what I wish you do. I shut open. And he said

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that for 20 seconds, no pulse. If you can ask your parents who was an actor or anyone EMT, the soul comes back. 2530 seconds later, dad's eyes should open. And the last thing you hear is.

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And I promise you this much. It's very hard for you. It's a gym, I don't want to hurt your feelings for the rest of the day. But if you can keep your eyes open, try not to blame on who was alive.

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Of who was dead. That was it. He was alive.

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And then he wasn't.

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And that's what dunya is. He was alive. Double masters in mathematics lived in a beautiful home in New York. He was in one of the towers on 911. It didn't kill him.

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But when he was trying to go, he was alive. And then he was.

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And I know that's very hard. And people are like, how are you dealing with the pain? This is dealing with the pain. I'm coming to faces who care for me, I'm coming to a masala that cares for me. And so when I cry, I cry. It hurts is your dad.

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But when I live, it all goes to my dad, when I smile when I could vote when I pray. When I Yassine it goes to my death.

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So as I sit for the football, all I ask you to do is ask for God to prepare you. Maybe it's not your death. Maybe it's an elder right above you.

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And so as I sit I only want to I was born in Connecticut raised in New York. So what I'm about to tell you is impossible for a New Yorker. They asked me they dug the grave down in Denton and they said Can someone get in the grave? And I was like who gets in a grave? What is this madness? So I said they were like the son should do it. So I got into the grave. And my feet never felt left like that in my life. I'm standing inside my father's grave. And they said we're not going to give you the body and I'm still thinking what? Give me the body. I thought they would give me a plank. They handed me my father. And that was his dream. Always I want a green burial which means you get buried

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in the ground. Texans that's normal for you love Vika a sad day. That wasn't normal. So with my hands, I put my father in his grave. I opened the sheet I asked. I whispered I said Dad, they're gonna ask you three questions. And I jokingly said you don't know Arabic. So just saying these three answers.

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And I said they're gonna ask you who's your God? I said, Abu just say Allah. They're gonna say what's your deen? I said, Abu just say Islam. So I kept saying, Allah, Islam, Mohammed, Allah, Islam, Mohammed.

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And I asked you to make that a mantra. So when I sit, I asked you not just to be ready for your death. That's a tough one. I want you to be a man. What they say get in the grave. And you say yes, sir. May I have some more? And you stand there not quivering. But you stand there like a pillar of your family and you say, Okay, let's do this together. So as my community, I pray for you in My Father's garden, as I sit between the hood was, pray for your dad, pray for your mom. Pray for those people next to you who didn't get you an iPhone and who hate you and don't love you.

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Pray for them today. Because you don't know when you'll be standing and they'll say here take your father Abdullah, put him down in a grave Abdullah Wissam, untie the sheep.

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Tell your dad the three questions was

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so I choose not to hurt in my dad's passing. I choose to live in every moment that I live in the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala because that man taught me Quran. That man dragged me to further when it was freezing in New York. He dragged me to budget and I was like, Dad, we could pray at home. That's all I used to say. And he said yes, you could. You will wait for Jeff has done with some I don't want to wait for dinner. I want to go straight in. So there we were shoveling snow. As I sit between the hood Buck I celebrate you as men, as people who are going to be a pillar in their family when someone passes away for all your prayers does not the love will fade in the desert.

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Allah Mata hippo binominal Neva

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One of the people a lot

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a lot

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you know,

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please pray for

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if your parents passed away please remember them and your DUA know if your parents are alive pray that you are of service to them don't don't take up time just saying Oh ALLAH forgive my parents. Oh Allah make me a means for forgiveness to my parents. And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah you know,

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I mean, all Solana doing Salah more I know my Sony Hina being guilty at why not? He was left behind in a plebe in a ball heating Allahumma

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warming Gastelum the above a

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here now

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yeah, how are you? Yeah, are you still he was literally asleep learnership Nicola wala to kill me, Ilana phsyical for dying. Oh Allah make us strong. Oh Allah make us men. Oh Allah make us region. Oh Allah make us pillars. Make a strong on the inside and strong on the outside, merciful on the inside and firm on the outside will lead to be larger, or will be Islam Medina for me Mohammed Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make the DUA Robbie Rohan Guma gamma rock Bayani so the era five or seven times, robbing him hamaca Mara Bayani so they know better

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than you is a little bit of a humble man I come out on their knees so they are being humbled. By me so little. I conclude with a question my dad used to ask us when we missed salaam not the perfect time. Did you pray?

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And then he would say when I didn't pray what's the only dua that will be accepted even if you don't pray my love?

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In the Lahoma Allah He cater to your son Luna Allah NaVi. Yeah, are you hon Lavina.

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Son No early he was certainly more thirsty man. When you say Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed can isolate Allah Ivana Hema Anna Holly Brahim and Hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed, gamma director Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim and NaVi the medina the possibility that one person didn't pray Fudger in this room, does that person Salawat count? Yep. So as we go from the Salah, remember Allah subhanaw taala has not been throughout your day in Allah yet little bit only when he's certainly what he thought a little Korba going in here. I'm going to show you one moon Knievel belt one of the crew lots of lovely animal Marcus down at the Masada thank you for the

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extra time

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a long, long,

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long, long,

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long, long time.

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I shouldn't run