Ismail Kamdar – Ramadan 2019 #14 – The Night of Qadr (Power)

Ismail Kamdar
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So today I just want to discuss very briefly surah corder, we just a couple of days away from the last night of Ramadan. And so I think it's important that we understand, you know the significance of this time of the year

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unless you have a handout that held us in circle coder that later called the hydrogen alpha, that the night of God is better than 1000 months. Right? So what does this mean? This means that if you were to worship Allah, on the night of Qatar, then you would get the reward of worshiping Allah for 1000 months. Now, the story behind this is that the prophets allow the use of any Sahaba they heard about people of the past who lived extraordinary long lives, right? And we spend those lives in the part of Allah worshipping Allah doing jihad for the sake of Allah. And they were able to obtain rewards that seem beyond us because of our short lifespans, right, the average human being from the

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Ummah of Muhammad Ali Salaam, looks for less than 100 years. And under those less than 100 years, a large portion of it is childhood, a large portion of it is old age, we only don't have that much time on Earth, to do good deeds, right compared to people of the past who live much longer lives. So how can we make up for that? How can you make up for that and ensure that we have a lot of good deeds, on our scale on the Day of Judgment, and so Allah subhanaw taala. To compensate for that, for us, he has given us an opportunity, he has given us an opportunity, once a year, to earn the reward of 1000 months of worship. And if we had to take up the opportunity, every single year of our lives,

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we could earn the reward of 30,000 years of worship or more, right, because every year you're earning the reward of 10,000 years worth of worship. Now, a wash of a handout Allah did not tell us exactly which night is our cutter, Naoko cutter. And there's wisdom behind that one of the wisdoms being if everybody knew exactly which night laser cutter, majority of Muslims would only worship along that night. I mean, you already we see a large percentage of the oma who believed that the 27th of May of Ramadan is late to gather a large percentage of them literally only worship along the 27th night of Ramadan, taking up sufficient 4000 nights of worship, wrongly thinking so because it

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does not absolve us of our obligatory acts. Right? Had we known for sure that 27th night or 21st night or whatever it was, is the night of late Okada. Even a larger percentage of the coma will do that because human beings by our nature, we attempted to take shortcuts, we want to take the shortest cut possible to candidates, you know, the average person just is going to put in the work, you don't want to put in the hours, the average person isn't going to spend 1000 years in worship, the average person isn't going to spend the entire lifetime in worship, you know, and so Allah subhanaw taala, understanding human nature, he's given us a night of the year, which is equal to

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1000 months, and he has lifted ambiguous within the last 10 nights of Ramadan so that we spend at least 10 nights of the Year in worship, the average person isn't going to spend the entire year pink tahajud or reciting Quran all night or staying up in a meeting to our buddies 10 nights of the year that that's possible for the majority of the oma, it is possible to spend 10 nights in a car for 10 nights taking off from work to sit and recycle and make dua and pay a

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break Yama nail, right? So this is something that's possible. It's something that's realistic and unless you have a handle, Allah has given us realistic goals he has he has set a realistic expectation for us in terms of worship. So my advice to every single person watching this is that let us take advantage of this right the last 10 nights of Ramadan, let us spend it in worship as much as possible, even if it means sleeping in the morning or afternoon so we can spend more time at night worshiping Allah. This opportunity only comes once a year. And we don't know if it live until the next 10 nights of Ramadan come we don't know if it will still be alive next year at this time.

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So let us take full advantage of this opportunity. If you can take off from work do so if you can make a take off do so if you can't at least spend a portion of the night in 200 in Quran into our indika so it can be counted from amongst the last night of Ramadan and one of them inshallah would be counted as later two quarter. So it's time to kick things into the next year, the first year.

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It Ramadan most of us did a lot of worship the second 10 nights we selected but you get a bit lazy we get a bit tired, but now it's time to shift up into the highest gear and go full speed to the last night of Ramadan to just worship Allah to the best of our ability to to show ourselves our true potential as a servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala and worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to just become the best versions of ourselves for these 10 nights, and inshallah we'll get the reward of doing so for 1000 months May Allah help us to attain the garden this year to earn the reward of the toccata this year, and also to help us to worship him to the best of our ability is to Africa and

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you have to do that.

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